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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indian Ocean


Uniting Nations

on Path of


BOOK REVIEW by V. Sundaram I.A.S (retd.) and Praveen Shanker Pillai

Another well researched book by Dr S. Kalyanaraman, a reputed scholar and a recognized world authority on the Sarasvati River Civilization. The book cover showing a panoramic scene of a seacoast extending indefinitely onto the horizon probably represents the endless possibilities of the Indian Ocean Community.

On 22nd September 2012 at Bhopal a gathering of 450 scholars from 20 nations attending a Conference on Dharma-Dhamma made the historic Sanchi Declaration. This Declaration broadcasted the vision of Indian Ocean Community as a development powerhouse of over 2 Billion people. The Declaration coincided with the Foundation Laying Ceremony of the Sanchi Buddhist University.

The Preamble of the Declaration states as follows: Founded on Dharma-Dhamma continuum, the imperative of the Indian Ocean Community calls for new developments to meet the dangers of the world economic crisis and to realize the responsibilities, wishes and aspirations of the democratic people of the Indian Ocean.

Under the subtitle of Fundamental Responsibilities, the Declaration goes on to proclaim promotion of democracy, fundamental responsibilities, fundamental rights, freedom, equality, justice, safeguarding of cultural heritage, veneration of those ancestors who provided the firm roots of the Dharma-Dhamma civilizational continuum of the Indian Ocean Community, developmental projects for abhyudayam (emancipation) and creation of an ecologically sustainable Order.

There is also a stated aim of having a common currency called Mudra, Indian Ocean Parliament elected by universal Suffrage, Laws based on spiritual values of Dharma, Indian Ocean Court of Justice and an Indian Ocean Community constituting a Rashtram of federating states speaking in one voice on matters of foreign policy.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt drafted the Atlantic Charter in Newfoundland and issued it as a Joint Declaration on 14th August 1941. Both America and Britain wanted to present their unity, regarding their mutual principles and hopes for a peaceful world after the World War II. The Charter envisaged global economic cooperation and advancement of social welfare where the participants would work for a world free of want and fear. The Sanchi Declaration at Bhopal on 22nd September 2012 reminds us of the Atlantic Charter.

This book on Indian Ocean Community starts earnestly with a serious discussion of archaeological findings marking ancient maritime trade relations in the region. The pictures of Indus-valley type seals, bronze figurines, Ajanta paintings depicting horses and elephants aboard the ship carrying Prince Vijaya to Sri Lanka are illustrated here.

The Polynesian word catamaran came from the Tamil word kattumaram or “logs bound together”. There is an interesting map of the Chola Maritime Empire, their vassals in Orissa and Bengal and also the vast areas constituting the present South-East Asia culturally influenced by Dharma. In fact, the largest Vishnu Temple in the world is not in India, but in Angor Wat, Cambodia.

What is truly attractive about this book is the series of discussions centred on Dharma, a word without any equivalent in English. I can’t help quoting a paragraph from this book.

“The centrality of role of Elders is to declare Dharma. This is mentioned in a passage in Mahabharata:
na sa sabha yetra na santi vrddhaa,
(That is no Assembly where there are no Elders present.)
na te vrdhhaa ye na vadanti dharmam.
(Those are not Elders who do not declare Dharma! )”

Dharma is an Ordering Principle which is independent of one’s faith or methods of worship or what is understood by the term “religion”, thus providing for total freedom in the path chosen or ethical norms employed, in an eternal journey from being merely alive to becoming ennobled. Dharma is the celebration of freedom to move from Being to Becoming.

The Universal or Eternal Sanatana Dharma is an Ordering Principle and it is applicable across many facets of life. Raja-dharma is the Ordering Principle for Governance. Swa-dharma is the Ordering Principle for one’s spiritual quest. Asrama-dharma is the Ordering Principle for one’s station in life’s progress from childhood, through studentship, marital life to old age. Sreni-dharma emphasises social responsibilities of corporations, adding spiritual values to material ethos. There is also a Yuga-dharma which changes with the changes in era or epochs traversing through or transcending across vast expanses of Time.

Dharma is detailed, elucidated and elaborated with the use of the terms such as, satyam, rita, rinam, vrata to defining ethical responsibility performed in relation to social and natural phenomena.

While Dharma is an Ordering Principle, Rashtram is Dharma in action. Rashtram is the path to achieve a fundamental component of Dharma: abhyudayam (emancipation). Thus Rashtram has a wider connotation than the word ‘Nation’. The Indian Ocean Community is slated to be a Rashtram of several nations rooted in Dharma. People united in Dharma form Rashtram. If Rashtram is the soul, Country is the body and the State is the protective robe. Swami Vivekananda had predicted that modern science and education would break down barriers between nations and prepare the ground for the fulfilment of the age-old Vedic dream of one united world.

In Jaina thought Dharma and Adharma are viewed as principle of motion and rest. Adharma is sloth, stupor and laziness of body and mind. An analogy is given of a bird which falls when the motion of its wings ceases. Similarly a man falls when he ceases to perform according to Dharma. The FALL OF MAN is not from acquiring KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE (as viewed by Abrahamic faiths) but from failing to acquire the KNOWLEDGE OF DHARMA and failing to act on that KNOWLEDGE OF DHARMA.

Human Rights flow from ceaseless performance of Dharma. Dharma is opposed to the statism of caste rigidity, slyly aided and abetted by the Communist Parties of all hues and overtly encouraged by the Sonia Congress Party and its mischievous derivatives of caste-based parties like the DMK, BSP, SP etc for electoral gains.

Students of Sanskrit Language and Hindu scriptures would benefit from the detailed description in this book of the Vedic concepts of Dharmam, Satyam, sacrifice, Pravritti, Nivritti, sangraam, Shraeni Dharma (pg 175) and Rashtram.

Areas of South East Asia which were ruled by Srivijaya Empire in Sumatra, Majapahit Empire of Java, Bali and parts of Philippine archipelago, Funan Kingdom of Cambodia, Khmer Empire of Indochina, Langkasuka Kingdom, Gangga Negara and Old Keda in Malay Peninsula and Champa Kingdom of Central Vietnam were influenced by Hindu merchants who brought purohits as advisors. The civilization of India influenced languages, scripts, calendars, legends and other artistic aspects of the peoples and nations of South East Asia. Central and South East Asia became flourishing centres of Indian culture and regarded India as holy land while they were seldom subjects to the regime of any Indian King.

Traitorous Communist ideologues and their treacherous collaborators, the “Eminent Historians” who love to hate Hinduism and who always denigrate the achievements of the ancient Hindus ought to read this book and be enlightened about the civilizational influence of Hinduism which did not depend, unlike the Arabs or Europeans, either on treachery or on military means to spread culture and commerce.

Indian students of history have become deracinated, enervated and inoculated with inferiority complex by reading NCERT school history books, which are distorted by Communist toxicity. By reading this inspiring book, they would feel a sense of elation and quiet pride at the monumental, surviving and thriving cultural bridges built by their Hindu ancestors with other nations like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia and Japan.

Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a 9th Century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java.
Jonggrang is a 9th Century Hindu Trimurthi Temple, built by the Sanjaya Hindu Kings of 7th-8th Century, 18 Kilometres East of Yogyakarta in Java island.
In Prambanan Temple complex there were 240 Temples.
The Indonesia Rupiah features Lord Ganesha.
Krishna-Arjuna statue adorns Jakarta Main Square in Indonesia.
There is a massive statue of Ghatotkacha near the Ngurah Rai (or Denpasar) International Airport at Bali.
Lord Ganesha is on the logo of the Bandung Institute of Technology.
There is a long list of Ganesha Temples in Sri Lanka and South East Asia.
Malay and Bhasa Indonesia borrows abundantly from Sandkrit language. Their cities are named after Indian cities like Ayodhya, lavapuri, Kanchanapuri, Chandrapuri, Vishnulok, Simhapura, Jayakarta. Their rivers are addressed reverentially as Mae (Ma).The long and broad river flowing from Himalaya through China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia is called Mae Ganga or Maekong.
Official mascot of Military Intelligence is Hanuman who in Ramayana traced Sita devi.Indonesian Airline is proudly named Garuda.

Such an expression of pride in Indic culture would be abhorrent to the Mughal-Catholic Sonia Congress traitors and criminals and would be immediately branded by them as “Communal” and attacked by the Marxists, Mullahs and Missionaries in “Secular” clothing and by the paid and kept journalistic prostitutes of Mainstream English Media, both print and electronic!


This book has several anecdotes of the reverence shown by the Indonesian leaders for Hindu scriptures and of the large participation of Thai, Malay and Chinese people in Hindu religious festivals. Swami Vivekananda’s teachings were an inspiration to the freedom fighters in Malaysia and Indonesia. The heroic saga of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was an inspiration for the Vietcong guerrilla fighters from 1955 to 1975.

Students of Buddhism would benefit from the detailed discussion on the Theravada denomination of Buddhism and the vicissitudes of Baudha Dhamma History in Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

The book moves abruptly into economic affairs of the region. Just as OECD and European Coal and Steel Commission preceded the Formation of European Community, the book holds out the hope that the formation of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission is a harbinger of the Indian Ocean Community. THE BOOK SAYS THAT INDIAN OCEAN NATIONS FREE FROM COLONIAL DOMINATION EMERGES AS A GLOBAL ECONOMIC POWER.

Now my question is what is colonial domination? Is colonial domination to be restricted to European colonial domination or should it also include the equally debilitating Arab colonial domination? Yes, Islam, under the cover of a religion is nothing but Arab colonial domination.

The Quran is written in Arabic language for the Arab people. Allah selected only Arabic Language for transmitting his message. He appointed an Arab man as the Prophet of Islam, Allah’s House (Kaaba) is located in Arab land, and all Muslims pray toward that House. The Arab Imperialist ideology of Islam, which mandates the surrender to Allah also entails the surrender to Arabia. The Islamists put Islam above their own country due to the fact that Arab Nationalism is interwoven with Islam. Muslims view local nationalism a challenge to Islam and a crime against Islam. By embracing Islam, Non-Arabs automatically become mental slave of the Arabs. Non-Arab Muslim countries are colonies of Arabia and suppliers of foot soldiers of Islam.

While Dharma stands for motion and change, the Quran by rejecting any change, dictatorial force imposed a divinely-ordained Arab blueprint on Muslim societies. Devout Muslims see change as an affront to the Quran. Change-resisting Islam is therefore scripturally opposed to Change-embracing Dharma.

Ceaseless performance of Dharma leads to Human Rights, but Arab Imperialism tolerates only Islamic Rights and repudiates all-encompassing Human Rights by prescribing a descending order of rights to Muslims, Dhimmis, Kaffirs, Women and Slaves.

Abhyudayam (emancipation), Loka-Hitam (general welfare), Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (may, all the people of the world be happy) are concepts arising from Dharma. Arab Imperialism’s Universal Brotherhood restricts itself only to Muslims and definitely excludes non-Muslims, the much hated Kaffirs/infidels. "The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them." [Qur’an 8:59] To quote the prominent London Imam and Islamic theologian Abu Hamza al-Masri, "There is no liquid loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood…. Whether you do it by the lamb, or you do it by a Christian, you do it by a Jew, or you do it by any other enemies of Allah."

The author quotes the revered Dhammapada on page 122: “Hatreds never ceases through hatred, but through love alone they cease.” Preaching love to herbivorous antelopes will never save them from blood-thirsty wolves. This is the Law of Nature and this is also the History of 800 years of unprovoked Genocidal Muslim Jihad against the peace-loving Hindus of India.

Only Sangha-Shakti, defensive-offensive capabilities, a ready willingness to use offensive capabilities and a fearsome reputation arising from a consistent and persistent use of offensive capabilities can save civilized people from their blood-thirsty enemies! The history of Han/Chinese Imperialist offensive actions and Soviet Russian offensive actions against the Muslims points to this ground reality!!

The concept of the Indian Ocean Community modelled on the European Community carries with it, unfortunately, a very severe theoretical flaw. The countries constituting the European Community are all Christian nations – Catholic or Protestant. There are no Muslim-majority countries in it.

The proposed Indian Ocean Community based on Dharma should exclude those countries ruled by Arab Imperialism, Judeo-Roman Imperialism or Communist Imperialism. These Imperialist ideologies are inimical to Dharma and they will hamper the cohesion of the Community and its harmonious functioning.

Unjust Laws of tyrannies may restrain or regulate men’s words and govern their actions. The machinery of propaganda may pack their minds with falsehoods and deny them truth for many generations of time. But the eternal soul of man thus held in trance or held frozen in a long night can be awakened by a spark coming from God-knows-where and in a moment the whole structures of lies and oppression is on trial for its life.

Peoples in bondage need never despair. Let them hope and trust in Dharma and in the genius of mankind. It is not in the power of worldly forces to alter the main elements of human nature or restrict the infinite variety of forms in which the soul and genius of the human race can and will express itself.

The proposed Indian Ocean Community based on Dharma should include only those countries ruled by laws based on Dharma. It may also include those countries whose closest outlets are Indian Ocean ports, such as the landlocked Nepal and Bhutan which are still governed by laws based on Dharma. When Tibet becomes free, Tibet may also be welcomed to this grouping.

The Dharma based Indian Ocean Community could have a network of Railways, Roadways and Shipping for facilitating and promoting intra-regional trade and tourism. The Community could have a Customs, Banking and Postal Union and they could also co-operate in maritime security and search for deep sea minerals including hydro-carbons. The accelerator-cum-multiplier effects of the upward surge in investment in multiple areas arising from informed economic co-operation among the Indian Ocean Community are going to be phenomenal and far-reaching, initiating a soaring crescendo of development, opening out to millions and millions of people of the Indian Ocean Community, infinite opportunities for a fuller and richer life.

This book has an interesting discussion on how the proposed Indian Ocean Community Rashtram ought to be governed. When INDIA, the single most important constituent of the proposed Indian Ocean Community is not run by laws based on Dharma, then, where is the question of the larger Indian Ocean Community being a people living under a single imperium derived from a single source - Dharma?

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, an accomplished writer, Hindu thinker and the only Indian Governor-General of India had this to say: “The fate of a nation is doomed if corruption poisons its life in every sphere, as most people feel and complain that it does today in our land. ... public activities are poisoned with this fatal poison, and the process is so widely prevalent that people seem reconciled to it. Democracy is disclosing itself as a puppet dancing to the pull of money-strings.”

The book admits the stark reality that the various Commissions appointed by the Government of India have failed to recognize and act upon the serious threats faced by the Rashtram on the key issues of integrity and security caused by the threats to the polity by criminalizing corrupt practices. The colonial loot of unprecedented dimensions from India has been worsted by the post-colonial loot by the Nehru-Gandhi Family. One conservative estimate by Director of Central Bureau of Investigation puts it at a staggering USD 500 Billion! This is how Sonia Gandhi (born Antonia Edvige Albina Maino) the Italian-born President of the Indian National Congress Party became the fourth richest politician of the world with an estimate USD 18 Billion in wealth, despite having no known sources of income.

India’s problems arise because we have forgotten Dharma. Excessive reliance on Roman jurisprudence without a corresponding emphasis on social responsibility, enjoined by Dharma, has resulted in a Judiciary centred on Law and Lawyers and not resting on Equity and Natural Justice. Litigation drags on endlessly with the poor and weak suffering horrendous injustice. The judicial process has to be streamlined to render quick justice at low cost. For the people to have faith in orderly governance, the Judiciary needs to uphold Justice and not merely uphold Law. Justice has to be rendered and be seen to be rendered.

The Indian State cannot be based on imported ideologies. A Secular or panth nirapeksh Constitution has to be replaced with a new Constitution based on Raja-dharma. The much-reviled Manu, the law-giver of Krita Yuga and author of Manusmiriti wrote as follows: “Just as the Mother Earth gives support to all living beings, a King must give support to all without any discrimination”.

What do we have in India? We have a Congress Prime Minister, Muslim terrorist-appeasing Dhimmi Manmohan “a man ki asha” Singh who declared in December 2006 that Muslims shall have first claim on the resources of India. Raja-dharma which protects the people who adhere to Dharma and punishes the wicked should be the basis of the rewritten Indian Constitution. For this we need a new Constitution and a Second Republic replacing the present Weimar-type anarchic, oppressive, inequitable, “secular”, socialist, nonaligned and maligned Republic of India.

Bhaarat, a nation named after the redoubtable Emperor Bharat who was famed for rigorously implementing Raja-dharma, must be ruled by Laws based on Dharma. Such a Bhaarat will stride rapidly to peace and prosperity. We have seen a beginning in Gujarat. Let us hope this emphasis on Dharma will spread to the rest of India and from there onward to the Greater India that is the Indian Ocean Community.

The famous American woman historian Barbara Tuchman (1912-1989) wrote as follows about the revolutionary impact of books on human culture and civilization: “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill. Without books, the development of civilization would have been impossible. They are agents of change, windows on the world, ‘lighthouses’ (as a poet said) ‘erected in the sea of time’. They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print.” Dr Kalyanaraman’s revolutionary book on the Indian Ocean Community will serve as a potent and powerful agent of change in the Indian Ocean Littoral States.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

UPA’s Cash


Transfer Scheme

Official Cash Bribe for Vote Scam


Sonia Gandhi                     Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi has the stupid temerity and timorous stupidity to declare that his only Guru in the world of politics is Mahatma Gandhi. This unsurpassed brilliant political genius made this “historic announcement” in an election speech in Gujarat recently. After making this silly declaration, this ever-shifting and ever-shuffling bipolar “Youth Icon” (so avowed openly with aplomb by both Dr Manmohan Singh and Shri Digvijay Singh) has made another great declaration two days ago at a meeting of 51 DCC Presidents in New Delhi. At this meeting, Rahul Gandhi in his capacity as Sonia Congress General Secretary has announced that the Cash Transfer Scheme of the UPA Government to the Aam Admi would ensure a spectacular victory of his Sonia Congress Party in the next two Lok Sabha General elections to be held in 2014 and 2019!

Having played his own murky and none too honourable political role behind the curtains in all the Sonia scams like the Commonwealth Games Scam, 2G Spectrum Scam, Coalgate Scam, Young Indian Scam etc., Rahul Gandhi has now come out into the open and declared unabashedly and shamelessly that he will purchase the voters with cash from the Treasury in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections by adroitly using the CASH SUBSIDY TRANSFER SCHEME.

If only such a statement had been made by Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat or any other non-Congress Chief Minister, the Election Commission of India (ECI) would have swung into action with great alacrity and expedition. The ECI would have disqualified them from contesting in any Parliamentary / Assembly elections for the next 60 years or till the life time of Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi or the Election Commissioners, WHICHEVER IS LATER!

In order to smoothen the way for the effective procurement of voters in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Sonia Gandhi, drawing her inspiration from her Mother-in-Law, the dictatorial Indira Gandhi, may perhaps take action on a war footing (including the possible declaration of a National Emergency as was done in 1976) to suitably amend the Representation of People Act and the concerned Articles of the Constitution relating to Lok Sabha / State Assembly Elections making purchase of votes through cash a trivial Civil Offence whose adjudication can be dragged indefinitely in all our Courts of Law at all levels.

On the face of it the Cash Subsidy Transfer Scheme is a Mohammad bin Tughlaq type scheme of Sonia Gandhi and her scheming advisor P. Chidambaram.

Sonia Gandh, Rahul Gandhi and all the senior leaders of the Sonia Congress party are seized by a fit of nightmare thinking about the impending 2014 electoral debacle. Their fear neurosis has been deepened and accentuated by the following factors:-

A. NEVER ENDING CONVEYOR BELT OF SONIA SCAMS resulting in total extinction of public esteem and public credibility. The people of India now view the Sonia Congress Party as a Party of criminal gangsters, by criminal gangsters, for criminal gangsters.

B. This widespread loss of NATIONAL PUBLIC FAITH has been articulated by some of the top industrialists in the country, like Shri Ratan Tata. I fully endorse his view regarding the disgraceful fall in the public image of India in the comity of nations.

C. The meteoric rise of SHRI NARENDRA MODI as a national leader capturing the imagination of the youth and the women folk of this country. Crores and Crores of people in India are praying for the DAY when Shri Narendra Modi would assume charge as the Prime Minister of India.

Courtesy: Times of India

D. Shri Narendra Modi has been hailed as the ‘King of Development’ by a U.S Thinktank. His commitment to development has won him accolades from both the major political parties in Britain. Foreign governments now expect to see Shri Modi to lead India in the contemporary international order. This international acclaim to Shri Modi follows the spate of humiliating references in the western media to the Congress Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, as an 'underachiever' and a 'tragic figure'. Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister-ever-in-waiting, was described in an Economist article in September 2012 as a 'problem' figure, with half-baked political strategies, who failed to develop strong ties with any particular constituency. Rahul Gandhi is a man who strikes an attitude but lacks skills in delivering real change. Sonia Congress leaders are clearly disheartened, if not unduly depressed, by such foreign media reports. Surely such negative, though truthful reports would not have escaped the notice of Sonia's bosses in the Vatican!

E. Many of the supremely servile, corrupt, slavish, senior Congress leaders themselves are talking openly behind the scenes throughout the country today about the electoral disaster of Rahul Gandhi being an unavoidable lethal liability for the Congress Party.

When I look at the definitely corrupt and openly criminal Political Record of UPA Government under the BONELESS WONDER of a Prime Minister seeking hourly instructions for Corrupt Policies / Actions / Deeds from the Chairman of UPA Co-ordination Committee, I cannot help recalling the following incandescent words of Hon’ble Justice Brandeis uttered in a landmark judgement in USA in 1928. (United States 277 US. 438, 485): “Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example….. If the Government becomes a LAWBREAKER, it breeds contempt for LAW; it invites every man to become a LAW unto himself; it invites ANARCHY”

On Tuesday, 27th November 2012, the Express news service reported that at a public gathering in Sanand, Gujarat, the BJP MP from Bihar’s Darbhanga  Constituency Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav declared:
Sonia aayi hai, Videshi Company laayi hai, Gulam banana chahti hai,
(Sonia has brought foreign companies who want to enslave the country).
Kulakshini Bahu hai, ki Sasural ko bhi Kangaal banana chahti hai.

(She is a characterless daughter-in-law out to make her in-laws home bankrupt).”

I fully endorse Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav's views on Sonia Gandhi. She has been destroying the institutions of the Indian State, like the Higher Judiciary, the Election Commission, the C&AG, the Central Bureau of Investigation and so on. This corrupt alien traitor from Italy has never missed any opportunity to humiliate the magnificent Indian Armed Forces.

Now this malevolent Medusa from Italy has set her evil eyes on the Indian Treasury. To remain in power she will even empty the National Treasury. Sonia is faithfully implementing the Papal directive to destroy India as a Nation so the Missionaries can reap their rich “harvest of souls”. If we do not drive this foreign woman to her political extinction, she will drive our nation to a terminal decline.


In most of the PAWN BROKERS' SHOPs, anyone can see that there would be a Wall-Hanging in the front with these words in the following order:


Crown Prince-in-Waiting Rahul Gandhi, by openly announcing with supreme self confidence his Grand Plan of PROCUREMENT OF VOTES in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha Polls through CASH and nothing but CASH, has made it clear that in every ELECTION BOOTH of Sonia Congress Party in the Lok Sabha Polls in 2014, there will be wall-hanging with the following words:



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Foot in the


Declaration by

Rahul Gandhi in


Elections 2012


Riotous, raucous, and rambunctious Clown Prince-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi has at last assumed the role of Field Marshal of the Sonia Congress Electoral Expeditionary Force in Gujarat. The Supreme Leader of the Congress Party is under the cosmic delusion, (nothing to do with alcohol or drugs!) that when he chooses to laugh millions in India laugh along with him and when he weeps, millions in India weep along with him! Addressing an electoral rally in Gujarat, two days ago, AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi made a ‘historic declaration’ to this effect: If I have any 'guru' in politics, then he is Gandhiji. Gandhiji had one simple rule that voice of not only every Indian, but for that matter voice of everyone in the world should be heard, whether that person is poor or rich, short or long. That person may be of any region, religion or caste, his voice should be respected.” I am shocked to note that the Clown Prince has now dethroned Digvijay Singh from his exalted and sacred political Guru-Hood and declared Mahatma Gandhi as his Guru in politics!

Courtesy: KUREEL
Now we can see that Rahul Gandhi has fired his first shot against Narendra Modi in the on-going Gujarat Assembly elections of 2012. For sheer political brilliance, intellectual versatility, cultural, social, ethical and moral greatness and grandeur, can anyone in the India of today equal Rahul Gandhi? This seems to be the orchestrated and fully rehearsed collective refrain of the servile and slavish Sonia Congressmen, right from Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh downwards? This being so, no political leader other than Digvijay Singh would ever have dared to take upon himself the formidable responsibility of being the political Guru of the singularly ridiculous and magnificently foolish Crown Prince in waiting!
Amul Baby Raol claimed to be walking on Gandhiji's path. If so, why does he not eschew falsehood and speak the truth about the gigantic scam after scam perpetrated by his UPA Government, functioning under the colonial tutelage of his supremely corrupt Italian mother? Why doesn’t he tell the country the truth about his arrest in Boston airport by the FBI which confiscated 1,60,000 USD from him? Even a cursory search on the Google for “rahul gandhi arrested in boston airport” will yield 20,800 results.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has replied in his inimitable style: “Rahul Baba has said that he is walking on Gandhiji's path, but if he is actually walking on that path, then one wish of Mahatma Gandhi would not have been left incomplete, which was to disband the Congress immediately after Independence.”
Congress was not disbanded by Jawaharlal Nehru but on the contrary suitably expanded to include all his descendants in interminable succession. Thus Nehru saw to it in his own life time that the Congress Party became the Family Business of the Nehru family. This Nehru Family Business is now headed by an Italian Fascist usurper in the line of Mussolini.

The Nehru Family has converted Mahatma Gandhi into a trademark of their family business. This trademark is invoked in election-time speeches for seeking votes from the public.

On another issue, the Clown Prince has claimed that even the opposition's voice is curbed in Gujarat as the Assembly sits for just 25 days in a year and very often opposition leaders are "thrown" out of the House.

Countering the absurd assertion of Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi has tweeted, “Mr Rahul Gandhi talks of respect for Vidhan Sabha but his own attendance in Lok Sabha between May 2011-May 2012 was 24 out of 85 sittings. If he had respect for the Parliament, he would go for all sittings!”

According to all the corrupt chamchas of Sonia Gandhi, 2 day’s attendance of the Clown Prince in the Lok Sabha is equivalent to Prime Minister’s attendance for 60 days, Defence Minister Anthony’s attendance for 45 days, Finance Minister Chidambaram’s attendance for 30 days, Law Minister Salman Khurshid’s attendance for 15 days and Sonia Gandhi’s attendance for just 1 day!

In one of his election speeches, Rahul Gandhi referred to Mahatma Gandhi sleeping on the floor in Anand Bhavan in Allahabad, after Jawaharlal Nehru was arrested and put in jail, as a classic instance of Gandhiji’s great affection for Nehru. This evoked the following rejoinder from Chief Minister Narendra Modi: "It was Mahatma Gandhi's greatness and his affection towards Nehru that made him sleep on the floor but the real issue is that Motilal Nehru slept on the bed when his son was in jail.”

RAOL VINCI OR RAHUL, THE FAKE GANDHI, IS A DESCENDANT OF MOTILAL NEHRU AND NOT A DESCENDANT OF MAHATMA GANDHI. Fortunately for the Nation, the corrupt Chief Injustice Balakrishnan is not holding the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India to declare with contemptuous judicial aplomb that Raul Gandhi is a legal descendent of Mahatma Gandhi!

Five years ago, during the last Gujarat Assembly Elections in 2007, Sonia Gandhi, the Merchant from Venice had shamelessly branded Narendra Modi as “Mauth ka Saudagar (Merchant of Death)”.

Now her majestically foolish son has referred to Narendra Modi as a “Marketeer” of Development. I only hope that he had repeated the Fascist phraseology of his Mother and described Narendra Modi as a “SAUDAGAR (MARKETEER!) OF VIKAS (DEVELOPMENT!)”

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting on 11-December 2012 at Pitalia Bamba in Gheekanta area of the walled city, which falls under Dariapur constituency. Crowd at Pittalia Bamba which consisted of women, children and youth had jam-packed the road to the rally place. He said, “Rahul Baba mari style marva jaay chhe (Rahul is imitating my style in his speech). Like me he also asked questions at the public in Sanand but he made a mistake by asking people about how much electricity they are getting in the State. The people replied that they are getting electricity for 24 hours in Gujarat!!”

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting on 11-December 2012 at Pitalia Bamba in Gheekanta area of the walled city, which falls under Dariapur constituency. Crowd at Pittalia Bamba which consisted of women, children and youth had jam-packed the road to the rally place. He said, “Rahul Baba mari style marva jaay chhe (Rahul is imitating my style in his speech). Like me he also asked questions at the public in Sanand but he made a mistake by asking people about how much electricity they are getting in the State. The people replied that they are getting electricity for 24 hours in Gujarat.”

I think the Crown Prince was not in one of his Most Inspired Moments. The Sonia Congressmen will have to be grateful to God for His small Mercy because Rahul Gandhi would have liked to say that there is no power cut for 48 Hours in a Day in Sonia Congress ruled Maharashtra, 96 Hours in a Day in Congress ruled Rajasthan, 120 Hours in a Day in Congress ruled Haryana and 144 Hours in a Day in Congress ruled Delhi State !!!

Hear another interesting story about the intellectual greatness of Rahul Gandhi. In February 2009, Rahul Gandhi while interacting with professionals in Ahmedabad’s Bhaikaka Hall said that “Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom.” The Congress men gathered there started clapping but the fact is that Gujarat’s geographical area is 196024 sq Km while the United Kingdom extends over 245,000 square Kilo Meters in area, which is much bigger than Gujarat. Rahul in the same interaction said that “India is bigger than the United States and Europe put together”!

If you own a company would you give this intellectually-challenged Rahul Gandhi a job? Don’t forget that the Indian National Congress wants to give him the Country’s top job as the Prime Minister. Perhaps the Sonia Congress Party feels that a Mindless Wonder will be a better choice than a Boneless Wonder like Dr Manmohan Singh!

PS: For a change let me end this narrative with a hilarious cartoon which one of my friends has sent to me by e-mail. I am unable to find out who is the great Cartoonist who has drawn this superbly revealing and evocative Cartoon. Be that as it may, I acknowledge my debt to him and seek his indulgence to present his Cartoon in the concluding part of this story.

Friday, November 30, 2012










The great American poet Edward Estlin Cummings (1894-1962) said: “Politician is an Arse upon which everyone has sat except a Man.”

If only he had met even one of our ‘Honourable’ Members of Parliament, either from Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, he would have said, “Indian Politician is an Arse upon which everyone can sit except a Man”. I am quoting the words of poet Cummings because Mulayam Singh Yadav has recently stated that he will have lusty political coitus with Sonia Congress Party on the FDI issue in the Lok Sabha but he will have only a self-abnegating political coitus interruptus on the FDI issue in the Rajya Sabha. Lapsing into journalistic levity and adopting the phraseology of two Sections in the IPC, I have to say that it will not be in the interests of the Indian Polity to have 'House Trespass' in the Lok Sabha and 'Lurking House Trespass' in Rajya Sabha.

Congratulations to the Wal Mart for brazenly attempting to Divide and Rule through the Indian Parliament. Three cheers to the deceptive, devious and devilish Indian Democrazy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012



Comments on Sonia-Rahul National Herald scam


I apologize to my dear readers for my prolonged absence from this blog. Old age and the attendant illness prevented me from being as active as I desired. This latest scam in the deluge of Sonia scams spurred me into activity.

Shri V. KALYANAM- Mahatma Gandhi's Secretary

When Sonia Gandhi became the de facto Prime Minister of India, I wrote in the News Today, an Eveninger published from Chennai that the Age of Orderly Constitutional Governance has ended; the Draconian Age of corrupt, unconstitutional, lawless and chaotic governance has begun. The Indian National Congress Party has become a Servants of Sonia Society. Gopal Krishna Gokhale who started the Servants of India Society nearly hundred years ago in 1905 would be turning in his grave after knowing about this disgraceful state of the Indian National Congress today. Gokhale’s intention was to spiritualize India’s public life. Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi’s only intention is to criminalize India’s public life and to convert India into a failed state where they can continue to indulge in their unhindered large-scale loot and plunder for a long time to come.

Against this background, one must understand and appreciate the implications of the expose done by that indefatigable and heroic public fighter Dr Subramanian Swamy against the Himalayan corruption of the Antonia Edwidge Maino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi two days ago. No political party is legally allowed to function as a financial institution for advancing loans for doing commercial business or promotion of commercial transactions. Sonia’s unconcealed contempt for the Indian Constitution, Indian Penal Code, CrPC, Indian Citizenship Laws is both nationally and internationally known. Her global stature as an intellectual giant who is always in the run for a Nobel Prize is better known. In her case IQ means not just Intelligence Quotient. It also means Immorality Quotient; Irregularity Quotient; Illegality Quotient; Intrigue Quotient; Insolence Quotient; and finally Intimidation Quotient. I am not therefore surprised that she has asked a few of her chamchas – I mean, the non-descript Directors, (ever in dancing attendance and in cheerful bonded labour!) in the fraudulent company promoted by her and the Crown Prince-in-waiting have threatened to file defamation cases against Dr Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party. The inviolable fact is that properties worth more than 1,600 crores of Rupees have been purchased by the Italian mother and son for just Rs 50 Lakhs. 38% of the shares in this newly acquired private company called Young Indian is held by Sonia Gandhi; another 38 % of the shares is held by her son Rahul Gandhi. The AICC has advanced an interest-free loan of Rs 90 Crores to settle the existing liabilities of The Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), the erstwhile owners of National Herald (English daily), Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily), and National Herald International Weekly. At an AICC meeting chaired by Sonia Gandhi in her capacity as President of the Indian National Congress, this interest-free loan of Rs 90 Crores has been written off, thus clearing the decks for both Sonia Gandhi and her son to become the owners of property worth Rs 1600 Crores of property belonging to AJL.

These two ‘great’ ‘leaders’ cast in a grand and historic mould want the myriad millions of India to believe that their only patriotic intention is to revive a famous newspaper called National Herald which was started by Jawaharlal Nehru in UP in 1938!

Against this none-too-civil, to be more precise, patently sordid and criminal background, I spoke to Shri V. Kalyanam who had the privilege of working as Personal Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi from 1944 to 30th January 1948. Later, he worked for a short while under Lady Mountbatten when she was the Chairman of the United Council for Relief and Welfare. When Rajaji formed the Swatantra Party in 1959, Shri V. kalyanam functioned as Rajaji’s personal aide. I am giving below the summary of my interview with Shri V. Kalyanam on the most benevolent, most exalted, most patriotic, most self-sacrificing and Sacred-Trust like non-commercial transaction, in world business history, concluded by Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi.

My Question: Good Morning, Kalyanamji! Have you seen the Press Statement of Dr Swamy regarding Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi’s acquisition of The Associated Journals Ltd, which is the owner and publisher of National Herald (English daily), Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily), and National Herald International Weekly for a whacking price of Rs 50 Lakhs?

Kalyanam’s Answer:Of course, I have read his Statement in all the newpapers. I also saw the Times Now TV Channel two days ago and I was very happy to see the expose of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi done by Dr Subramanian Swamy.

My Question: Are you aware of any irregularities, illegalities and immoralities in this deal?

Kalyanam’s Answer:Of course. First of all, no political party can function like a commercial bank or private financial institution and advance loans for private businesses. In this case, the AICC giving a loan of Rs 90 Crores to The Associated Journals Ltd to settle their existing liabilities is a patently illegal action, which calls for the initiation of deterrent action by the Election Commission of India against the AICC. In my view, the Election Commission of India should issue a Show Cause Notice to Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Indian National Congress, as to why the recognition given to her Party should not be withdrawn.

My Question: Are you aware of the fact that three Sonia-supplicant Directors of Young Indian have threatened to file Defamation Suits against Dr Swamy?

Kalyanam’s Answer:I am quite amused. If a Defamation Case can be filed against an Individual for publicly airing patent facts relating to the shady business deals of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi --- solid facts obtained officially from the Registrar of Companies under the Right to Information Act --- then the minions of Sonia Gandhi may have to file similar suits against the Registrar of Companies, the Chief Information Commissioner and the President of India too. They may also have to file a suit against the Indian Parliament for having passed the Right to Information Act, 2005!!!

My Question: What is your view on Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress party using the funds of AICC for acquiring majority shares of a private company in the name of herself and her son?

Kalyanam’s Answer:First of all, she has brought down the historic stature, reputation and dignity of the Congress Party of yester years. All that you need to do is to substitute the galaxy of great Congress leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Rajaji, Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Acharya Kriplani, Jayaprakash Narain and others with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Ahmed Patel, Oscar Fernandez, P. Chidambaram, etc to understand the deplorable depths to which the Congress Party has sunk under the supremely selfish, lawless, chaotic, unpatriotic, anti-national, anti-social and crassly corrupt leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Even if the Congress Party loses every election in India in the next 25 years, she will still continue to be the President of the Congress Party without being challenged by anyone in her party.

My Question: I have read about the last wish of Mahatma Gandhi just before his assassination. His wish was that the Congress Party should be wound up because it had fulfilled its historic role of obtaining Independence for our country. Can you enlighten me more on this subject? I am putting this question only because today the Congress Party has brought nothing but infamy to our great country in the comity of nations.

Kalyanam’s Answer:Just a week before Mahatma’s assassination on 30th January 1948 Mahatma Gandhi had dictated a Note to me: “The Congress should be wound up as a Political Party. In order to govern the country in its new situation, we have to form a new political party called the LOK SEVAK SANGH. Lok Sevak Sangh, means an organization to serve the people of India. At the same time he had also proposed a number of Do’s and Don’ts for the Government of India for immediate implementation in order to realise his lofty dream of “wiping every tear from every eye”. They were,
A) Introduction of immediate prohibition,
B) Ban horse racing and
C) Ban all public lotteries
Mahatma Gandhi was of the view that the evils of drinking, horse racing and public lotteries were shattering the lives of the poor people of India.

My Question: We are all aware of the fact that the Congress Party has not been wound up as advised by Mahatma Gandhi. Excepting in Gujarat, there is no Prohibition anywhere else in the country. The State Governments are the chief traders of liquor in India. Sale and distribution of lotteries and evils of horse racing are still continuing to affect the lives of our poor people. Against this bad and sad background, what has happened to the formation of the Lok Sevak Sangh?

Kalyanam’s Answer:Indian National Congress has today degenerated into Italian National Congress. AICC no longer means All India Congress Committee. It only means All India Cheats Committee! I am saying this only because of the spate of scams which have hit our country as an epidemic of plague, small pox and cholera of bygone days, under the Most Hon’ble Helmsmanship of Sonia Gandhi. In view of all these gigantic scams, the Congress Party under the dictatorial leadership of Sonia Gandhi --- a woman without any public or social conscience --- has become politically, intellectually, ethically and morally bankrupt.

My Question: I remember your quoting the prophetic words of the great sage and seer Rajaji which he wrote in his ‘Jail Dairies’, which he wrote in 1922, Twenty Five years before Independence. How very clairvoyant was the great CR? Can you kindly recall those words?

Kalyanam’s Answer: You are absolutely right. Rajaji clearly saw the depths of degradation to which we would sink as a nation after our Independence. I can distinctly recall the following words of Rajaji in 1922.
“We all ought to know that Swaraj will not at once or, I think, even for a long time to come, be better government or greater happiness for the people. Elections and their corruptions, injustice, and the power and tyranny of wealth, and inefficiency of administration, will make a hell of life as soon as freedom is given to us. Men will look regretfully back to the old regime of comparative justice, and efficient, peaceful, more or less honest administration.
“The only thing gained will be that as a race we will be saved from dishonour and subordination. Hope lies only in universal education by which right conduct, fear of god, and love, will be developed among the citizens from childhood. It is only if we succeed in this that Swaraj will mean happiness. Otherwise it will mean the grinding injustices and tyranny of wealth.”

Having worked closely as a valet of Mahatma Gandhi, My sincere and fervent prayer is that Bharat Mata should be immediately liberated from the fell clutches of all FAKE GANDHIS. This requires no elaboration or explanation in the dark days of Sonia Gandhi.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter to Editor -

The Pioneer


Regarding the article

on Thorium Loot


My grateful thanks to your bold and independent newspaper for referring to my comments on SUITCASE-ABILITY in the article ‘Thorium loot spells strategic loss’ by the intrepid journalist Shri Kumar Chellappan published today, i.e., Monday, 15th October 2012. Gigantic and gargantuan Thorium loot is taking place today in India with the full knowledge and consent of the Sonia Congress Party and the Government of India. Every enlightened citizen in India knows that the mass media in India --- both print and electronic --- is in a gagged state. Our newspapers and TV channels are being gagged or are themselves interested in gagging the correct and truthful news and preventing it from reaching the common masses --- all for the right price filled in the right sized suitcase.

In 1941, Sir Winston Churchill said; “THE BRITISH PRESS TODAY IS THE FOE OF VACUOUS RHETORIC BUT A FRIEND OF PATRIOTIC REASON.” Today, the press in India is the foe of patriotic reason but a friend of vacuous, debased and debauched rhetoric. The enslaved press in India is double shackled; it not only takes away the true light, for in that case we refrain from right action, but also sets up criminal decoys to mislead us on to the path of total destruction. THE PIONEER is a spectacular exception to this rule.

What is the vicious circle of SUITCASE-ABILITY?
India has been known for its vicious circle of poverty for more than two centuries. But, today, India finds herself in the deadly and deathly grip of suitcaseability. The vicious cycle of suitcaseability is a circular constellation of forces --- economic, non-economic, political, sociological, anthropological and cultural --- acting and reacting upon one another in such a manner as to keep the Indian Economy, Indian Government and the Indian State and the Indian Nation in a paralyzed state of suffocating strangulation and self-perpetuating SUITCASE-ABILITY.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Pranab Mukherjee -

The Continuing Saga

of Perfidious

Perjury and Forgery


The Italian Vishakanya Sonia Gandhi, the fraudster Pranab Mukherjee and the other thugs in the Sonia Congress High Command are wedded to the ideology that a high sense of honour is virulently communal and any kind of reprehensible mis-conduct which brings nothing but national and international disgrace to the Nation, apart from causing an irreparable injury to the National Exchequer, is truly secular, progressive, suavely refined and cosmopolitan.

Now to come to the allegation of forgery raised against Pranab Mukherjee by the BJP and others. In my view, Pranab Mukherjee can be charged with the offences of both FORGERY and CLEVER FORGERY as defined by a Supreme Court Bench consisting of Hon’ble Justice R.V Ravindran and Hon’ble Justice H.L Gokhale in their Judgment on 3rd August 2010 in Appeal (Civil) 6207 of 2010. In their Judgment they stated: “If a false signature is very different from the real signature, and is easily identifiable, it will be a FORGERY but not a CLEVER FORGERY.” I am calling it a CLEVER FORGERY because the Resignation Letter of 20th June 2012 bears a Forged Signature of Pranab Mukherjee on Finance Minister’s Letterhead without any Office Seal of either the Finance Ministry or the Office of the ISI Director Professor MGK Menon who illegally ‘Accepted’ Pranab Mukherjee’s Resignation in a wholly unauthorised and unapproved manner. If Professor MGK Menon, President of the ISI, is duly authorised to accept the Resignation Letter of Pranab Mukherjee, then I would like to ask as to whether Pranab Mukherjee or Professor MGK Menon can at least produce 3 other Letters of Resignation from other individuals holding High Offices in the ISI which were accepted by Professor MGK Menon. If so, why were they not produced by Pranab Mukherjee’s Agents like Chidambaram and Bhansal before the Returning Officer on the 3rd of July 2012. I am not for a moment demanding such 3 other instances of Resignation Letters must also relate to individuals with the same murky track record of Pranab Mukherjee!

The Returning Officer for the 2012 Presidential Poll Agnihotri has rejected the objections raised by Satya Pal Jain, Advocate for P.A Sangma that Pranab Mukherjee has to be disqualified on the ground that he was holding an Office of Profit in his capacity as the Chairman of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) on the day on which he filed his Nomination Papers for the Office of the President of India.

A more serious objection raised by him relates to the fact that the Resignation Letter dated 20th June 2012, furnished by Pranab Mukherjee, is clearly an afterthought. This apart, it bears a signature of Pranab Mukherjee, which has been definitely forged.

Without applying his mind the concerned Returning Officer summarily rejected the Objections raised by Satya Pal Jain, the Advocate for P.A Sangma. Against the patently illegal and immoral decision of the RO, a 3 Member Delegation consisting of Dr Subramanian Swamy, Satya Pal Jain Advocate for P.A Sangma and BJP Leader, Bhartruhari Mahtab Parliamentary Leader of BJD Party in the Lok Sabha met the Chief Election Commissioner V.S Sampath at 11 AM today (Saturday, the 7th of July 2012) and made the following complaints against the Returning Officer.

A. The total Failure of the Returning Officer to verify the signature of Pranab Mukherjee on his Letter of Resignation dated 20th June from the Office of Profit of the Chairman of the ISI. Even a schoolboy in a primary school who compares the Signature of Pranab Mukherjee in the Resignation Letter with the Signature of Pranab Mukherjee on his Nomination Papers can see the golf of difference between the two Signatures. Thus a fraud of FORGERY has been committed by Pranab Mukherjee or one of his Madame Pampadours or Rasputins acting on his behalf. This has to be verified by a Forensic Expert who is not in the pay of the Italian Vishakanya’s Party!B. Pranab Mukherjee is still holding 2 more Offices of Profit which disqualifies him from holding the Office of the President of India. They are,
a. Vice President, Birbhum Institute of Engineering and Technology and
b. Chairman, Rabindra Bharti Society,
     which forms the Rabindra Bharti University.

The 3 Member Delegation, which met the Chief Election Commissioner V.S Sampath this morning invited his attention to the offences of perjury and forgery committed by Pranab Mukherjee and sought his intervention under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution, which makes it mandatory for the Chief Election Commissioner to exercise SUPERINTENDENCE, DIRECTION and CONTROL of the Electoral Process relating to the Presidential Poll.

Only by firm and effective intervention by the Chief Election Commissioner, without any fear or favour at this stage, can the patent injustice done to P.A Sangma by the Returning Officer Dr Vivek Kumar Agnihotri be corrected without causing any further grievous and mortal injury to our Nation.

Now the ball is in the court of the Chief Election Commissioner V.S Sampath who has requested the 3 Member Delegation consisting of Dr Subramanian Swamy, Satya Pal Jain and Bhartruhari Mahtab to make their Written Submissions by the evening of Monday the 9th of July 201.

IN MY VIEW the Returning officer Dr Vivek Kumar Agnihotri should be severly reprimanded by the Chief Election Commissioner for his blatant failure to discharge his allotted responsibilities which has resulted in an indefensible miscarriage of justice to the democratic electoral process sanctified by our Constitution.

With bated breath we have to await the decision of the Chief Election Commissioner V.S Sampath on the complaints made by the 3 Member Delegation. T.N Sheshan was the first and the only Chief Election Commissioner who succeeded in Constitutionally taming all our raw, raucous, venal and unscrupulous politicians.It remains to be seen whether V.S Sampath discharges in a bold and fearless, manner, the Constitutional Duties cast upon him under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution. It will be very interesting to see whether V.S Sampath is a run-of-the-mill, listless, lifeless, soulless, supine Sonia-worshipping Bureaucrat like Navin Chawla or whether he will, for a healthy change, turn out to be as bold, courageous and truthful as T.N Sheshan of yesteryears.

Pranab Mukherjee, a

Master Perjuror /

Forgerer as


Candidate 2012


Long before Smt. Pratibha Patil assumed charge as President of India in July 2007, I had written a series of articles in News Today, in May-June 2007 under the title ‘Should we a have a President with criminal antecedents?’ Smt. Pratibha Patil was only a mofussil criminal propped up by the Italian Vishakanya residing at Number 10 Janpath, New Delhi. Till two days ago the whole of India knew that Pranab Mukherjee has been functioning as an International Money Launderer for Sonia Gandhi. Now it has become absolutely clear that he has produced a FORGED DOCUMENT RELATING TO HIS RESIGNATION from the Chairmanship of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) before the Returning Officer for the 2012 Presidential Poll. The Advocate for P.A.Sangma has complained to the Returning Officer that the Resignation Letter dated 20th June 2012 given by Pranab Mukherjee is a Forged Document. Under the Indian Evidence Act (IEA), furnishing a Forged Document as Testimony to any Public Authority amounts to perjury. In my view, an act of Perjury through a fabricated and false document as testimony amounts to forgery. In short every PERJURER automatically qualifies to be designated as a FORGERER. Viewed in this light Pranab Mukherjee becomes both a Perjurer and a Forgerer.

I am quite aware of the fact that the modern English usage for describing any criminal who forges a signature is a ‘forger’. However, I am using this old English spelling ‘forgerer’ to distinguish Pranab Mukherjee from a forger, a person who honourably works in a forge!

The BJP Party at the highest level has accused Pranab Mukherjee of having committed the offence of forgery by furnishing a forged and fabricated document relating to his resignation.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of Janata Party, in a Twitter has said that Pranab Mukherjee got his Nomination cleared by furnishing a Forged Resignation Letter.

Satpal Jain, the Advocate for P.A Sangma, the Opposition-backed Presidential Candidate, has complained to Dr Vivek Kumar Agnihotri IAS, the Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha and the Returning Officer for the Presidential Elections 2012, that the Nomination Papers filed by Pranab Mukherjee should be rejected on the ground that he is still holding an Office of Profit in his capacity as the Chairman of the Indian Statistical Institute, (ISI) in Kolkotta. This crucial objection was raised at the time of scrutiny of Nomination Papers on 2nd July 2012.

It is a patent fact that Pranab Mukherjee did not produce any evidence on 2nd July 2012 regarding his resignation from the post of Chairman, ISI. Instead, on 3rd July 2012, P. Chidambaram and Congress minister Bhansal hastily produced before the Returning Officer, a Resignation Letter dated 20th June 2012 purportedly written by Pranab Mukherjee addressed to Prof. M.G.K Menon, President of ISI.

I am presenting below the copy of that resignation letter:

If we carefully look at the signature in the above letter, anyone can see that it bears no relationship to or identity with the signature of Pranab Mukherjee which we can see on the nomination papers signed by Pranab Mukherjee. For the first time after our Independence we are going to have a candidate for the Office of the President who has had a very shady and murky past. The grim tragedy confronting our already battered and shattered nation is that in the person of Pranab Mukherjee we have a singularly unscrupulous and yet magnificently successful manipulator, machinator, and manoeuverer who has produced a Fabricated and Forged Document relating to his resignation from the Office of The Chairman Of The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). Drunk with Untrammelled Power, he seems to be under the Cosmic Delusion that just by flagrantly furnishing a Forged Document to the Returning Officer, his magnificently forging the Smithy of Bharat Mata’s Soul in his own magnificently unique, vital and vivid Sonia Congress Way!!

Even a cursory perusal of the above letter will reveal that there is NO Demi Official Number in the letter which is purported to have been sent from Ministry of Finance to the ISI on 20th June 2012. It is clear that the letter was not sent through the official channel (dak system). Had it been sent through official channel, it would have carried the DO Number which is given by the Personal Office's Diary Despatch Clerk. On the whole it seems to be a fraudulent and forged letter. If so, who is the forgerer? The finger points to the Master Forgerer Pranabda who was named by the Shah Commission in 1977 and later duly noted by the LP Singh Commission in 1978. Thus the solid foundations for The Forged Document of 2012 were truly laid during the Dark Days of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency in 1975-1977 when Pranab Mukherjee functioned as the 24x7 Dufftry(Orderly) of that Political Loafer and Criminal Sanjay Gandhi!

About the splendid and unmatched splendour of Achievements Of Pranab Mukherjee, I had written as follows in one of my earlier Articles:

“Like a Lower Division Clerk with very low cunning and trying to fudge a government file, Pranab Mukherjee also fudged the connected file relating to the illegal detention of Smt Gayatri Devi, Maharani of Jaipur and Colonel Bhavani Singh. This has been highlighted and very adversely commented upon by Justice J.C Shah on Page 81 of his Interim Report 1 given on March 11, 1978. The L.P Singh Committee had taken due note of the criminal fudging by Pranab Mukherjee, Union Minister of State for Finance (Revenue) in the file bearing No: 686/100/75-CUS VIII/75referred to above and relating to the illegal incarceration of Smt Gayathri Devi and Shri Bhavani Singh’ and recommended that further Police investigation should be done into the matter.”

The Pioneer newspaper published from New Delhi has this to say: “The Opposition party wondered why was not there any file on the resignation letter sent to ISI President on Mukherjee's letterhead and why was no noting on the letter giving details about when and how did Menon received it, and to whom he forwarded the letter. The party also questioned whether there was any meeting of the Governing body which appointed Mukherjee and others.”

“Claiming that ISI President cannot accept Mukherjee's resignation, as the appointment was not made by him, the BJP has also asked Menon to come out clean and reveal the ‘mystery surrounding the fabricated letter’. The Opposition party has also raised the vital question regarding the absence of any record to prove that a meeting of the Governing Council of the ISI to consider and accept Pranab Mukherjee's resignation had actually taken place.”

The President of the Indian Statistical Institute is not authorised to accept the resignation letter of the Chairman without the concurrence and approval of the Governing Council. Did any Meeting of the Council take place at all to consider the resignation letter of Pranabda dated 20th June 2012? If any such evidence is available, then I am sure that Pranabda would not have hesitated to produce it before the Returning Officer concerned on 2nd July 2012 when the Advocate for PA Sangma raised his objection to the Nomination Paper filed by Pranabda.

In this regard, and in this context, Dr Subramanian Swamy has commented on Twitter: “Submitting resignation is one preliminary stage. It has to be acted upon to escape disqualification.”


The Pioneer published from New Delhi reported under the title ‘Pranab papers cleared, but BJP says signs don't match’ as follows:

“Dissatisfied with Agnihotri's ruling, BJP pointed out that Mukherjee's signature in the resignation and the petition filed before the Returning Officer on Tuesday did not have any resemblance.”

“The party finds it 'abnormal' that the process of Mukherjee resigning, the letter reaching Indian Statistical Institute President MGK Menon, his accepting the resignation, and Mukherjee receiving a copy all --- happened within hours on June 20.” What a surprising alacrity for this Government which is otherwise in a state of suspended animation and senile stupor! Something is definitely fishy. I suspect a rotten fish from the Hooghly River!!

How does Pranab Mukherjee claim both signatures on both letters as his own? Does this man have a separate signature for each occasion and for each act of dishonesty that he commits solely for the sake of dancing to the tunes of the Italian Vishakanya?

Now that many signatures of Pranab Mukherjee are FLOATING IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, I FORSEE ANOTHER PROBLEM. If Pranab Mukherjee becomes the President, our Nation will have the unusual and unprecedented problem of identifying which Rashtrapati Bhavan paper has been duly signed by Pranab Mukherjee and which paper has been signed by one of his Madame Pompadours acting in his name! With Pranab Mukherjee as President, we have to learn to live without any certainty, and at the same time, without being paralysed by any fear or doubt or despair!

Dr Vivek Kumar Agnihotri, the Returning Officer for the Presidential Elections 2012 accepted Pranab Mukherjee’s candidature overruling the objections raised on behalf of P.A Sangma to the effect that Pranab Mukherjee held an office of profit as the Chairman of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). Agnihotri said that he had overruled the objections made by Sangma as they were “untenable and lacked merit” but he did not divulge the “reasons” for his decision.

Dr V. K. Agnihotri has let down the Indian Nation by virtue of his deliberate failure to raise the following fundamental questions relating to the Nomination Papers filed by Pranab Mukherjee:

1. Why was the Resignation Letter dated 20th June 2012 and addressed to the President of the ISI not enclosed along with the Nomination Papers?

2. When the objection of Advocate for PA Sangma was raised during the Scrutiny Stage, why did Pranab Mukherjee fail to produce his ‘Resignation Letter’ then and there?

3. Was the Resignation Letter of 20th June 2012 duly accepted by the Governing Council of the ISI?

4. If the Resignation Letter was accepted by the Governing Council, why did Pranab Mukherjee not produce a copy of that letter for scrutiny?

5. Who gave the over-riding Dictatorial Authority to Professor MGK.Menon to usurp the powers of the Governing Council of the ISI ?

6. How did Pranab Mukherjee procure the copy of the Resignation Letter dated 20th June 2012 sent by him to Prof MGK Menon, President of ISI which carries the endorsement of MGK Menon (on the left-hand margin of the letter) in long hand accepting the resignation of Pranab Mukherjee on the same date of 20th June 2012 ? Is there not a mystery--- a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma--- lying hidden in this fabricated letter which is quite akin to a mysterious thriller in an Agatha Christie crime Novel ?

7. Was the Resignation Letter of Pranab Mukherjee endorsed by Prof. MGK Menon under duress?

The wholly irresponsible and democracy-murdering Non-Speaking Order of the Returning Order smacks of partisan politics of the meanest kind. The peremptory language used by him to elevate Pranab Mukherjee and to summarily put down PA Sangma is diabolically designed to make authoritarian lies sound truthful, ghastly political murder of democracy respectable and to give an appearance of legal sanctity to premeditated prejudice, whim, and caprice of the Returning Officer.

Taking note of the arbitrary and wholly partisan and Non-Speaking Order of the Returning Officer, the Election Commission has directed the Returning Officer for the Presidential Poll to provide details of the Scrutiny Proceedings and the Order on rejection of opposition candidate PA Sangma's objection to UPA nominee Pranab Mukherjee's candidature.

I have no doubt that the Supreme Court of India will take suo moto notice of the inexplicable, nay, indefensible non-application of mind by the Returning Officer relating to the proper scrutiny of Nomination Papers filed by Pranab Mukherjee and PA Sangma for the Highest office of the President of India. The innocent countless millions of India look up to The Legal and Moral Authority of the Supreme Court of India to pull our Unfortunate Nation out of the mire and muddle of the current Nation-Destroying crisis.