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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Nehru-Gandhi Family

Congress Attack on

Hindu Organizations and

Hindu Sanyasis

Saffron Terror Bogey

by V. Sundaram IAS (r.) Praveen Shanker Pillai
The Sonia Congress is obviously worried that unlike the BJP old guard, the new Narendra Modi – Amit Shah Dispensation, being neither amenable to inducements nor vulnerable to blackmail, might take up the cause of Sadhwi Pragya and other Hindu Sanyasis at a political/electoral level and get them released. When that happens, and it surely will, the Sonia Congress will be exposed even further as an essentially anti-Hindu political party working at the behest of foreign forces inimical to India.

In our earlier article dated 12-August-2011, we had written that the “Saffron Terror” Chant was officially adopted in mid-2008 by the now deposed Sonia Gandhi - the Italian Bar-Maid turned Honey-Trap turned National-Daughter-in-Law and later turned Fascist Dictator of India.

Sonia Gandhi and her Family retainers like Ahmed Patel, Digvijay Singh, Sushil Shinde and P. Chidambaram viewed “Saffron Terror” as a Political Stratagem to win Elections, even at the cost of polarizing, humiliating, debilitating and destroying India in the process. It did not occur to them that Saffron represented Asceticism and Enlightenment and that it is a colour revered by Millions of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikh and Jain people from times immemorial. The Sonia Congress Party reveres only Green Colour – not the variegated Green of the riverine Sunderbans but the murderous ISI and ISIS Green of Islamic Jihad.

To help in winning the Assembly Elections in 2008 and the Lok Sabha Elections in 2009, “Saffron Terror” had to be conjured up and nurtured in the public limelight in order to achieve the following objectives:

  A. To portray the Hindu Spiritual Swamis and Sadhwis as terrorists.
  B. To defame the Hindu Organizations like RSS/VHP/Sanatan Sanstha.
  C. To create feuds within the Hindu Nationalist Organizations
        and make them ineffective as socio-political forces.
  D. To divide the politically consolidating Hindu majority and polarize them
        into “Communal” and “Secular” factions.
  E. To convince the Muslim Leaders that the ruling Congress has delinked Islam
        from Islamic Jihad that was tormenting India.
  F. To win back the confidence of the minority communities
        and keep their electoral vote bank intact.

While the Hindu organizations like the RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena and Sanatan Sanstha have not made much impact in States like West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, they have been largely successful in many other States in organizing and mobilizing Hindu societies to fight the inimical Mullah-Missionary-Marxist forces and in this process they have succeeded in bringing to power in May 2014 with absolute majority, a Nationalist party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the Union Government in New Delhi.

Mullah-Missionary-Marxist forces, which are inimical to Hindu people, regard the Sonia Congress Party their Chief Patron and their Cromwellian “Lord Protector”. They have taken to heart Hastings Lionel Ismay’s saying to heart.

Hastings Lionel Ismay (1887–1965) was a British soldier - diplomat, remembered primarily for his role as The British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill's chief military assistant during the Second World War and for his service as the first Secretary General of NATO from 1952 to 1957. Ismay stated in 1949 that the NATO's goal was “to keep the Russians Out, the Americans In and the Germans Down”.

To keep the Hindu Organizations Out
the Mullah-Missionary-Marxist forces In and
the Hindu populace Down
is the avowed, though unstated goal of Sonia Gandhi, who according to Dr Subramanian Swamy, infiltrated into the Nehru-Gandhi Family as a Satellite, nay, Guided Missile of foreign intelligence agencies.

Sonia-inspired Congress Party’s constant refrain of “Saffron Terror” is to frighten the BJP away from the RSS and other Hindu Organizations, knowing very well that, delinked from the RSS, the BJP will be reduced to a ‘B-Team’ of the Congress Party, keeping the bench warm for the ‘Shehzada’ of the Sonia Congress Party!

The Congress Party was founded in 1885 by Sir Allan Octavian Hume (1829–1912) ICS, along with Dadabhai Naoroji and Dinshaw Wacha during the time of Viceroy Lord Dufferin. Sir Allan was always worried that the Hindu-majority people of India, suffering from a “sense of hopelessness” might indulge in “a sudden violent outbreak of sporadic crime, murders of obnoxious persons, robbery of bankers and looting of bazaars, acts really of lawlessness which by a due coalescence of forces might any day develop into a National Revolt” against the British Raj. Thus a talking shop was needed where the ‘natives’ or Hindus did not indulge in armed rebellion.

This dread of armed Hindus was shared by Jawaharlal Nehru, the grandson of the last Kotwal of the Mughals. This Nehru was described by a discerning critic as “an Englishman by education, a Muslim by culture and a Hindu by a sheer accident of birth”.

Smt. Sarojini Naidu told Lord Mountbatten that Nehru “had a completely English education, outlook and mind”. [1]

This Nehru proudly declared to John Kenneth Galbraith in 1956 at a tea table “I am the last Englishman to rule India”. Compare Nehru's description of himself with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's description of himself to Reuters: “I am a Hindu, by birth. I am also a nationalist. So, if you say I am a Hindu nationalist, it is OK”.

Nehru never understood that Hinduism was a persecuted religion and culture, and needed relief from Islamic banditry. But he preached a new type of slavery in the name of secularism. - ‘India Betrayed: The Role of Nehru’ by Brigadier (Retd.) B.N. Sharma. [2]

The Patriotic Hindus who did not accept the new form of slavery which called itself Secularism, the Sanatani Hindus who were imbued with the valorous Kshatriya spirit, the Nationalistic Hindus who agree with the dictum of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790): “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” earned Nehru's irrepressible ire and implacable hatred.


When Lt. General Sir Robert Lockhart, the first Commander-in-Chief of Independent India took a strategic plan for a Government directive on defence policy, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru blew his top: “Rubbish! Total rubbish! We don’t need a defence plan. Our policy is ahimsa (non-violence). We foresee no military threats. Scrap the army! The police are good enough to meet our security needs”. [3]

After getting freedom, one meeting was organized to select the first General of Indian Army. Leaders and Army officers were discussing to whom this responsibility should be given. In between the discussion Nehru said: “I think we should appoint a British officer as a General of Indian Army as we don't have Indian Officers with enough experience to lead the Army.” [4]] Of course, the Grand Mogul of Independent India wouldn’t want a “Kaffir” as his Army Chief! For him, a white-skinned foreigner is definitely preferable to a brown-skinned “Kaffir”!

Working under the firm "Foreign Hand" of Sonia Gandhi, an Islam-Embracing, Christianity-Coveting, and Hindu-Hating Woman Catholic Imposter from Italy, the Sonia Congress UPA Government had a special interest in destroying the morale and war-preparedness of the Defence Forces of the Hindu-majority India.


The other organization that attracted the malevolent attention of the Congress Party in general and Nehru in particular is the largest, though still unarmed, body of patriotic Hindus – the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS, which was founded in 1925 by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar as part of the movement against British rule and as a response to Muslim attacks on unarmed and unprepared Hindus. A major emphasis is placed on dedication and discipline, both mental and physical, as a means to restore strength, courage and valour in Hindu youth and to foster unity among Hindus of all castes and classes. Paramilitary training and daily exercise and drills are part of this discipline.


On 4th Feb 1948, M.S. Golwalkar then the RSS chief was arrested, by Nehru's Government and RSS was banned.

This is what the Nehru Government Communiqué, which banned RSS on 04th February 1948, said: “It has been found that in several parts of the country individual members of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have indulged in acts of violence involving arson, robbery, dacoity, and murder and have collected illicit arms and ammunitions. They have been found circulating leaflets exhorting people to resort to terrorist methods, to collect fire arms, to create disaffection against the Government and suborn the Police and the Military.” This was five days after Gandhiji’s assassination.[6]

T.R. Venkatrama Shastri, former Advocate General of Madras met Sardar Patel and informed the latter that the accusation of RSS’ complicity in Gandhi’s assassination had no real foundation, and "charges against the RSS in some cases having been found unsustainable". The ban was unconditionally lifted on 9th July 1949. Nehru's daughter Maimuna Begum (Indira Gandhi) too banned the RSS during the dark days of the illegal Emergency Rule of 1975-77.


This is what I had written in April 15, 2006 in an article titled, 'RSS had informed planned massacre of Hindus and flag of "Pakistan" on the Red Fort'.
“Recently I was going through the records and archives of this period. A solid fact which has been hidden from public view by the Nehru Government in 1947 and later by all congress Governments relates to the plot which was hatched by the Muslim League to bump off the entire Congress leadership on 10th September 1947 in New Delhi. The planned Muslim coup was unsuccessful because of the timely information given by Sri Guruji through his RSS volunteers to Sardar Patel about the attempted Muslim coup. The Muslim coup was foiled on account of the sharp vigilance displayed by the RSS. Even at that time, there were many right-thinking, non-partisan people who duly recognised and admired the stellar role played by the RSS. One of the most notable among them was Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhagwan Das, a profound thinker and philosopher and the revered father of Sri Sriprakasha, Ex-High Commissioner for Pakistan and later Governor of Tamil Nadu. Dr. Bhagwan Das declared in his article in the ‘ORGANISER’ on 16th October 1948: “I have been reliably informed that a number of youths of the RSS were able to inform Sardar Patel and Nehruji in the very nick of time of the (Muslim) Leaguers" intended "coup” on September 10, 1947, whereby they had planned to assassinate all Members of Government and all Hindu officials and thousands of Hindu citizens on that day and plant the flag of "Pakistan" on the Red Fort and then seize all of Hind. If these high-spirited and self-sacrificing boys had not given the very timely information to Nehruji and Patelji, there would have been no Government of India today, the whole country would have changed its name into Pakistan, tens of millions of Hindus would have been slaughtered and all the rest converted to Islam or reduced to stark slavery....Well, what is the net result of all this long story? Simply this: that our Government should utilise, and not sterilise, the patriotic energies of the lakhs of RSS youths.” ” ( This explains the 06th January 1948, Statement by Sardar Patel issued just three weeks before Gandhiji’s assassination.


On 06th Jan 1948, Sardar Patel issued a statement that was directly contrary to what was mentioned about the Sangh in the ban-communiqué. Targeting his own party men, he said: “In the Congress those who are in power feel that by virtue of their authority they will be able to crush the RSS by danda (force)…danda is meant for dacoits and thieves…The RSS men are not thieves and dacoits. They are patriots…only their trend of thought is diverted” (“The Hindu”, Madras dated 7th Jan. 1948.).
Patriotic, yes but Diverted! Diverted from what? Diverted from Gandhian appeasement of Muslims at any cost to the Hindus? We say with pride, then so be it!

It was clear that of these Congress men “in power”, Nehru was foremost in wanting to use the danda against the RSS. Even just before Gandhiji’s assassination, on 29th Jan at Amritsar, Nehru had vowed to “demolish” the RSS. Gandhiji’s assassination was just an excuse. The charged atmosphere following the assassination strengthened the hands of those who had been against the RSS from much before. [7]

Leading Hindu social and political leaders held an All India Hindu Conference in Allahabad in 1910 to organise Indian Hindus politically in response to the rise of the Muslim League. The Hindu Mahasabha was founded in 1914 in Amritsar with headquarters in Haridwar. In 1925, Hindu Mahasabha's former member Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar left to form the RSS.

Hindu Mahasabha's one-time rising star, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, left the party and established the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, the forerunner to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is today the largest Hindu nationalist political party in India. The organizational and ideological linkages between the RSS and the BJP are being sought to be cut by the alien Congress Party from the Mughal Nehru to the Italian Sonia by raising the bogey of “Saffron Terror”.


Finding that Sonia Gandhi’s DIVISIVE AND POLARISING POLITICS have failed to stop the tide of BJP electoral victory after victory, on the one hand and seeing the negative results of narco tests on Swami Amritanand Tirth Dev, on the other, the Sonia Congress-controlled Maharashtra Government’s ATS, in its desperation to please its beleaguered political masters in Maharashtra, made a complete u-Turn. The ATS, which accused the RSS of being an instigator and perpetrator of “Saffron Terror”, made an outlandish claim that the RSS is a VICTIM of “Saffron Terror”!

With the latest 'spin' that the Malegon accused have conspired to kill RSS leaders, the Anti Terrorism Squad of the Maharashtra Police has shot itself in the foot. On the explicit instructions of its political masters to paint Hindu Organisations as not only radical but also violent, the ATS has discredited itself even further. A Congress spokesperson has gone on record saying that the Hindu outfits are engaged in a 'civil war' within and advising the BJP to stay away from them and stop supporting such outfits.


The Sonia Congress is obviously worried that unlike the BJP old guard, the new Dispensation of the Dynamic Duo, Narendra Modi – Amit Shah, being neither amenable to inducements nor vulnerable to blackmail, might take up the cause of Sadhwi Pragya and other Hindu Sanyasis at a political/electoral level and get them released. When that happens, and it surely will, the Sonia Congress will be exposed even further as an essentially anti-Hindu political party working at the behest of foreign forces inimical to India.

The Italian-born Edvige Antonia Albina Màino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi and her alien half-breed Family and their slavish lackeys and courtiers, both in the Congress and in the Main Stream Media, will pay very dearly in the coming Maharashtra Assembly Elections to be held on 15th October 2014 for the racial and religious oppression of Hindu Sanyasis and Sadhwis, including Sadhwi Pragya.

We place on record our deep and abiding respect for the brave Maharatta warrior, the Mumbai Police Assistant Sub-Inspector Tukaram Ombale who captured Ajmal Kasab on 26th November 2008 during the ISI backed sea-born jihadi attack on Mumbai. We also take this opportunity to warn those who conduct subterranean subterfuge and ally with the anti-national forces led by the Sonia Congress to defeat Hindu Nationalist BJP led from the front by the most popular and most respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi-ji. Hiding behind the mask of ‘Marathi Manoos’ will not save any one who make common cause with the oppressors of Hindu Sanyasis and Sadhwis. They will face electoral obliteration and fade into political oblivion.

[1] (Vide ‘Mountbatten and Independence of India’, Vikas, P. 88).
[2] (Manas Publications, New Delhi-110 002, 1997):- (
[3] 'General Rudra: His service in three Armies and two World Wars' by Major General D.K. Palit
[4] 'War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48'by Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, Sage Publications.
[5]'The 1962 India China Conflict' by Wing Commander (retd.) R V Parasnis.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saffron Terror Bogey –

An Extraterritorial

and Multi-Dimensional


to Destroy Hinduism

by V. Sundaram IAS (r.)

& Praveen Shanker Pillai

Sonia Congress Implosion

In the year 2008, ten States were scheduled to go for polls. The Sonia Congress found to its horror that it lost in the first four states.

State          Month      Winning Party/Parties
  Tripura        February    CPI (M)
  Meghalaya   March       Meghalaya Progressive Alliance (MPA)
  Nagaland     March       Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN)
  Karnataka    May          BJP

The half-German-Italian, half-Indian ‘Family’ went into a huddle with its trusted retainers, the reclusive Jihadi Ahmed Patel, the Missionary-Godfather A.K Anthony and the servile Dhimmi Digvijay Singh. In this desperate situation, the ‘High Command’ needed to ‘create’ something real and tangible – A Stratagem to win the Polls.

Six other States were scheduled to go for Polls in 2008.

State                   Month
  Chhattisgarh         November
  Madhya Pradesh   November
  Delhi                    November
  Mizoram               December
  Rajasthan              December
  J & K                   November

The Parliamentary Polls for Lok Sabha were scheduled for 2009.

Sonia Congress Stratagem

A decision was taken probably at the behest of the secretive jihadi Ahmed Patel, the Political Advisor to the Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi, to raise the bogey of “Saffron Terror”!

The Sonia Congress had always averred that Terror has no Religion, never mind that those who blow themselves up in the name of Religion all belong to the same Religion. A Kashmiri Islamic Terrorist always transmogrifies into a peaceable militant since there is no place for “Muslim Terrorist”, “Islamic Fundamentalist”, “Green Terror” in the “secular” Lexicon! The “secular” brigade had never exhibited moral courage to address the thousands of terrorists ranging from “Compassionate” Afzal Guru to “Pious” Abdul Madani as ‘Islamic Terrorists’. The murder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Monk Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati in Orissa in August 2008 by Maoists under Contract-Killing Arrangement with Christian Missionaries, was not termed as “Christian Terrorism”.

All of a sudden, Sonia Congress forgot its own National Security Axioms, namely: “Terrorism Has No Religion” and “Terrorism Has No Colour”. It screamed and screamed “Hindu Terrorists” and “Saffron Terrorism” in a twitching paroxysm of Political Orgasm.

What is this “Saffron Terror”? It is a term which was first used in an article by Praveen Swami just after the 2002 Godhra Riots. The article featured in the ‘FRONTLINE’ Monthly Magazine published by ‘The Hindu’, a communist rag from Chennai, vide details given below.

Volume 19 - Issue 06, Mar. 16 - 29, 2002

This “Saffron Terror” Chant was officially adopted in mid-2008 by the now deposed Sonia Gandhi, the Italian Bar-Maid turned Honey-Trap turned National-Daughter-in-Law and later turned Fascist Dictator of India.

Sonia Gandhi and her Family retainers like Ahmed Patel, Digvijay Singh, Sushil Shinde and P. Chidambaram viewed “Saffron Terror” as a Political Stratagem to win Elections, even at the cost of polarizing, humiliating, debilitating and destroying India in the process. It did not occur to them that Saffron represented Asceticism and Enlightenment and that it is a colour revered by Millions of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikh and Jain people from times immemorial.

To help in winning the Assembly Elections in 2008 and the Lok Sabha Elections in 2009, “Saffron Terror” had to be conjured up and nurtured in the public limelight in order to achieve these following objectives:

A. To portray the Hindu Spiritual Swamis and Sadhwis as terrorists.
  B. To defame the Hindu Organizations like RSS/VHP.
  C. To create feuds within the Hindu Organizations like RSS/VHP/BJP.
       and make them an ineffective political force.
  D. To divide the politically consolidating Hindu majority and polarize them
       into “Communal” and “Secular” factions.
  E. To convince the Muslim Leaders that the ruling Congress has delinked
       Islam from Islamic Jihad that was tormenting India.
  F. To win back the confidence of the minority communities
       and keep intact their vote bank.

Pakistan-Bangladesh Mughalistan Plan for an Independent Homeland proposed for the Muslims of India was first developed by the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of the two intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh’s Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI. This Mughal-Muslim State in the Indian Subcontinent was intended to include all of Northern India and Eastern India, and was to be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a Large Corridor of Land running across the Indo-Gangetic Plain, the Heartland of India.

For the above nefarious purpose the Focus of the Indian Government must be diverted from the ‘Clear and Present Danger’ of Islamic Terror to a contrived and fabricated "Saffron Terror". This was the Islamic Agenda of the Islamists in the Sonia Congress Party, notably, Abdul Rehman Antulay and Ahmed Patel, acting under the Command and Control of the Fascisti Generalissimo Sonia Gandhi, an Islam-Embracing, Christianity-Coveting, and Hindu-Hating Woman Catholic Imposter from Italy owing her allegiance to the Pope in Rome and not to the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution.

The Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi issued ‘Directives’ on 20th September 2008 to the NDA ruled Orissa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh asking them to check the violence against Christians and provide protection to them. No such ‘Directives’ were deemed necessary for the Protection of Hindus in J&K or Assam from the marauding jihadis. After all, Hindus are condemned to be only ‘Cattle Class’ Citizens in the view of the Sonia Congress Harvesters of Souls and Purveyors of Hate.

All that the Machiavellian Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi needed were a few imagined “Terrorists” wearing Saffron insignia. The Malegaon Blasts of 2008 came in handy for the ever scheming and machinating anti-Hindu Sonia Congress.

Express news service reported on 15th November 2008 that the then Railways Minister and RJD chief Lalu Prasad took the cue from his Political Paramount Sovereign, the Italian-born Sonia Gandhi and charged the NDA’s Prime Ministerial Candidate L K Advani for being a “Terror Mask”. Lalu shamelessly alleged that through the Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts the BJP had conspired to stoke communal riots in the country for Electoral Gains. “And the Brains behind the Blasts are none other than L K Advani and Narendra Modi.”

The Bogey of Saffron Terrorism - A Transnational Plot to Destroy the Hindus

Pakistan’s ISI follows Sonia Congress Lead – Tries to invent Hindu Terror.

On 26th November 2008 between 15 and 20 terrorists, sea-borne Jihadis were dispatched by the ISI to Mumbai. Intense firing with assault rifles and lobbing of hand-grenades took place at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Train (CST) Terminus, the Metro Cinema Junction, the Cama and Albless Hospital, outside the Olympia Restaurant in Colaba, the Lobbies of the Taj Mahal and Oberoi/Trident Hotels, and the Leopald Café behind the Taj Mahal Hotel. There were over 160 fatalities in this attack.

Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Terrorist Abu Jundal later confirmed that he and other 26/11 masterminds had plotted to make the attack appear as a handiwork of “Saffron Terrorists” under the explicit instructions of the ISI. As a part of that deception, Ajmal Kasab and the other Terrorists were made to wear Saffron wristbands. The ISI-trained Islamic marauders were supplied with IDs bearing recognizable Hindu names like Sameer Chaudhary.

This ‘Operation Saffron Deception’ would have succeeded had all the terrorists been killed. But Ajmal Kasab's capture by Ex-Army man Mumbai Police Assistant Sub-Inspector Tukaram Ombale was a spanner in the Sonia-Congress planned and executed “Saffron Terror” Works.

Two days after the Mumbai Terror Attacks, the People’s Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party carried a Report that the Mumbai Terror Attacks could be the handiwork of “Radical Elements within the Hindu Community”. The People’s Daily Report echoed speculative stories in Pakistani Dailies like the Dawn which talked about "Hindu Zionists" carrying out the Mumbai attacks!

What a wonderful alignment and congruence of objectives and actions between the Paki ISI, the Chinese Communists and the Sonia Congress! All the THREE ENEMIES of HINDUS wanted to defame Hindu Sanyasis – The Ramparts of the Fort of Hinduism - and distance the Hindu Public from them!!

Now the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan plans to use United States and the United Nations to tarnish the image of the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as he is seen as the greatest living Hindu leader in the world today. The ISI’s aim is to convince the International Community that Government of India is intolerant and neglectful of Minorities, Women and the Dalits. These facts were narrated with clarity and conviction in an article by Shri Madhav Nalapat in the Sunday Guardian Issue of today, Tuesday, August 12, 2014. The Speed and Depth of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Diplomacy towards the SAARC countries has alarmed the ISI, which for the past 16 years has happily watched the Sonia Congress-ruled New Delhi's Pussy-Foot-Prints becoming fainter and fainter in the Region.

The ISI is trying to ensure that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva begins Discussion on a Complaint, which will get filed this year by the US-based Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) and will contain strictures against the Prime Minister Modi’s Government. "Nine of the CAG's key NGOs have extensive linkages with the Pakistan-American community, which is riddled with ISI Sympathisers." These NGOs which have links with the Missionary-Jihadi-Leftist NGO’s in India, like Teesta Setalvad’s ‘Citizen For Justice And Peace’, are leading the Charge against the not-so-pacifist Hindu-Majority India.

While the US contemplates a Global Pax Americana, the Middle Eastern Islamic Clerics and Despots fantasize about an Islamic Caliphate encompassing the vast stretch of land from Morocco to India. The anti-National Sonia Family Congress too has rosy day-dreams in which their constant Crying Wolf on “Saffron Terror” along with the destructive Anti-Hindu activities of these Foreign Organizations and their Native Coolies in India will work to the advantage of the Sonia Congress in the coming Assembly and Parliamentary Elections.

The Sonia Congress bogey of “Saffron Terrorism” failed to stampede the Hindus into voting for the Sonia Congress Party. Sonia Gandhi found her Government losing power in New Delhi. Her Party which won 206 seats in 2009 Lok Sabha Elections was crushed to its lowest tally of 44 seats in the recently concluded 2014 Elections making her ineligible even for the Post of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.

To the Bi-Polar Depressed, Middle-Aged Youth Icon of the Sonia Congress Party for whom “Poverty is a State of Mind” and who in all probability grovelled before the American Ambassador to India and begged the latter with folded hands to get the US Government to deny American Visa to Shri Narendra Modi, we have to say only this, “Signor, Saffron Terrorism is a mere figment of your Drug-Addled Mind!”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014





by V. Sundaram IAS and

Praveen Shanker Pillai

There is no doubt whatsoever that the meeting of Ved Prakash Vaidik with Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the jihadi terrorist mastermind behind the 26/11 attack on Mumbai was arranged by the infamous ISI in Pakistan. Behind the dastardly ISI initiative looms large the anti-Narendra Modi manoeuvres, manipulations and machinations of a few top leaders at the highest levels of the BJP. These BJP leaders are the Fifth Columnists working 24/7 for the Sonia Congress Party. Their only aim is to embarrass Prime Minister Narendra Modi and to slowly chip away at his unrivalled national and international stature. The pro-Sonia Congress elements in the BJP managed to get the news of the interview into the public arena. They chose the moment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s absence from New Delhi, to attend his first multi-lateral meetings with world leaders in Brazil. The main aim of these fifth columnists in BJP is to somehow project Narendra Modi as a faltering and fumbling leader who is soft on jihadi terror.

In order to achieve this objective they chose a Communist mole in the Baba Ramdev camp, Ved Prakash Vaidik for the planned national sabotage operations. The antecedents of this journalist Vaidik leave much to be desired.

Ved Prakash Vaidik has declared with aplomb that he is ideologically close to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. “I have no relation with RSS. I am closer to Congress than BJP.”

So close was Vaidik to the Sonia Congress Party that he was included in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s delegation to Afghanistan in 2005.

In an article titled ‘राहुल गांधी जैसा कोई और नहीं’ (There is no one like Rahul Gandhi), published in Dainik Bhaskar on October 24, 2009, Vaidik showered lavish praise on Rahul Gandhi’s “leadership qualities”.

Vaidik paid his tribute to Rahul Gandhi in these glowing and gleaming words: “I see Rahul Gandhi as an intelligent, humble and composed person. Rahul is following in the footsteps of Gandhiji in true sense. This country has many ‘princes’ small and big, but is there anyone like Rahul?” Vaidik also described Rahul as the “most capable youth leader of the country”.

I am reasonably sure that Sonia, the doting mother of Rahul Gandhi would have handsomely rewarded Vaidik for the latter’s sublime promotion of Rahul Gandhi as the national leader of global significance cast in a very grand mould.

This great incisive and original journalist - Ved Prakash Vaidik - would have us believe that while every Rahul Gandhi is a Mahatma Gandhi, no Mahatma Gandhi can ever aspire to be a Rahul Gandhi! So much for Ved Prakash Vaidik’s historical sense and non-Vedic secular wisdom!!

This great incisive and original journalist - Ved Prakash Vaidik - would have us believe that while every Rahul Gandhi is a Mahatma Gandhi, no Mahatma Gandhi can ever aspire to be a Rahul Gandhi! So much for Ved Prakash Vaidik’s historical sense and non-Vedic secular wisdom!!

( Pic courtesy @PadmajaJoshi)

In the past, Vaidik has, with his Marxist and Jihadi fellow-travellers, vociferously and vehemently pleaded for repealing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

In an interview given to The Dawn News Paper during his recent 20-day-long trip to Pakistan, Vaidik argued for an “independent” Kashmir. Ved Prakash Vaidik meeting Islamic terrorist Hafiz Saeed cannot be viewed as an integral part of Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the Press cannot be allowed to be a cloak for treasonable actions.

True to their plan the Congress activists raised a ruckus in the media and on the floor of the Parliament. The people saw a sorry spectacle of the traitors who looted the country of billions of Rupees during the 10 years of UPA misrule preaching patriotism in the Parliament to the newly elected leaders of the country! The Sonia Congress Party shamelessly demanded the immediate arrest of Ved Pratap Vaidik. In a continuance of this political tamasha, Vaidik “clarified” that by demanding “independence” of Kashmir, he meant “autonomy of Kashmir”!!

Right from the days of Jawaharlal Nehru, several jihadi terrorists have consistently demanded “independence” for Kashmir. These Wahabi Islamic terrorists have enjoyed unfettered freedom to visit Pakistan taking hourly instructions from the ISI to launch jihadi terrorist attacks on India. The Congress party never once demanded the arrest of these Hurriyat leaders for their never ending acts of treason against our Motherland.

Ahmed Patel, Political Advisor to Sonia Gandhi was acting as Osama Bin Laden of the Congress Party --- I mean, as the political godfather of jihadi terrorists in India. It is possible that it is Ahmed Patel who used his clout with the Pakistani Ambassador to India to arrange this trip of Congress politicians like Salman Khurshid, Mani Shankar Iyer and anti-Hindu super-secular news-traders like Barkha Dutt and Siddharth Varadarajan. What followed was an ISI sponsored visit to Pakistan to embarrass the Prime Minister Narendra Modi while he was meeting world leaders abroad.

The Sonia Congress Party true to its tradition of hypocrisy, double-dealing and double-talking has demanded the arrest of Ved Prakash Vaidik. The fact of the matter is that Vaidik was only part of a larger Sonia Congress team visiting their fraternal Islamic terrorists in Pakistan. Taking note of this fundamental fact, the Narendra Modi Government must initiate action on these following lines.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs should order an inquiry into the recent visit of the Sonia Congress team and some anti-Hindu and pro-Jihadi journalists to Pakistan to ascertain the role played by the ISI in arranging their total programme in Pakistan.

There is no doubt that some Fifth Columnists in the higher echelons in the BJP also seem to have been involved in this controversy. Their role must also be investigated by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Resist China’s Cartographic

Aggression against India

by V. Sundaram IAS and

Praveen Shanker Pillai

China has roiled the diplomatic waters in the region by publishing a new map that lays claim to swaths of the South China Sea that encompass almost all of Southeast Asia. The new Chinese map also shows Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory.

Professor Lee Yunglung at the South China Sea Institute of Xiamen University said that the map raises the South China Sea issue to a level of prominence equal to China's decades-long disputes with Japan over the East China Sea and the Senkaku Island.

He said the publication of the map serves a two-layered purpose. Domestically, the map "enhances Chinese citizens' understanding of China's sovereignty" over the South China Sea. On the international stage, the map gives a "more comprehensive narrative of the historical justification for China's claims of sovereignty" over the disputed area.

See the Chinese cartographic aggression at:

Chinese cartographic aggression has always preceded their actual military aggression. This has happened first with Tibet in 1950 and with Arunachal Pradesh, then, North East Frontier Province, and also with Aksai Chin in 1962.

In a Cartographic counter measure the Government of India should publish maps showing Tibet and Xingiang as separate from China in all their official publications. Let the Chinese learn that Indians too can play their game.

The Chinese have irritated the Modi Government by continuing to issue stapled visas to people of Arunachal Pradesh who wanted to visit China. A reciprocal action would be issuing stapled visas to people of Xingiang and Tibet.

The Hans, who are lording it over China, have developed an imperialist mindset. They cannot treat smaller neighbours with respect as sovereign countries. For them all smaller neighbours are vassals. They treat the Russians and the Americans with respect, fearing the military strength of these two powers.

The Congress Governments, since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, never respected and defended India’s borders. As a result the Chinese continued to violate Indian borders with unfailing regularity. The Han Communists of China respect only those countries, who have strength and are willing to use that strength.

The new Modi Government has to treat all Chinese violations seriously, whether they are border skirmishes or cartographic aggression. Until the Han Communists of China learn to behave in a civilized manner Indian Government has to be not merely reactive, but even deliberately provocative.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014





by V. SUNDARAM I.A.S (retd.) 

In the context of the ongoing controversy relating to insidious attempts being made by some of the remnants of the earlier corrupt Sonia Gandhi UPA Regime, to make Gopal Subramanian, former Solicitor General of India, a Supreme Court Judge, I felt that it is absolutely necessary in the larger cause of public interest, to present a few excerpts from my article, which I had written in my blog in November 2010.


Solicitor General Gopal Subramanian misuses his official position to illegally HELP 2G Spectrum Fraud Union Telecom Minister A Raja.

Excerpts from my article titled ‘Saboteur General of India or Solicitor General for Union Minister A.Raja’ dated 14th November 2010

“Is Gopal Subramaniam a Solicitor General of India (SGI) or Saboteur General (SG) of India? He has brought permanent disgrace and infamy to the noble legal profession. He should be made to quit from the exalted Office of the Bar Council of India. Just as a former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India allowed his official residence to be used as the private Real Estate Business headquarters of his beloved sons, this shameless Solicitor General of India (SG) has used his residence to function as the legal headquarters for protecting the corrupt Union Minister A.Raja in the Case relating to the Himalayan Mega Fraud 2G Spectrum Case pending in the Supreme Court of India. Gopal Subramaniam was the ‘chamcha’ of the most corrupt Former Union Shipping and Transport Minister T.R.Balu. Now he is functioning as the 'chamcha’ of the Union Minister A.Raja. Thus Gopal Subramaniam has become the unsought Saboteur General of India (SG) on the one hand and the much sought after Solicitor general of India (SGI) for Union Minister A.Raja.”

“It has been widely reported in the Press that a meeting of CBI and Enforcement Directorate Officials took place at the Official residence of Gopal Subramaniam the Solicitor General of India on 28th October 2010 to discuss the 2G Spectrum Fraud Case. Anitha Shenoy, the Advocate for A.Raja, was also present, though she had no locus standi to participate at that meeting. This ‘meeting’ was ‘designed’ by the SGI to facilitate Anita Shenoy in the ongoing 2G Spectrum Corruption Case in the Supreme Court. This SGI had summoned CBI’s Investigative Officer Vivek Priyadarshi and DIG S.K.Palsania for that meeting with the hidden purpose of helping Anitha Shenoy and not assisting the Enforcement Agencies of the State like the CBI in effectively conducting the prosecution of the case.”

“It has been reported in the Press that at this meeting the SGI introduced Anitha Shenoy to the Enforcement Officers. SGI requested these officers to brief Anitha Shenoy. Quite unlike the SGI, the D.I.G. Palsania conducted himself with great dignity, moral courage and high sense of public responsibility by strongly objecting to the openly nefarious and shameful gesture of sg to sabotage the due legal process of correct investigation of the case against Union Minister A.Raja.”

“D.I.G. Palsania told the SGI: “We have nothing to do with Raja’s advocate and we are not supposed to talk to her. We will report only to the Director of the CBI and not even to you and much less to the private advocate for Union Minister Raja. We cannot be dictated to. We are under no official obligation to report to anybody about the progress of the probe.” Ignoring SGI’s illegal and immoral instructions, these officials then walked out of the meeting.”

“Immediately thereafter they brought SG’s open interference on behalf of Union Minister A. Raja to the notice of the CBI Director Ashwani Kumar. It has been reported that CBI Director told Union Law (less!)Minister Veerappa Moily: “We demand a new Counsel in the place of this SG. We do not want to entertain Gopal Subramaniam anymore”."

“After the controversial meeting on 28-10-2010, the SGI claimed “illness” in order to absent himself from the next hearing at the Supreme Court of India on October 29th 2010. Raja’s advocate had informed the Supreme Court of the SGI’s “illness”. Mercifully for the people of India, the CBI was represented by Additional Solicitor General Harin Raval on that day.”

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley has told a TV news channel: “It’s surprising how an advocate pleading for an accused is in connivance with the CBI. Both the investigating agency and the advocate are sitting together to try and bail out A Raja”.


Gopal Subramanian telling blatant lies to the Supreme Court of India while holding the post of Solicitor General.

I am also giving a few excerpts from another article which I wrote in the same month.

“Two years ago Dr Subramanian Swamy exposed the Himalayan corruption of DMK Party nominated Union Telecom Minister A. Raja in the 2G spectrum allocation scam by furnishing irrefutable documentary evidence to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and sought the latter’s permission under the ‘Manual of Rules of Union Government Business’ to prosecute Union Minister A. Raja.”

“The Prime Minister sat over this letter like an obdurate low level baboo and took no action on Dr Swamy’s letter for several months. Subsequently Dr Swamy sent several letters reminding the Prime Minister about the need for according sanction to prosecute Minister A. Raja. On each occasion Dr Swamy furnished newer and more and more unassailable documentary evidence to establish a prima facie case against the criminal misconduct of Minister A. Raja.”

“Only on two occasions, Dr Swamy received a letter from the Government during the last two years. After a lapse of more than one year, the Prime Minister sent a letter to Dr Swamy stating that the matter was being referred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The second letter sent to Dr Swamy was from Union Minister Raja and that too after several months of inordinate delay. The joke about this letter is that Union Minister Raja had stated that the Prime Minister had chosen to forward to him the original letter of Dr Swamy seeking Prime Minister’s permission to prosecute Union Minister Raja! How could the Prime Minister forward Dr Swamy’s original letter addressed to him to the accused Minister Raja? That is why I say that the lawless law of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi overrides the Law of the Constitution!”

“The Solicitor General of India Gopal Subramaniam --- nay the SABOTEUR GENERAL OF INDIA --- incorrectly informed the Supreme Court that the Prime Minister’s office had promptly sent reply letters to Dr Subramanian Swamy in respect of every letter received by them from him.”

“Dr Subramanian Swamy exposed the walkie-talkie fraud of Gopal Subramaniam when he told the open Court that Gopal Subramaniam was treating routine acknowledgement letters sent by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to him from time to time as documents of high state policy. Dr Subramanian Swamy had told the Court that these routine interim letters had not at all touched upon the substantive issue raised by him in his original letter to the Prime Minister.”

My comments today, 24th June 2014:

Gopal Subramanian abused his authority as Solicitor General of India to protect the criminal interest of the then Union Telecom Minister A. Raja. That is why I called him the Saboteur General of India.

Gopal Subramanian brazenly lied to the Supreme Court of India that the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had promptly sent replies to all the letters of Dr Subramanian Swamy on the 2G Spectrum Scam.

Gopal Subramanian demonstrably proved that he was incapable of resisting political pressures from the highest level in the UPA Government. Such a man will be a national disaster as a Supreme Court Judge.

Saturday, June 7, 2014




Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Please permit me to introduce myself. I belong to the 1965 Batch of the Indian Administrative service in the Tamil Nadu Cadre. My profile is available in my blog link

You might recall that you gave me an opportunity to meet you in your office in Ahmadabad in January 2009 when you graciously introduced me to all the members of your Cabinet. You were also kind enough to tell me that you had read many of my articles on our national affairs.

815 Million strong electorate has voted overwhelmingly in your favour and elevated you to the Highest Executive Position of the Office of the Prime Minister of India. As a great public servant, you were elected thrice with overwhelming majority as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In this capacity, you succeeded magnificently in transforming Gujarat State into the most developed and prosperous state in Bharatvarsha, apart from being it’s best administered state. God has now given you the splendid opportunity to apply your Moolamantra of ‘Maximum Governance through Minimum Government’ to the whole of Bharatvarsha.

The massive mandate given to the BJP in general and to you in particular has placed you in an exalted position of unassailable Political and Administrative Authority duly empowering you to give directions on a vast scale throughout our country --- from the Rann of Kutch in the West to Arunachal in the East, from Ladakh in the North to Kanyakumari in the South. I feel as if you are Walking with Destiny and that all your past life of struggle, unremitting toil and sacrifice has been but a preparation for this Hour and for this Trial. Your warnings to our countrymen during the last one year have been so numerous, so detailed and have been so terribly vindicated, that no one can now gainsay you. I have no doubt that you must now be having a profound sense of relief having been duly empowered by our people to liberate Bharatvarsha from the quagmire of UPA Government’s Himalayan corruption, malignancy of maladministration, runaway inflation, grave threats to our Internal and External Security and such other grievous afflictions. Our countrymen have thrown out our former Prime Minister on account of his Inefficiency, Ineffectiveness, nay, Listlessness. Dr Manmohan Singh became a willing prisoner of his Pathetic Paradox; Decided only to be undecided, resolved only to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity and all powerful on paper only to be impotent in practice.

During the last 12 days after your assumption of charge as the Prime Minister of India, you have already taken several bold decisions to honour not only the promises made in the BJP Election Manifesto but to also redeem the pledges you have made to the people of India during the hundreds of massive electoral rallies you addressed across the length and breadth of Bharatvarsha between September 2013 and May 2014.

Creation of a Special Investigation Tribunal (SIT) to track down Black Money, announcement of Plans to Clean Up the Holy River Ganga, to make that River navigable from Triveni to the Bay of Bengal, Interlinking of Rivers, stern measures to put down Maoist violence and such other long awaited Initiatives have already earned for you a boisterous and buoyant appreciation of our teeming millions. ALL THIS IS NOT THE END, NOT EVEN THE BEGINNING OF THE END, BUT ONLY THE END OF THE BEGINNING.

Millions and Millions of people in our country are waiting with bated breath the stern steps that you are anticipated to take to revive the Indian Economy, to give a Big Push to the Manufacturing Sector and Agricultural Sector, to put down all-pervasive Corruption at all levels of Governance, to tackle the problem of Massive Unemployment, to finally to bring down the prices of all the essential commodities, to give a sense of security to our women and to give a sense of purpose and direction to our youth.

One of the great saints of Vedic India said it for all time when he gave this Message: “IF ANY MAN SEEKS FOR GREATNESS, LET HIM FORGET GREATNESS AND ASK FOR TRUTH AND HE WILL FIND BOTH.” Through your life and example, you have given cubic content to these words of Vedic Wisdom. The common people look up to you mainly because you are a fearless champion of stern grim and scorching truth. I have no doubt whatsoever that even the ever-shifting and dangerous exigencies of politics will never persuade you to make compromises on your duly declared and Cherished National Goals.

There are times, perhaps once in sixty years when there is a sea-change in politics. It then does not matter, what you say or what you do. There is a tectonic shift in what the public wants and what it approves of. I am convinced that such a sea-change has been brought about by the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls and all of it has been for the Nationalistic and people-centered Agenda of their beloved leader Narendra Modi.


With warm regards and profound respects,

Yours Sincerely


Monday, May 19, 2014


with an Iron Hand

Paramount Need

of the Hour

by V. SUNDARAM I.A.S (retd.) 

Voters among the 1250 Million Indians have voted en masse expect Shri Narendra Modi to take up Bharatvarsha’s Governance with an Iron Hand and Nothing Else without any delay whatsoever. The old bandicoots in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who cramped and stifled the free functioning of Atal Behari Vajpayee Government between 1999 and 2004 are again trying their best to get into the bandwagon of Shri Narendra Modi so as to reduce him to the failed Brand of Atal Behari Vajpayee. If these Sonia-Loyal Traitors --- who are in the Monthly Payroll of Sonia Gandhi, to be precise --- again succeed in their Sordid and Treasonable Mission, then Sonia Gandhi and her Family in India and Abroad would have succeeded in their treacherous Mission of having a ‘MODI-fied’ Sonia Congress Government once again in New Delhi, despite the Massive Mandate that Shri Narendra Modi has received from the Indian Electorate for STRONG AND STABLE GOVERNANCE.

Who are these Traitors within the BJP? In this context, I would like to refer to my own Article which I had written on this Subject on 13th September 2013. I had written this article a few days before the BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh declared Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. I am quoting an Excerpt from this Article:

“L.K Advani has today become a traitor to the cause of Sanatana Dharma and Hindutva. Some years ago he went to Pakistan and hailed Mhd. Ali Jinnah as a secular leader. At that time I wrote an article in News Today condemning him as the tallest leader in Bharatiya Jinnah Party (BJP) and not Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His perverted pettiness, searing small-mindedness and vicious personal jealousy of Shri Narendra Modiji have blinded his vision. He is being ably supported by Smt Sushma Swaraj who had ably lost the Delhi State Assembly Elections in 1998 and handed over the State Government to the Sonia Congress Party in whose hands it has remained ever since. Another able supporter of L.K Advani is Ananth Kumar who is famous for ably hounding out Shri B.S Yeddiyurappa out of the BJP and handed over the Karnataka, the only BJP stronghold in the South, to the Sonia Congress Party.”

“I have no doubt whatsoever that this TREACHEROUS TRIO (Advani, Ananth, Sushma) has been working round the clock as the agents of the Italian Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi for the last 9 years contributing to the defeat of the BJP in the 2004 and the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections.”

In the Epic Mahabharata, Dharmaputra and the Pandavas were misled and deceived by Shakuni. THE SHAKUNI OF BJP TODAY IS ARUN JAITLEY. If he gets into the Government, he will work round the clock for Sonia Gandhi! Let us honour and respect the wishes of the people of the Holy city of Amritsar in the Punjab who have defeated him in the recently concluded Lok Sabha Elections. I have written time and again in the last 4 years that the heart of Arun Jaitley beats only for the Italian Branch of the Nehru-Gandhi Family.

Sonia and her family are the chief beneficiaries of the plunder of US $1,500 billion, equivalent to Rs 90 Lakh Crore. Those not committed to repatriating black money stashed abroad must be viewed as anti-national and compromising the Public Mandate given to Shri Narendra Modi to govern Bharatvarsha with an iron hand in order to ensure MINIMUM GOVERNMENT AND CORRUPTION-FREE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH MAXIMUM GOVERNANCE.

I fully endorse the view of Prof. Madhav Nalapat who has stated with rare Commitment, Conviction, Clarity, Detachment and Vision that the foremost need of Bharatvarsha today is AN UNDILUTED MODI TEAM. I offer my Salutations to this most beloved Son of Bharat Mata. In this Context, his apt cum acerbic words are Worth-Quoting:

“Over the decades, a cosy camaraderie has developed between the leaders of parties ostensibly opposed to each other, with the result that accountability for the numerous criminal acts of successive governments has been thrown out of the window. THIS COSY CULTURE NEEDS TO GET REPLACED WITH A MODI-LED TEAM OF MINISTERS AND OFFICIALS WHO ARE DIFFERENT FROM THAT SEEN DURING 1998-2004. IN ORDER TO HAVE A REALISTIC CHANCE OF GETTING RID OF THE DEBRIS CREATED BY FLAWED POLICY AND PERSONNEL, THE INCOMING PRIME MINISTER NEEDS TO HAVE AROUND HIM INDIVIDUALS OF COMPETENCE AND INTEGRITY. IT IS THESE QUALITIES WHICH OUGHT TO GUIDE THE CHOICE OF X OR Y, NOT ARCHAIC CONCEPTS SUCH AS "SENIORITY". Indeed, the term has become shorthand for trying to put in place another Vajpayee government, the only difference being that Narendra Modi replaces Vajpayee at the top. Such a Government would soon falter, despite the best efforts of Modi, and create a climate whereby the way would be clear for a clutch of regional parties (supported by the Congress Party) to take charge of the country after the 2019 polls. The promise of change represented by Narendra Modi ought not to get subverted by adherence to "seniority" or to prior service, which in most instances would have been of a Mediocre Quality, else the BJP would not have crashed to defeat in 2004.”

“Shri Narendra Modi needs to have around him individuals with Competence and Integrity, and not qualities or archaic concepts such as ‘SENIORITY’ or “Prior Service”.”

On any day I would debunk the Concept of SENIORITY. In my view, this so-called Virtue is only a Biological Accident and nothing else. To be more precise, if not exactly Mathematical, it is a true assessment of your Father’s Performance and not Your Own Performance!

Shri Narendra Modi has so many priorities to attend to — Reducing Prices, Creating Jobs, Revving up the Economy, Dealing Effectively with Intractable and Complicated Issues of National Security and Defence Preparedness and also finding ways of Unearthing the Deep Roots of Corruption.

All the Black Money stashed away abroad by Sonia Gandhi and her Family and many other Politicians like P. Chidambaram, Karunanidhi, Lallu Prasad Yadav, etc, etc, have to be brought back to India.

In order to achieve all this, we must first have a very bold, absolutely fearless, absolutely honest, supremely dynamic man as the Union Finance Minister. He must also be firmly rooted in the cultural heritage of Bharatvarsha going back to the dawn of Human History. IN MY VIEW, THE ONLY MAN WHO ANSWERS THIS DESCRIPTION IS DR SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY. During the last 5 years, he has launched a Himalayan War against the Massive and All Pervasive Corruption of the UPA II Government --- the 2G Spectrum Scam, the Commonwealth Games Scam, the Coalgate Scam, the AgustaWestland Helicopter Scam, the Adarsh Housing Scam and a host of other Sonia-instigated, Sonia-directed and Sonia-benefitting Scams.

Dr Subramanian Swamy is a Hero among the educated youths of India. If Shri Narendra Modi makes him the Union Finance Minister, then it will send very positive signals in the whole of India and abroad that the new Government is not going to be wobbly or flabby in dealing with the highly complex, complicated and sometimes seemingly intractable problems of Economic Growth, Development and Finance.

Dr Subramanian Swamy is a Hero among the educated youths of India. If Shri Narendra Modi makes him the Union Finance Minister, then it will send very positive signals in the whole of India and abroad that the new Government is not going to be wobbly or flabby in dealing with the highly complex, complicated and sometimes seemingly intractable problems of Economic Growth, Development and Finance.

A HIGHLY DECORATED VETERAN ARMY GENERAL SHOULD BE MADE THE UNION DEFENCE MINISTER TO RAISE THE MORALE OF THE ARMED FORCES OF INDIA. The Prime Minister must also be assisted by a STRATEGIC CORE GROUP of Veterans for expert advice on all matters pertaining to Defence and National Security.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Shri Narendra Modi has been blessed by all the Gods and Goddesses with the rare intuition of knowing everything about everything and therefore will be able to protect himself and the soul of Bharatmata against the vicious machinations of traitors within the Bjp who would love to see that he fails in delivering the promises he has made to the Indian electorate.

Perhaps the English Poet John Milton (1608-1674) --- the One and Only Peer of Shakespeare --- had Titanic Men like Shri Narendra Modi in view when he wrote the following lines of Immortal Poetry:

“………… Unmoved
Unshaken, Unseduced, Unterrified,
His Loyalty he kept, his Love, his Zeal.
Nor Number nor Example With Him Wrought
To Swerve From TRUTH or change his

It is my considered view that 16 May 2014 will go down in Indian History as a Day of Deliverance --- the Birth of the SECOND REPUBLIC OF INDIA --- free from the shackles of the corrupt, communal, colonial and criminal UPA Government headed by the Italian branch of the Nehru-Gandhi family., which has bled our country white by several thousands of crores during the last decade.





by V. SUNDARAM I.A.S (retd.) 

I saw Sonia Gandhi addressing a Press Conference in her official capacity as Chairman of the UPA Coordination Committee in the Rank of a Union Cabinet Minister for the last time on 16th May 2014 at 12 noon. She told the Press that she took the ultimate responsibility for the Congress debacle in the recently concluded Lok Sabha Polls. Almost an hour earlier to her Press Conference, I saw the Assam Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi announcing his decision to resign from the post of Chief Minister of Assam on moral grounds. When Sonia Gandhi started addressing the Press yesterday, I felt that she would not follow suit in the same manner as Shri Tarun Gogoi. She wouldn’t feel morally constrained to resign from the Post of President of Sonia Congress Party – a Post which she physically usurped from the hands of Shri Sitaram Kesari who was the Congress President in 1998. When Shri Sitaram Kesari went into the toilet, the supporters of Sonia Gandhi locked him up in the toilet and then the lurid drama of Sonia Gandhi was enacted in true Italian Mafia style. Italian Mafia treats all genuine issues of morality with indivisible contempt. I am not therefore surprised that Sonia Gandhi has not resigned from the Post of President of Congress Party on moral grounds!

Now it can be asked why there is no senior leader within the Congress Party who is asking for the resignation of Sonia Gandhi from the Post of Congress President? The answer is simple. Sonia Congress Party is a highly secretive body, the only share holders being Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Apart from these three, all the top Congress leaders of the Sonia Congress Party are paid employees of this Private Limited Company! Though this Family Business has suffered a shattering business reverse during the recent Lok sabha Polls 2014, yet the employees are in full knowledge of the fact this Private Limited Company can continue to suffer continuous losses even for the next 1000 years or till the life time of Sonia Gandhi, whichever is earlier. Gain or loss, the Senior Minions of Sonia Gandhi will continue to get their phenomenal informal salaries and perquisites from the Massive Loot of Public Funds Stashed Away by Sonia Gandhi and her Family in Swiss Banks.

In all my articles, I have been calling Sonia Gandhi as Firangi Memsahib, an Islam-Embracing, Christianity-Coveting, and Hindu-Hating Woman Catholic Imposter from Italy owing her allegiance to the Pope in Rome and not to the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. Sonia Gandhi has already lost the grandiloquent Post of Chairman of the National Advisory Council (NAC) – a Supra Constitutional Body filled only with Hindu-Baiting Communist/Christian/Islamic Sonia Chamchas when the NAC was wound up by the outgoing Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on 8th May 2014k. Dr Manmohan Singh is expected to resign in the afternoon today (17-May 2014). After that formality is over, Sonia Gandhi will automatically lose her World-Shaking Post of Chairman UPA Co-ordination Committee together with the Union Cabinet Minister’s Status, which the Mussolini-type Dictator from Italy conferred upon herself after the ever-nervous, ever-obliging, ever-bowing, ever-silent and never-sincere Dr Manmohan Singh.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh (UP) under the dynamic leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, very ably assisted by his Lieutenant Shri Amit Shah, has won 73 out of the 80 Lok Sabha Seats in UP. The Samajwadi Party (SP) led by Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav has won 5 seats. Only 2 Seats have gone to the Sonia Congress Party in UP. These 2 Seats are the Pocket Boroughs of the Gandhi-Nehru Family. One can see that Sonia Gandhi and her family are interested only in Sonia and Rahul in UP and no one else. The only political objective in UP was to ensure their success without any let or hindrance and this has been achieved 100 percent.

Sonia Gandhi had the temerity to denounce Shri narendra Modi during the 2007 State Assembly Elections in Gujarat as “Mauth Ka Saudagar” (Merchant of Death). During the Campaign for the Lok Sabha Polls 2014, Sonia Gandhi referring to Shri Narendra Modi and BJP as “Zeher Ki Khethi” (Farm Field of Poison). For showing such colossal political maturity, the astute people of UP have taught a lesson to the Sonia Congress Party in UP, in general and the Mother-Son duo in particular.

Now, Sonia and Rahul can shift their headquarters to Lucknow in UP to enable them to work round the clock on 24/7 basis for the next 5 years to ensure that the comatose Sonia Congress Party which came down from a 3 digit tally to a 2 digit tally in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections further comes down to a single digit tally in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections!

Manuben (Mridula Gandhi), Mahatma Gandhi’s Personal Attendant, wrote in her diary on 29th January 1948 what Mahatma Gandhi told her: “Though split into two, India having attained political independence through means devised by the Indian National Congress, the Congress in its present shape and form, i.e., as a propaganda vehicle and parliamentary machine had outlived its use.” The Congress Party, which became venal after tasting political power, was no longer being able to work on self-abnegating Gandhian lines. Mahatma Gandhi, therefore, wanted the Congress Party dissolved, despite it “being the oldest National Political Organization and which after many battles fought her non-violent way to freedom”. Jawaharlal Nehru despite being outwardly respectful to Mahatma Gandhi defied the latter and continued to use the Congress Party to further his political aims. But mercifully Nehru’s daughter’s daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi has taken upon herself the historic task of implementing Mahatma Gandhi’s desire to bring about the dissolution of the Congress Party!