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Friday, September 24, 2010




              THE CWG LOGO                                     THE CWG MASCOT

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) in New Delhi have become an international joke today. Everyone in the UPA II Sonia Congress Government of India---Chairman of the UPA II Coordination Committee Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Union Sports Minister Shri M.S. Gill, Chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee and President of the Indian Olympic Association Suresh Kalmadi, Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs Shiela Dikshit, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Shri Tejendra Khanna, Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee Secretary General Lalit Bhanot and others directly responsible for the smooth and efficient conduct of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) --- all seem to have conspired together to lapse into a state of helpless silence most of the time.

But sometimes when these worthies are put under the constraint of having to talk to the media, then the people of India get to understand that the spineless members of the Organising Committee - Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (The OC CWG Delhi 2010) have a thousand several tongues.  Every tongue brings in a new several tale every day!  I have adapted the words of Shakespeare from Richard III, V, 3 to talk about several tongues of people like M.S. Gill, Jaipal Reddy, Sheela Dixit, Suresh Kalmadi, Tejendra Khanna and others ‘only indirectly’ connected with CWG and ’directly’ and ‘more soulfully’ connected with the Congresswealth Games (ConWG) of Firangi Memsahib and her Family!! Upon these irresponsible men and women (which definitely includes Sonia Gandhi and her Crown Prince to boot!), Shakespeare (1564-1616) gave his lethal and immortal verdict:

My conscience hath a thousand several
  And every tongue brings in a several
  And every tale condemns me for a

Everything about CWG is in a state of utter chaos and disarray today. Only two things about CWG seem to be ready today---a very expensive (costing Rs.50 crores) hot air balloon designed in the likeness of Shera, the mascot of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 and A.R. Rehman’s Theme Song!
 Coming after the Super Spectrum Fraud of 'Dalit' Raja, the common people of India are able to smell the foul stink of the Mega Corruption of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) today! I understand that the malodorous air of Congresswealth Games (ConWG) has been inhaled and exhaled in several commercial centres in England and Italy!

Dr.Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party and former Union Minister for Law and Commerce---the heroic Vir Hanuman who taught a salutary lesson to the despicable and corrupt dictator Indira Gandhi in the dark days of her draconian Emergency from 1975 to 1977—issued the following Press Statement at Chennai on 11-8-2010 on the HIMALAYAN CORRUPTION of Rahul Gandhi.

The pseudo secular mafia of mass media in India — both print and electronic — have completely blacked out the above statement of Dr.Subramanian Swamy from public view. There is total gagging of the Press and gagging of the news by the Press organized in a surreptitious manner by the Congress Party in India.

The Firangi Memsahib (The Chairman of the UPA II Co-ordination Committee) and defacto Prime Minister of India and Dr Manmohan Singh, the dejure Prime Minister of India have worked overnight during the last 4 years to see that the CONGRESSWEALTH GAMES (ConWG) have magnificently triumphed and the COMMONWEALTH GAMES (CWG) have perished under the crushing burden of the ConWG mega-corruption. Many newspapers have already come out with headlines like COMMONWEALTH SHAMES.

I would like to say that in the existing disgusting dispensation, the autocratic Firangi Memsahib has unlimited power without any responsibility. Our impotent Prime Minister has unlimited responsibility without any power. His only informally defined public duty is to guard and keep the seat of the Prime Minister warm and safe for the smooth take over by the Crown Prince of the Dynasty.

What Sir Winston Churchill had to say about the impotent British Prime Minister Sir Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) on the eve of World War II is equally applicable to our no-less impotent Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Sir Winston Churchill said: “So Mr Prime Minister, you go on in a strange paradox: decided only to be undecided, resolved only to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity and all powerful only to be impotent”.

Here is my poem on our Prime Minister:

The Man of TRIPLE ZERO Action

I do nothing

I know nothing

I do not know
that I do nothing

I do not want to know
that I know nothing and do nothing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to know
that I want to do nothing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I do not want to know
that I do not want to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I want to do everything
not to have to know
that I do not want to do
what I am not doing

I want to know everything
that I have to know
and have to do
to that end
So how can anyone in NDA or anyone else say
that I do not want to know or do anything?

Is not Dr Manmohan Singh more eminently qualified to be called the Neville Chamberlain of India?

I wrote the above lines yesterday (24-9-2010).

Today, Friday, 25 September 2010, I have discovered a brilliant quotation of Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), the greatest Prime Minister in world history. His quotation is very relevant to our non-performing, see nothing and do nothing corrupt Prime Minister. He is not only silently corrupt, creepingly corrupt, crawlingly corrupt, smilingly corrupt, suavely corrupt, but also a callous and cruel supporter of Himalayan corruption of his irresponsible Union Cabinet Ministers like Spectrum Fraud ‘Dalit’ Raja. ‘Dalit’ Raja already stands indicted by the Vigilance Commission, CBI, Controller and Auditor General of India and above all the common people of India. And yet the Firangi Memsahib, our shameless Prime Minister and even more dishonourable Sonia Congress Party are proclaiming loudly that there is nothing wrong about Spectrum Fraud ‘Dalit’ Raja.

Amidst this encircling gloom created in a planned manner through criminalization of politics by the UPA II Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi, I braced myself with the following timeless quotation of Sir Winston Churchill:

“The position of the Prime Minister is unique. If he trips he must be sustained; if he makes mistakes they must be covered; if he sleeps he must not be wantonly disturbed; if he is no good he must be pole-axed”.

Our wicked and corrupt Prime Minister, without any sense of honour, duty and nation, deserves to be pole-axed mercilessly by the common people of India through the democratic process. This can only be achieved through what I call the Volcanic and Revolutionary Eruption of the self-driven and self-chosen Dictatorship of the People. The Paramount National Need of India today is nothing but Authoritarian Dictatorship of the People, Authoritarian Dictatorship By the People and Authoritarian Dictatorship For the People. When that happens, more than half the top men and women in the UPA II Government (including the Firangi Memsahib and her corrupt alien Family) will flee from New Delhi abandoning the Government as a collapsing house on fire, to the People of India. That day is not very distant! On that day, the revolutionary flame and the fury of the pent up natural feelings, emotions and sentiments of the common millions of India --- with their hopelessly impotent lives marked by never ceasing blood, toil, tears and sweat; distress, despair and depression --- would have triumphed in a truly historic and magnificent manner over the soulless politics of anti-national mercenaries and criminals in the Sonia Congress Government in New Delhi.

I saw the following jocular news item on the internet today (26-9-2010). Kalmadi failed in his attempt to commit suicide in New Delhi today!! Please read the news item below.

Kalmadi Attempts Suicide

Sudhanva Deshpande, Newsclick, September 25 2010

Head of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) Suresh Kalmadi (56) attempted suicide by hanging in a toilet in the Games Village today. However, the ceiling collapsed, taking with it a part of the wall. The incident happened at 1.23 p.m.

The suicide attempt came to light when an unnamed Games official, who was answering the call of nature on the other side of the wall, unexpectedly found himself spraying the inside of a toilet rather than the outside.

Mr Kalmadi, it is reported, suffered minor injuries and was discharged after first aid.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit dismissed the matter as a 'minor glitch' and said that it would have no effect on the success of the Games. She pointed out that while the said toilet was inside the Games village, it was not meant for athletes. The Urban Development Minister, Mr Jaipal Reddy, refused to react to media reports, saying only that such incidents are 'part and parcel' of any big sporting event. The Sports Minister, MS Gill, refused to take responsibility, saying that the PWD department was in charge of the construction of the Games village. The playing stadia are in perfect shape, he said, and invited Kalmadi to do a stress analysis test on any ceiling therein.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, MP, a long-time critic of the Games, held the rain gods responsible for the collapse of the ceiling. However, he clarified to Barkha Dutt on NDTV, he had not prayed to the said god. If he had, he added jocularly, the ceiling would not have collapsed.

Commonwealth Games Federation chief Michael Fennell said this would not have happened if his warnings of nine months ago had been heeded. 'India had committed to delivering world-class games, so how can I be responsible?' he asked. When asked if delivering world-class games included non-collapsing ceilings, he said, 'absolutely'. When asked if he held Mr Kalmadi responsible for the collapse, he refused to comment.

A foreign official, on condition of anonymity, wondered in a lighter vein why Kalmadi sought to hang himself in a toilet. 'They're filthy', he said. Mr Kalmadi's close aide and spokesperson for the OC, Lalit Bhanot, refused to react to 'speculative' comments, saying only that 'their standards of hygiene are different from ours'. He also reiterated that these Games would be better than the Beijing Olympics.

The Cabinet Secretary, KM Chandrasekhar, said that it is everybody's national duty to see that ceilings do not collapse. 'We must all work together to see that India is not put to embarrassment.' He said that a number of steps had been taken to improve the condition and that authorities are 'on top of the situation'. Principal Secretary to the PM, TKA Nair, who is also part of the high-powered committee mandated to oversee the smooth functioning of the Games, said that the government will take action and the contractor responsible for the weak ceiling, if traced, will not go unpunished.

Congress Party Spokesperson Manish Tiwari refused to comment, saying that Mr KALMADI WAS THERE IN HIS PERSONAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A CONGRESS MP. He pointed out that the Prime Minister had convened a high-powered meeting to ensure that all ceilings could withstand their designated load. Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj said that this is a matter of national shame. She reminded journalists that no ceiling collapsed under the NDA regime. Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi congratulated Kalmadi on his narrow escape and wished for his speedy recovery.

Mr Kalmadi was unavailable for comments.

Unconfirmed media reports have it that Mr Kalmadi has submitted a dry cleaning bill to get his somewhat wet and stained white kurta-pyjama spotless clean and dry in time for the opening. While the amount is a subject of media speculation, it is rumoured that the bill runs into six figures.

My Comment on the above jocular news item

Similar jokes are called for on the internet in the larger National Interest on the Sphinx like Firangi Memsahib, her Crown Prince and our impeccable and immovable Prime Minister. I am only referring to the Internet because the Anti-Hindu pseudo-secular Mafia of Mass Media in India—both print and electronic----would never like to bring out the truth about these shameless worthies. If at all they refer to these worthies, they would love to say that the Firangi Memsahib deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace; the Crown Prince a Nobel Prize for non-saffron green Public Relations; and the Prime Minister a Nobel Prize for non-saffron green Development Economics.

The aerostat, or helium balloon, touted to be the star attraction at the opening ceremony of the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games was unveiled amidst heavy rain at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 8-9-2010 (Wednesday). This aerostat, worth Rs.40 crore, is 80m by 40m and 12m high. It was raised to a level of 10m above the base on 8-9-2010 and is expected to be raised to its maximum height of 30m in the next few days.

The working motto of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) on paper, nay Congress Wealth Games (ConWG) in actual practice, seems to be: “Nothing succeeds like excess, excess of bribery and corruption, excess of aimless, directionless and purposeless expenditure, excess of vain pomp and show down the line from the top to the bottom”. The total expenditure has already crossed Rs.30,000 Crores. This will be the costliest Commonwealth Games ever. According to Dr.Subramanian Swamy, more than 15,000 Crores would constitute bribes and commissions!

The government is planning to spend Rs 150 crore on a gala opening and closing ceremony which includes Rs 5 crore being paid to Oscar winner A R Rahman for the theme music. But what is most shocking is that out of this budget of Rs.150 Crore, a whopping amount of Rs 40 crore will be spent to lease a helium blimp --- a big balloon the gas for which apparently will be imported from Russia.

An Italian company K-Events has reportedly been given the contract for managing the blimp. The company's website claims it specialises in hosting global events including the opening ceremony for the Turin Olympics in 2006. With Sonia Gandhi as Chairman of UPA Coordination Committee, the companies from Italy are having a field day. Quattrochi or no Quattrochi, Italy is the most favoured nation on earth in so far as the Government of India is concerned for the award of all major commercial contracts. We drove out the British from India on 15th August 1947 only to let in the Italians into our country 60 years later. Tragically for India, Indians and Bharat Mata, India has moved from the days of Mahatma Gandhi to the dark and hellish days of Sonia Gandhi.

What is even more disgusting than the Helium filled balloon purchased at a cost of 40 crores is the fact that the Islam promoting and Christianity kissing and Hinduism destroying UPA II Government of India is trying to impart a religious colour to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) on 3rd of October 2010 and 14th of October 2010 respectively. It is shocking to hear the news that the Group of Ministers has decided to commence the Games with an Azhan, the call of the Islamic faithfuls for namaz as the background score for these two ceremonies of the CWG and not the vedic mantras, national anthem or the national song. If this is true, then it becomes clear that these Ministers are working for the restoration of Mughal Rule in India in order to complete the process of religious partition of India inaugurated by Jihadi Mohammed Ali Jinnah on August 15 1947.

The only political option open to the besieged Hindus of India is to throw out the Sonia Congress party from power in New Delhi.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The hardened anti-Hindu pseudo-secular raucous cabal in the sordid world of Indian mass media — both print and electronic — have an underground arrangement if not agreement with the Sonia Congress Party, the traitorous communist parties and all the other caste-based pseudo-secular parties to deliberately suppress and blackout all the solidly available documentary evidence — literary, epigraphic, archaeological — to uphold the fact that the first Mughal invader Babar built his Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in 1528 after demolishing the ancient Rama Temple at Ayodhya.

Dr N.S Rajaram

In a recent article titled ‘Evidence at Ayodhya’ Dr N.S RAJARAM has given a deathblow to all the anti-Hindu pseudo-secularists and more particularly the fraudulent antinational ‘Eminent Historians’ from Maulana Jawaharlal Nehru University and Aligarh Jihadi Muslim University by furnishing detailed evidence relating to the fact that A HINDU TEMPLE EXISTED AT AYODHYA TILL 1528 when Babar demolished that Temple and constructed his Babri Masjid, using the columns and panels from the rubble of the demolished Hindu Temple.

Let us hear the words of Dr N.S Rajaram in this context: “For all the sound and fury in the media about Ayodhya, the historical question is surprisingly simple: Was there or was there not a Hindu temple at the spot known as Ram Janmabhumi that was destroyed to build a mosque? The answer is also equally simple — ‘yes’. There are two parts to the question: (1) was there a Hindu temple, and (2) was it destroyed and a mosque known as Babri Masjid built in its place. Again the answer is — ‘yes’ to both questions. It is as simple as that. We should not allow ourselves to be diverted by the dispute whether Lord Ram was born at Ayodhya. It can neither be proved not disproved on the basis of existing evidence, just as we can neither prove nor disprove that Jesus was born in Bethlehem or Mohammed was born in Mecca. The point of this essay is the destruction of Ram Temple to build a mosque in Babar’s time.”

Essentially, there are two sources for objectively (not politically or pseudo-secularly!) studying history: literary sources and the archaeological records. Following the demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992, a great deal of archeological and historical information has come to public view. Based on Dr N.S Rajaram’s analysis and review, I am presenting below a summary of the latest evidence — literary as well as archaeological.

The latest (fifteenth) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, in its article on Ayodhya tells us: “Rama’s birthplace is marked by a mosque, erected by the Moghul emperor Babur in 1528 on the site of an earlier temple.” I am mentioning this first because the pseudo-secularists and the Marxist Historians cannot allege that the Encyclopedia Britannica has been brought out by the ‘Communal’ Sangh parivar!

This is only one of hundreds of references to the destruction of Hindu Temple at Ayodhya available in several languages. The most comprehensive discussion of the primary material available is probably the book The Ayodhya Temple Mosque Dispute: Focus on the Muslim Sources by Harsh Narain. He cites more than a hundred and thirty references in English, French, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Dr N.S Rajaram has identified several not found in his work.

When we survey the vast literature referred to by Harsh Narain, it is shockingly painful to note that till the anti-Hindu politicians of India (and the spurious scholars in their bonded labour!) raised a controversy about the existence of a prior Hindu Temple at the site where Babri masjid was constructed, there was absolutely no dispute among genuine scholars on this point and NO AUTHOR — Hindu, Muslim, European or British official — had questioned that a temple existed on the spot, which had been destroyed to erect the mosque.

Let us begin with a couple of references from European writers provided by HARSH NARAIN. These are from published sources that are widely available.

1. A. F├╝hrer in his The Monumental Antiquities and Inscriptions in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh, Archaeological Survey of India Report, 1891, pp 296-297 records: ‘Mir Khan built a masjid in A.H. 930 during the reign of Babar, which still bears his name. This old temple must have been a fine one, for many of its columns have been utilized by the Musalmans in the construction of Babar’s Masjid.’

2. H.R. Neville in the Barabanki District Gazetteer, Lucknow, 1905, pp 168-169, writes that the Janmasthan temple ‘was destroyed by Babar and replaced by a mosque.’

Neville, in his Fyzabad District Gazetteer, Lucknow, 1905, pp 172-177 further tells us; ‘The Janmasthan was in Ramkot and marked the birthplace of Rama. In 1528 A.D. Babar came to Ayodhya and halted here for a week. He destroyed the ancient temple and on its site built a mosque, still known as Babar’s mosque. The materials of the old structure [i.e., the temple] were largely employed, and many of the columns were in good preservation.’

Now let me refer to the non-European (Muslim, therefore anti-Kaffir and ‘Secular’) sources cited by HARSH NARAIN:

A. In 1855, Amir Ali Amethawi led a Jihad (Islamic religious war) for the recapture of Hanuman Garhi, situated a few hundred yards from the Babri Masjid which at that time was in the possession of Hindus. This Jihad took place during the reign of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. It ended in failure. A Muslim writer, one Mirza Jan, was a participant in that failed Jihad. His book Hadiqah-i-Shuhada was published in 1856, i.e. the year following the attempted Jihad. Miza Jan tells us: “…wherever they found magnificent temples of the Hindus ever since the establishment of Sayyid Salar Mas’ud Ghazi’s rule, the Muslim rulers in India built mosques, monasteries, and inns, appointed mu’azzins, teachers and store-stewards, spread Islam vigorously, and vanquished the Kafirs. Likewise they cleared up Faizabad and Avadh, too from the filth of reprobation (infidelity), because it was a great centre of worship and capital of Rama’s father. Where there stood a great temple (of Ramajanmasthan), there they built a big mosque, … Hence what a lofty mosque was built there by King Babar in 923 A.H. (1528 A.D.), under the patronage of Musa Ashiqqan! (Harsh Narain: p 105)”

B. In fact, as late as 1923, the book Asrar-i-Haqiqat written by the Hindu scholar Lachmi Narain Qunango assisted by Maulvi Hashmi confirms all of the above details.

C. This brings us to a Persian text known as Sahifah-i-Chihal Nasa’ih Bahadurshahi written in 1707 by a granddaughter of the Moghul emperor Aurangazeb, and noted by Mirza Jan in his Urdu work Hadiqah-i Shuhada previously cited. Mirza Jan quotes several lines from it which tell us: “… to keep in constant use for Friday and congregational prayer the mosques built up after demolishing the temples of the idolatrous Hindus situated at Mathura, Banaras and Avadh …” (Harsh Narain: pp 23-24; emphasis added.)”

Epigraphical Evidence at the site itself:

Then there is the evidence of the three inscriptions at the site of the mosque itself, at least two of which mention its construction by Mir Baqi (or Mir Khan) on the orders of Babar. Babar’s Memoir mentions Mir Baqi as his Governor of Ayodhya. Some parts of the inscription were damaged during a riot in 1934, but later pieced together with minor loss. In any event, it was well known long before that, recorded for instance in Mrs. Beveridge’s translation of Babur-Nama published in 1926.

Archaeological Evidence at the site itself:

Apart from the formidable and overwhelming evidence cited above, we also have the archaeological evidence that is even stronger. THE FIRST POINT TO NOTE IS THAT AYODHYA LIES IN A REGION THAT IS GENEROUSLY WATERED, AND HAS THEREFORE BEEN DENSELY POPULATED SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. As a result, archaeological work at Ayodhya is more difficult, and has not been on the same scale as at Harappan sites lying a thousand miles to the west. Here is what a leading archaeologist, Dr. S.P. Gupta (former director of the Allahabad Museum), has to say about recent excavations at Ayodhya.

Discoveries at the site: The Temple City of Ayodhya

Dr. S.P. Gupta has stated: “From 1975 through 1980, the Archaeological Survey of India under the Directorship of Professor B.B. Lal, a former Director General of the Survey, undertook an extensive programme of excavation at Ayodhya, including the very mound of the Ramajanmabhumi on which the so-called “Janmasthan Masjid” or Babri Mosque once stood and was later demolished on 6th December 1992. At Ayodhya, Professor Lal took as many as 14 trenches at different places to ascertain the antiquity of the site. It was then found that the history of the township was at least three thousand years old, if not more… When seen in the light of 20 black stone pillars, 16 of which were found re-used and standing in position as corner stones of piers for the disputed domed structure of the ‘mosque’, Dr B.B. Lal felt that the pillar bases may have belonged to a Hindu temple built on archaeological levels formed prior to 13th century AD… On further stratigraphic and other evidence, Dr B.B Lal concluded that the pillar bases must have belonged to a Hindu temple that stood between 12th and the 16th centuries. “He also found a door-jamb carved with Hindu icons and decorative motifs of yakshas, yakshis, kirtimukhas, purnaghattas, double lotus flowers etc.”

Here I am in agreement with the expert opinion of Dr N.S Rajaram that Dr B.B Lal was able to find evidence for possibly two temples, one that existed before the 13th century, and another between the 13th and the 16th centuries. This corresponds very well indeed with history and tradition. We know that this area was ravaged by Muslim invaders following Muhammad of Ghor’s defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain in 1192 AD. This was apparently rebuilt and remained in use until destroyed again in the 16th century by Babar.


Temple Ruins found at
the demolished site
of Babri Structure.

Less than 6 months before the demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 (which of course no one knew at that time, was going to take place) an excavation of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) consisting of S P Gupta, Y.D. Sharma, K M Srivastava and other senior archaeologists conducted archaeological excavations from July 1992. What made them resume the excavations was the discovery of the fact that forty odd Hindu artifacts that had been discovered in an adjacent pit had earlier been completely missed by Dr B B Lal.

These finds relating to Hindu artifacts had been widely reported in the newspapers. S.P Gupta, a former Director of the Allahabad Museum and an expert on medieval artifacts had a special interest in examining the finds. He tells us: ‘The team found that the objects were datable to the period ranging from the 10th through the 12th century AD, ie, the period of the late Pratiharas and early Gahadvals. … These objects included a number of amakalas, i.e., the cogged-wheel type architectural element which crown the bhumi shikharas or spires of subsidiary shrines, as well as the top of the spire or the main shikhara … This is a characteristic feature of all north Indian temples of the early medieval period and no one can miss it — it is there in the Orissa temples such as Konarak, in the temples of Madhya Pradesh such as Khajuraho and in the temples of Rajasthan such as Osian.’

S P Gupta went on to say: ‘There was other evidence — of cornices, pillar capitals, mouldings, door jambs with floral patterns and others — leaving little doubt regarding the existence of a 10th – 12th century temple complex at the site of Ayodhya. So Dr B.B Lal had been right in believing there was an earlier temple — prior to the one destroyed by Babar. More discoveries were made following the demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992.’

So archaeology also leaves us in no doubt about the existence of the prior Hindu Temple. Then came the spontaneous Hindu Uprising of December 6, 1992, which resulted in the demolition not only of the Babri Masjid, a standing symbol of Hindu humiliation, but also the whole case of the anti-Hindu Congress pseudo-secularists and their, bullying traitorous communist allies. THE DEMOLITION OF BABRI MASJID ALSO REVEALED A MAJOR INSCRIPTION THAT SETTLED THE QUESTION OF PRIOR EXISTENCE OF HINDU TEMPLE AT THE DISPUTED SITE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The demolition of Babri Masjid radically changed the picture, providing further support to the traditional accounts — both Hindu and Muslim — of destruction of Ram Temple by Babar in 1528. SOME OF THE KAR-SEVAKS, WENT ON TO PICK UP MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED PIECES OF STONE SLABS WITH WRITING UPON THEM. A few of these proved to belong to extremely important group / class of inscriptions and some of them were over a thousand years old. I fully endorse the view of Dr N.S Rajaram when he says: ‘In effect, the kar-sevaks had done what archaeologists should have done years ago; they had unearthed important inscriptions — in howsoever a crude form — something that should have been done years ago by professional historians and archaeologists.’

The Hari-Vishnu inscription found at Ayodhya

Here is what S P Gupta found upon examining the two hundred and fifty or so stone pieces with writing upon them. The most important of these deciphered so far is the HARI-VISHNU inscription that clinches the whole issue of the pre-existence of Ram temple. It is written in 12th century AD Devanagari script and belongs therefore to the period before the onslaught of the Ghorids (1192 AD and later).

S.P Gupta is an archaeologist and not an epigraphist trained to read ancient inscriptions. Fortunately, the above Hari-Vishnu inscription found at AYODHYA was later carefully examined by Ajay Mitra Shastri, Chairman of the Epigraphical Society of India. After carefully examining the Hari-Vishnu inscription he gave a categorical finding to the effect that it is a 11th-12th century AD inscription. It was put on the wall of a beautiful HARI-VISHNU TEMPLE, which was built in the temple-city of Ayodhya situated in Saketamandala. It was embellished with a golden spire, unparalleled by any other temple built by earlier kings. According to Ajay Mitra Shastri, Line 19 of the inscription says that Lord Vishnu killed King Bali and also the ten-headed personage (Ravana).

What does this all mean? This Hari-Vishnu Temple was built in Ayodhya, which was known as a temple city even then, Saketa being the ancient name of the district. The inscription confirms what archaeologists Dr B.B Lal and S.P Gupta had earlier found about the existence of a temple complex at the Babri Masjid site. And yet the dastardly “secularists” and their allies, officially supported by the UPA controlled Government of India; our disgustingly ignorant High Court and Supreme Court judges with total contempt for the Hindus of India and unrequited love for the terrorist Muslims of India; and our ‘deliberately’, ‘consciously’ and ‘willfully’ ignorant men and women in the anti-Hindu mass media have been telling the whole world all the time that there was no temple at all at the Babri Masjid site and that their dear beloved Babar built his beautiful Babri Masjid on an empty site!

Dr N.S Rajaram in his landmark book titled ‘Profiles in Deception: Ayodhya and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Voice of India, New Delhi)’ has raised the most elemental and heroic questions on behalf of all the oppressed and suppressed Hindus of India: “What is the real meaning of the Ayodhya movement? What gave Babar the right to demolish a temple at a site that the people of India have held sacred from times immemorial?”

As a practicing (therefore, ‘Communal’) Hindu, I cannot help quoting the clinching and scorching words of Dr N.S Rajaram in this context: “Ram Janmabhumi is sacred to the Hindus because they hold it to be the birthplace of Rama, who embodies for them the ideals of truth, heroism, chivalry and every other virtue. What is the justification for the mosque by Babar beyond the fact that he had the power to erect it as a mark of conquest and of humiliation of the Hindus? Does might make right? No one to my knowledge has satisfactorily addressed this question about the legitimacy of the Babri Masjid. One can understand that many Muslims hold the tomb of Moinuddeen Chisti in Ajmer to be sacred because he is venerated as a Sufi saint. No such justification exists for the Babri Masjid, for it was not intended as a place of worship. To understand temple destructions by Babar and his descendants --- and the building of mosques in their place --- we must recognize that it was part of their Islamic kaffir-destroying Arab-Supremacist ideology. Here is how one of his descendants, a granddaughter of Aurangazeb, described why mosques should be built at the site of demolished temples:

“... keeping the triumph of Islam in view, devout Muslim rulers should keep all idolaters in subjection to Islam, brook no laxity in realization of Jizyah, grant no exceptions to Hindu Rajahs from dancing in attendance on ‘Id days and waiting on foot outside mosques till end of prayer ... and ‘keep in constant use for Friday and congregational prayer the mosques built up after demolishing the temples of the idolatrous Hindus situated at Mathura, Banaras and Avadh (she is referring to Ayodhya) ...”

Islamic ideology of Babar, the barbarous invader of civilized Hindustan, is an ideology that sees everything outside the pale of Islam as an object of derision to be humiliated and destroyed. Accepting the legitimacy of the Babri Masjid at Ram Janmabumi means acknowledging the superiority of Babar’s ideology over that of the overwhelming majority of the people of India, and his right to impose it on others by force. This is Arab Islamic imperialism pure and simple!

Those who demand reconstruction of the Babri Masjid are openly upholding Babar’s right to impose his Arab Supremacist Islamic ideology by force on the innocent, civilized and peace-loving Hindus of India. Hundreds of Court cases and thousands of pseudo-secular anti-Hindu political postures and posturing cannot erase this cardinal and time-defying eternal truth.

The basic problem is that the concerned parties have avoided such fundamental issues. Instead of trying to understand what Ram Janmabhumi and Ayodhya mean to the Hindus, the Babri Masjid advocates have been trying to present it as a dispute over a piece of real estate and a structure in brick and mortar. Every living nation has its own national symbols and Ayodhya is India’s whether the Muslims of India, the Sonia Congress vermin and the traitorous Communists like it or not.

Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a sacred symbol for all the Muslims of the world in general and both a sacred and national symbol for the Muslim citizens of Saudi Arabia in particular. Likewise, Ayodhya is both a SACRED AND NATIONAL SYMBOL FOR THE HINDUS OF INDIA. And for the Muslims of India (Christians of India included in that category) it is a national symbol if not a sacred symbol. IF IT IS NOT A NATIONAL SYMBOL FOR THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA, THEN THEY ARE OPENLY DECLARING THAT THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS OF INDIA. IN THAT EVENT, ALL OF THEM MUST BE CHARGED WITH TREASON UNDER THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THEIR CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS REVOKED.


The hardened vicious anti-Hindu pseudo-secular cabal in the sordid world of Indian mass media — both print and electronic — have a subterranean political arrangement if not agreement with the Congress Party, the traitorous communist parties and all the other caste based pseudo-secular parties to deliberately suppress and blackout all the solidly available documentary evidence — literary, epigraphic, archaeologicalto uphold the fact that the first Mughal invader Babar built his Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in 1528 after demolishing the ancient Rama Temple at Ayodhya.

An English friend of mine who had been earlier associated with the British Museum asked me this question: ‘Why is building the Sri Rama temple at Ram Janmabhumi site at Ayodhya so important to you and to the Hindus of India?’ I gave him this rejoinder: ‘Would you and your fellow countrymen let an Islamic Mosque built by Osama bin Laden or the Talibans from Pakistan after demolishing the St Paul’s in London City? Is it not a fact that St Paul’s is something more than a Church — a sacred National Monument inseparably bound up with your country’s glorious history and tradition?’ My English friend said that they would never allow such a Mosque to exist at all at the site of St Paul’s. I told him that what Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s is to Englishmen and England, Sri Ram Temple at Ram Janmabhumi and Sri Krishna Temple at Krishna Janmabhumi at Mathura-Vrindavan and Kashi Vishwanath Temple at Varanasi are to the Hindus of India.

Koenraad Elst

Koenraad Elst, a famous Belgian scholar, is an authority on Hinduism in the context of Modern India. He has written many books on the Ayodhya Movement. He makes a very pertinent point when he writes in his book titled, ‘AYODHYA AND AFTER – Issues Before Hindu Society’: The most important opponents of the Hindu Society today are not the Islamic communal leaders, but the interiorized colonial rulers of India, the alienated English-educated and mostly Left-leaning elite that noisily advertises it’s ‘secularism’. It is these people who impose anti-Hindu policies on Hindu society, and who keep Hinduism down and prevent it from proudly raising its head after a thousand years of (Islamic, word within brackets - mine ) oppression. The worst torment for Hindu society today is not the arrogant and often violent agitation from certain minority groups, nor the handful of privileges, which the non-Hindu communities are getting. The worst problem is this mental slavery, the sense of inferiority which leftist intellectuals, through their power positions in education and media, and their direct influence on the public and political arena, keep on inflicting on the Hindu mind. If Hindus take cognizance of the real tenets of Islam the real doctrines they embody, the real story of the Prophet’s Mission and career, and the real story of the application of these doctrines in the Islamic conquest of India, then they will soon shed their habit of eulogizing this imperialist ideology.’

                                                    Front cover of
Koenraad Elst’s book

Recently I happened to read Koenraad Elst‘s AYODHYA, THE FINALEScience versus Secularism the Excavations Debate. I am presenting below a summary of his views from this book (courtesy

1. In Chapter III of his book, titled, ‘Escaping the ASI’s final conclusions’, Koenraad Elst sums up the position under the heading ‘Denial encore’ as follows: ‘After all the wild claims made about their findings, the experts themselves have finally spoken. Their report confirms that the disputed site contains the foundations of a large building complex. And this time too, the religious purpose of the building can be inferred from the numerous religious artifacts found in between the pillar-bases. In a normal setting, the ASI findings should finish once and for all the campaign of history denial by the Marxists and their Muslim camp followers. BUT THE WORLD OF INDIAN SECULARISM IS A FANTASY-LAND WHERE HARD FACTS DON’T COUNT FOR MUCH. SO, A GREAT MANY DIEHARDS UNFLINCHINGLY REJECT THE FINDINGS OF SCIENCE.’

2. In Chapter III, Section 3.2. titled ‘Deflecting attention’, we see that the editorial of the Hindustan Times (‘Structural flaws’, 27-8-2003) refuses to accept that any discovery worth the name was made. But it sets out first of all to deflect attention from the historical findings by emphasizing the alleged political implications over the obvious historical contents of the report. A petty and wicked anti-Hindu pseudo-secular journalist has written in this newspaper: ‘The ‘discovery’ of an ancient ‘structure’ underneath the demolished Babri Masjid by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has far more political overtones than historical or legal ones. (…) Nor does the ‘discovery’ make any difference to the various court cases, including those concerned with the title deeds of the site.’


All I can infer is that if the journalist concerned is a Muslim then he would be willing to accept any declaration from the Government of Pakistan / Saudi Arabia! If he were a pseudo-secular Leftist hypocrite (crypto-communist) then he would definitely accept any statement in this regard from the Government of China!!

Here I cannot help quoting the rapier-like words of Koenraad Elst: ‘Whether the findings have any legal implications is for the judges to decide, not for the newspaper editors. And it is they who ordered the excavation in the first place, clearly on the assumption that the findings do make a difference to the court cases. … BUT THE DOMINANT POSITION CERTAINLY IS TO MINIMIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ASI FINDINGS. This is a general phenomenon in the whole secularist press: instead of a thorough analysis and a lively debate worthy of the importance and unequivocal verdict of the ASI Report, the page is turned as quickly as possible. THIS IS, OF COURSE, A STRONG INDICATION THAT THE REPORT’S FINDINGS ARE EMBARRASSING FOR THE SECULARISTS BECAUSE THEY GO AGAINST WHAT THE SECULARISTS HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR ALL THESE YEARS. LIKE SPOILT CHILDREN, THE SECULARISTS ARE USED TO HAVING IT ALL THEIR OWN WAY, AND WHEN REALITY INTERFERES, THEY CLOSE THEIR EYES, SHUT OFF THEIR EARS AND REFUSE TO KNOW. AND THEY WILL LIE AND CHEAT IN ORDER TO PREVENT OTHERS FROM KNOWING’ (THE TRUTH).

For anti-temple lawyers too, this type of same hurry to get past the archaeological findings of the ASI seems to be the foundation of their favourite anti-hindu approach. In their case it is almost legally defensible, as their concern is not the discovery of truth but suitable manipulation of law to ensure a technical courtroom victory!

According to Koenraad Elst another way to deflect attention from the evidence is to dismiss the whole historical dimension of the Ayodhya dispute as an unwanted extra load imposed on everyone by history-crazy Hindu fanatics. Thus, Jyotsna Singh claims: ‘The existence of the temple became part of Hindu rhetoric in the dialogue process begun in 1989 between the All India Babri Mosque Committee and the hard-line Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).’ In answer to Jyotsna Singh Koenraad Elst says that this is a plain lie. These are his exact words in this context: ‘I assume she has borrowed in good faith from influential secularist sources. In reality, the existence of the medieval temple was a matter of long-standing consensus. What became part of someone’s rhetoric towards 1989 was its denial, launched by the secularists and picked up by the Muslims. As for the VHP, it didn’t base its claim on historical events (not truly in doubt anyway) but on the permanent and present status of the site as a Hindu sacred place.’

As a general rule, all of us can predict what the ‘secularist’ position on any issue will be once you know what the jihadi Islamist position is. Ranging from justifying terrorism to misrepresenting the Ayodhya evidence, the two positions, insofar as anti-Hindu pseudo-secularists are concerned, are rarely different. The whole time business of Sonia Congress Government of India seems to be to officially uphold either cause of Islamic terrorism or to misrepresent or suppress or completely blackout the Ayodhya evidence.

What is most shocking to note is that the Hindustan Times editor (‘Structural flaws’, 27-8-2003) also questions the integrity of the archaeologists of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI): ‘Insinuations have also been made about the ASI coming under political pressure. Since the first among the ruling parties at the Centre has long been insistent on the existence of a demolished temple at the disputed site, it is obvious that a government organization would have been uncomfortably aware of the stance, although that doesn’t mean that it affected its professional judgment.’ I have no doubt about the professional integrity of the archaeologists or technical competence of the ASI. But the journalistic integrity of the dishonourable and viciously anti-Hindu men and women in the Indian mass media --- both, print and electronic --- is too well known to merit any detailed reference!! This allegation against the integrity of the archaeologists is loosely made, without any evidence, on no other grounds than that their findings are to the liking of the Hindu nationalists.

Before I conclude, I would like to raise one more question: Why are the blatantly, brazenly, wickedly, viciously anti-Hindu High Court and Supreme Court Judges totally blind, deaf and dumb in regard to all the irrefutable evidence --- epigraphic, literary and archaeological --- available to prove the existence of a Hindu Temple at the sacred site prior to the construction of the disputed Babri Masjid by Babar in 1528?

Su Shi (1037–1101)

The Song era poet Su Shi (1037–1101) wrote a poem called ‘On the Birth of My Son’. In this well-known poem, he was poking fun at the situation of ignorant and stupid children from affluent and politically connected backgrounds having the upper edge over bright children of lower economic and social status. I am presenting below this poem:

Families, when a child is born
Want it to be intelligent.
I, through intelligence
Having wrecked my whole life,
Only hope the baby will prove
Ignorant and stupid.
Then he will crown a tranquil life
By becoming a Cabinet Minister
By becoming a High Court Judge
By becoming a Supreme Court Judge.

If only Poet Su Shi were to be alive in the India of today, he would have added two more lines to the above poem after the line ‘By becoming a Cabinet Minister’ in order to accommodate our ‘Ignorant and stupid’ High Court Judges and Supreme Court Judges in his immortal poem in the manner indicated above. (Please see the last two italicized lines relating to the ‘Ignorant and stupid’ Indian Judges.)

‘For us ignorance is bliss and colossal ignorance very Secular Heaven’, seems to be the guiding chorus song in our totally decadent, corrupt, politically pliable and political patronage dependent Indian Judiciary today!!!

 In my view the ever partisan, always pro-Islamic and anti-Hindu Supreme Court of India in its Order dated 23-9-2010 stayed the proceedings relating to Ram Janma Bhoomi in the Allahabad High Court. The Supreme Court directed the Allahabad High Court not to deliver its final verdict on the Ayodhya title deed issue on 24-9-2010. It had taken 60 calendar years (according to the irresponsible worthies in robes in the Supreme Court of Injustice this is no delay at all!!) for this case to come to that stage of delivery of verdict in the Allahabad High Court on 24-9-2010. The final delivery of Judgment on 24-9-2010 was put off by the Supreme Court in its Order dated 23-9-2010.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, the former Union Law and Commerce Minister and President of the Janata Party, issued the following statement on 23-9-2010:

“The Bench of two Honourable Judges of the Supreme Court is wasting time by deferring the judgment of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court on the Ram Temple issue.

It is a waste of time because there is no compromise on the issue except for the entire area of Ayodhya being allotted for building an appropriate grand temple for Bhagvan Rama.

It has already been held by a Constitutional Bench (5 Judges) of the Supreme Court in Farooqui vs Union of India (1994) that a mosque is not an essential part of Islam religion but merely a facilitation center for reading namaz. Hence the Muslims of India owe a debt to their Hindu ancestors by voluntarily giving up the claim for constructing a mosque inside the city of Ayodhya.”

After unnecessarily obstructing the due process of justice in the Allahabad High Court (Supreme Court Order of 23-9-2010) in the manner of a wayward and wavering Oriental Potentate, the Supreme Court today (28-9-2010) has directed the Allahabad High Court to deliver its final verdict on the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi case on 30-9-2010. Dr.Subramanian Swamy has issued the following statement today (28-9-2010) commenting on this latest Supreme Court Verdict

“The Supreme Court’s dismissal of the Petition seeking deferment of the Ayodhya verdict is most welcome and timely. Now, it is hoped that the verdict to be delivered by the 3-Judge Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court in the next two days, will be in keeping with the two landmark judgments, firstfirst of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in 1994, and the other of the House of Lords of U.K. delivered in 1991. According to these two judgments, a temple stands on a totally different footing from the mosque. In particular, a temple built according to Agama Shastra is where the God resides and hence the temple once built is always a temple even if in disuse or demolished. On the other hand a mosque is merely a facilitation center for reading Namaz, and not an essential part of religion of Islam. In fact a mosque can be demolished for widening roads and road construction as is being done even today in Saudi Arabia.

Hence after the Ayodhya verdict is delivered by the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court, the Muslim community for peace and harmony in the country should agree to build a mosque away from the Ramjanmabhoomi, somewhere beyond the Saryu river bank. This will be an act of atonement for all the temples that have been demolished over the last eight centuries as well as temples that have been destroyed even today on daily basis in Kashmir.

The devout Hindu population of India will not accept any solution which does not restore the Ram temple at the place of his birth, and that the city of Ayodhya to become exclusively the epitome of glory of Ram Rajya.”


‘Ayodhya is as holy to the Hindus as Mecca is to the Muslims; Muslims should respect the sentiments of their Hindu brethren and voluntarily hand over the structure for constructing the Rama Temple.’---- Shri K.K. Muhammad, formerly Deputy Superintendent Archaeologist (Madras Circle)

The besieged, battered and shattered Hindus of India are hoping to get some justice from the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court on the sensitive Ram Janmabhoomi issue on 24-9-2010. This long pending case is about the ownership of the Ayodhya land to which Hindus and Muslims have been making rival claims over the past one and a quarter century.

While the Hindus have always claimed the land to be the site of the birthplace of their most revered Lord Ram, the Muslims have asserted their right over the same as the site of a 16th century mosque, claimed to have been built by Mughal emperor Babur in the ancient town of Ayodhya, about 120 km from Lucknow. The Babri Masjid at the site was razed to the ground on December 6, 1992, by karsevaks and enthusiastic Hindu Devotees of Lord Rama who claimed that it was the sacred Ram Janmabhoomi site. Almost 10 years later, the Muslims of India used this very incident as a convenient ploy to set fire to the railway carriage at Godhra in Gujarat carrying Hindu karsevaks from Ayodhya in February 2002. 58 INNOCENT HINDU MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN WERE BURNT ALIVE ON THAT FATEFUL DAY. This mass murder of the Hindus has been completely suppressed by the anti-Hindu Mass Media—both print and electronic—in India and abroad.

What is deliberately overlooked by the Government of India, most of the State Governments and the men in the media is the solid fact of unprovoked, uncontrolled, unabashed and Islamic state sponsored destruction of Hindu Temples in India for a thousand years from the beginning of the 8th century AD to the end of the 18th century AD. For the one and only instance of Babri Masjid, totally relied upon by the traditional swordsmen and political wordsmiths of Islam today, the Hindus of India can furnish a list of at least 30,000 places in India where mosques had been built on original temple sites after completely demolishing those temples and often using the rubble of those damaged temples for the construction of mosques with Islamic fervour on those very sites. Dr.Sitaram Goel has fully documented the fact of Islamic destruction of Hindu Temples for 1000 years from 712 AD to 1800 AD in 2 volumes. I am presenting below the front covers of both these volumes.

Complete documentation ofdestruction of Hindu Temples

Babri Masjid was demolished by the Hindu Karsevaks on 6th December 1992. Suppressed oppressed and pent up feelings of millions and millions of Hindus in India — arising from the State sponsored Islamic destruction during Muslim rule for more than a thousand years from 712 AD to 1800 AD —— burst forth in a cataclysmic manner on that day. It was a spontaneous outburst of genuine religious feelings of the Hindus of India extending over a millennium and this sacred fact can neither be politicised nor trivialised by the brazen brigade of anti-Hindu pseudo-secularists. 10 Days later, Narasimha Rao government appointed the Justice Liberhan Commission to inquire into the episode of demolition of Babri Masjid. What has been deliberately suppressed by the Government of India and the anti-Hindu political / commercial mercenaries having a monopolistic hold over the mass media — both print and electronic — is the incontrovertible fact that 43 ancient Hindu Temples were destroyed within a period of 12 days in Kashmir Valley from 7 December 2009 to 18 December 2009. The demolition of ONE (1) Babri Masjid called for the immediate constitution of Justice Liberhan Commission. Savage Islamic destruction of 43 Hindu Temples in Kashmir Valley in a matter of 12 days did not call for the establishment of any Judicial Commission of Inquiry. Thus the Narasimha Rao Congress Government was guilty of blatant discrimination against the majority Hindus of India.

The disgraceful serpentine slothful Liberhan Commission took 17 years to do its shoddy job. Any one can see that it is a badly drafted report. There are two types of disgusting and irresponsible Judges in India. One, who knows the law and the other, who knows the law minister. Justice Liberhan belongs to the later category.

Last year, I spoke to Dr Subramanian Swamy and requested him to comment on the patent holes and flaws in the Liberhan Commission Report. Dr Subramanian Swamy gave a detailed statement to this effect: ‘The Report of the Liberhan Commission of Inquiry, unwittingly and ironically, supports the VHP’s case for a Ram temple in Ayodhya.

In Chapter 15 (Recommendations), Page 978, Para 176.5, the Liberhan Commission states: ‘…..The question whether a structure was a temple or a mosque can only be answered by a scientific study by archaeologists, historians and anthropologists.’ This is precisely the VHP’s stated position for the last 25 years. Other observations of the Liberhan Commission too support the VHP case for a Rama temple at the disputed site:

”In Chapter No.2 (Ayodhya & its Geography) page No. 23 the Liberhan Report says:

Para 9.1: ‘Ayodhya is accepted in popular Hindu tradition as the birthplace of the Hindu God Rama and is therefore regarded as a holy and historical city.’

9.3: ‘Ayodhya was also known variously as Vishala, Khosla (sic) or Maha Khosla, Ikshvaku, Ram Puri, Ram Janam Bhoomi.

9.4: ‘Ayodhya is of special and specific importance for the sect of Ram believers or those loosely term as the Ramanandis in Hindu Religion. The place was the place of unequaled pilgrimage for Hindus, Monks, travelers, pilgrims, sadhus & sants irrespective of their region & faith.’
9.5: ‘This place had become emotive issue owing to its position as the birth place of Ram, a theme present in every facet of the culture, connecting the past with the present & the future, this religious fervour had kept the town for centuries alive after successive rulers had gone by’’.
Page 25, Para-10.3: ‘On the East of Ayodhya is Faizabad town with a population of about 2,10,000. It has large number of temples mostly dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu.’
Page 29, Para 12.1: ‘… metaphorically it is said that in Ayodhya every house is a temple.’

Paga 32, Para 12.12: ‘The topography and facts about Ram Katha Kunj, Ayodhya town or the Ram Janambhoomi complex or Ram Katha Kunj or the disputed structure are however not disputed. The facts are corroborated by NC Padhi in his statement with no contradiction.’
Finally Dr.Subramanian Swamy rightly concluded:
‘Hence, since the Union Government has accepted the Liberhan Commission Report and this Report, read with the Supreme Court’s 1994 Constitutional Bench judgment in the Farooqui case, that a mosque is not an essential part of Islam but a facilitation center for reading of namaz, hence any government can acquire any mosque for a public purpose and even demolish it. I demand therefore the Government file an affidavit in the Supreme Court declaring that it will acquire the disputed area in Ayodhya and hand it over to the sants and sadhus associated with the VHP enable Hindus to organize a Rama temple restoration at the original birth site of Lord Rama.’
When the VHP moved the Allahabad High Court in 1992, the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court (Vide orders, dated August 01, 2002 and October 23, 2002) asked the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to carry out Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Search of the disputed land, so as to ascertain possibility of proof of remnants of some earlier structure. In compliance of these orders, the ASI, with the help of Tozo Vikas International Pvt. Ltd. undertook this exercise. The Allahabad High Court thereafter suo moto passed a detailed order on March 05, 2003, issuing a commission to ASI to investigate into the matter by excavating the relevant area of the disputed land. The ASI took about five months in carrying out the excavation work and thereafter submitted a bulky report in two volumes together with 45 site notebooks, 12 albums containing 329 black & white photographs, 28 albums having coloured photographs, 11 video cassettes, 6 DVD cassettes, registers of pottery, unsealed bones, architectural objects stored in tin-shed at the excavated site, individual list of 9 boxes containing bones, glazed wares, antiquities, day-to-day registers, antiquity register etc., etc..

In Its excavation report (Ayodhya 2002-03, Vol.1 text, Chapter-X, Summary of Results, Page Nos. 268-269, 270, 271 and 272), the ASI states in the last paragraph: ‘…….Now viewing in totality and taking into account the archaeological evidence of a massive structure just below the disputed structure and evidence of continuity in structural phases from 10th Century onwards up to the construction of the disputed structure along with the yield of stone and decorated bricks as well as mutilated sculpture of divine couple and carved architectural members including foliage patterns, Amlaka, Kapotapali, Door Jamb, and semi-circular plaster, broken octagonal shaft of black schist pillar, lotus motif, circular shrine having Pranala (water chute) in the North, 50 pillar bases in association of a hue structure, are indicative of remains which are distinctive features found associated with the temples of North India.’

THUS THE ASI TEAM, WHICH HAD UNDERTAKEN ITS WORK UPON SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS OF THE ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT, HAS CONFIRMED THE FACT THAT THE BABRI MASJID HAS BEEN RAISED OVER THE REMAINS/DEBRIS OF A HINDU TEMPLE. I have no doubt that the Hon’ble Judges of the Allahabad High Court will fully endorse this finding of the ASI and give an unqualified verdict in favour of the Hindus of India.

Dr B.B. Lal

Dr B.B. Lal, the former Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), is a world renowned archaeologist and his excavations cover a very wide range. At Kalibangan, Rajasthan, he unearthed a prosperous city of the Harappan Civilization. His excavations at Hastinapura established the fact that there was a kernel of truth in the Mahabharata, even though the great epic is full of interpolations. After his voluntary retirement from the ASI in 1972, he embarked upon his project ‘Archaeology of the Ramayana Sites’. He undertook this work under the auspices of Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Dr B.B Lal’s work relating to the archaeology of Ramayana sites was undertaken during the period from 1977 to 1986.

In this context, I have to refer to a brilliant Book written by Dr B B Lal, titled, ‘Rama: His Historicity, Mandir and Setu: Evidence of Literature, Archaeology and Other Sciences’.

Front cover of Dr B B Lal’s book

I am quoting below some excerpts from Dr B.B Lal’s book.

As mentioned earlier (pp-20), excavations were carried out in the Janma-Bhumi area at Ayodhya as part of the project ‘Archaeology of the Ramayana Sites’. Of the trenches laid out in this area, one was immediately to the South of and almost parallel to the boundary wall of the Babri Masjid, the intermediary space being hardly four metres. (pp-50) ... Attached to the piers of the Babri Masjid there were twelve stone pillars which carried not only typical Hindu motifs and mouldings but also figures of Hindu deities. It was self evident that these pillars were not an integral part of the Masjid but were foreign to it. Since, as already stated, the pillar-bases were penetrating into the Masjid complex, a question naturally arose whether these bases had anything to do with the above mentioned pillars affixed to the piers of the Masjid. (pp-55)

The excavations of Dr. B.B Lal at Ayodhya have shown that the Ramayana has a basis in history. Duly authenticating the findings of Dr B B Lal is this statement of Shri K.K. Muhammad, Deputy Superintendent Archaeologist (Madras Circle) which appeared in the English daily, Indian Express on 15 Dec 1990:

‘I can reiterate this (ie. The existence of the Hindu Temple before it was displaced by the Babri Masjid) with greater authority – for I was the only Muslim who had participated in the Ayodhya excavations in 1976-’77 under Prof. Lal as a trainee. I have visited the excavation near the Babri site and seen the excavated pillar bases. The JNU historians have highlighted ONLY ONE PART OF OUR FINDINGS WHILE SUPPRESSING THE OTHER.’

K.K MUHAMMAD went to add: ‘Ayodhya is as holy to the Hindus as Mecca is to the Muslims; Muslims should respect the sentiments of their Hindu brethren and voluntarily hand over the structure for constructing the Rama Temple.’

To reiterate once again, for the one and only Babri Masjid, totally relied upon by the traditional swordsmen and political wordsmiths of Islam today, the Hindus of India can furnish a list of at least 30,000 places in India where mosques had been built on original temple sites after completely demolishing those temples and often using the rubble of those damaged temples for the construction of mosques with Islamic fervour on those very sites. I have already explained above that this solid physical fact has been clearly brought out by Dr B.B. Lal, former Director General of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), in his great work, ‘Rama: His Historicity, Mandir and Setu: Evidence Of Literature, Archaeology And Other Sciences’.

When Dr B.B Lal after conducting detailed excavations at Ayodhya clearly brought to public view the fact that Babar had built his Babri Masjid upon an age old Hindu Temple site, the anti-Hindu pseudo-secular historians of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (Romila Thapar and her Marxist cabal!)) and the Aligarh Muslim University (Government sponsored jihadi scholars like Ifran Habib and others of anti-kaffir clan fame!) combined together on the same platform to run down Dr B.B Lal and his archaeological findings. But his detractors were silenced by the stern, grim, scorching and telling truth of Dr B.B Lal’s professional work as an outstanding archaeologist of international fame.

Let me now give a few quotations from Dr.B.B.Lal’s Book ‘Rama: His Historicity, Mandir and Setu: Evidence of Literature, Archaeology and Other Sciences’:

“... Attached to the piers of the Babri Masjid there were twelve stone pillars which carried not only typical Hindu motifs and mouldings but also figures of Hindu deities (Figs. 2.3 and 2.4). It was self evident that these pillars were not an integral part of the Masjid but were foreign to it. Since, as already stated, the pillar-bases were penetrating into the Masjid complex, a question naturally arose whether these bases had anything to do with the above mentioned pillars affixed to the piers of the Masjid.(pp-55)

- – - However, since these pillar-bases raised a question about their relationship with the pillars affixed to the piers of the Masjid, which evidently had originally belonged to a Hindu temple, these did draw public attention. The first reaction that came up from a certain category of historians [Eminent Historians] was to deny the very existence of these pillar-bases. Their approach was simple: if there were no pillar-bases, the question of their relationship with the pillars affixed to the piers of the Babri Masjid became automatically redundant. These ‘historians’ took recourse to publishing all sorts of unsavoury comments in the newspapers. However, when they were told that the pillar-bases were not someone’s fancy but their photographs (along with the negatives), taken at the time of the excavation, did exist in the photo-archives of the Excavations Branch of the ASI, they gave up their first exercise in denial, ... (pp-55)”


As I have already mentioned earlier, the Allahabad High Court suo moto passed a detailed order on March 05, 2003, issuing a commission to ASI to investigate into the matter by excavating the relevant area of the disputed land on which the Babri Masjid has been built. As directed by the High Court, this task was undertaken by a team from the ASI under the leadership of Shri Mani, Joint Director of the ASI. HE SUBMITTED 2 DETAILED REPORTS TO THE ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT 7 YEARS AGO. HIS REPORTS ALSO TOTALLY CONFIRM THE MAGISTERIAL FINDINGS OF DR B.B LAL DETAILED ABOVE.

The demolition of the Babri Masjid also brought to public light 3 INSCRIPTIONS. The largest of the inscriptions is engraved on a stone-slab measuring 1.10 x .56 meters, and consists of twenty lines. It has since been deciphered by Professor Ajaya Mitra Shastri of Nagpur University in the Puruttatva No. 23 (1992-93). Professor Shastri, who unfortunately is no more, was a distinguished historian and a specialist in Epigraphy and Numismatics. The relevant part of his paper reads as follows: “The inscription is composed in high-flown Sanskrit verse, except for a small portion in prose, and is engraved in chaste and classical Nagari script of the eleventh-twelfth century A.D. It has yet to be fully deciphered, but the portions which have been fully deciphered and read are of great historical significance for our purpose here. It was evidently put up on the wall of the temple, the construction of which is recorded in the text inscribed on it. Line 15 of this inscription, for example, clearly tells us that a beautiful temple of Vishnu-Hari, built with heaps of stones and beautified with a golden spire unparalleled by any other temple built by the earlier kings was constructed. This wonderful temple was built in the temple-city of Ayodhya situated in the Saketamandala showing that Ayodhya and Saketa were closely connected, Saketa being the district of which Ayodhya was a part. Line 19 describes God Vishnu as destroying King Bali (apparently in Vamana manifestation) and the ten headed personage (ie Ravana).”

The above inscription makes it abundantly clear that there did exist at the site a temple datable to circa 11th-12th century CE [A.D.]. The sculptures and inscribed slab that came out from within the walls of the Masjid after its demolition in December 1992, belonged to this very temple.

Another cheap allegation of the ‘Eminent Pseudo-secular and Anti-Hindu Historians’ is that the inscription has been forged. Unfortunately for these motivated and malignant Marxist vermin, all the reputed and outstanding epigraphists of the country have examined the inscribed slab and no one has doubted the authenticity or the genuineness of the inscription in question. Dr. K.V. Ramesh, the Director of Epigraphy, ASI, who is the highest authority on epigraphical matters in the country, has given an Official Summary of the inscription. According to him, this temple was built by Meghasuta who obtained the lordship of Saketamandala (i.e. Ayodhya) through the grace of the senior Lord of the earth viz Govinda Chandra, of the Gahadavala dynasty who ruled over a vast empire, from 1114 to 1155 CE.
I am not surprised at all by the ‘accuse and scoot’ guerilla tactics of the petty sordid and vicious Communist, Congress and Muslim Historians of today on this controversial issues. Their contention is absolutely baseless and only smacks of low level religious and communal party politics.

Soon after the demolition, India Today magazine published a photograph in the Issue of 31-December-1992 which clearly showed the Kar Sevaks carrying on their shoulders a huge stone sculpted with a long frieze, after having picked it up from the debris at Ayodhya immediately after the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

Against the above background, Dr B.B Lal has beautifully summed up the whole issue as follows, “the evidence presented in the foregoing paragraphs in respect of the existence of a Hindu temple in the Janma Bhumi area at Ayodhya preceding the construction of the Babri Masjid is so eloquent that no further comments are necessary.”

After presenting the views of Dr B.B Lal, let me present the views of Dr N.S Rajaram, a well known Mathematician, Historian and Indologist. He has written a brilliant article titled ‘The evidence at Ayodhya: Wasted 17 years of Liberhan’

To quote the words of Dr N.S Rajaram: “For all the sound and fury in the media about Ayodhya, the historical question is surprisingly simple: was there or was there not a Hindu temple at the spot known as Ram Janmabhumi that was destroyed to build a mosque? The answer is also equally simple — ‘yes’. There are two parts to the question: (1) was there a Hindu temple, and (2) was it destroyed and a mosque known as Babri Masjid built in its place. Again the answer is — ‘yes’ to both questions. It is as simple as that.”