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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Congress Party


"Saffron Terror"

– Part 1

Shenanigans of Sushil Shinde

by V. Sundaram I.A.S (retd.)
All India General Secretary (Ideology), Janata Party

During the rule by the home-grown Dictator Indira Gandhi, the Congress used to blame “the foreign hand” as the source of all problems! Now the Congress Government functioning under foreign hand of Italian Mafia Dictator Sonia Gandhi blames a home-grown "Hindu terrorism" to deflect public attention from its ever-increasing political problems.

Speaking at the AICC meeting in Jaipur on Sunday, 20th January 2013, Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has accused the BJP and the RSS of fanning Hindu terrorism. He is reported to have said in a callously clownish and nationally disastrous speech: “Reports have come during investigation that BJP and RSS conduct terror training camps to spread Hindu terrorism... Bombs were planted in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in Malegaon.” What is even more mocking and shameful is that Union Home Minister Shinde has said that BJP's “cultural nationalism” is actually a weapon to divide the country, completely ignoring the fact that our country and indeed the whole world is celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekenanda (1853-1902) who was the greatest champion of Cultural Nationalism.

Thanks to the divisive policies of the Congress Governments in general before and after independence and Sonia Congress Government in particular, today, our country already stands divided on every front. But it would be too much to expect a Union Home Minister in a Sonia Gandhi Government to know anything at all about Indian History, unless it has some connection with History of Italy or the History of Vatican!

Our Nation is indeed unfortunate to have an irresponsible, nay, reprehensible Union Home Minister who is acting as a mouthpiece of that known Islamic terrorist Ahmed Patel, the Political Advisor to the Italian Catholic imposter originally known as Edvige Antonia Albina Maino and now known as Sonia Gandhi. Incidentally, this woman has nothing to do with Mahatma Gandhi!

During the rule by the home-grown Dictator Indira Gandhi, the Congress used to blame “the foreign hand” as the source of all problems! Now the Congress Government functioning under foreign hand of Italian Mafia Dictator Sonia Gandhi blames the home-grown Hindu terrorism to deflect public attention from its ever-increasing political problems.

Instead of punishing Pakistan for supporting terrorism in India, the Congress is trying its best to denigrate and defame the BJP. When baseless allegations are made by the Union Home Minister against the main opposition party in the Parliament it amounts to giving a clean chit to the real terrorists, the Fundamentalist Islamists in India and Pakistan.

This anti-Hindu and pro-Jihadi Muslim Union Home Minister is under the delusion that he will continue to be the Union Home Minister after 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. I reliably understand that all terrorist outfits in Pakistan like the banned terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat ud Dawa have welcomed the viciously venomous anti-Hindu statements from Sushil Shinde and complemented him with evident Islamic delight. Sushil Shinde has earned the dubious distinction of being the only Indian Home Minister to be publicly thanked by Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed. Shinde has now provided Hafeez Saeed the perfect opportunity to wriggle out of the terror tag that has currently stuck to the latter. Perhaps at the instance of Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi, Sushil Shinde has taken the first step for clearing the name of Hafiz Sayeed for the International Gandhi Peace Prize! Once that is done it will not be difficult to issue a Postage Stamp in honour of Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed just as Maulana Mohammad Ali of Khilafat Movement fame, the sworn enemy of Mahatma Gandhi to boot, was honoured with the issue of a postage stamp in 1978.

Charging Congress with having a “destructive mindset which was reflected in the Home Minister's statement”, BJP Vice-President and Party Spokesman Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said: “They abolished the tool to fight terrorism” in an apparent reference to scrapping of POTA.

When BJP Governments imposed ban on terrorist outfits like SIMI, the Congress party was quick to protest against that decision. It is the Sonia Congress way of telling, Akbaruddin Owasi of the pro-Pakistan AIMIM Party of Hyderabad “Go ahead and wage a war against India, we in the Firangi Sonia Congress are always with you!” To facilitate Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorism in India the anti-national Sonia Congress has scrapped the POTA and denied a similar law to Gujarat even after the duly elected Gujarat Assembly passed the Bill. The 24/7 Congress Party Governor misused his Office with impunity and saw to it that no-anti-terrorist legislation was passed in Gujarat. At the same time, the Sonia Congress Government uses anti-terrorism law in Maharashtra to jail and torture Hindu monks like Sadhvi Prajya without any regard for the Principle of Equality before Law.

As Shinde’s remarks were slammed by RSS and BJP, Shinde stuck to his stand, saying, "This has come so many times in the papers... It is not a new thing that I have said today. It is the same thing and nothing new. It has come in the media several times.” Does the country’s Home Minister get his information on terrorism from the newspapers and Television? Is the country’s dim-wit erstwhile sub-Inspector turned Union Home Minister being ignored and bypassed by the intelligence agencies? Then such a bumbling and bungling Home Minister should be dismissed forthwith by any self-respecting political party.

Former Union Home Minister Pa Chidambaram had similarly found himself at the centre of a controversy in August 2010 after he spoke about “the recently uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism”.

The PTI reported on Aug 25, 2010 that P. Chidambaram, the then Union Home Minister, while inaugurating a Conference of Chiefs of Police Forces of the country, expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir Valley and added “There is recently an uncovered phenomenon of saffron terrorism that has been implicated in many bomb blasts of the past.”

Who created this ‘phenomenon’? Where was this alleged “saffron terrorism” before 2007? Since the Malegaon arrests in 2008 there is none either, the Union Home Minister's claims notwithstanding. How did a serving Indian Army Officer and the revered Shankaracharya of the Sharada Peetam become the main players in this so-called “Hindu Terror”? Who is the big fish behind them?

Chidambaram was not only categorical about so-called “Saffron Terror” but he also made it a point to single it out by not making reference to any other terror in the country by name. In his long address he didn't talk about jihadi or Islamic terror, didn't utter the word red terror even once -- except, towards the end, a fleeting allusion to Left-wing extremism; but this chatterbox went on and on about “saffron terror”. Like Ahmed Patel and others in Sonia Gandhi’s party, Chidambaram was also benevolently disposed towards Mohammad Afzal (known in “secular” media as Afzal Guru).

The PTI reported on Sep 13, 2010, that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today asked Union Home Minister P Chidambaram at a seminar organised by the BJP Youth Wing in Ahmedabad: “I would like to ask him what would be the colour of terrorism faced by the thousands of Kashmiri pundits? WHAT WOULD BE THE COLOUR OF TERRORISM IN AJMER, COIMBATORE, ATTACK ON PARLIAMENT AND 26/11 ATTACK AT MUMBAI?”

Even during the Alipore Bomb Case (1908-1909) when Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki attempted to kill Magistrate Kingsford, a judge known for handing down particularly harsh sentences against nationalists, the Britishers, did not make such disparaging remarks against the Hindus of India.

There were 250 incidents of Domestic terrorism in the United States between 1980 and 2000 according to the FBI. These were carried out by U.S. citizens, mostly Christians. But neither the US Federal Government nor the U.S Political Parties ever used the term “Christian Terror” to describe such incidents.

During the violent clashes in 1969 and 2001, between the Catholic gangs like the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Defense League on the one hand and the Protestants in Northern Ireland on the other hand more than 3,500 people were killed. However the British Government did not describe the clashes as “Catholic Terror”.

Congress Ministers’ repeated claims of existence of “Hindu terror” or Saffron terror” is a great insult to the people of India who have never attacked any other country in the past and who are best known for their peaceful civilization.

Shri B Raman IPS (retd.), formerly the Head of the Counter-Terrorism Division of India’s RAW, analyzed the arrest of some Hindus as terrorists and concluded that "according to American investigators the LET and Al Qaeda were responsible for the Samjauta Express blast and the HUJI for the Mecca Masjid blast. If the American investigators, who have better sources in Pakistan, are correct, how can our investigators claim that some arrested Hindus were responsible for these incidents? While the American investigators have blamed the LET, Al Qaeda and the HUJI, Indian investigators have blamed the Abhinav Bharat. Both cannot be correct (At the same time!).” As a former Civil Servant of the IAS cadre I cannot help drawing the “secular” non-saffron inference that there is a subterranean tacit understanding between the treacherous Sonia Congress party and the LeT of Pakistan.

With the BJP and Shiv Sena moving in to turn P Chidambaram's “saffron terror” remark into an issue of insult to the majority community, the frightened Congress distanced itself from its Home Minister P. Chidambaram “Hindu Terror” remark in 2008.

After the Union Home Minister Sushil Shinde’s “Hindu Terror” remark in 2012 and following a sharp reaction from the principal opposition party, the BJP, senior Congress leaders cautioned Shinde about the anger of the Hindu electorate and the possible electoral setback to the Sonia Congress Party at their hands.

While the Congress Home Ministers allege “Hindu Terror” without proving any case in a Court of Law, the Congress Party distances itself from such remarks following a public uproar. This is a distinct, discernable and repeating pattern of Congress double game based on hatred for Hindus and Sanatana Dharma.

According to the RSS Spokesman Shri Ram Madhav, there is a sinister Congress design to establish the notion of “Hindu” or “saffron terror” in the global terrorism discourse. Such a twist to the terrorism discourse is intended to electorally aid the Congress party, the Mulla, Missionary, Marxist parties as well as the regressive, racist caste-based political parties in India, like the BSP, SP, DMK etc, so as to put the Hindu organisations and Hindu political parties on the defensive.

Internationally, the deliberate Congress attempt to establish the notion of “Hindu” or “saffron terror” in the global terrorism discourse will help them in pleasing their Western masters. Demonising Hindu groups is an important agenda item for the Western Christian powers and their mercenary and missionary Viceroy in India, Firangi Memsahib a.k.a Sonia Gandhi.

After abusing the Hindu people, the cowardly Sonia Congress Dhimmi, the Union Home Minister Shinde modified his “Hindu Terrorism” remark saying that what he meant was “Saffron Terrorism”. He has now abused the sacred and ancient traditions of Sanatana Dharma, which find their representation in the sacred colour of saffron, the First of the Three Colours of our National Flag.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pakistani troops

kill two Indian


behead one and

mutilate another

– Part 1

by V. Sundaram I.A.S (retd.) and Praveen Shanker Pillai

My beloved wife Padma passed away on 28th October 2011 at my residence in Chennai. For nearly 41 years and more she was my brain-storming Think Tank and Research Associate in all my writing work connected with National Public Affairs with special focus on Sanatana Dharma, Hindu Culture, Hindutva, etc. After her demise, when I was feeling very lonely and desolate my very competent and patriotic Research Associate Shri Praveen Pillai came to my intellectual rescue in a truly splendid manner. He has overwhelmed me and my anguished tortured soul by his selfless kindness, lofty public spirit and above all an impassioned fervour for retrieving and restoring the glory and grandeur of our deathless Hindu Heritage, which is firmly anchored in timeless Sanatana Dharma. He writes vital, vigorous, vibrant, vivid and virile English prose. He is a good scholar in the much neglected field of political and cultural History of Kerala from 1750 to 1950 AD.

What is truly amazing is that Shri Praveen Pillai voluntarily came forward to work with me in a totally honorary capacity about four years ago. Ever since he has been a tower of strength to me in my writing and intellectual work connected with all my public activities. He exudes a remarkable public spirit which truly belongs to Treta Yuga and not to Kali Yuga. It is well neigh impossible for me to redeem my debt to him as a public worker in the late evening of my life. My late wife Padma had a very great regard and affection for Shri Praveen Pillai and his wife Smt Anitha Pillai. Padma often used to hail him as “a model Karmayogi”.

I invoke the choicest Blessings and Benediction of my Ishta Devata Mata Durga Devi to be showered upon Shri Praveen Pillai and his wife for leading a meaningful life of love and service to Bharatvarsha, guided by Divine Knowledge and Divine Wisdom.

Two Indian soldiers, Lance-Naiks Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh of 13 Rajputana Rifles, were killed by Pakistani troops after they crossed the border over into the Mendhar sector of Jammu & Kashmir State on Tuesday, 8th January 2013. The “border action team” of the Pakistani Army took advantage of the thick fog in the thickly-forested mountainous region to sneak across the Line of Control (LoC) before they were driven back after a fierce gun-battle with Indian troops. The retreating Paki soldiers mutilated the body of one dead Indian soldier and they beheaded the body of the other dead Indian soldier and took away his head as a trophy of victory in the hallowed Arab traditions.The Indian Army is too horrified to officially admit that the body of one of its soldiers was desecrated by medieval genital mutilation by a savage and barbarous enemy like the Pakistani Army.

Islamabad claimed that India started the shooting across the Line of Control on 6th January 2013. In this firing one Paki soldier was killed and another seriously wounded. Pakistan did not summon India’s high commissioner for a hot cup of masala chai followed by orthodontic photo opportunities. It did not complain to the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) or petition the UN Security Council. It sent its butchers in Paki Army to Kill and Behead the Kaffir soldiers.

The Indian Government on Wednesday 9th January 2013, summoned Pakistani high commissioner Salman Bashir to the foreign office to lodge a strong protest over the killing and mutilation of Indian soldiers, even suggesting that the incident may force New Delhi to do a rethink on its re-engagement with Pakistan. Foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai told Bashir that the "barbaric act'' needs to be investigated by Pakistani authorities immediately and the guilty brought to book.

Hours later, Pakistan reacted by accusing India of making "baseless and unfounded allegations". Pakistan also strongly rejected the Indian allegation of an "attack across the LoC on its military patrol in which two Indian soldiers were claimed to have been killed. When a shell-shocked Indian Government asked for an enquiry, a blithe Pakistan told India to agree to UNMOGIP (read pro-Paki Anglo-American) investigation. Pakistan's offer is meaningless for India doesn't recognize UNMOGIP and had conveyed to the UN after the 1972 Shimla Agreement that it had no place in India. UNMOGIP exists only on the Paki side of the border.

In the mean time, Indian Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal N.A.K Browne took a strong stance against Pakistan. He said on Saturday, 12th January: “We are monitoring the situation carefully because if these things continue to be the way they are and these violations continue to take place, then perhaps we may have to look at other options for compliance. We have a line of control. We have a ceasefire agreement. We have certain structures and mechanisms that are sacrosanct. Any violations of these with impunity, especially what has been happening in the last few months, is totally unacceptable.” Three Cheers to the intrepid Chief of Air Staff! The Nation salutes him!

There was a Flag Meeting on Monday 14th January in Poonch Sector between the two Armies. The meeting was attended by top officials from the PMO and the National Security Advisor (NSA). The Indian side lodged a strong protest with Pakistan over its soldiers intruding into Indian side and brutally killing two of its soldiers in Sona Gali area of Mendhar sector on Jan 8 and repeated violations of ceasefire by Pakistan on the LoC. The Indian Army also demanded the severed head of one of the beheaded soldiers' which was taken by the raiding Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan brushed aside India's charges at the Brigade-level Flag Meeting at the Chakkan-Da-Bagh crossing point in Poonch district.

India's frustration with Pakistan was aggravated after the failure of Brigade level Flag Meeting held at Chakan Da Bagh on Line of Control on Monday. Pakistan's flat denial about its involvement in the beheading made matters worse and the meeting that was intended to defuse tension ended up raising tempers.

Indian Chief of Army Staff General Bikram Singh accused Islamabad of resorting to "outright lies". He gave a tough speech a day ahead of Army Day celebrations. "I expect all my commanders on the LoC to be aggressive and offensive in face of provocation and fire...No passivity is expected from them. Their response has to be measured and for effect." The Pakistani Army's cross-border raid on January 8 was a "premeditated and pre-planned" operation that would have needed at least 10 days of preparation and reconnaissance. The Indian Jawan's beheading was a "gruesome, most unpardonable act" that went against the "basic ethics" of soldering and tenets of the Geneva Convention, he added. Three cheers to General Bikram Singh for keeping the glorious patriotic traditions of Maharaja Ranjit Singh alive!!

The well-dressed Pak Foreign Minister Ms Hina Rabbani Khar, ever the helpless maiden, played the victim card and described the Indian Army Chief's statements "very hostile"!

Every man, woman and child in Pakistan is familiar with the “Ideology of Pakistan”, which entails nothing but an implacable Islamic hostility to Hindu India. This Ideology calls for the destruction of India, a Hindu majority democracy and establishing of Islamic rule in India starting with the Kashmir Valley. This they are planning to do by browbeating the weak UPA Government or by bribing the top UPA leaders in New Delhi starting from Sonia Gandhi downwards. The Pak Government seems to derive its bracing inspiration from the fact that a fellow anti-kaffir Jihadi like Ahmed Patel, not very different from Akbaruddin Owaisi of MIM, is the Political Advisor to Sonia Gandhi. This Ideology of Pakistan is based on the “Two Nation Theory” of Muhammad Ali Jinnah which postulates that the Muslims and Hindus are two separate, distinct and antagonistic nations and that they cannot co-exist in one country. The implementation of this Two Nation Theory took the form of Hindu Genocide during the Great Calcutta Killings of 1946. After the Religious Partition and Separation of Pakistan from India, the Pakistani school textbooks have systematically inculcated hatred towards India and the Hindus. Hate material against Kaffir Hindus is being taught to students starting from Class 1 onwards to inculcate a mindset that is bigoted and obscurantist in the generations to come. After six decades of Pakistani Official hate propaganda systematically targeting Hindus and India, the highly fashionable Paki Foreign Minister Ms Hina Rabbani Khar, famous for her highly expensive handbags, finds Indian Army Chief's statements "very hostile"?

Indian COAS General Bikram Singh was performing his sacred and ordained public duty as the Indian Army Chief by boldly speaking out against Pakistan who is our greatest enemy today. What did Hina Rabbani expect from the well-built Indian Army Chief? That he should seduce her by uttering sweet nothings into her ears?

The brazen, brash and utterly false utterances of the Paki diplomats never fail to startle their audience in India!

After the Military Chiefs in India defiantly articulated in public, the hostile sentiments of their respective officers and men, our puerile politicians came out in a belated and halting manner to express their views on the barbaric beheading of an Indian soldier. The toughening of the popular Indian sentiment found reflection in Shiv Sena's opposition to the participation of Pakistani players in the India Hockey League as well as BJP's bellicose exhortation that Indian troops decapitate 10 Pakistani soldiers for each Indian soldier beheaded. Even the otherwise placid and docile Congress Party functionaries in India started fuming. Maharashtra Congress leaders, in a nationally healthy Sonia-defiant move, wholeheartedly endorsed Shiv Sena’s opposition to India having sporting links with Pakistan.

A few years ago, poor Manmohan Singh had a sleepless night when Dr. Mohammad Hanif of Bangalore, was arrested at Brisbane Airport, Australia in connection with the 2007 terrorist attack on Glasgow International Airport in U.K. Perhaps Manmohan Singh had very sound and restful sleep during the week following the barbaric beheading of the Indian soldier on 8th January 2013. It would be churlish to deny that much-harried man such simple pleasures!

In Victorian England, children were to be seen and not heard. Sonia Gandhi’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too is not heard. Full eight days after the Paki jihadi beheading of the Indian soldier, the Prime Minister of New Delhi Manmohan Singh was woken up by Sonia Gandhi upon being briefed by the intelligence agencies about the agitated state of the Indian public. Sonia Gandhi gave Manmohan Singh a short statement which he tweeted in his mild and almost inaudible voice. "It cannot be business as usual with Pakistan after the heinous act. Those who are responsible will have to be brought to book... I hope Pakistan realises this." He was speaking on the occasion of the Army Day Reception.

An Indian soldier has been beheaded and all that the henpecked Manmohan Singh can limply say is “there cannot be business as usual”! Thank Heavens, this time he did not ask “THEEK HAI?” after the Statement! Can there be a more demoralizing factor for Indian soldiers than to have a Prime Minister reluctant to react at the gruesome beheading of their comrade.

“Those who are responsible will have to be brought to book... I hope Pakistan realises this,” says our naive Manmohan Singh of New Delhi. Which Book, Manmohan Singhji? Will the Jihadi butchers now be given FACEBOOK Accounts or perhaps they will bring NOTEBOOK Computer on their next head hunting jihadi mission?

What was the illegally nominated Prime Minister doing all these days other than busying himself with Sonia Gandhi Household activities? If he takes so much time to speak, then how much time he will take for some action? Is Manmohan Singh’s job only to facilitate the Italian carpetbagger Sonia Gandhi’s scams after scams after scams in an interminable succession?

Late response is the hall mark of our Honorable Prime Minion. If there had been no public hue and cry then our Prime Minion Manmohan Singh, who cannot win even a Municipal Councillor Election from Punjab, wouldn’t have spoken up. If the Opposition parties hadn’t reacted so strongly, Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t have handed him a weak, short and flaccid Statement to be read out to the National Press.

What will your UPA Government do if the Pakistan does not hand over the culprits of this heinous crime, Manmohan Singhji?

Do we need a Prime Minister who says: "There cannot be any usual business with Pakistan after this incident"? The youth of India, the women of India are expecting a Prime Minister who says: "There cannot be any Pakistan after this incident". They will definitely vote for one such MANLY person. More than 6 Crores of voters in Gujarat have voted for one such MANLY person.

What the pro-jhadi UPA Government has done is to proffer a petition to the Paki Government who is now expected to book the beheading jihadis! What did the Pakistanis do to the handlers and perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage of 2008?

Where is our National Youth Icon and Prime Minister-in-waiting Raol Vinci a.k.a Rahul Gandhi? Is he recovering well from the hangovers after his late-night parties with his foreign friends? We should take it for granted that he has nothing to say on this crisis, either!

Soon after the PM's remarks and in a calibrated move, external affairs minister Salman Khurshid read out an official statement which declared: "It should not be felt that the brazen denial and the lack of a proper response from the government of Pakistan to our repeated demarches on this incident will be ignored and that bilateral relations could be unaffected or that there will be business as usual. Such actions by the Pakistan army, which are in contravention of all norms of international conduct, not only constitute a grave provocation but lead us to draw appropriate conclusions about Pakistan's seriousness in pursuing normalisation of relations with India." Salman Khurshid Mian, what are your “appropriate conclusions”? Are you unable to honestly admit that your fellow barbaric head-hunting Jihadi savages in Pakistan don’t care a tuppence for normal civilized relations with Kafir Hindu India?

In the mean time the Italian-born Catholic usurper Sonia Gandhi ordered the supine Manmohan Singh and the feckless Cabinet Ministers to mouth meaningless inanities and talk PEACE At ANY COST (to India and her long-suffering Hindus). We cannot have silly issues like National Security interfering with the massive looting of the Sonia Congress Kleptocracy, can we?