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Monday, June 30, 2014

Resist China’s Cartographic

Aggression against India

by V. Sundaram IAS and

Praveen Shanker Pillai

China has roiled the diplomatic waters in the region by publishing a new map that lays claim to swaths of the South China Sea that encompass almost all of Southeast Asia. The new Chinese map also shows Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory.

Professor Lee Yunglung at the South China Sea Institute of Xiamen University said that the map raises the South China Sea issue to a level of prominence equal to China's decades-long disputes with Japan over the East China Sea and the Senkaku Island.

He said the publication of the map serves a two-layered purpose. Domestically, the map "enhances Chinese citizens' understanding of China's sovereignty" over the South China Sea. On the international stage, the map gives a "more comprehensive narrative of the historical justification for China's claims of sovereignty" over the disputed area.

See the Chinese cartographic aggression at:

Chinese cartographic aggression has always preceded their actual military aggression. This has happened first with Tibet in 1950 and with Arunachal Pradesh, then, North East Frontier Province, and also with Aksai Chin in 1962.

In a Cartographic counter measure the Government of India should publish maps showing Tibet and Xingiang as separate from China in all their official publications. Let the Chinese learn that Indians too can play their game.

The Chinese have irritated the Modi Government by continuing to issue stapled visas to people of Arunachal Pradesh who wanted to visit China. A reciprocal action would be issuing stapled visas to people of Xingiang and Tibet.

The Hans, who are lording it over China, have developed an imperialist mindset. They cannot treat smaller neighbours with respect as sovereign countries. For them all smaller neighbours are vassals. They treat the Russians and the Americans with respect, fearing the military strength of these two powers.

The Congress Governments, since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, never respected and defended India’s borders. As a result the Chinese continued to violate Indian borders with unfailing regularity. The Han Communists of China respect only those countries, who have strength and are willing to use that strength.

The new Modi Government has to treat all Chinese violations seriously, whether they are border skirmishes or cartographic aggression. Until the Han Communists of China learn to behave in a civilized manner Indian Government has to be not merely reactive, but even deliberately provocative.

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