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Tuesday, June 24, 2014





by V. SUNDARAM I.A.S (retd.) 

In the context of the ongoing controversy relating to insidious attempts being made by some of the remnants of the earlier corrupt Sonia Gandhi UPA Regime, to make Gopal Subramanian, former Solicitor General of India, a Supreme Court Judge, I felt that it is absolutely necessary in the larger cause of public interest, to present a few excerpts from my article, which I had written in my blog in November 2010.


Solicitor General Gopal Subramanian misuses his official position to illegally HELP 2G Spectrum Fraud Union Telecom Minister A Raja.

Excerpts from my article titled ‘Saboteur General of India or Solicitor General for Union Minister A.Raja’ dated 14th November 2010

“Is Gopal Subramaniam a Solicitor General of India (SGI) or Saboteur General (SG) of India? He has brought permanent disgrace and infamy to the noble legal profession. He should be made to quit from the exalted Office of the Bar Council of India. Just as a former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India allowed his official residence to be used as the private Real Estate Business headquarters of his beloved sons, this shameless Solicitor General of India (SG) has used his residence to function as the legal headquarters for protecting the corrupt Union Minister A.Raja in the Case relating to the Himalayan Mega Fraud 2G Spectrum Case pending in the Supreme Court of India. Gopal Subramaniam was the ‘chamcha’ of the most corrupt Former Union Shipping and Transport Minister T.R.Balu. Now he is functioning as the 'chamcha’ of the Union Minister A.Raja. Thus Gopal Subramaniam has become the unsought Saboteur General of India (SG) on the one hand and the much sought after Solicitor general of India (SGI) for Union Minister A.Raja.”

“It has been widely reported in the Press that a meeting of CBI and Enforcement Directorate Officials took place at the Official residence of Gopal Subramaniam the Solicitor General of India on 28th October 2010 to discuss the 2G Spectrum Fraud Case. Anitha Shenoy, the Advocate for A.Raja, was also present, though she had no locus standi to participate at that meeting. This ‘meeting’ was ‘designed’ by the SGI to facilitate Anita Shenoy in the ongoing 2G Spectrum Corruption Case in the Supreme Court. This SGI had summoned CBI’s Investigative Officer Vivek Priyadarshi and DIG S.K.Palsania for that meeting with the hidden purpose of helping Anitha Shenoy and not assisting the Enforcement Agencies of the State like the CBI in effectively conducting the prosecution of the case.”

“It has been reported in the Press that at this meeting the SGI introduced Anitha Shenoy to the Enforcement Officers. SGI requested these officers to brief Anitha Shenoy. Quite unlike the SGI, the D.I.G. Palsania conducted himself with great dignity, moral courage and high sense of public responsibility by strongly objecting to the openly nefarious and shameful gesture of sg to sabotage the due legal process of correct investigation of the case against Union Minister A.Raja.”

“D.I.G. Palsania told the SGI: “We have nothing to do with Raja’s advocate and we are not supposed to talk to her. We will report only to the Director of the CBI and not even to you and much less to the private advocate for Union Minister Raja. We cannot be dictated to. We are under no official obligation to report to anybody about the progress of the probe.” Ignoring SGI’s illegal and immoral instructions, these officials then walked out of the meeting.”

“Immediately thereafter they brought SG’s open interference on behalf of Union Minister A. Raja to the notice of the CBI Director Ashwani Kumar. It has been reported that CBI Director told Union Law (less!)Minister Veerappa Moily: “We demand a new Counsel in the place of this SG. We do not want to entertain Gopal Subramaniam anymore”."

“After the controversial meeting on 28-10-2010, the SGI claimed “illness” in order to absent himself from the next hearing at the Supreme Court of India on October 29th 2010. Raja’s advocate had informed the Supreme Court of the SGI’s “illness”. Mercifully for the people of India, the CBI was represented by Additional Solicitor General Harin Raval on that day.”

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley has told a TV news channel: “It’s surprising how an advocate pleading for an accused is in connivance with the CBI. Both the investigating agency and the advocate are sitting together to try and bail out A Raja”.


Gopal Subramanian telling blatant lies to the Supreme Court of India while holding the post of Solicitor General.

I am also giving a few excerpts from another article which I wrote in the same month.

“Two years ago Dr Subramanian Swamy exposed the Himalayan corruption of DMK Party nominated Union Telecom Minister A. Raja in the 2G spectrum allocation scam by furnishing irrefutable documentary evidence to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and sought the latter’s permission under the ‘Manual of Rules of Union Government Business’ to prosecute Union Minister A. Raja.”

“The Prime Minister sat over this letter like an obdurate low level baboo and took no action on Dr Swamy’s letter for several months. Subsequently Dr Swamy sent several letters reminding the Prime Minister about the need for according sanction to prosecute Minister A. Raja. On each occasion Dr Swamy furnished newer and more and more unassailable documentary evidence to establish a prima facie case against the criminal misconduct of Minister A. Raja.”

“Only on two occasions, Dr Swamy received a letter from the Government during the last two years. After a lapse of more than one year, the Prime Minister sent a letter to Dr Swamy stating that the matter was being referred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The second letter sent to Dr Swamy was from Union Minister Raja and that too after several months of inordinate delay. The joke about this letter is that Union Minister Raja had stated that the Prime Minister had chosen to forward to him the original letter of Dr Swamy seeking Prime Minister’s permission to prosecute Union Minister Raja! How could the Prime Minister forward Dr Swamy’s original letter addressed to him to the accused Minister Raja? That is why I say that the lawless law of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi overrides the Law of the Constitution!”

“The Solicitor General of India Gopal Subramaniam --- nay the SABOTEUR GENERAL OF INDIA --- incorrectly informed the Supreme Court that the Prime Minister’s office had promptly sent reply letters to Dr Subramanian Swamy in respect of every letter received by them from him.”

“Dr Subramanian Swamy exposed the walkie-talkie fraud of Gopal Subramaniam when he told the open Court that Gopal Subramaniam was treating routine acknowledgement letters sent by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to him from time to time as documents of high state policy. Dr Subramanian Swamy had told the Court that these routine interim letters had not at all touched upon the substantive issue raised by him in his original letter to the Prime Minister.”

My comments today, 24th June 2014:

Gopal Subramanian abused his authority as Solicitor General of India to protect the criminal interest of the then Union Telecom Minister A. Raja. That is why I called him the Saboteur General of India.

Gopal Subramanian brazenly lied to the Supreme Court of India that the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had promptly sent replies to all the letters of Dr Subramanian Swamy on the 2G Spectrum Scam.

Gopal Subramanian demonstrably proved that he was incapable of resisting political pressures from the highest level in the UPA Government. Such a man will be a national disaster as a Supreme Court Judge.

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