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Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter to Editor -

The Pioneer


Regarding the article

on Thorium Loot


My grateful thanks to your bold and independent newspaper for referring to my comments on SUITCASE-ABILITY in the article ‘Thorium loot spells strategic loss’ by the intrepid journalist Shri Kumar Chellappan published today, i.e., Monday, 15th October 2012. Gigantic and gargantuan Thorium loot is taking place today in India with the full knowledge and consent of the Sonia Congress Party and the Government of India. Every enlightened citizen in India knows that the mass media in India --- both print and electronic --- is in a gagged state. Our newspapers and TV channels are being gagged or are themselves interested in gagging the correct and truthful news and preventing it from reaching the common masses --- all for the right price filled in the right sized suitcase.

In 1941, Sir Winston Churchill said; “THE BRITISH PRESS TODAY IS THE FOE OF VACUOUS RHETORIC BUT A FRIEND OF PATRIOTIC REASON.” Today, the press in India is the foe of patriotic reason but a friend of vacuous, debased and debauched rhetoric. The enslaved press in India is double shackled; it not only takes away the true light, for in that case we refrain from right action, but also sets up criminal decoys to mislead us on to the path of total destruction. THE PIONEER is a spectacular exception to this rule.

What is the vicious circle of SUITCASE-ABILITY?
India has been known for its vicious circle of poverty for more than two centuries. But, today, India finds herself in the deadly and deathly grip of suitcaseability. The vicious cycle of suitcaseability is a circular constellation of forces --- economic, non-economic, political, sociological, anthropological and cultural --- acting and reacting upon one another in such a manner as to keep the Indian Economy, Indian Government and the Indian State and the Indian Nation in a paralyzed state of suffocating strangulation and self-perpetuating SUITCASE-ABILITY.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sundaramji. We need people like you to continue the fight against corruption.