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Friday, June 3, 2011


All India General Secretary (Ideology), Janata Party

A totally selfless Yoddha Sanyasi

All the pathetic and desperate attempts made by the Prime Minister and senior Cabinet Ministers of the supremely corrupt UPA II Government of India to confuse, coax, cajole and coerce Yogrishi Baba Ramdev to call off his fast-unto-death at Ramlila Maidan on 4th June 2011 have failed.

A 2.5 lakh square feet waterproof tent has been erected on Ramlila Maidan and massive cut-outs of Baba Ramdev have been put up around it. About 250 labourers were giving final touches at the protest site. This tent can accommodate more than 30,000 people. THE PIONEER, New Delhi, has reported that Ramlila Maidan has located in the heart of the national Capital is virtually turning into ‘RAMDEV NAGARI’ ahead of Baba Ramdev’s proposed satyagraha from June 4.

Materials for tent have been procured from Rishikesh whereas the sound system at the venue has been arranged from Haridwar, where the Patanjali Yoga Peeth is situated. According to organisers, these materials have been arranged by Baba’s followers in these places.

A dedicated team of over 1,000 managers is working round the clock to make arrangements so that the event turns out to be a huge success. It has already prepared 650 bathrooms and 650 toilets on the Ramlila grounds, the protest venue. On Friday, 3rd June 2011, around 10 large LCD screens will be installed so that the gathering can have a clear view of those sitting on the eight-ft-high and 70-ft-long stage.

Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala has said that about of 750 volunteers are working overnight for making arrangements. “There will be helpline numbers. Sound systems with low noise level would be arranged to avoid sound pollution. Five hundred water taps would be fixed to supply pure water to visitors. About 850 fans and coolers would be placed to beat the heat”. According to him, there will be 100-bedded residential area for the yoga gurus. There will be 500 water dispensing units and 1,000 washrooms for the visitors. Tijarawala said nearly 100 volunteers will be managing the traffic situation.

The Hindu reports that according to the Bharat Swabhiman Trust, which is organising the event, the arrangements in place for the event include setting up tents over the 2.5 lakh square metre area of the ground, 1,300 toilets, a separate reverse osmosis plant for providing drinking water, 7,800 water taps, 1,000 fans and 250 coolers. A team of 60 doctors will also be at hand. A medical centre with ICU facility and 40 beds is also being arranged. The 24/7 anti-national Sonia Congress Party is capable of making similar arrangements on the same scale only for the Firangi Memsahib and her half-breed clan in India and abroad and that too at the expense of the Government of India, using the corrupt Congress Ministers and the no less corrupt dancing DMK Ministers like A. Raja (2g Spectrum fame) and Dayanidhi Maran (2g Spectrum fame + BSNL telephone exchange notoriety fame), if necessary!

IN SHORT, THE SCALE OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE CREATED BY THE FULLY COMMITTED AND SELFLESS DEVOTEES OF YOGRISHI BABA RAMDEV WOULD TURN MANY A NATIONAL-LEVEL POLITICIAN GREEN WITH UNCONCEALED HATRED AND MALICIOUS ENVY. It is not therefore surprising that Digvijay Singh has spoken like a third grade moffusil politician against the proposed fast-unto-death satyagraha programme of Baba Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev will be staying at the tent in the Ramlila Maidan in which all other basic facilities have been arranged. The excitement and dedication displayed by his supporters can be gauged from the fact they have been visiting various parks across the Capital and urging yoga practitioners to participate in the yoga camp at Ramlila Maidan.

Apart from his volunteers, the Delhi Government, following the party high command’s direction, is also working hard to make success of the proposed fast-unto-death by Baba Ramdev. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday called an informal Cabinet meeting and directed her Ministers to ensure proper power and water supply as well as sanitation and health care facilities for his followers who will start pouring into the city from 3rd June 2011.

An agriculture scientist and Right to Information (RTI) activist Dr Sadachari Singh Tomar had initially written to the Union Home Ministry requesting proper security for Baba Ramdev in view of the threats to him from several quarters following his crusade against corruption and recovery of black money stashed away in foreign banks by Indians. Finding no response, Dr. Tomar filed an application under the RTI Act before the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) urging him to provide information about the steps the Ministry had taken on his application seeking security. After three months, the lethargic CPIO informed Dr. Tomar that it had sent his application to the Uttarakhand government for “appropriate action”. Then, Dr. Tomar filed an appeal before the First Appellate Authority of the Home Ministry which after two months also disallowed his request for inspection of the documents. Dr. Tomar then challenged the Appellate Authority decision before the Central Information Commission (CIC) submitting that it was the Home Ministry's duty to provide information about action taken, if any, by the Uttarakhand State Government on his application. Allowing Dr. Tomar’s Appeal, the Sushma Singh Information Commissioner in the CIC has in her Order (Case No. CIC/SS/A/2010/001193 dated 25-3-2011) asked the CPIO to provide a copy of the letter received from the Uttarakhand State Government that Z CATEGORY SECURITY has been provided to Baba Ramdev.

It is expected that nearly 10 lakh people would come to the National Capital to participate in the yoga camp. This is in addition to the lakhs of Baba Ramdev’s followers who will be participating in similar protest fasts in India’s State Capitals and District Headquarters against the callously and cruelly corrupt Italian colonial Sonia Congress UPA II Government in New Delhi. The Delhi unit head of the Bharat Swabhiman Trust Virender Singh said: “About 1 lakh people have registered so far and by Saturday the figure is expected to swell to 3 lakh, so accordingly we too have to step up our efforts. So far about 50 lakh people have extended their support to us through the missed call campaign, which started 10 days ago.”

Sonia Congress UPA II Government is a Government Of Criminals, By Criminals For Criminals. It is a Government of Swindlers, Thieves, Robbers, Dacoits, Knaves, Goons, Goondas and Traitors. This is the only shameless Government of post-Independent India which has been subjected to the infamy and indignity of being monitored by the Supreme Court of India in respect of the criminal case filed by the CBI against the former Union Telecom Minister A. Raja.

The Chairman of the Coordination Committee of all these large scale looting operations is the Italian Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi. This disgraceful Bandito (means bandit in Italian) Government nay, KLEPTOCRACY, got frightened out of its wits when the Hindu Dharmacharya Baba Ramdev announced his decision to go on a fast-unto-death against Bhrashtachaar (Corruption) and Kaala-Dhan (Black Money). Baba Ramdev declared that he had interacted with and influenced 100 Million people and convinced them to take up the fight against whole scale government corruption and public looting held abroad illegally. It is reliably understood that the intelligence agencies have sent reports to the Poll Cheat Home Minister Pa Chidambaram and the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi of the overwhelming support enjoyed by Baba Ramdev even among the habitual Congress voters.

According to Shri Deivamuthu Editor of Hindu Voice: “The Congress is not at all afraid of Anna Hazare as he is not a political threat. The Congress is frightened  of Baba Ramdev as he is a powerful political threat. Baba Ramdev is forming a political party and is going to challenge the Congress at the next parliamentary election. The Congress (like the Britishers in 1880s) was on the look out for a buffer and Anna Hazare (like MK Gandhi) has fit the bill. So he was promoted with the help of an obliging media and multinational companies waiting to take revenge of Baba Ramdev.”

It is not therefore surprising that the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi directed her Prime Minion Dr Manmohan Singh, who takes hourly instructions from her, to send a team of 4 empowered senior Cabinet Ministers, namely, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, Parliamentary Affairs Minister P.K. Bansal and Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahay to meet Baba Ramdev along with top officials, including Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandresekhar yesterday in order to persuade Baba Ramdev to call off the fast scheduled on 4th of June 2011. The Congress Union Ministers failed in their mission to dissuade Yogrishi Baba Ramdev.

Unlike Anna Hazare, who went on a fast to push the specific demand of a joint drafting committee for the Lok Pal Bill, Baba Ramdev’s demands are wide-ranging and ambitious. The yoga guru wants black money stashed abroad to be brought back and declared a national asset. He wants the death penalty for corruption. He wants the demonitization of currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denomination. He is in favour of a substantial increase in the minimum support price for grains. He wants wages of different categories of labourers to be uniform across the country, besides a pro-farmer Land Acquisition Bill. He is strongly in favour of the introduction of Hindi medium in medical and technical colleges, etc. Finally he wants the introduction of a Law which will ensure a Minimum Public Service Guarantee at all levels for all the citizens of India.

After the dismal failure of the empowered team of Union Cabinet Ministers to dissuade Baba Ramdev from going on fast-unto-death with effect from 4th June 2011, both Print and Electronic Media duly reported that the Sonia Congress “Government was rattled by Baba Ramdev’s decision to go on fast against corruption”. The political and administrative authority of the Sonia Congress Government took a beating with the public perception that the Government is rattled by the actions of a single Hindu leader Baba Ramdev. It is reliably understood that this press coverage of her Government’s surrender, shook up Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi even more. She immediately directed her imbecile son Rahul’s mouthpiece and stage performer Digvijay Singh to attack Baba Ramdev and distance her captive party from her captive Government.

Digvijay Singh has said that it was quite "unnecessary" for a team of four Union Cabinet Ministers to have gone to the Airport to receive Baba Ramdev in order to persuade him to give up the fast-unto-death. He has said: “The Congress Party has nothing to do with it. The party is not at all related to this entire exercise from here to the airport (ministers going to the airport to receive the Yoga Guru)”.

Of course, oh dear Digvijay Singh, I am aware of the stark fact that the Sonia Congress Party has “nothing to do” with the Government! After all the Sonia Congress Party is like the scullery maid of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh Government is like the chaprasi of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi. Both the Party and the UPA II Government are chattels of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi. How can the scullery maid be responsible for what the chaprasi does? Both are chattels merely obeying dictatorial and draconian “orders from above” --- No:10 Janpath in New Delhi!

Digvijay Singh has made an indirect threat to get Baba Ramdev arrested as a “Saffron Terrorist” when he exclaimed: the Congress Party is not scared of Baba Ramdev and is holding discussions with him. If the Congress Party is scared, then Baba Ramdev would have been put behind bars. There is no fear, that is why he is out in the open and there are discussions with him.

The underground political links of Digvijay Singh with known supporters of Islamic terrorists in India are too well known and that is why he indulges in this kind of abusive blackmailing rhetoric against this highly respected Hindu Dharmacharya Baba Ramdev. Like his mentor and ovcerlord the ARCH CROWN (CLOWN) PRINCE, Digvijay Singh is a friend of real Islamic terrorism and an enemy of imagined Saffron Terrorism.

Digvijay Singh has shamelessly accused Baba Ramdev of having black money and demanded that he should account for his sources of funding. Why is it that he did not put the same question to Anna Hazare? Is it because Anna Hazare is a trusted and devoted Quisling of Sonia Gandhi?

The common masses of India know that the Corrupt Digvijay Singh is no Mahatma Gandhi even as the corrupt Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi is no Mahatma Gandhi. In order to illustrate this point, I would like to invite the attention of my readers to the following PTI News Item Dated 21 April 2011 relating to the corrupt deeds and misdeeds of this Sonia Congress political free-booter Digvijay Singh from Madhya Pradesh.

Published: Thursday, Apr 21, 2011
Place: Indore | Agency: PTI

The Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court has directed the State Economic and Offence Wing (EOW) to file a chargesheet by June 30 against former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and 11 others in connection with the alleged irregularities committed in the construction of a shopping mall here.

A Division Bench comprising Justices Prakash Shrivastava and SK Seth yesterday gave the direction while hearing a Petition filed by Mahesh Garg stating that the EOW was dilly-dallying in the Treasure Mall case, petitioner's counsel Manohar Dalal said.  In his petition, Garg stated that though the EOW registered a case against Digvijay and 11 others in February 2009, it was dragging its feet in the probe. Garg has lodged a complaint with the EOW alleging that gross irregularities have been committed in collusion with the state machinery to favour the mall directors unlawfully. Following the complaint, the EOW registered a case against Digvijay, then state housing and environment minister Choudhay Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi, former Madhya Pradesh housing board chairman C Shekhar, Shopping Mall owner Manish Kalani and others in 2009.


Anna Hazare has stated today that he would like to associate himself with Baba Ramdev's hunger strike on June 4, 2011. The Civil Society has expressed its total backing for Baba Ramdev’s fast againsy corruption and black-money. Anna Hazare said he would join Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, where he is to sit on a fast-unto-death protest, on Sunday, the 5th of June 2011, emphasising that there was no divide in the civil society on the issue of corruption. To the total discomfiture of the UPA II Government of India, Anna Hazare has said: “I will support Ramdev so that the government does not do what it did to me when we were fighting. I and Baba Ramdev will fight together against corruption.”


Very much like Digvijay Singh, Congress MP and known Islamic fanatic Rashid Alvi has also attacked Baba Ramdev in these words: “Baba Ramdev's method is completely wrong. It is weakening the parliamentary system. He should account for his Rs 11,000 crore...where did it come from? People come to him to learn yoga, not to fulfill his political ambitions. He is exploiting his followers.” We should also remember that this same jihadi of Indian vintage had criticized the celebrations of Kargill war victory over his fellow jihadis from Pakistan! Before joining the Congress party Rashid Alvi was expelled from BSP for having criticized Mayavati for not being sufficiently pro-Islamic!!

ANOTHER VERY EXCITING POINT ABOUT THIS JIHADI MUSLIM MP RASHID ALVI, IS THAT HE CONSIDERS SAUDI ARABIA AS HIS LEGITIMATE HOMELAND. I am saying this after reading a news item relating to his disgraceful and reprehensible conduct in Saudi Arabia. DURING HIS VISIT TO SAUDI ARABIA, RASHID ALVI HAS DEMANDED THE IMPOSITION OF A BAN ON THE RSS. THIS IS BREACH OF PRIVILEGE OF RAJYA SABHA. It has also been reported in the HaindavaKeralam website that a notice has been issued to Rajya Sabha MP Raashid Alvi calling for an explanation for his making objectionable statements on domestic issues in a foreign country. His statement in Saudi Arabia clearly brings out the fact that Raashid Alvi has no faith in the Indian democratic system, he has no respect for the Indian Parliament and he has no faith in the Indian Judiciary. His faith is reposed in Saudi Arabia and the Quran. That is why Dr Ambedkar wrote as follows in 1945: “Every Muslim in India is extra-territorial in his faith and loyalty. He is anything but patriotic and nationalistic”

I fully endorse the views of bold and fearless web-journalist VIJAYAN, Chennai, which he has communicated to me through e-mail:

“What Baba Ramdev and the new ICS, Indian Civil Society should now demand is –

1. Immediate seizure and forfeit of all the assets, fixed and liquid, of known crooks like Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Andiputty Raja, Maran Brothers, Kurunanidhi, Cunnymozhi, TR Balu, Kalmadi, Hasan Ali, - including all their “benamis”, “relatives” and Bureucratic henchmen. We will give an exhaustive List of Prime Offenders if demanded.

2. Trial and public execution by hanging or a firing squad of all the Main Offenders named within six months.
This will ensure Clean and Corruption-free Governance for at least a decade, by which time another Corrupt Gen-Next should be ready to go on the rampage. There Is No Alternative!”

The Political Parties like the BJP, the Janata Party and the SP have expressed their total support for the fast-unto-death campaign of Baba Ramdev against overweening corruption and overarching black money tucked away in safe coffers in India and abroad.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), hailed by the BBC as the biggest cultural Non Governmental Organization in the world, has also expressed its total solidarity with the larger national objectives and goals of baba Ramdev’s people’s movement against Corruption and Black Money. This endorsement by the RSS has sent shivers of trepidation and fear through the tottering and crumbling edifice of the most corrupt and most venal Sonia-controlled UPA II Government in New Delhi.

Known anti-Hindu baiters in the Sonia Congress like Digvijay Singh, Abhishek Singhvi and Rashid Alvi have accused Baba Ramdev of having political ambitions and political backing of certain (read, BJP) parties. If Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi and her semi-literate half-breed imbecile son Rahul Gandhi can have political ambitions of becoming the Prime Minister of India, then what is so terrible about Baba Ramdev having political ambitions? British India was religiously partitioned into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India on August 15 1947. Why shouldn’t a saffron clad Hindu Yoddha Sanyasi become the Prime Minister of India and why shouldn’t political parties sensing the public mood support him? We are living in democratic Bharatvarsha and not in Saudi Arabia where every political activity is banned.

If only the Roman Catholic lady of Irish origin and formerly President of the Indian National Congress Dr Annie Besant (1847-1933), had been alive today, she would have whole-heartedly approved of the Hindu Dharmaacharya Baba Ramdev’s Dharm Yuddh against the gargantuan Alpine Italian corruption in India’s public life today. Dr Annie Besant had said: “INDIA WAS BORN, AS IT WERE, IN THE WOMB OF HINDUISM, AND HER BODY WAS FOR LONG SHAPED BY THAT RELIGION.”


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srinivasaraghavan0706 said...

well begun is half physics movement happens when inertia is overcome.the inertia of hindus who have been enslaved for the last 1000years by the muslims the british and then by the nehru clan should be overcome. the push has been given by the baba and it is time for all of us hindus\/indians who believe in our ageold traditions culture etc to arise awake and retreat not till the goal is reached