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Friday, April 22, 2011



I had in my earlier article THE CORRUPT SONIA AND SUBVERSIVE SONIA CONGRESS WORKING WHOLE-TIME TO CRUSH THE BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN OF BABA RAMDEV yesterday (20-4-2011) said that all true Nationalists and patriots must view Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare as two sides of the same coin of our National Movement against the overseeing, overweening and overarching Stone Umbrella of massive corruption of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi, her half-breed clan and their lackeys who work whole time for a ‘Private Limited Company’ (called Sonia Congress) wholly owned by Sonia Gandhi and her family. THE ANTI-NATIONAL MAFIA OF MASS MEDIA --- BOTH PRINT AND ELECTRONIC --- do not want to accept this known fact or uphold this position. They are all committed to the philosophy of Sonia Congress gagged fully paid journalism!!

I ADMIT WITH HUMILITY THAT I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG !!! Like the naïve and  illiterate masses of India, I was also foolishly taken in by the cleverly manipulated projection of Anna Hazare by the Sonia Congress controlled and directed Mafia Of Mass Media as a man of great purity and character, a great Gandhian wearing a Gandhi cap and as a fearless crusader who has gone on a selfless fast unto death and launched a national movement against corruption in India.

Anna Hazare’s spiritual and political mentor Mahatma Gandhi had stated as follows when he called off the Civil Disobedience Movement after the Chauri Chaura Massacre on February 4, 1922: “Whenever I make any mistake, I would not hesitate to retrace my steps and to claim from the house top that I was wrong. It was a HIMALAYAN BLUNDER”.

Taking my lesson from Mahatma Gandhi today I also wish to say that I have made an unpardonable and Capital Mistake in equating an unreliable character called Anna Hazare with very shady antecedents with BABA RAMDEV. Till today I was not aware of the fact that Anna Hazare had been publicly indicted and reprimanded by the JUSTICE PB SAWANT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ORDERED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA A FEW YEARS AGO. AFTER READING THIS Report I can say that Anna Hazare is as much a walky-talky fraud as Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee, P Chidambaram, ‘Oily’ Moily, Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh and other supremely corrupt subalterns nay saboteurs of the Private Army of Sonia Gandhi called the SONIA CONGRESS!

The Mafia of Mass Media has cleverly hidden from Public View the finding of the Justice PB Sawant Commission Report that “The expenditure of Rs 2.20 lacs from the funds of the Hind Swaraj Trust for the birthday celebrations of Shri Hajare was clearly illegal and amounted to a corrupt practice.” (p 365). Justice P.B.Sawant was a Supreme Court Judge and he has given his finding in an objective and fair manner.

Thus Anna Hazare, the biter has been bitten by his own accumulated baggage of corruption duly identified, fixed and indicted by the Justice Sawant Commission in 2005. In my view like most other corrupt Sonia Congressmen, Anna Hazare sports a Gandhi Cap. This by itself does not make him a Gandhian.

The Justice Sawant commission set up by Government of Maharashtra in 2003 “to probe into the allegations of corrupt practices and maladministration into matters of allegations of corruption against several state ministers and social activist Anna Hazare” clearly indicted the Magsaysay Awardee ANNA HAZARE. The report submitted on February 23, 2005, concludes: “The expenditure of Rs 2.20 lacs from the funds of the Hind Swaraj Trust for the birthday celebrations of Shri Hajare was clearly illegal and amounted to a corrupt practice.” (p 365)

Sant Yadavbaba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, a Trust with which Hazare is associated since its inception in 1980, “committed illegalities” in its audits, according to Justice Sawant.”

Justice Sawant Report says, “There is no doubt that the trust, and therefore, the trustees of the trust committed illegalities.” (p 281)

According to Justice Sawant Report, Ganpatrao Avati,a close associate of Hazare, had asked for an amount of Rs 25,000 to process an application. It thus inferseven those activists who were nearer to Shri Hajare were indulging in corruption and demanding money from the supplicants who came for relief from Shri Hajare.” (p 359-60) In my view all the social activists (representing different NGOs who owe their personal indivisible allegiance to Sonia Gandhi who are encircling Anna Hazare are no different from Ganpatrao Avati and are all different species of the larger genus extolled by the Mafia of Mass Media---both Print And Electronic---as CIVIL SOCIETY! Their criminality---individually, severally and collectively---is too well known and fully documented. Let me give some more details to prove my point!


The Commission inquired into complaints against Shri Hazare and his NGOs and found as follows:

Hind Swaraj Trust:
p.269 - illegalities and maladministration in land transactions
p.271 - illegal utilisation of the trust's funds

Sant Yadavbaba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal:
p.281 - "committed illegalities" - its audited accounts for 1982 to 1994 were filed in 1995 and for 1995 to 2002 in 2003. 
p.285 - legal requirement flouted from 1985 at least till 2005 of submission of the annual budget to the Charity Commissioner p.297 - did not list all its properties as legally required to the Charity Commissioner
pp. 298-99 - did not have its accounts in scheduled banks as required by the law, it advanced a loan that was illegal, it spent money on objects outside its charter 
p.304 - maladministration 
p.305 - illegalities in regard to a fixed deposit

Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Trust:
p.316 - registered contrary to law 
pp.319-21 - at least since 1998 onwards to 2005 the trust was not functioning legally 
p.323 - from 10/11/2001 the accounts were not maintained as per the rules of the trust
p.323 - donations collected in the name of the trust were not properly receipted nor were accounted for in it 
p.326 - audited accounts were not submitted to the Charity Commissioner for 1998-2002  
p.327 - illegal cash transctions were made
pp.329-30 - Hazare made key appointments illegally, and these appointees "lost" money collected by them
pp.359-61 - "activists" close to Hazare took bribes from supplicants to Hazare, and Hazare did not act against these "activists"

Krishna Pani Puravatha Yojana Sahakari Sanstha:
p.363 - Hazare a member when not eligible to be one.

Main Conclusions of Justice Sawant Commission Report:
p.365 - the Commission summarized illegality/corruption/maladministration by Hazare/his NGOs..

The Commision noted "punishable" illegalities.  It is not readily clear that anyone was punished for them.

Justice P.B. Sawant said that What I probed was certainly a case of corruption. But Hazare accepted that it was a mistake...."

When an accused admits his guilt before a Magistrate in a Court of Law, he makes the task of the Magistrate easier because all that is left for him is to fix the sentence to be awarded to the accused under the Law. Under the Indian Evidence Act, when an accused openly admits his guilt in a Court of Law, it requires no corroboration what so ever from any other independent witness. The basic principle of jurisprudence is that no man will admit against himself. Anna Hazare has openly admitted his mistake to Justice P.B.Sawant.

However, as Justice P.B.Sawant was only heading a Commission of Enquiry, he has given his finding against Anna Hazare. In my view Anna Hazare is as much guilty of brazen corruption as Sonia Gandhi and her equally corrupt Union Cabinet Ministers.

The scale and scope and magnitude of Anna Hazare’s  Corruption may be radically and structurally different from that of the Himalayan Corruption of Sonia Gandhi. But this is irrelevant. Both of them are different sides of the same coin of venal and vicious corruption plaguing the country today. Desi Anna Hazare (with his dubious Gandhi Cap!)  has no more moral authority than the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi (despite the suffix of controversial ‘Gandhi’ to her name, because neither she nor her late husband has any connection with Mahatma Gandhi!).

I am not therefore surprised that Anna Hazare (as informally desired or ‘directed’ by Sonia Gandhi!) chose to write as follows to the defacto Hitler type dictator Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi, THE GANGOTRI OF ALL CORRUPTION on April 18th 2011:

Mrs Sonia Gandhi,

Chairperson, UPA,

10, Janpath, New Delhi

Dear Mrs Gandhi
We entered the joint committee with the hope of jointly drafting a strong anti-corruption law for the country. Your letter to me, just a day before I ended my fast, that ‘there is an urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption in public life’ and that ‘the law in these matters must be effective and deliver the desired results’, was reassuring.
However, the developments of the last few days have been a cause for concern. It seems that the corrupt forces in the country have united to derail the process of drafting an effective anti-corruption law through the joint committee. Together we have to defeat their designs. (Are not Anna Hazare  and Sonia Gandhi two sides of the SAME COIN OF CORRUPTION by prior subterranean arrangement and agreement!?!)
One of their strategies is to smear the reputations of the civil society members in the committee.
Whereas I am of the view that the people working for public must be subjected to public scrutiny, however, when blatantly false accusations are made, fabricated CDs are planted, then one feels that the purpose is not an honest public scrutiny but to tarnish reputations.
However, I am happy that despite all their efforts, the vested interests could not dig out anything of substance. This has only raised the reputations of civil society members in the eyes of public. The smear campaign of vested interests seems to be back firing.
People can see through what is happening. We are receiving many messages from the people expressing solidarity and sending wishes from across the country that the vested interests have struck back and we should not give up.
I was wondering what would be the outcome if the government nominees in the committee were subjected to similar scrutiny or witch hunt.
Those in power have much more to explain. However, we don’t want to divert the attention of the people from Lokpal Bill to individual mud-slinging, which seems to be the objective of the people behind this smear campaign.
One of the general secretaries of the Congress Party has been making many statements in the press in the last one week. I assume that he has the support of the party to make such remarks.
Most of these statements are factually wrong, which makes one believe whether his only intention is to create confusion, mislead people and derail the ongoing discussions in joint committee. Do you personally approve of his statements?
After the joint committee meeting, one of the ministers addressed the press saying that the meeting was good.
Subsequently, according to many friends in media, he held a private ‘informal debriefing session’ at his house and falsely accused us of having succumbed to government’s pressure within the committee and that we had diluted the law.
This was a completely false statement because there were no discussions at all on the law within the committee.
His “informal debriefing” created confusions in the minds of the people across the country.
It appears that his debriefing was meant to send a message to the public that we had been “influenced”.
We had apprehended such mischievous conduct and that is the reason we have been demanding video recordings of the proceedings and their release immediately after each meeting.
India has suffered immensely due to corruption. This is a historic moment when the whole country seems to have come together to demand effective action against corruption.
I would urge you to advise your colleagues not to try to derail the process of drafting the law. The country is in no mood to wait any longer to have strong anti-corruption law.
People are very agitated. I fear of the consequences if the process were derailed.
Warm regards,
(K.B. Hazare)

I am very amused to see that the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi has sent a letter to Anna Hazare to the effect that she is as serious about fighting corruption as Anna Hazare.  I am giving below the full text of Sonia Gandhi’s letter to Anna Hazare dated 21st April 2011:

Sonia Gandhi's letter to Anna Hazare
Updated: April 20, 2011 19:11 IST

New Delhi:  UPA chairperson and Congress President Sonia Gandhi has written to social activist Anna Hazare reiterating her support for the Lokpal Bill and her commitment to fight against corruption.

I do not support or encourage politics of smear campaign," Sonia Gandhi wrote in her letter.

Here's the full letter:

Dear Anna Hazare ji,

Thank you for your letter of April 18, 2011.

Let me reiterate what I wrote to you earlier, that I believe there is an urgent necessity to combat graft and corruption. You should have no doubt of my commitment in the fight for probity in public life. I strongly support the institution of a Lokpal that is consistent with the practices and conventions of our parliamentary democracy.

The Lokpal Bill was very much a part of the agenda of NAC. As you know the NAC working group on transparency, accountability and governance under the convenership of Ms Aruna Roy held consultations on this subject on April 4 with several representatives of civil society including Shri Shanti Bhushan, Shri Santosh Hegde and Shri Prashant Bhushan who are now on the joint committee, as well as Swami Agnivesh and Shri Arvind Kejriwal, who have been closely associated with you. The working group had decided to hold further consultations and evolve broad principles for discussion and approval in the next meeting of the NAC scheduled for April 28.

In fact in your letter of April 8, which my office received at around noon on that date, you yourself said:

"I wish to bring to your notice that the sub-committee of your NAC has agreed with the broad content of Jan Lokpal bill, barring two issues, after extensive discussions on April 4 with various knowledgeable sections of society.

"May I request you to kindly get the draft discussed at full meeting of NAC at the earliest and recommend the outcome to the government"

As I have just mentioned, this is the very course that the NAC was following until the process was, as you know, overtaken by subsequent events.

As for statements appearing in the media, let me assure you that I do not support nor encourage the politics of smear campaigns.

With good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Sonia Gandhi

Thus Anna Hazare has thawed and melted and bowed before this fraudulent gesture of political coquetry of the Firangi Memsahib and has told the Press with smug self satisfaction “Soniaji has sent a letter to me and told me that she is with me in my fight against corruption.”

Firangi Memsahib wants to use Anna Hazare to counter the Anti-Corrption Drive of BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN OF BABA RAMDEV which has become an overwhelming and elemental National Force against de-nationalization of Bharat and her culture and all forms of Sonia Congress sponsored corruption in India’s public life. In turn Anna Hazare wants to use the strangling influence of Sonia Gandhi over the Mafia of Mass Media to gain the maximum publicity for himself and also to use her political clout to gain maximum financial advantage for the NGO sharks like Arvind Kejriwal, Medha Patkar, and Swami Agnivesh and Mallika Sarabhai. Thus we can Sonia Gandhi is for Anna Hazare and Anna Hazare is for Sonia Gandhi. The underground functional link between the two is provided by the coterie (nay noose!) of murky social activists surrounding Anna Hazare. Recently Digvijay Singh, as directed by Sonia Gandhi, had openly suggested that Anna Hazare should take in Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander as Civil Society members of the Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee!

What is the basis for the romantic fascination of Anna Hazare for the murky, murkier and murkiest members of the NAC headed by Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi? The answer to this question becomes more mysterious because in the website of India Against Corruption (IAC) headed by Anna Hazare and his chosen team of NGOs (shady social activists), and also in the website the corrupt deeds of Sonia Gandhi have been fully documented! What is most startling and intriguing is that on page 7 of, we can see the allegations of Dr.Subramaniam Swamy that Sonia’s two sisters Anushka and Nadia have had a share in the total loot of Sonia Gandhi in the 2G Spectrum Scam.  To see all this exciting stuff:

2) Just click; the colour photos of the crusaders led by Anna Hazare spearheading the movement against corruption will appear. They are the hope for a corruption-free India today.

3) Click and the scams detailed earlier, in which Sonia Gandhi and her family and personal and political friends figure prominently, will appear.

Sonia Gandhi wants to defraud Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare and his team want to defraud Sonia Gandhi no less. Both these groups are united in their resolve to defeat the Bharat Swabhiman Andolan Movement of Baba Ramdev and in the process cheat and dispossess the myriad millions of India. In this criminal drama the Anti-National Mafia Of Mass Media is cooperating with élan and gusto!!

Anna Hazare and his team of Social Activists cannot say that they are unaware of the recent letter sent by Dr.Subramaniam Swamy to the Prime Minister on April 16th seeking his sanction to prosecute Firangi Memsahib under the Prevention of Corruption Act!!! This Civil Society Conglomerate of organized fraudsters are all ‘plants’ of Sonia Gandhi. That is why Gandhi Cap Anna Hazare (by no means Gandhian!) seems to wax eloquent in eulogizing the sham initiatives of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi to create a Corruption Free India!

Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:42 AM

April 15,2011


Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President and former Union Cabinet Minister for Law &Justice, today submitted a Petition of 206 pages, seeking from the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh the required Sanction to prosecute Ms. Sonia Gandhi under Sections 11 & 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sanction is required under Section 19 of the Act because she is Chairperson of the National Advisory Council with Cabinet rank.

In his Petition to the PM, Dr.Swamy has made out a prima facie case on documentary circumstantial evidence that Ms.Gandhi abetted Italian businessman and close family friend Ottavio Quattrocchi to obtain an illegal commission in the Bofors Gun Purchase deal, and then influenced the government of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to enable Mr. Quattrocchi to escape from the country in July 1993. Thereafter she directed the Union Law Minister in 2005 to enable Mr. Quattrocchi to get his London accounts de-frozen and decamp scot free with over $ 200 million [about Rs 1000 crores].

Dr.Swamy has also made out a prima facie case that Mr. Gandhi has illegally held in Swiss bank accounts illegal monies of about Rs. 10,000 crores received as a legatee in 1991 following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

He also produced an admission on record of the spokesperson of the Russian government that KGB had provided funds to Ms. Gandhi and her family, as also evidence that she had received commissions on Indo-Soviet trade, which were illegal under Indian law.

In his Petition, Dr.Swamy has also catalogued a list of offences prima facie committed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi since 1974 which shows that she is an habitual offender who deserves to be prosecuted and punished.

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