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Wednesday, April 20, 2011



In the field of politics, I am an ardent follower of Dr. Subramanian Swamy. He is the only politician in the country who has fought and spoken against the Gargantuan Corruption of Sonia Gandhi and all the members of her none too civil family for more than 3 decades. Recently he has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of India seeking his permission to prosecute Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sonia Gandhi currently holds the position of the Chairperson of the National Advisory Council, with the rank of a Union Cabinet Minister. She is a public servant who can seek no special exemption or immunity under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The Prime Minister is the ‘Designated Authority’ for sanction of prosecution of Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sonia Gandhi will try to let loose the Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Congress Bureau of Intimidation (CBI), Congress Bureau of Insinuation (CBI) against Dr. Subramanian Swamy and his Janata Party.

In the wider field of National Renaissance, National Regeneration, National Rejuvenation, I am a hero worshipper of Baba Ramdev. He is in the line of saints and sages of Ancient India like Sage Vishwamitra. For me, Baba Ramdev is like Lord Narasimha fighting against Hiranyakshipu, Lord Rama fighting against Ravana, Lord Krishna fighting against the Kauravas. I am committed in letter and spirit to the philosophy and goal of bringing about a TOTAL REVOLUTION in BHARATVARSHA through the wholesale adoption of the tenets of Sanatana Dharma for upholding which Baba Ramdev has launched his BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN.

What are the objectives of Bharat Swabhiman Andolan? The noble and lofty mission of this Andolan is to eradicate corruption, crime, poverty from Bharat Varsha and transform Bharat Varsha into a World Power.

The Five Main Goals of this Andolan are:

Achievement of 100% voting

Achievement of 100% nationalist thought

Achievement of 100% boycott of foreign companies, adoption of ‘swadeshi’

Achievement of 100% unification of the people of the nation

Achievement of 100% yoga-oriented nation

The 5 united, collective and determined VOWS of BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN are:

1) We will only vote for patriotic, honest, valiant, farsighted, and skilful people. We ourselves will vote 100% and also make others vote.

2) We will unite all patriotic, sincere, aware, sensitive, intelligent and honest people together to the extent of 100% and uniting the powers of the nation will bring about a new freedom, new system and new change. WE WILL MAKE BHARAT THE BIGGEST SUPERPOWER IN THE WORLD.

3) We will totally boycott (nothing less than 100%) foreign goods and totally resort to the use of indigenous goods with zero technology.

4) We will adopt nationalist thought to the extent of 100%, and while in our personal lives we may observe Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, etc. religious traditions, yet in our public lives we will lead the patriotic and wholly nationalistic life of a TRUE BHARATIYA.

5) We will make the entire country 100% yoga-oriented and make the citizens inward-focussed making them healthy and arouse the feeling of self-pride in each one of us by removing the evils of cheating, corruption, hopelessness, disbelief and self-languor arising from self-confusion. We will endeavour with all our mind, might and mane to awaken Bharat’s sleeping self-respect by building up national character raided on the virtues and eternal verities of Simplicity, Selfless Sacrifice, Honesty, Purity, Truth and Fortitude of Mind and Character.


Does Patriotism for young Indians Twittering away mean only somebody wearing a Gandhi Cap, but not a Hindu Swamiji like Baba Ramdev who was the first person to boldly speak out against Sonia-inspired, Sonia-instigated and Sonia-sustained CORRUPTION by launching a National Movement against it from Himalayas to Kanya Kumari and from Rann of Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh?

All true Nationalists and patriots must view Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare as two sides of the same coin of our National Movement against the overseeing, overweening and overarching Stone Umbrella of massive corruption of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi, her half-breed clan and their lackeys who work whole time for a ‘Private Limited Company’ (called Sonia Congress) wholly owned by Sonia Gandhi and her family. The anti-national mafia of mass media --- both print and electronic --- do not want to accept this known fact or uphold this position.

Where were the 24 hour TV Channels --- in the private pay of looted money of Sonia Gandhi and her Congress Party --- when Baba Ramdev spoke out to vast audiences in every part of India, against the virulent cancer of corruption eating into the vitals of our National polity and National life? Why did they blackout the news relating to Baba Ramdev’s National Movement against Corruption launched by Baba Ramdev? Where was Arnab Goswami of Times Now Channel? Where was Barkha Dutt of NDTV? Where was Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN? Were they taking secret instructions (filthy lucre apart) from the Italian Fascist Mussolini type terrorist Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi to boycott BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN launched by Baba Ramdev?

Was the BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN Movement of Saffron-clad Baba Ramdev too ‘communal’ to swallow for these partisan media supporters of Sonia Gandhi and Sonia Congress Party? Is Yoga communal? Is Patriotism communal? Is Bharath Mata communal? These anti national and anti social and anti-Hindu TV Channels are answerable to the nation of more than 1.21 billion? For the paid media scoundrels in the Mafia of Mass Media in India --- both print and electronic --- the private, unlimited and unaccounted loot of Sonia Gandhi and her family are much more important than the public fortunes of 1.21 billion citizens of India?

I agree with Surya Prakash’s view: “After all this humming and hawing for over four decades, the Lok Pal Bill proposed by the Manmohan Singh Government last year constitutes an affront to the intelligence of every citizen. Here, it must be made clear that this Draft Bill had the tacit approval of the Congress and the attempt to distance party president Sonia Gandhi from it is as disingenuous as the attempts by the ruling party to accuse Anna Hazare of resorting to “blackmail” and undemocratic means.”

I am of the view that the so-called movement of India Against Corruption launched by Anna Hazare has been a deliberately derailed by a diabolical plot of Sonia Gandhi and Sonia Congress Party to achieve the following four nefarious objectives:

1. Firstly, to somehow steal the thunder from the mass movement called BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN against public corruption initiated, launched and sustained by Baba Ramdev through the diversionary tactics of using the paid mafia of mass media to over-project Anna Hazare’s noble and selfless anti-corruption effort, completely blacking out the massive BHARAT SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN launched by Baba Ramdev against the gargantuan corruption of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi, the defacto Prime Minister of India, and her Prime Minion (PM) and other Union Cabinet Minions (Ministers).

2. Secondly, by deploying her 24/7 slaves like Abhishek Singhvi, Digvijay Singh and other Sonia Congress lackeys to make personal attacks on Anna Hazare and the members of the ‘Civil Society’ who have rallied around him in his India Against Corruption Movement.

3. The Firangi Memsahib is a forked-tongued vicious monster of fraud, corruption, dissimulation and deception. On the one hand, she will send a letter to Anna Hazare asking him to end his fast. On the other hand, in a subterranean saboteur fashion, she will informally instruct the Sonia Congress lackeys to speak out against the authoritarian and illegal basis of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption Movement.

4. Sonia Gandhi and Sonia Congress Party have nothing but indivisible contempt and loathing for the Jan Lokpal Bill of Anna Hazare. In order to give a death blow to the whole proposal, she has taken care to exclude some of the more decent and honest Union Ministers from the Drafting Committee of the Lokpal Bill. I have already referred to the allegations of corruption made against Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambaram which makes them totally unfit to function as Members of the Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee.

Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi and the Sonia Congress Party have enacted a sham drama by using the fully gagged and paid media to mislead the Indian Nation that Anna Hazare’s fast has succeeded and that the Government of India has succumbed to his demand. After pretending to accept his demand, the Government of India is working whole-time to sabotage the working of the Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee. Though the fast seems to have succeeded, yet I have my grave doubts about the commitment of the scam-ridden UPA Government to the sacred cause of Anna Hazare’s eradication of corruption through the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Anna Hazare’s simple and childlike trust in the National Advisory Council (NAC) is wholly misguided. Anna Hazare seems to be unaware of the fact that all the Members of this wretched Council are sworn enemies of Sanatana Dharma and Hindu culture. They are also known lackeys of Sonia Gandhi and whole time champions of the unshakeable and undeniable established paramount sovereign colonial right of Sonia Gandhi to loot and plunder this country. These unscrupulous men and women in the NAC are capable of playing ducks and drakes with an essentially simple and committed Gandhian activist

It is high time that Anna Hazare realises the fundamental fact that the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi is the defacto Prime Minister of India. Every constitutional authority from the President of India downwards is her appointee. She is the prime creator. She is the prime mover. She is the prime sustainer. She is the prime destroyer. She seems to have already instructed all the government nominees in the Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee to take the necessary steps to somehow scuttle and sabotage the enactment of the Lokpal Bill. ANNA HAZARE SEEMS TO BE UNAWARE OF THE FACT THAT THE FIRANGI MEMSAHIB SONIA GANDHI IS THE FOUNTAINHEAD OF ALL CORRUPTION IN EVERY SPHERE OF INDIA’S NATIONAL LIFE. Billions and Billions of Dollars have been deposited by her and many members of her family in various Swiss Banks and other tax-havens abroad.

I fully endorse the view of Shri S. Gurumurthy when he says: “Anna Hazare may not be aware that the former Swedish Investigation Bureau’s chief Sten Lindstorm had written repeatedly that Sonia Gandhi ought to be interrogated in the Bofors payoff to Quattrocchi. Yet Sonia Gandhi repeatedly defended Quattrocchi. Had Anna known these facts, would he have asked her to join the fight against corruption?”

I have already referred to the fact that Dr Subramanian Swamy, the President of the Janata party and former Union Minister for Law and Commerce has recently sought the permission of the Prime Minister, to prosecute Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi’s paid agents, goons, spies and saboteurs are responsible for the wide broadcast of the news of the CD against the Bhushans. Both Shanti Bhushan and his son, Prashant Bhushan are men of absolute integrity. They are the only two lawyers who have had the courage to launch a public movement against deep-rooted corruption at the level of all the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. The most corrupt former Chief Justice of India, K.G Balakrishnan gave judicial legitimacy to the false educational qualifications of the most corrupt ruler in the world, the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi. I am not therefore surprised that she and her minions and pageboys would go out of their way to launch a blistering attack on the Bhushans for spearheading a noble dharmayudh against judicial corruption. Sonia Gandhi and her family seem to be wedded to the Italian mafia concept of judicial corruption.

Anna Hazare seems to be aware of the corruption of Sharad Pawar. Yet, the fact is that there is no open charge against him like the ones against Sonia Gandhi and her family. Sonia Gandhi or her family has not even sued any one of the writers like Dr Subramanian Swamy, Shri Gurumurthy and others who have repeated these charges for several years.

Finally, Dr Subramanian Swamy is absolutely right when he says that “I laude Anna Hazare for his fight for a Jan Lokpal Bill. If he wants his lofty mission to succeed then he should have politicians on his side. He should not allow himself to be surrounded by NGO’s who are bogus.”

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Is there a single honest Minister in the present cabinet to be a member of the Lokpal Bill drafting committee? I doubt.