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Monday, January 17, 2011


In a recent landmark article in The Pioneer titled ‘Sonia on the dock’ Dr. Subramanian Swamy, The President of the Janata Party, has given all the validly legal reasons as to why Sonia Gandhi should be prosecuted under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Dr. Subramanian Swamy is the ONLY Indian Politician-Statesman who has consistently and brilliantly exposed the dubious, devious and devilish nature of that Italian mole in New Delhi who conceals her true identity under the name ‘Sonia Gandhi’. Dr. Subramanian Swamy is the ONLY Indian Politician who has been proclaiming from all public platforms ever since 1998 that our countrymen must wakeup from their deep slumber and come forward to understand the murky machinations, malversations and manoeuvres of this Catholic usurper from Italy who is a permanent threat to the survival of democracy not only in India, but in the whole of Asia.

Let me summarise the cardinal points made by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

1. Bofors remains the world’s biggest unresolved riddle, wrapped in a mystery , inside an enigma mainly because the KEY to this mystery of crime is Sonia Gandhi, who is protected by layers upon layers of silent conspirators in the highest levels of the Sonia Congress Party, Government of India and India polity as a whole.

2. The Bofors corruption scandal keeps resurfacing in our national attention only because it is an unresolved issue involving India’s defence preparedness and the corrupt subversion of national interest by foreigners by their favouring the purchase of 400 long-range 155 mm guns produced by a Swedish company through a well-planned and streamlined system of huge bribes. These foreigners owe their allegiance only to Sonia Gandhi and not to the Indian Nation or its Constitution.

3. What is often forgotten is that Indians are by and large very patriotic and are loathe to tolerate any compromise with national security, regardless of whether that threat emanates from Islamabad in Pakistan, Dakka in Bangladesh, Peking in China or coming nearer home from the residence of the traitorous Firangi Memsahib in New Delhi. That is why in every war since 1947 from Kashmir to Kargil in 1999, Indians have risen as one, much to the surprise of their enemies.

4. The Bofors scam will never fade away from public view and memory until the guilty are brought to book. The myriad millions of India instinctively know and understand that the Bofors Scam of the Sonia clan represents corruption in very high places. The key figure in this scam is Ottavio Quattrochi, the Italian family friend and fixer of the then young Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was introduced to the unsuspecting Indian Nation as “Mr Clean”. But the hapless, inexperienced and naive Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was manipulated by his Italian wife Sonia Gandhi to commit this unforgivable treasonable crime against the Indian Nation. Today we have come to understand that Sonia Gandhi -orchestrated Bofors scam was her maiden attempt in the field of large scale corruption and national plunder.

Today Sonia Gandhi has become the International Grand Master in the tortuous and treacherous field of GARGANTUAN (G) Global Fraud and Corruption. It has been widely flashed in the National Media --- both print and electronic --- that she has tucked away Billions of Dollars of ill-gotten money in several secret unnumbered bank accounts abroad, right from the days when her husband, the naïve and gullible Rajiv Gandhi, was the Prime Minister of India. Now, as Chairman of the UPA National Advisory Council in the rank of a Union Cabinet Minister, she has ‘participated informally’ (without taking mandatory the Ministerial Oath under the Indian Constitution) in the 2G Spectrum Scam of former Union Telecom Minister Raja, CWG Fraud and the unending series of SONIA SCANDAL RAJ SCAMS. This unrestrained public loot and plunder has made her one of the richest women in the world! Bofors scam pales into insignificance before the scale of Commonwealth Games scam, 2G Spectrum scam and all other known Sonia G Scams.

5. Perhaps the besotted Rajiv Gandhi woke up to the stark fact of his being manipulated by an Italian mafia operating through his Italian wife Sonia Gandhi, only in the last months of 1990. Very unfortunately, he was assassinated under mysterious circumstances in 1991 by the terrorist and now defunct LTTE. Here are the following two paragraphs culled out from Dr Subramanian Swamy’s Janata Party website which are pointedly relevant:

“Sonia’s mother Paola Predebon Maino, and businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi are the main contacts with the Tigers. The mother used the LTTE for money laundering and Quattrocchi for selling weapons to earn commissions. Sonia’s conduit to the LTTE has been and is through Arjun Singh who uses Bangalore as the nodal point for contact.”

“There is a string of circumstantial evidence pointing to the prima facie possibility that the Maino family may have contracted with the LTTE to kill Rajiv Gandhi. The family may have assured the LTTE that nothing would happen to them because they would ensure it is blamed on the Sikhs or the evidence so much fudged that no court would convict them [the LTTE intercepted transcripts show this expectation of the LTTE]. But D.R. Karthikeyan of the CBI who led the SIT investigation got the support of Narasimha Rao, cracked the case, and succeeded in getting the LTTE convicted in the trial court, which conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1999.”

6. The Italian fixer and small arms supplier to the LTTE, Ottavio Quattrocchi, who was nailed as the catalyst in the deal by the CBI, in return for a hefty commission, had escaped from India in 1993, then from Malaysia in 2002 via a rigged court judgment obtained by collusion, and from Argentina by the same CBI fudging the records — all achieved under three different but consenting and conniving Prime Ministers, like Narasimha Rao, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh.

7. The recent Order of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) Bench of Shri Tolani and Shri Sharma delivered on 31-12-2010 has held the Italian national Ottavio Quattrochi, a steadfast friend of Sonia Gandhi, as guilty and the government of the day as one of liars. This Order of the ITAT is final and irrevocable and binding on all the parties concerned, including the Government of India. All that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has to do is to direct the CBI to reopen the criminal case against the Bofors scam. Of course, the Prime Minister will have to cast aside with summary contempt the bemoaning and bewailing cries of the Sonia clan to him to ignore the recent Order of the ITAT. I have no doubt whatsoever that the noose of the Divine Law of Retribution is now slowly tightening around the neck of the blatantly, arrogantly and defiantly corrupt Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi.

8. Dr Subramanian Swamy has categorically stated that as Union Law & Justice Minister 1990-91, the files sent to him by Prime Minister Chandrashekhar made it obvious to him that Rajiv Gandhi was a facilitator, BY SERVING AS AN UNFORGIVABLE ACCESSORY in the Bofors scam. Dr Swamy has also clarified that the real operator of the Bofors scam was Sonia Gandhi, alias Antonia Edvige Maino.

9. The bribe meant for Sonia Gandhi from Bofors was paid on their behalf by the Hindujas to Ottavio Quattrochi who was the sleaze conduit pipe between Bofors and Sonia Gandhi. The informal understanding was that the Bofors would reimburse the Hindujas this amount by stages in instalments as and when Bofors received their payments for the guns shipped to the Government of India, from time to time.

10. The great and exceptional services rendered by the ITAT Bench of Shri Tolani and Shri Sharma to Indian democracy can only be compared with those rendered earlier by Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha on the eve of Emergency and Justice H.R Khanna during Emergency in 1975.

To quote the exact words of Dr Subramanian Swamy: “What is to be done now? ITAT bench of Tolani and Sharma have done for India on corruption what earlier Justices Jagmohan Lal Sinha and HR Khanna did for the nation’s democracy. I am of the view that in the present circumstances we must work with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has a chance to redeem himself to get to the bottom of the scandal. We must give him a chance. In any case, if he does not come through, we can later always prosecute him as an accessory after the fact.”

Against this background of unabashed continuous criminal collusion for several years at a stretch between the Italian Sonia Gandhi and the no-less Italian wheeler-dealer commercial-gangster Quattrocchi, Dr Subramanian Swamy suggested therefore the following steps should be taken to put Sonia Gandhi on the dock under the Prevention of Corruption Act so as to RETRIEVE AND REPATRIATE to India the plundered and looted wealth of this nation, which is stashed abroad:

Step. No 1:  An Informal Action Committee (IAC) of persons having no past taint on corruption or sleaze or having links to Sonia be constituted to prepare a criminal complaint under the Prevention of Corruption Act, with Sonia Gandhi as the first accused and Quattrocchi as second accused. Other accused can be added later.

Step No. 2:  Before it is filed in a Special CBI Court for taking cognizance under the Act we need to send the complaint to the PM for grant of sanction.

Step No. 3:   If the Lok Pal Bill is enacted in the coming session of Parliament then this complaint can be filed in that institution as well.

Step No. 4:  The IAC can take up the money trail question with the Governments of India, Switzerland, and other safe haven nations.

The recent Order of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) Bench of Shri Tolani and Shri Sharma has made it clear that during the days when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Ottavio Quattrocchi had unrivalled and unlimited access to the Prime Minister's Household. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi worked day and night to free once and for all, her accomplice and partner-in-crime Ottavio Quattrocchi from the clutches of the known Indian law

This brutal savage truth of unbridled corruption now stares the Firangi Memsahib Sonia in the face today! The day is not far away when the people of India will chase away this Italian usurper from our sacred Motherland in the same manner the people of Peru overthrew and chased away that international robber President Alberto Fujimori of Japanese origin from their homeland.

I invite your attention to this video link titled Sonia Gandhi's link to Ottavio Quattrocchi & Bofors scam.

Post Script:

After I had finished the above story, I came across the following picture of the slaves of Sonia Gandhi.


The daily collective prayer of the Hollow and Stuffed Men in the above photograph, men with uncouth shape without form, men with shady background without colour, men with paralyzed force, non-men with gesture without motion runs as follows:


Unshakeable faith in Sonia and her will:
Nothing short of this.
Take through refuge in her.
Give up all fears,
All anxieties, all doubts,
All thoughts of weakness.
You have put yourself under the guidance and iron control
Of an all-powerful being.
Let her do what she pleases with you.
Give up I and mine.
Make no plans.
Let nothing of the past or future disturb you.
She is the sole doer and you are her servant.
Your I and mine has no existence.
It is all she, she alone.
Submit, resign, surrender yourself to her.
In this state you will always remain.
This is your goal.
This should be your truth.




In your previous post "WHY ONLY NIRA RADIA AND NOT ANTONIA MAINO (SONIA) ON THE DOCK PART I" you had mentioned "Mafia gang safely ensconced and operating every day from a five-star hotel in New Delhi, overseeing and coordination the planned destruction of the Indian State and creation of a Christo-Islamic BANANA REPUBLC."

Indians are too slow to comprehend the nature of conspiracy. It has been 50 years to understand the Congress bluff still it is voted back to power inspite of its betrayal. It is hard to envisage any sweeping change in people's mindset of subservience to venal authority.

Rules and procedures of Courts will ensure that eons pass and guilty will not be punished.
Bharatiyas pls express outrage to shatter the deafening silence of complicit political class to supress the loot of nation.
I may mention I was the lone individual to make comment on your earlier post it is symptomatic of the ennui and lack of interest in masses on matters of nation's survival.


Like the ruling Congress ensured Quatrochi escape from dragnet of law, the erstwhile supremo of Congress in complicity with her gang ensconed in Delhi must be ready with a contingent plan to leave India in case of things falling apart viz. they fail to engineer elections through EVMs. We masses are discussing corruption when the blizzard of corruption has already overtaken nation's economic sovereignty. In the same vein we will be discussing EVM fraud after we have been cheated by the establishment. That is the pathetic response of Indians to a venal clique. said...

first we have to take all this information to the public by meetings press statements and even bit notices in all indian languages .but most important is not to allow sonia and her family to run away before all the loot is is also important to get the part played by usa and west to get the nuclear bill passed and obama and the french pm/preident selling their nuclear
equipment with limited liabilities

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Excellent article,thank you sir
Rama Krishnan

Anonymous said...

its very good artcle. Mr swamy is doing Bhagiratas job,

Aditya Bhushan said...

Nice Article , Thank you.