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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


“The Quality of bribe is not accursed. It is twice-blessed.
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes!” –
 The Spirit of Sonia’s Message of ‘Zero Tolerance of Corruption’

Judge fattened and Nation flattened by Corruption!
“All along I thought my level of corruption fell within current Indian public standards. At any rate, all goodness is poison to my stomach!” – His Lordship.

Flowing pot of flood flow Supreme Court Corruption!

After I completed Part-3 of the article above, I got an e-mail from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous to this effect. I am presenting below what has been brought to my notice by him relating to the nepotism and abuse of official authority by Chief Justice K.G Balakrishnan.

While working as Judge in High Court of Kerala, Justice K.G. Balakrishnan contacted the Revenue Minister of Kerala for the transfer of his brother K.G. Vijayan, Deputy Collector. He was subsequently promoted into the I.A.S. Sri. K.G. Balakrishnan used his office of High Court Judge for delaying the disposal of O.P. filed by candidates in the ranked list of Deputy Collectors in P.P. Varghese Vs State of Kerala O.P.No.7386/89. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan was Kerala High Court Judge from 26/09/1985 to 23/11/1997. The OP filed was disposed finally on 3/12/1992. But the other parties and Government filed an Appeal and the government at last yielded and appointed the direct recruits as Deputy Collectors. Sri. K.G. Vijayan was a promotee Deputy Collector and his elevation to the post of I.A.S. was also achieved on the influence of his brother Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, disregarding the seniority of other Deputy Collectors. Sri. K.G. Vijayan was the last man promoted to the cadre of IAS. Sri. K.G. Balakrishnan influenced the officers of the Kerala Secretariate, Kerala P.S.C., Revenue Ministry, U.P.S.C. and also Sri.Pinarayi Vijayan, C.P.M. State Secretary. An enquiry should also be conducted into this irregularity corruption and nepotism.”

Former Supreme Court Judge V.R Krishna Iyer --- one of the greatest legal luminaries and jurists India has produced --- has dared former Chief Justice of India K.G Balakrishnan to break his silence over the allegations of amassment of wealth by his relatives and suggested that he should face a judicial probe. Justice V.R Krishna Iyer has told the press: “It is high time Balakrishnan broke his silence over the allegations. The response I received from across the country to my remarks against him shows that it is high time Balakrishnan came out with what he has to say. With more allegations surfacing, it is best that he faces a judicial probe.”

A few days ago, the Home Department of the Kerala Government launched vigilance probe against K.G Balakrishnan's son-in-law PV Srinijin after obtaining direct orders from Chief Minister V.S Achuthanandan. Achuthanandan ordered the vigilance probe against Srinijin on the basis of a complaint made by Shameer, a Kochi resident. Justice Balakrishnan's son-in law P V Sreenijan, an advocate and former Youth Congress state vice president, is reported to have amassed properties worth several Crores in a span of four years from 2006.

Justice V.R Krishna Iyer has been demanding an investigation into the allegations of massive corruption made against Srinijin, a Congress leader and a lawyer by profession in Kerala. Justice Krishna Iyer later stepped up pressure by saying that a former high court judge recently tried to persuade him against raising the matter with the Prime Minister.

Further trouble is brewing for former Chief InJustice of India K G Balakrishnan as his younger brother K G Bhaskaran, Special Government Pleader in the Kerala High Court, has been asked by the state Advocate General to either demit office or go on leave following allegations of amassing wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income. According to media reports, Bhaskaran had purchased about 60 acres of land in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu in 2005-06 in the name of his wife, 4 children and K G Praveen, a close relative of Justice Balakrishnan and had built a farmhouse on it. The property is reportedly up for sale. There were also reports that Bhaskaran and his wife Ratnaamma, a retired judicial magistrate, were building a palatial house in Puthen Kurushu in Ernakulam District and that he had spent over Rs 1 Crore to build it.

Following directions from Attorney General Sudhakara Prasad, Bhaskaran agreed to go on medical leave. Bhaskaran was appointed as special government pleader to defend cases against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

The second son-in-law of InJustice Balakrishnan, M J Benny, has also come to adverse public notice, with many sections of the local media reporting that he had purchased plots of prime land on the suburbs of Kochi within a span of two years. Benny, who started practice as an advocate eight years ago moved his base to New Delhi after marrying K.B Rani, daughter of K.G Balakrishnan. 

Most interesting part is that Balakrishnan's son-in-law Benny, who practices as a lawyer in New Delhi, still claims that his only source of income is his professional fees.

Five land deals have been registered featuring Benny at the Marad Sub-Register Office during these three years. Two title deeds were registered in Benny’s name during 2008, which accounted for the land deal of 13 cent for a price of 11.5 lakhs. Two were title deeds were transferred in Benny's name during 2009. The deeds carried the sales of 40 cent land for a price of 47.5 lakhs. Latest of the deals was registered in March 2010 for 44 ½ cent of land with 24 ¼ lakh as the sale price.

Locals point out that average price for a cent of land in the area is three lakhs and allege the deals by Benny actually amounts to Crores of Rupees. In the income tax returns filed during 2008 and 2009, Benny has quoted his revenue as five lakh rupees and 5 ½ lakh rupees respectively.

Further, two or three days ago, Malayalam television channel Asianet telecast more reports of properties amassed by InJustice Balakrishnan's family members. According to media reports, in a short period of five months from February 2009 to June 2009, InJustice Balakrishnan's sons-in-law Sreenijan and Benny and his brother Bhaskaran purchased several types of landed property worth crores in various parts of Kochi, the report stated. 98% of these properties worth several hundreds of Crores have been purchased by these relatives of InJustice Balakrishnan between 2008 and 2010, when he was holding the highly influential and powerful post of the Chief Justice of India.

UDF Convenor P P Thankachaan and CPI State Secretary C K Chandrappan have said that InJustice Balakrishnan should resign from the post of the National Human Rights Commission's Chairman and face an inquiry. Former Chief minister Oommen Chandy, who heads the Congress-led UDF in the Kerala Assembly, said the front would not criticise the government's action to go in for a probe against Sreenijan.

As an Economist, I am familiar with what is called Runaway Inflation. India owes a deep debt of gratitude to former Chief InJustice Balakrishnan and the most ‘honourable’ members of this most eminently corrupt family for giving us the concept and message of Runaway Corruption and Runaway Nepotism.

To Conclude, the only tribute that I can pay to the former Chief InJustice of India K.G Balakrishnan --- The Liberator, Emancipator and Deliverer of Sonia Gandhi, through his illegal and immoral temporary order relating to her false Affidavit --- will have to be in the words of the Bard of Avon in his world famous play 'Macbeth':
“I grant him bloody,
Luxurious, avaricious, false, deceitful,
Sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin
That has a name.”



srinivasaraghavan0706 said...

remember marcos and his wife imalda ruling philipines as dictators and how people rose against the italian and her slaves thousands of them appointed by her in important positiions and the dummy pm loot the country and gurumurthy has given an estimated amount of a few billions of dollars in the swiss banks held in rajiv.and her? name. new indian express..when will our people get the courage to act like the people of philipines?tagore's dream of a country without fear still remains a dream

Anonymous said...

K.G.Balakrishnan's case seems to be buried forever. No body is speaking about it. Shame.Shame.