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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unholy Anti-Hindu Alliance Between Christianity And Islam In Karnataka - Part II


Shri B.S Yeddyurappa, the Chief Minister of Karnataka has to be congratulated by all the Hindus of India for having successfully piloted the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010 on 19 March 2010. In Part 1 of my article, I have described in detail the sordid and criminal story of political alliance between the patently anti-Hindu forces of Christianity and Islam in Karnataka and how with unashamed direct political links with virulently anti-Hindu Sonia Congress Party in Karnataka, they are targeting the BJP Government of Karnataka and its Chief Minister for having got the Anti Cow Slaughter Bill passed in the Karnataka legislature.

Christianity and Islam in their approaches to the conversion of Hindus into their respective faiths in India (Islam for more than 1000 years and Christianity for more than 500 years), have excelled all forms of human wickedness in the efficiency of their cruelty and ferocious aggression. The physical facts relating to the bestial torture of Hindus populace and Hindu saints and sages by the Islamic and Christian rulers have been elaborately documented and are quite well-known. The record of murder, dacoity, rape, torture, rapine, arson, loot and plunder of both these violent and intolerant monotheistic faiths outside India has been equally reprehensible. Here, I have to quote the clinching words of Barbara Bradley Hagerty:

“Christianity and Islam are the world's dominant religions because they have used every possible tactic, including large-scale violence and intimidation, to get that way. There are no clean hands in this quarrel. …
Both Christianity and Islam owe their global success not so much to the magic words in their scriptures as to their effectiveness in practicing forced conversions. Oh, yes, we all know about the growth of the Islamic Empire, whose berobed foot-soldiers held a scimitar (a curved sword made in the Middle East) in one hand and the Quran in the other. But pull that beam out of your eye, dear Christian reader, and remember the Celts, the West Africans, the Indians of the Plains, the Hawaiians, and countless other peoples whose religions and languages were violently suppressed that they might know salvation through "our Lord Jesus Christ. There are no clean hands in this quarrel.”

When the members belonging to the Sonia Congress opposition party led by Siddaramaiah in the Karnataka Assembly attacked the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010, Shri Yeddyurappa, the Chief Minister of Karnataka strongly defended the Bill citing historical instances ever since the days of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. When India fought the First War of Independence in 1857 and Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’ was installed as ‘Emperor’ by the Hindus in Delhi for a brief period, his Hindu Prime Minister, on the Emperor’s proclamation, made the killing of cow a capital offence.
Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’

Earlier in Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom, the only crime that had capital punishment was cow slaughter.


What is not so well-known is the fact that cow slaughter reached its peak only during the colonial days of Christian British Raj. This fact has been clearly brought out in the most outstanding book I have recently read on the subject of cow slaughter in India. The title of this book is “The British Origin of Cow Slaughter in India, With some British documents on the anti-Kine-Killing-Movement 1880-1894” and it has been jointly authored by Dharampal and T.M Mukundan. This book is published by the Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas, Mussorie, Uttaranchal.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Under the leadership of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the Founder of the Arya Samaj, a great movement against cow-slaughter was started in several parts of Northern India like undivided Punjab, United Provinces of Agra and Awadh, Bihar, Central Provinces and undivided Bengal. In the book of Dharampal and T.M Mukundan, they have cited a very interesting letter from the British Monarch Queen Victoria

                                      QUEEN VICTORIA (1819-1901)

to the Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne, dated, 8-12-1893:
Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne (1845-1927)
Viceroy of India from (1888-1894)

“The Queen greatly admired the Viceroy’s speech on the cow-killing agitation. While she agrees in the necessity of perfect fairness, she thinks the Muhammadans do require more protection than Hindus, and they are decidedly by far the more loyal. Though the Muhammadan’s cow-killing is made the pretext for agitation, it is, in fact, directed against us, who kill far more cows for our Army, & etc, than the Muhammadans.”

Of all the beings the cow is treated in India as the most sacred, auspicious and sanctified. This sense of the unique sacredness of the cow is expressed in the works of ancient rishis in the Vedas as well as in later literature and folklore. Since about 1860 AD British and European scholarship started a new school of Vedic interpretation to impress on the Westernised class in India that the ancient Vedas and allied texts also advocated, celebrated and feasted on the flesh of the cow, or bullock on special occasions. This mid-19th century Western view, despite considerable scholarly effort to degrade the status of the cow for Indians has however made little impact on the Indian mind.

Not withstanding the continuous daily cow-slaughter by the British for obtaining beef for 150 years, the cow’s widespread neglect during British rule and since, as well as the increasingly emaciated state of the cow today, the cow still remains very sacred and holy to most of the Hindus.

The daily slaughter of the cow and its progeny by the British continued in India for over 150 years. During these years the slaughter increased by leaps and bounds. According to Mahatma Gandhi, more than 30,000 cows were slaughtered daily around 1917. Probably every district of India had one or more slaughterhouse for the cow by about 1840. According to a 1893 Report of the Madras Presidency there was a beef slaughterhouse in each district in the Presidency. Slaughter not only produced various kinds of beef, but also many by-products including cow hides.

According to Dharampal and T.M Mukundan, the daily number of the slaughtered cows might have stayed around this number of 30,000 per day when the British and American military forces began to depart from India, after the end of II World War in May 1945. This was the moment when India could have started closing the slaughterhouses and put an end to this gory enterprise within a few months or an year.

The Indian National Congress (INC) had been strongly against BAN ON COW SLAUGHTER since its inception in December 1885. Right from day one of the founding of the INC, great care and caution were exercised by the top leaders of the INC not to hurt the feelings and sentiments of only the Muslims. Mahatma Gandhi pawned the cultural religious and spiritual heritage of the Hindus to two Islamic terrorists called the Ali Brothers --- Maulana Muhammad Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali --- during the days of Khilafat movement in 1921. Even when Mahatma Gandhi was the President of the Khilafat Committee, Maulana Muhammad Ali had the audacity to declare from a public platform: “If I have to choose between a fallen and immoral Mussalman and saintly Mahatma Gandhi, I would have no hesitation in voting for the former. Gandhi is a non-Muslim kaffir.” Such an anti-National scoundrel was honoured with the issue of a postage stamp on the occasion of his Birth Centenary by the slavish dhimmi Anti-Hindu Government of India. Total abject surrender to terrorist and murderous Islam within the Congress party had started from 1916 at the Lucknow Session of the Congress party. The so-called Lucknow Pact gave more than due and proper weightage to the Muslim League. This was the political starting point for the Partition of India on religious grounds. Later in 1937, the duly elected Congress Governments in UP, Bombay, Central Provinces, Bengal and Madras, politically surrendered to the demands of the Muslim League by agreeing to abridge the original version of Vande Mataram song by removing those portions which were considered by Muslims as offending their religious feelings.

Against this background, it is not surprising that in 1946 a sub-committee of the National Planning Committee of the Indian National Congress, trampled over the long established religious traditions and sentiments of the Hindus and declared that the export of cow-hides was of great value and national importance and therefore, they expressed themselves strongly against the closure of cow slaughterhouses.

Those who were running and working the slaughterhouses, those who were engaged in curing of hides and making leather, those who were cutting leather and making shoes and other objects of leather and those who were engaged in exporting the leather and leather products --- most of them were Muslims, the favoured and privileged demi-gods as far as the pseudo-secular Congress under Gandhi was concerned.

Many powerful religio-political lobbies came into being after August 15, 1947 for the continuation of cow slaughterhouses in post-Independent India, even after the departure of the British colonial administration and its military forces. In fact, after our independence there came into being even more powerful lobbies of meat export and for the expansion of beef production than those that were in existence in British India.

The Hindus of India worship the cow as “Gomata”. “Gopuja” is a sacred ritual to honour and respect cows which give us the much needed milk so very essential for the growth and development of our children. Cows are verily the mothers of the 33 crores of demigods that regulate creation in the material existence throughout all the universes. Cows are the goddesses of the gods and the refuge of all auspiciousness. Cows bestow every kind of happiness and for this reason they are always worthy of worship. Cows are the support of all the worlds for by their milk they nourish terrestrial beings and by their ghee offered in sacrifice they nourish the denziens of the celestial realms.

In India most of the states have laws that prohibit cow slaughter and cruelty to other animals. Most states arrest, prosecute and punish people who engage in cruel methods to inflict pain or harm on animals.

In the Communist/Muslim/Christian dominated Kerala and the Communist/Muslim dominated West Bengal, cruelty to animals and cruel cow slaughter persist. Government in these two states are afraid to implement laws for animal protection and existing laws are lax and seldom enforced for fear of Muslim/Christian pressure and it will surely dent their vote bank.

To quote the appropriate words of Varsha: “In Kerala and West Bengal there is no law for ensuring the ethical and humane treatment of animals. If you wake up in the early morning at 3:00 AM and walk out to any market place in Kerala, you can see horrible, heartbreaking, and cruel scene of cow slaughtering. Cows are tied up in a short rope to prevent moving. Then a water pipe with steel wire is inserted into the mouth of the cow deep into its stomach. Calcium oxide (commonly known as lime) and other chemical mixed water are pumped into the cow’s stomach for 3 to 5 minutes to increase its weight for profit. It is an inhuman and unhealthy practice inflicting pain on the cow, apart from causing disease to the beef consumers. The helpless cows routinely suffer broken bones and suffer terrible pain arising from callous handling by the brutal Muslim butchers. After flooding the cows’ stomach with water added with calcium oxide (lime), the cow is knocked on the head with a big iron hammer, then dismembered while still conscious. Other cows waiting in line for slaughtering watch this gory deed and moan loudly in mortal fear and trepidation.”

I am presenting below a heart-rending picture of a slaughter house with two cows lying in a river of blood.

Picture of a Slaughter-House

The above gruesome picture of a slaughter house brought to my battered mind the following sublime and evocative poem by Ajith Ranganathan who is a young poet:





A Sacrificial Room, where the cows pay for their sins
Their guts torn out, their udder chopped and cut from their bodies,
The butcher stands on the cow
Presses his foot against her head,
And slowly starts to saw…..

He then rips her head from her twitching body
Blood flows like a river all over the floor
I stood there without any emotion,
Couldn’t move, Couldn’t stop him

I grew up with cows,
And now I saw them getting killed,
A painting of blood and nerves,
Lingers in my head

I try to grasp the meaning of it all,
Karma proves ineffective,
I see the pain in her eye,
Her kidney strewn across the mud.

She sheds blood, she leaves her calf behind,
Dumb nature, dumb cow,
A prisoner to a sadistic GOD,
Man, is he the key to this mystery?

Is he Nature’s answer to this suffering?
Or is he meant to be sacrificed?
We share the same fate as the cows,
Prisoners of our past, fate and destiny,

Life is the prison
Earth, the slaughter house.

This poem by Ajith Ranganathan has an unique, vital and vibrant resonance to it. It rouses our blood by its brutal description of the bestial attitude and actions of the butcher. The poem snatches our breath away by making us all supremely aware of the treacherous heartless cruelty of man towards the animals in general and cows in particular. In this context I cannot help quoting the sublime words of the great Scottish Poet Robert Burns (1759-1796): “Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn”. Ajith Ranganathan’s raw delineation of man’s inhumanity towards the cow makes us all sob and weep instantaneously, nay spontaneously.

Thanks to the politically and culturally combined anti-Hindu unholy alliance of Christians and Communists in Kerala, Kerala is passing through a dark primeval age of savagery and cruelty against animal population in general and cows in particular. Cows are butchered in the illegal cow slaughter houses that have mushroomed in every nook and corner of Kerala. Sources reveal that there are more than 7,000 illegal, unhygienic, primitive cow slaughter houses in that state. The slaughter of cows has already been banned in most of the Indian states, but thrives with full government support in the Hindu-minority state of Kerala. I am consciously using the term Hindu-minority state’ because once a citizen is afflicted with the political virus of communism, he ceases to be a Hindu!!!
Recently I was reading a very hilarious news item relating to the highly sophisticated attitude of a Communist leader called Thomas Issac in Alappuzha District, Kerala. In order to state the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the cultural and national anti-perfidy of the Communists in Alappuzha, all that I have to do is to present verbatim a news report published in HaindavaKeralam website.

CPM Allapuzha District Committee took disciplinary action against it’s District leader K Raghavan, for conducting his son’s Vidyarambham! According to the Comrades in Allapuzha headed by Thomas Issac, Raghavan committed a grave crime by initiating his son’s Vidyarambham which is part of Hindu way of life! This is the same party which ousted it’s comrades for conducting ‘Ganapathihomam’ as part of House warming and for taking part in Vellattam another Hindu pooja in Kannur.”

At the same time I am aware of the fact that Communist leaders of ‘global significance’ ---Prakash Karats, Yechurys, Pinarayi Vijayans, Kodiyeri Balakrishnans and the like --- who think that they are ‘controlling!!!’ the political affairs in North Korea and China every moment every day have no objection whatsoever to the Islamic and Christian comrades within their own party adhering to their Islamic and Christian rituals, practices and pilgrimages dating back to the Middle Ages. I have deliberately referred to the selective infatuation of these Communist midgets for their Islamic and Christian terrorist comrades only to highlight the fact that ONCE A PERSON IS CONVERTED TO COMMUNISM, HE CEASES TO BE A HINDU at any cost and yet at the same time can very well continue to be a double dealing Muslim or a Christian with some special unwritten Communist Party privileges. A kaffir-killing jihadi Communist Muslim or a Hindu-baiting Evangelical Christian Communist is always ‘secular’, ‘non-communal’, ‘rational’ and ‘cosmopolitan’. I cannot help quoting the Patriot-Saint of India, Swami Vivekananda here: “A Hindu converted from Hinduism is not merely one Hindu lost to the nation but one enemy gained.”

I have digressed on the known criminal proclivities of the so-called Communist leaders in Kerala because I am convinced that they are the people who are giving their full political support to the evil practice of wide-spread cow-slaughter in Kerala.

Criminal records indicate that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in the records of rapists, murderers and terrorists. No wonder, murder, rape and violent crimes are on the increase in Kerala.

Whenever Hindu organizations or Hindu spiritual leaders protest against cruelty to animals and cow slaughter, the phony ‘secularists’ and Westernized-Christianized and Islamized anti-Hindu mafia of mass media project the Hindu organizations and Hindu spiritual leaders as ‘communalists’ who are anti-Muslim and anti-Christian. The very same bogus politicians, pseudo secularists and leftist word-smiths and of course the mafia of mass media maintain an attitude of indifferent, cold and calculated silence when they are asked as to why pig-slaughter is banned in all Islamic countries.


Recently I have read a very interesting article titled, ‘Cow is a sacred asset of the nation’ by Dr Subramanian Swamy. In my view all the Chief Ministers of India and our placidly surrogate Sonia-servile Prime Minister should take note of the cardinal and irrefutable points raised by Dr Subramanian Swamy in this article. Let me summarise the main points made by him on this very important and controversial issue of cow-slaughter:

1. One global patent has been granted for cow urine, neem and garlic for their pest repellent, fungicidal and growth promoting properties with widespread relevance and practical application for the raising of various crops.

2. Our West-influenced intellectuals, waxing eloquent under a ‘secular’ umbrella of a foreign idiom, sneer at the very mention of the cow, leave alone speaking about the cow as an asset to the nation. But we know that these intellectuals first sneered at yoga, though now it is a fashion for them doing pranayama at cocktail parties!

3. These pseudo-secular (Sonia-Congress/Communist/Casteist anti-Hindu Parties) also sneered at our sanyasis, calling them disparagingly as “Self-proclaimed Godmen”. Now they flock to ashrams with their White friends ever since the Beatles invested them with the stamp of their adherence and approval more than 4 decades ago.

Here I cannot resist quoting the exact and inimitable words of Dr Subramanian Swamy: “Who knows, they may soon boast of a cow in their backyards. For those of us who are desi by pedigree and conviction, I place some facts about the cow in the new perspective of modern Hindutva. India has 150 million cows today, giving an average of less than 200 litres of milk per year. If they could be fed and looked after, then these divine animals can give an average of 11,000 litres of milk per animal per year as the Israeli cows do. That could provide milk for the whole world. The milk we produce today is the cheapest in the world. With enhanced production by raising the productivity of milch cows we can become the world’s largest exporter of milk and India’s biggest foreign exchange earner.”

4. The cow was elevated to the status of divinity in the Rig Veda itself. In Book VI, the Hymn XXVIII attributed to Rishi Bhardwaja, extols the virtue of the cow. In Atharva Veda (Book X, Hymn 10), the cow is formally designated as Vishnu, and “all that the Sun surveys.” This divine quality of the cow has been affirmed by Kautilya in his Arthsastra (Chapter XXIX) as well.

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Churning of the Milk Ocean

5. The Indian society has addressed the cow as gow mata. The Churning of the Sea episode brings to light the story of the creation of the Cow. Five divine Kamadhenus (wish cows), viz, Nanda, Subhadra, Surabhi, Sushila, Bahula emerged in the churning.

6. Cow is there in the company of Bhagwan Dattatreya and Gopal Krishna. Cow is the vehicle of Shaillputri and Gowri – two of the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga. Ancient coins with image of bull Nandi on them have been found in excavations.

7. Thousands of names of places, persons and things in our country have name of the cow: e.g. Gauhati, Gorakhpur, Goa, Godhra, Gondiya, Godavari, Goverdhan, Gautam, Gomukh, Gokarna, Goyal, Gochar etc. , that signify the deep reverence and high ground reserved for the cow and her progeny in our culture. Why? Because of the deep abiding faith of the Hindus that the cow is verily the Annapurna for all mankind.

8. In 2003, the National Commission on Cattle presided over by Justice G.M. Lodha, submitted its recommendations to the NDA Government. The Report (in 4 volumes) called for stringent laws to protect the cow and its progeny in the interest of India’s rural economy. This is anyway a Constitutional requirement under DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY. Article 48 of the Constitution says: “The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle”. In 1958, a 5-member Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court { (1959) SCR 629} upheld Article 48 and the consequently held total ban on cow slaughter as a reasonable restriction on Fundamental Rights of all Indians.

9. For a Hindu, the very appearance of a cow evokes a sense of piety. See however the most reckless bus driver avoids the cow that squats in the middle of the road. The cow is serene by temperament and herbivorous by diet. It is a multi-product animal. Apart from milk, cow dung known for its anti-septic value, is still used as fuel in its dried caked form in most Indian villages. It is also used in compost manure and in the production of electricity through eco-friendly gobar-gas. Thus, Mahatma Gandhi had declared: “Cow protection is more important than even Swaraj”.

10. The cow, according to Vedas provides the following four products for human society :

a. Godugdha (Cow milk): As per Ayurveda, cow milk’s composition has fat, carbohydrate, minerals, calcium, Iron and Vitamin B, an even a capacity for resistance of the body against radiation and regenerate brain cells.

b. Goghruta (Cow Ghee): Best among all kinds of ghee. As per Ayurveda classics it is useful in various kind of systematic, physical and mental disorders as well as it sustain the age for long time. When it is used in Yajna, it improves the oxygen level in the air around.

c. Gomutra (Cow Urine): A total of 8 types of urine are used for medicinal purpose now a days. Among those, Cow urine is held to be the best. Hence the Americans are busy patenting while we are busy sneering about it with the evangelical and anti-Hindu Sonia Congress Party and the Communist Parties and other pseudo-secular parties joining together in enacting this venomous anti-cow and anti-Hindu drama with Dr Manmohan Singh officiating as the Master of Ceremonies.

d. Anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal property is found in Gomutra (Cow Urine). It is also having anti-oxidant and immuno-modulator property, which is very much useful for immune deficiency diseases which are increasing these days. In several religious classics there are so many references available where cow urine is mentioned as a drug of choice. Even Parsis of Zoroastrian religion follow this practice.

e. Besides the obvious economic benefits cow milk and cow dung, the underlying ancient Hindu wisdom that proclaimed to the world that cow’s urine has medicinal properties and that it is easily accessible at low cost to the rural poor even today, is borne out by Patents granted in United States. Two US patents have been granted for cow-urine distillate (US Pat. No. 6410059 & 6896907) for anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties. Since it has got immuno-modulatory compounds in it, it is a very good bio-enhancer to facilitate drug availability to a high extent in our body. Patent from China has also been granted to cow urine distillate as a DNA protector.

f. One global patent has been granted for cow urine, neem and garlic as a pest repellent, fungicidal and growth promontory properties for all different crops (WHO 2004/087618A1).

g. Another US patent has been granted for strains obtained from Sahiwal cow milk for plant growth promoter phytopathogenic fungi controlling activity, abiotic stress tolerating capability, phosphatic solubilisation capability, etc. (US patent No. 7097830 dated 29/8/06).

h. Also CSIR has filed US patent for Amrit Pani (mixture of cow dung + cow urine + jaggery) from NBRI Lucknow for soil health improvement properties. All the above claims have been made in Classical medical treatises like Charaka Samhita, Sushrut, Vaghbhati and Nighantu, Ratnakar, etc in India in Sanskrit from times immemorial.

i. The above examples very well prove the utility of cow-dung and urine for sustainable agriculture as well as for almost curing or giving relief in many serious diseases like psoriasis, eczema, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, renal failures and cancer, etc.

j. Gomaya (Cow dung): Gomaya is considered equally valuable as Gau mutra (cow-urine) and it is used for purifying the environment. Cow-dung has radium and it checks the radiation effects of many toxic substances. In short cow-dung has multiple uses --- domestic, commercial, industrial, medicinal and social. This gets confirmed by the Vedic message in Sanskrit: Gomaye Vasate Laxmi. This means, cow-dung is an abode of Goddess Lakshmi (who is the source of wealth). We have to contrast this with the primitive and yet so-called ‘scientifically advanced’ Western culture which has always treated and is still treating cow-dung and cow-urine as waste products, even though their latest medical research has shown otherwise.

11. Furthermore, the common argument in the Christian West for slaughtering cows is no more uncontested. Beef is not of high protein content as believed earlier. Any dietician’s chart shows that beef, with 22 per cent protein, ranks far below vegetable products like soyabean (43), groundnut (31), pulses (24). Moreover, excess intake of protein is not good as it only contributes to obesity, a bane of modern civilization. Moreover, to procure 1 kg of beef (or for that matter any animal flesh) it takes 7 kg of crops and 7,000 kg. of water.

12. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the scholar-sanyasi and Convenor of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, a body of all prominent Hindu religious heads, has argued that non-vegetarianism indirectly contributes heavily to green house gases and other pollution. Swamiji quotes a Report from the United Nations of the year 2006 that reveals the surprising fact that “raising animals for meat as food generates more green house gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.” Ten of billions of animals farmed for food, release gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon-dioxide through their massive amounts of manure. Animals such as cows and sheep, being ruminant, emit huge amount of methane due to flatulence and burping. The UN Report says: “The released methane has 23 times the global warming potential of CO2″. It is alarming to note that the livestock industry alone is responsible for 37% of human induced methane emissions.

13. To make room for these domesticated animals to graze, the VIRGIN FORESTS ARE DESTROYED. The livestock industry also needs a vast stretches of land to raise mono-crops to feed the animals. The CO2 that the trees and plants store escapes back into the air when they are destroyed.

14. Growing fodder for farmed animals implies heavy use of synthetic fertilizers produced with fossil fuels. While this process emits a huge amount of CO2 fertilizer itself releases nitrous oxide (3) – a green house gas that is 296 times more potent than CO2.

15. Alarming though these facts are, Swami Dayananda Saraswati sees in them a reason for hope. All that the people ever have to do is to avoid red-meat eating. In the absence of demand for meat there is no more need for breeding millions of animals for daily slaughter. And then animals population would cease to be medicated or inseminated for continuous breeding, thereby the animal population would be regulated and reduced.

16. To sum up, the protection of the cow and prevention of cow-slaughter for beef consumption, makes good economic and ecological sense. A single individual by simply not consuming meat prevents the equivalent of 1.5 tons CO2 emissions in a year. This is more than the one ton of CO2 emissions prevented by switching from a large sedan to a small car.

17. One needs to have an honest commitment to save the Mother Earth who has been relentlessly patient and magnanimous since she began bearing life. There are a number of reasons for one to be a vegetarian. People given to meat eating think that a pure vegetarian diet is optional. But now they have no choice if they are alive to what is happening to this life-bearing planet. There is no justification whatsoever for one to continue to be a non-vegetarian knowing the devastating consequences of meat eating.

As Swami Dayananda Saraswati has noted thus:

“Promotion of vegetarianism does not require any legislation from the State. It does require a change of heart on the part of meat eating individuals anywhere on this planet. I cannot appeal to the tigers and wolves. They are programmed to be what they are. Being endowed with freewill only a human being can make a difference by exercising responsibly his or her choice.”

18. As the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Sikh Ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh did, we should amend the IPC to make cow slaughter a capital offence as well as a ground for arrest under the National Security Act, to give meaning and urgency to the total ban on cow slaughter. It is Constitutionally correct and is in total accord with the letter and spirit of Sanatana Dharma which has regulated society in India since times immemorial.

19. Some time back the erstwhile RSS Sar Sanghchalak, Sri Sudarshan observed at a meeting of ‘Gobhakta’ industrialists, in New Delhi, that for rural economic development cow-based industries should be set up. An example of this is of Dr. Shrikrishna Mittal who successfully made tiles out of cow-dung that could be used in rural housing for a long period. Of course Cow-dung gas (gobar gas) has already come to stay. Hence, a new movement charged with high idealism and noble fervour is necessary to create a cow-renaissance in the Indian nation.

The cow-protection is thus a part of Hindutva, and we should defend it with all our might. It is time for Hindus to join together and pressure the government to enact legislation to prevent cruelty to animals and ban cow slaughter. Hindus should promote humane education to promote vegetarian diets and to stop meat eating. Cows are sacred; animals have rights; therefore, let us protect our sacred Hindu Dharmic heritage rooted in our revered Gomata. Let us all resolve to join together to protect all our cows in order to save our Indian Hindu nation.

To conclude in the most appropriate and inspiring words of Shri Dharampal: “The banning of cow-slaughter may therefore be a step towards restoring Indianness and bringing auspiciousness and sanctity back to Indian society. Such a restoration, however, would occur only when India consciously becomes aware of the fundamental contradictions between the alien thoughts and the values with which it is burdened today and those which have been India’s own from very early times and which are still basically familiar to India’s common people ... If a really radical solution is required, the Constitution of India would have to be completely reformulated by rural and semi-rural Indians, who are indeed the ancient inheritors of India and its paramparas. The new Constitution should be based on their ideas of community, harmonious living with the neighbourhood and nature. … Once we begin applying our mind to a basic reorganization of Indian society, linked with India’s paramparas, values and civilizational outlook, it is conceivable that many in the world will feel attracted by it and wish to be affiliated with a renewed Indian Hindu society.”