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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GANDHI and NEHRU --- betrayers, nay, destroyers of BHARATVARSHA-I


About 2 weeks ago, my friend Smt Radha Rajan, a brilliant political analyst, consummate scholar and fearless Editor from Chennai sent me a copy of her book titled ‘Eclipse of the Hindu Nation, Gandhi and his Freedom Struggle’. She is also one of the authors of the book ‘NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry” published a few years ago. In my view the most important and seminal book on India’s Freedom Movement that has been published after our independence is the recent book of Smt Radha Rajan titled Eclipse of the Hindu Nation, Gandhi and his Freedom Struggle.”


Smt Radha Rajan‘s book is full of original grand thoughts which have stemmed from her buoyant and valiant heart. I would say that it pulsates with Living Truth. Dr Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) defined Living Truth thus: “Living Truth is that alone which has its origin in thinking. Just as a tree bears year after year the same fruit and yet fruit which is each year new, so must all permanently valuable ideas be continually born again and again in thought.” In the decaying if not dying India of today --- a helpless India under the vicious grip of American imperialism, rising Chinese hegemony, Europe-directed Christian evangelism, Saudi-funded terrorist Islam, debilitating Nehruvian Secularism and the American epidemic of consumerism--- there is an imperative national and paramount need for the creation of a Hindu Nation rooted in our ancient Sanatana Dharma to protect the Hindus of India in their own homeland.

In my view the publication of Smt Radha Rajan‘s book marks a definitive moment of destiny in the evolution of a full-fledged Hindu Nation in the not-very-distant future. After reading this book, the democratic battle cry of all the Hindus of India should be: “HINDUS OF INDIA UNITE, WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR NEHRU-CONGRESS-DESIGNED ANTI-HINDU SECULAR CHAINS”.

Smt Radha Rajan‘s book is seething with radical views animated by radiant ideals. Here I cannot help quoting the bracing words of Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860): “It is thought, and thought only, that divides right from wrong; it is thought and thought only, that elevates or degrades human deeds and desires. Next we may divide thinkers into those who think for themselves, and those who think through others. The latter are the rule, and the former the exception. The first are original thinkers in a double sense, and egotists in the noblest meaning of the word. It is from them only that the world learns wisdom. For only the light which we have kindled in ourselves can illuminate others.” Smt Radha Rajan‘s book is a powerhouse radiating new shafts of light and wisdom on India’s Freedom Movement dispelling completely the vacuous illusions about the Congress myth of the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent role played by Mahatma Gandhi in that movement. Her mind seems to be a power station, a storage warehouse of beaming and bubbling ideas, a library, an amphitheatre, a museum, a hall of archives, a seat of exemplary fearless justice and above all a seat of just government.

When I started reading this book, right from the first page, I was overwhelmed by a new beam of light --- nay, a flame of fire --- entering the smithy of my anguished soul making me realize that I had been fed for more than 45 years on carefully designed, organized and orchestrated political fraud and falsehood relating to the history of India’s freedom movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Brutal public facts that are not frankly and boldly faced have a habit of stabbing us in the back. One of the most sublime things in the world is honest plain truth. General, abstract truth is the most precious of all blessings; without it each one of us would be blind, because it is the eye of reason. Smt Radha Rajan has demystified Mahatma Gandhi and the history of India’s freedom movement from 1893 to 1947, in a forthright and forceful manner. She has magnificently succeeded in writing this extraordinary, original and courageous book rooted in concrete terrestrial Truth about Mahatma Gandhi and his various movements from time to time. Her working principle as a scholar, political and social scientist, historian and historiographer seems to be this: “I will not let go or leave manifest Truths unstated merely because I cannot answer all questions about them.”

During the last 10 days I have been under the continuous spell of this original and captivating book by Smt Radha Rajan. I have been carrying it with me all over the place and I can say with some confidence that I can quote verbatim without looking at the text many of the breath-taking passages from this book.

I can assert that I have felt the same way as the great English poet William Butler Yeats (1865 –1939) felt in September 1912 about the manuscript of the English translation of the Gitanjali and other Bengali poems of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). W. B Yeats in his introduction to the first published English translation of Gitanjali wrote as follows: “I have carried the manuscript of these translations about with me for days, reading it in Railway trains, or on the top of omnibuses and in restaurants and I often had to close it lest some stranger would see how much it moved me … The work of a supreme culture, they yet appear as much the growth of the common soil as the grass and the rushes. A tradition, where poetry and religion are the same thing, has passed through the Centuries, gathering from learned and unlearned metaphor and emotion, and carried back again to the multitude the thought of the scholar and the noble.”

In the same manner as the poems of Tagore (I am referring to the primordial fire of his poetry!), Smt Radha Rajan has written an incendiary and explosive book on India’s freedom movement bringing out stern, grim and scorching truths about the so-called leading events in India’s struggle for freedom in general and the never steady and ever unstable and unpredictable leadership of Mahatma Gandhi in particular. I have been struck by the profundity and loftiness of national spirit and patriotism pervading this book. I have not been excited or exalted so much by the diversity of testimony as by the many-sidedness of Truth, brought out with assiduous care through carefully marshalled documentary evidence, gleaming and glowing through this glorious book.

The most outstanding feature of this book is that every word and every sentence of Smt Radha Rajan is fully backed and sustained by unassailable documentary evidence available in the COLLECTED WORKS OF MAHATMA GANDHI in more than 100 Volumes brought out by the Government of India. When these Works were being edited by an independent, outstanding and courageous scholar like Dr Swaminathan, the successive Prime Ministers from the days of Nehru to the days of Narasimha Rao, had no idea of what was being incorporated into these volumes. Otherwise, they would have used their political clout to ensure that only the ‘politically convenient’ or ‘politically comfortable’ portions from the total corpus of Gandhi’s writings were incorporated into these Volumes. This would have resulted in the murder and burial of concrete Truth about the so called ‘Saintly’ ways of Mahatma Gandhi and the mercenary ways of the Indian National Congress from time to time from 1919 till the attainment of our Independence in 1947. The presentation of Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth about Mahatma Gandhi and the India’s Freedom Struggle by Smt Radha Rajan can stand the strictest and most impartial judicial scrutiny by any court of law in the world.

I am not surprised that she has derived her Himalayan inspiration and energy for writing this powerful book from the following words of Shri Aurobindo: “Respect of persons must always give place to truth and conscience; and the demand that we should be silent because of the age or past services of our opponents, is politically immoral and unsound. Open attack, unsparing criticism, the severest satire, the most wounding irony, are all methods perfectly justifiable and indispensable in politics. We have strong things to say; let us say them strongly; we have stern things to do; let us do them sternly.” We can see from every page of Smt Radha Rajan’s book that she has stronger things to say and she has stated them with candour and courage of conviction in the strongest language possible.

Smt Radha Rajan seems to have mastered The Art of Words. The dictionary is full of words but it is how words are used that makes the big difference. Her words have both the explosive power of a nuclear bomb and the soothing effect of oil on troubled waters. Indeed they seem to have the inherent power to start a war or to keep the peace or to state the Truth as she has discovered it as a Political Scientist in the manner and measure required. In this context, the words of Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) are very relevant. “Language is called the Garment of Thought: However, it should rather be, Garment, the Body of Thought.”

NO ENGLISH NEWSPAPER IN INDIA --- all of them being Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-hating --- has taken note of this revolutionary book by Smt Radha Rajan. The Anti-Hindu mafia of mass media in India, politically and financially sustained by the Sonia Congress and other equally anti-Hindu political parties, seem to be under a cosmic delusion to the effect that when they close their eyes, the whole of India closes its eyes and when they weep or laugh, the whole of India weeps and laughs with them! The disgustingly criminal attempt made by the mass media and the anti-Hindu political parties to keep the whole country in an area of pseudo-secular anti-Hindu spiritual and cultural darkness about the stark Truths relating to Mahatma Gandhi brought out so splendidly by Radha Rajan in her book has to be politically, socially, culturally, religiously and spiritually countered by all the Nationalist Hindus of India. That is why I propose to review this revolutionary book in 10 parts. I am going to do in 10 parts, in order to deliberately bring out the Dashavatara dimensions of the stern, grim and scorching TRUTH about Gandhi and his role in India’s Freedom Struggle, brought out by Smt Radha Rajan into the public arena, in a bold and courageous manner.

Let me begin the 1st part of the review with the introduction to this book. It takes off from the first paragraph of the book. To quote the words of Smt Radha Rajan: “This book is concerned with the systemic and well-organized political disempowerment of India’s Hindu community. A nation’s polity reflects its peoples’ notion of NATION AND NATIONHOOD (emphasis and capital letters - mine). Nowhere in the world and never in history can there be found a country whose ruling elite has not emerged from its native and / or majority populace, nor has there ever been a power-elite which rejected the ethos of its majority populace, except perhaps in South Africa, the Americas and India. The native populace of South Africa managed to seize control of its polity after a long, bloody and painful struggle to end Apartheid White Rule, and the nations of South America are struggling for native assertion via the ballot box. But North America, invaded and occupied by Europeans after decimating the Native American populace, is unlikely to witness any meaningful change in its power equations in the foreseeable future. Its polity is likely to retain its White Christian edge, a fact increasingly challenged by its African-American populace. The situation is similar in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. CONTEMPORATY INDIA IS THUS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHOSE POLITY IS ACTIVELY HOSTILE TO NATIVE (HINDU) INTERESTS; THE ONLY COUNTRY WHOSE SENSE OF NATIONHOOD IS STILL REPRESSED BY STATE POWER.”

Smt Radha Rajan is absolutely right because the Hindus of India are treated with indivisible contempt by the Sonia Congress party and all other anti-Hindu pseudo-secular political parties.

Followers of Monotheistic Islam and Christianity have a powerful political sense as both these religions are essentially political and imperial in their objectives and goals --- conquest of territory, physical subjugation (and if possible decimation) of non-Muslim and non-Christian populace with wanton destruction of their historical and cultural icons and subordination of their political will towards furtherance of imperial objectives and goals --- which they pursue relentlessly till the whole world comes under their hegemony. According to Smt Radha Rajan, this objective is deemed legitimate not only by the Indian Muslims and Indian Christians but also by the anti-Hindu Indian “secularists” who regard Christian Violence and intimidation in the North-East and Jihad by the Muslims in different parts of India as compatible with their quest for creating a NON-HINDU INDIA. All of them consider Hindu Nationalism a serious threat to the established polity dominated by Nehruvian Secularism (read, Minorityism), Anti-Hindu Southern Dravidianism and all shades of Communism.

Smt.Radha Rajan says in her introduction that historically, the sense of nation and nationhood among Hindus since the dawn of history has been cultural and civilizational. The culture and its unique value system, derived from an extraordinary concept of dharma, touched every aspect of individual and collective life. Politics, a means to protect and preserve dharma, was subordinate to dharma. Until Hindus faced successive Islamic and Christian conquests, they had no idea or sense of civilizational, adversarial political-cultural purposes. Yet the fact is that confronted with the hostility of Islam and Christianity, a heightened Hindu Nationalism manifested itself over the last 1200 years as organized resistance and individual acts of extreme courage to protect Hindus and the Hindu way of life. In this context, to illustrate her point, Smt Radha Rajan cites the examples of revolutionaries like Rana Pratap Singh, Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, Chatrapati Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, the Gorakshana Samitis, Shri Aurobindo, Veer Savarkar, Madanlal Dingra who followed each other into the 20th century.

Smt Radha Rajan states an axiomatic political truth when she says that a nation’s polity derives from and reflects the racial or religious ethos of its majority populace. India’s Constitutionally-enshrined “Secularism” is a KILLER VIRUS whose offspring, ‘Freedom of Religion’, allows both Indian Islam and Indian Christianity the liberty to function in a Hindu land while keeping their political core intact, indeed actively nurtured by its democratic Constitution.

I fully endorse Smt Radha Rajan's finding that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and later Jawaharlal Nehru successfully stifled the march of Hindu Nationalism. Nehru viewed a politically vibrant Hindu Nationalism as an inherent threat to his political pre-eminence and invoked the might of State patronage to promote an academic discourse and an “authorised history” that deliberately manipulated history in order to relegate Hindu civilization to the margins of national consciousness. Treacherous Marxist historians like R.S.Sharma, D.N.Jha and Romila Thapar belong to this category of shameless historians who came forward to sell their souls for a mess of state potage. These historians perpetuated the Colonial fiction that India was always pluralist, never Hindu, the implication being that Hindus cannot claim this land as their special janmabhumi’. In other words they can not legitimately take steps to protect their territory, their way of life or cultural sensibilities. Indian political discourse has been so intolerant towards Hindu nationalism that even most of the eminent Hindu political leaders started mouthing soulless inanities like “Hindu Nationalism is only cultural nationalism”. This has so far only meant denial of territorial content to and political intent in Hindu Nationalism.

Smt Radha Rajan states with conviction and clarity that her present work is an attempt to balance India’s distorted pseudo-secular anti-Hindu public discourse by outlining the contours and content of Hindu nationalism. The anti-Hindu polity today constitutes the greatest threat to Hindus and the Hindu Nation.

Gandhi’s leadership of the Indian National Congress (INC) and the freedom movement sounded the death knell for Hindu Nationalism. On the eve of Indian independence Gandhi and Nehru conspired together and handpicked all Congress members to the Constituent Assembly in such a calculated manner only to ensure that the Hindus of the Nation were presented with a Constitution that did not reflect Bharatvarsha’s timeless civilizational ethos or heritage nor represent the interests of the nation’s majority Hindu populace. Thus the so called truncated independence on August 15th 1947 only marked the beginning of an active anti-Hindu polity that continues to hold sway even today. To quote the clinching words of Smt Radha Rajan:”………This book signals the beginning of the collective effort of political-minded Self-respecting Nationalist Hindus to set down the coffins of Gandhi and Nehru from the unwilling shoulders of the Hindu Nation”.

(To be continued)

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