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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Deliberate Media and Government Attack on Sanatana Dharma



I am putting the pictures of these revered Hindu Swamijis with millions of followers all over the world only to highlight the fact that they have all been relentlessly chased by the Government and the mass media---both print and electronic--- in India for various reasons only because they are all Hindus. In this story I am going to focus upon the organized criminal machinations and operations of the anti-Hindu, pro-Christian and pro-Muslim (if from Pakistan or Bangladesh even nobler and better!!) menacing mafia of mass media in India. The following questions can be asked in this context.

What has made it possible for the mass media to treat the Hindus of Hindustan with such calculated and studied contempt bordering on hatred? What lies at the root of this unrequited media infatuation only for the minorities—Muslims and Christians—of India? Why are only known Islamic Terrorists who have destroyed many temples and murdered many innocent citizens treated with such fear and veneration all the time? Why do our anti-Hindu celebrities in the media take special pleasure in declaring that every Muslim is not a terrorist but there is every likelihood of every Hindu—more particularly every Hindu Swami--being a terrorist? I am referring to the loaded anti-Hindu media investigation here taking due note of the way in which some of the leading English newspapers shamelessly commented that some Hindu terrorists were responsible for the recent Poona Bakery Blasts!

The main reason for the patently established anti-Hindu stance in the mass media—both print and electronic—after independence can be traced to the virus of SECULARISM. The Government of India and all the State Governments have been officially marketing this vicious virus for the last 63 years, and the Indian mass media had no other option excepting to join the Government in marketing this virus in India and abroad with gusto, if they were to receive the support and sustenance of Government advertisements.

Apart from the impact of the virus of secularism, we have also to take note of the inexorable socio-economic and cultural forces let loose by the ruthless march of globalization, privatization and commercialization of the Indian economy with effect from 1991. Both the Government and the mass media seem to be in the vicious grip of commercialization. The helpless common people have been swept together and sucked into this vortex, both wittingly and unwittingly. All sections of society seem to have been swallowed by this ever-expanding and ever-deepening Frankenstein. Let me explain the impact of this Frankenstein on the Indian economy, Indian society and Indian culture.

We in India seem to be using our increasing wealth, our expanding literacy, our growing technology and our accelerated march towards greater and greater development, in such a manner as to create the thicket of absurd illusion and unreality which stands between us and the facts of life. We want and we believe these illusions because we suffer from extravagant expectations. Our expectations are extravagant in the precise dictionary sense of the word—“going beyond the limits of reason or moderation” they are excessive. Certain socio-economic and political forces have colluded together to give us this unprecedented opportunity to deceive ourselves and to befog our experience. We expect anything and everything. We expect the contradictory and the impossible. By harbouring, nourishing and ever enlarging our extravagant expectations, we create the demand for the illusions with which we deceive ourselves. And which we pay others to make to deceive us. This is precisely what is happening in the sordid world of anti-national and anti-social mass media----both print and electronic---in India today.

This is more so in Tamil Nadu where a few scurrilous newspapers and TV Channels, deriving their inspiration and working philosophy from what I call the dastardly Dravidian Drivel, seem to be working on a 24x7 basis for the creation of false illusions about Hindu men and events. They are essentially anti-Hindu, pan-Islamic, pan–Christian in their general outlook. Our every effort to satisfy our extravagant expectations simply makes them more extravagant and makes our illusions commercially more attractive to these vermin in the media. For these pseudo-secular, Islam-embracing, Christianity coveting and Hindu-hating non-men in the mafia of mass media in India—both print and electronic-- the creation of more and more false illusions about Hindu Swamijis, Saints And Sages---the broadcast of “the false news behind the false news”—seems to have become the life-breath of their whole time commercial operations.

Anyone can see that the mass media in Tamil Nadu in general and Sun TV and Dinakaran Tamil Daily in particular seem to have usurped the power of both the legal and moral policing of Hindu Swamijis in Tamil Nadu with the tacit prior understanding and informal approval of the Government of Tamil Nadu. All the Hindus of India know that the DMK Government is essentially an anti-Hindu, pro-Christian and pro-Islamic Government. The Chief Minister Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi has total contempt for Hindu Gods and Goddesses in general and Lord Rama in particular.

Dr. Kalignar Karunanidhi took special pride in asking this question with dictatorial authority: ‘Where did Mr. Rama (of Ayodhya fame) get his engineering degree from?’ Dr Karunanidhi and his DMK Party derive their political and religious philosophy from the Perversity of Periyarana about which I had written an article in a newspaper in 1993. His mighty intellect of global significance can be seen from the following extract from my own article of 1993:

“A detailed study of Karl Marx is called Marxiana. A detailed study of Mahatma Gandhi is called Gandhiana. A detailed study of Churchill is called Churchilliana. A detailed study of Periyar is called Periyarana. I have read all the writings of that great intellectual giant Periyar, called the Socrates of Tamil Nadu or Bernard Shaw of Europe. Personally I have received great inspiration, illumination and rational instruction from his mighty intellectual outpourings. l am giving you some flashes of time-defying wisdom and original genius from the Intellectual Armoury of 'Periyarana'.

“1. 'Tamil is a barbarous language and Tamilians are barbarians'

“2. '15 August 1947 is not the day of our freedom. It is a day of mourning and sorrow'”

“3. 'I want to be surrounded by fifty bloody fools, so that I am heard without any undue disturbance at all my public meetings'

“4. 'Parimelazhagar who wrote the commentary on Thirukural was a 'Parppanar' (Periyar was always more interested in Dravidian substance than in Aryan shadow!).'”

“5. ‘Whoever worships a Hindu God is a bloody fool.’” (‘Vadi-Kattina-Muttal’ in Tamil)

Seeing the manner in which the mafia of anti-Hindu mass media in Tamil Nadu have attempted to malign a Hindu Swami like Swami Nityananda having innumerable disciples in India and abroad, with evangelical and Islamic fervour, I cannot help observing that the real motive power for this kind of savage operation stems from what I call the rational-racial anti-Hindu Dravidianism.

About 15 years ago I wrote a poem on the Grand Theme of rational-racial anti-Hindu Dravidianism. It was my first attempt to decode and decipher the standard Dravidian drivel. I would allow the poem to speak for itself:
The quintessence of rational-racial anti-Hindu Dravidianism?

It is multi-dimensional!
Hindu spiritual knowledge is superstitious
   And secular ignorance is rational;
Character is superstitious
   And debauchery is rational;
Chastity is superstitious
  And prostitution of mind, body, heart and soul is rational;
Discipline is superstitious
  And indiscipline is rational;
Accepted global truth is superstitious
  And dastardly Dravidian untruth is rational;
Refinement is superstitious
  And brutality is rational;
Justice is superstitious
  And rapacious injustice is rational;
Counsels of the wise and the good are superstitious
  And the flattery of knaves is particularly rational.
A legally wedded wife is superstitious and irrational
  Innumerable concubines are powerfully and symbolically rational!!

One can go on like this in this vein endlessly in a superstitious and irrational manner because the turgid stream of Dravidian perversity and unabashed bestiality is indeed perpetual and even perennial. It may not be too much to say that all the leading actors in the highly exciting and even titillating Dravidian Drama have succeeded condomizing everything excepting the condom itself in the name of rationalism and social justice.

I share the view of many Hindu activists in India and abroad that the anti-Hindu pan-Islamic and evangelical Government of India and the State Government of Tamil Nadu are very friendly towards those foreign Christian forces in America and Europe who are determined to destroy Sanatana Dharma in order to maximize the “harvest of souls” for Christ in eternal perpetuity in India. Swami Nithyananda has become the latest victim of Christian/Dravidian anti-guru demonology! This becomes very clear from the message forwarded to me by Shri Rajiv Malhotra

(SOURCE paramahamsa/)


Swami Nithyananda was critical of Dravidian politics and Christian conversions, so he is paying the price. He is from a lower caste community and very effective in stopping Christian conversions in rural Tamil Nadu. So the Dravidian supremo Karunanidhi and the Church targeted him. This was an orchestrated attack at multiple locations simultaneously, some attacks starting even before the TV video was played. Clearly it was coordinated. This plight faces every Hindu guru. Its nothing new for the church which has a 2000 history of such mafia tactics to destroy pagan opponents. It is due to this fear that most gurus today dilute Hinduism and make it look like pseudo-Christianity. Message is that gurus with authenticity combined with audacity are going to get attacked this way. Hindus, beware. I am seeing a lot of attacks, stings and media operations against Hindu saints and temples all over India, not to mention assasinations, like that of the Hindu saint in Orissa. Remember Christian NDTV’s campaign against Sabrimala temple some time ago? Something stinks. The church is involved. Hindus should remember that the Church operates in India through two parties: Congress and DMK. Shun these two parties like plague.”
Swami Jyothirmayananda has forwarded to me the following message he has received from Deepak Kamat. (


“Knowing Hindus for what they are, evangelists and their mercenaries/hirelings are able to demonize Hindus with impunity, with ‘official’ support. Poojya Kanchi Acharya, Chathurveda Swami, Sabarimala Thanthri, and several priests and so-called god-men have been maligned by pre-planned, well-executed conspiracies by evangelists, whose aim is well-known to all of us. And the conspirators have not been exposed. They are targeting Swamis who have become popular. Every religious leader of the Hindus and their Ashrams/temples are on their ‘hit list’. So all religious leaders and Ashramites have to be vigilant. In these days of advanced technology in computer graphics, anything is possible. According to Sun News, those who attacked Swami Nityananda’s ashrams included Viduthalai Chiruthaikal (Thirumavalavan’s party- this man was conferred ’doctorate of divinity’ by the Church), Periyar’s DK and ‘local’ people (obviously owing allegiance to the DMK).”

All the devotees of Swami Nityananda and all the enlightened citizens of India would like to pose the following questions to the mass media --- both print and electronic --- in general and Sun TV and Dinakaran Tamil Newspaper in particular:

A. Have you verified the facts relating to the video broadcast by you on your TV channel?

B. Are you aware of the fact that the lands on which Swami Nityananda’s ashram is located in Bangalore were in fact donated by a well known philanthropical family in Bangalore?

C. Have you physically verified the land documents relating to this land and the other lands owned by the Hindu religious order to which Swami Nityananda belongs?
There seems to be an organized conspiracy of cold silence by the mass media in respect of the above questions.

Deepak Kamat in his website has brought the following facts to the notice of the larger gullible public. These are his words:

“So it is now confirmed the Nithyananda video aired by SUN TV is morphed and was intended to defame Hindus.

One Perumananda alias Lenin Karupannan joined Nithyananda’s ashram for “peace” but later started creating all kinds of nuisances on the ashram premises and caused hardship to the inmates. He wanted to destroy religious sentiments and made false propaganda and defamatory statements against the swamy and the ashram.

Karupannan was very conversant with morphing of the images with the help of information technology. He had also demonstrated his skills in morphing images and bodies, to the other inmates. Subsequently, Karupannan was “degraded”. And an enraged Karupannan started blackmailing the Swamy by stating that he was in possession of morphed videos of other inmates and would expose them. The video clipping presently on air was also part of the morphed productions of Karupannan.“Prior enmity” is the motive behind the airing of the clippings by a Tamil TV channel.

When I see the orchestrated attack on Hindu Swamijis and their ashrams relentlessly carried out by the pseudo-secular mafia of mass media in India, I cannot help stating that our print and electronic media are capable of colluding, collaborating and acting together to manufacture salacious “pseudo-events” to put many of our Hindu Swamijis in a bad light. The common prefix “pseudo” comes from the Greek word meaning false or intended to deceive. Many cases manufactured by the mass media in secret subterranean collusion with many national and international anti-Hindu forces of Christianity, should be categorized and castigated as planned and planted “pseudo-events”.

The successful reporter is one who can find a story, even if there is no earthquake or assassination or civil war. If he cannot find a story, then he must make (manufacture!) one – by the questions he asks of public or Hindu religious figures, by the surprising human interest he unfolds from some commonplace event, or by “the news behind the news”. If all this fails, then he must give a “think piece” --- an embroidering of well-known facts, or a speculation about startling things to come. Though the news they make happen, the events they create, are somehow not quite real. There remains a tantalizing difference between man-made and God-made events.

A “pseudo-event” then, is a happening that possesses the following characteristics:

1. A “pseudo-event” is not spontaneous, but comes about because someone has planned, planted or incited it. Any “pseudo-event” criminally manufactured by any anti-Hindu, pro-Christian and pro-Muslim TV Channel to malign any Hindu Swami becomes a grist for the mill of the media in India.

2. A “pseudo-event” is planted primarily (not always exclusively) for the immediate purpose of being reported or reproduced on a war-footing. Therefore, ITS OCCURRENCE IS ARRANGED FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE REPORTING OR REPRODUCING MAFIA IN THE MEDIA. ITS SUCCESS IS MEASURED BY HOW WIDELY IT IS REPORTED. The only question, that is relevant is “is it newsworthy?.”

3. A “pseudo-event’s” relation to the underlying reality of the situation is ambiguous. Its universal interest arises largely from the artificially created ‘smoke’ of ambiguity. Concerning a “pseudo-event”, the question “What does it mean?” has a new dimension. A “pseudo-event” will always raise questions of this kind: “What happened?”; “What were the real consequences?”; “What were the motives?” and “Did the statement really mean what it said?” Without the existence/creation of some sort of this kind of ambiguity, a “pseudo-event” can never be exciting or interesting or titillating. The ill-informed and the generally ignorant public would be led along the garden path only to ask this seemingly simple but stupid question: “Can there be smoke without a fire?”

4. Usually a “pseudo-event” is intended to be a self-fulfilling prophesy. The Judge is the accuser; though the Judge is pointing his finger to another accused (who in fact is totally innocent!) he is in fact the real accused. Finally, the Judge himself completes the planned criminal circle by giving a verdict against the chosen “another accused” (who in fact is innocent!).

5. “Pseudo-events” are more dramatic. Participants are selected for their newsworthy and dramatic interests.

6. “Pseudo-events” can be repeated at will and thus their public impression can be reinforced.

7. Knowledge of “pseudo-events” --- of what has been reported, or what has been staged and how --- becomes the test of being “informed”.

8. Finally, “pseudo-events” spawn other “pseudo-events” in geometric progression. They dominate our consciousness simply because there are more and more of them in interminable succession and the real un-manufactured events get masked or obliterated from public memory.

In many subtle ways, the continuously growing manufacture and production of “pseudo- events” has mixed up our roles as actors and as audience---or, the philosophers would say, as “object” and as “subject”. Now we can oscillate between these two roles. The movies are the only business where you can go out front and applaud yourself. Nowadays one need not be a professional actor to have this satisfaction. We can appear in the mob scene and then go home and see ourselves on the television screens. NO WONDER WE BECOME CONFUSED ALL THE TIME ABOUT WHAT IS SPONTANEOUS, ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE!

New forms of “pseudo- events” especially in the world of politics, thus offer a new kind of bewilderment to both politician and newsmen. The politician himself in a sense composes the story; the journalist or any newsman (who incites an inflammatory statement) himself generates the event. The innocent and gullible citizen can hardly be expected to assess the reality when the participants themselves are often unsure who is doing the deed and who is making the report of it. In respect of national figures the same law or procedure operates. Who is the history, and who is the historian.

An admirable example of this kind of new intertwinement of “subject” and “object”, of the history and historian, of the actor and the reporter, is the so-called News “LEAK”. But nowadays a News “LEAK” has become an important and well established institution in Indian politics and public life. The pseudo-secular ant-Hindu mafia of mass media, fully politically financially supported by the Government of India and all the State Governments are using this lethal weapon of News “LEAK” against all the Hindu leaders and Hindu Swamis. A clue to the new unreality of the citizens world is the perverse new meaning given to the word “LEAK”. To “LEAK”, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is to “let a fluid substance out or in accidentally: as, the ship leaks”.

But nowadays a News ”LEAK” is one of the most elaborately planned ways of emitting information about and against Hindu leaders and Hindu Swamis in India. All the important TV Channels—NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now, Sun TV, Vijay TV etc etc--are all essentially anti-Hindu and shameless champions and promoters of Islam and Christianity. They will always hang together in using this dastardly weapon of News ”LEAK” only against Hindu leaders and Hindu Swamijis. Kanchi Acharya a few years ago was a victim of this kind of News ”LEAK”. Swami Nityananda has become the victim of the same kind of News ”LEAK” today. To conclude, a criminal media-cum-political blame-game has been played in a deliberate manner to malign Swami Nityananda and his ashram.

From the world of Hindu Swamis besieged by the Mafia of mass media, let me move on now to the known area of the criminal conspiracy of silence of the media regarding the alleged crimes committed by Christian Fathers and Nuns. For example the Omalur Christian priests in Tamilnadu got away with sexually abusing and murdering 15 or more girls without much fanfare.

                                           SISTER JESME

A former 52-year-old nun called Sister Jesme has written an autobiography called ‘AMEN’-- Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakatha (Amen – an autobiography of a nun,) in which she has alleged that sexual abuse and homosexuality are very high in the Catholic Church in Kerala, India. This book comes in the wake of a spate of sex scandals, nun suicides, and murders that shook the Kerala clergy. This will be considered as ‘not newsworthy’ and deliberately blacked out from public view by the mass media.


The Catholic Church in Kerala, India, which has barely recovered from the Sister Abhaya murder case, who was allegedly murdered by two priests and a nun, finds itself in another controversy.

In 1995, Father Cyriac Karthikapally, a parish priest of Kurumbanadam church in the Changanacherry archdiocese, lured a 15-year old school-going girl to his bedroom. For the next two years, the priest entered into a sexual relationship with the minor girl that she gave birth to a female child on September 15, 1998. The Changacherry police on Tuesday registered a case against Father Karthikapally for raping, abducting and compelling the victim for abortion. Source: George Iype in Kochi (Rediff on the net)

In 1998, Sr Jyothis of Sacred Heart Convent at Mukkom in Kozhikode district was found murdered in the convent's well. Investigations so far have made no headway, but the police suspect that sexual motive could have been the cause behind the murder.

Recently, Sister Jyothis's father, K M Jose filed a case in the Kerala high court pleading for a CBI investigation into his daughter's murder in the convent. Source: George Iype in Kochi (Rediff on the net)

Christian criminals and Islamic terrorists are the most favoured children of the mafia of mass media in India. The daily working philosophy in the world of pseudo-secular anti-Hindu mass media can be put in one sentence: “A Christian priest or Muslim Mullah can never do anything wrong. He is as pure as the driven snow.” Apart from one-time reporting done for the sake of media-correctness, generally great pseudo-secular care and caution is exercised by the print and electronic mass media to keep the larger public in an area of absolute darkness about the nefarious activities going on in many of the churches (both Catholic and Protestant) in India. Even the most insignificant so-called nefarious episode relating to a Hindu Swami is blown out of all proportion by the electronic media and repeatedly shown with a ferocious tenacity of purpose on the TV screen. The NDTV, CNN-IBN and the Sun TV Channels are the global leaders in the state of the art technology of anti-Hindu reporting and portrayal. The same ferocity of anti-Hindu spirit and tenacity of purpose are never shown as a deliberate media policy towards major and reprehensible crimes committed by Christian Fathers and Nuns in many of the Christian Churches of all denominations.

The Dharka Butts, Ranab Proys, Scoundrelip Darsevais, vicious arrogant all-knowing roaring DrummeRams, suave Sadaasadi Darans, Fuckeeran Fopals(with all their anti-Hindu ploys!) in the world of media, seem to be united in their resolve to destroy Hinduism on the soil of India once for all forever. In other words, they seem to be under a self-generated delusion that they can achieve through their transitory menacing media power what the Muslim marauders like Mohammed of Ghazni and his clan or Christian Predators like Father Francis Xavier and his tribe have not been able to achieve for centuries!

The current move for forging unity among the hundreds of Hindu Swamis, Pontiffs, Sannidhanams, Peetams, Ashrams and the Exhibitions and conferences organised by them to showcase the charitable, educational and social-service activities hitherto carried out silently by them all over India, and more particularly in Tamil Nadu---all these positively healthy Hindu initiatives seem to have set the ALIEN-OWNED CAT among the Hindu pigeons. The charitable and social work of Hindu Organisations far exceeds the well-publicised (and well-compensated) work by Christian, Islamic or Atheist-family-owned Organisations. Off Shore Money and the Off Shore Commercial Religions are certainly behind all the on-going nefarious media initiatives to malign all the Hindu Swamijis.

In this context, we are reminded of Jayalalitha’s war against the Kanchi Matam, where the entire machinery of State was misused to frame the Seer Swami Jayendra Saraswati. The criminal anti-people and anti-Hindu media in Tamilnadu joined the Superintendent of Police Prem Kumar in his criminal act of foisting a case upon Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati just in order to please and curry the favour of Jayalalitha and her AIADMK Government. There are too many journalists who seem to be willing to sell their birthright of candour and truth just in order to become the pets of Fort St.George in Chennai or the Central Secretariat in New Delhi. Our journalists seem to have forgotten that men, not names alone, make news, and that men are made by the clarity with which they state issues, and the resolution with which they face them.

What is good journalism --- both print and electronic --- about? On a working, finite level it is the effort to achieve illuminating candour in print and to strip away cant. In short, it is the pursuit of and the effort to state the Truth. The pursuit of the Truth and the articulation of it is the most delicate, hazardous, exacting and inexact of tasks. Consequently, no audience is more forgiving (I hope!) to the speaker who fails or stumbles in his own pursuit of it, the only failure that audience will never excuse in any speaker would be his failure even to try to tell the Truth, as he sees it, about his subject.

Our television channels do not seem to be interested in the pursuit of truth, information and enlightenment. Television and all who participate in it are jointly accountable to the Indian public for community responsibility, for the advancement of education and culture, for respect for the special needs of women and children, for the acceptability for the programme materials chosen, for decency and decorum in production, and for propriety in advertising. All our TV channels have become the biggest betrayers of public trust and accountability. In my view the time has come for the public reprimand of the drivel, duplicity and demeaning programming that are the characteristics of most of the TV programmes today.

The double charge that I want to bring against the mafia of mass media in India can thus be stated:

“Firstly, its failure to inform the public better than it does is the evasion of its public responsibility.

Secondly, its failure to educate and elevate the public taste rather than following that taste like a blind, wallowing dinosaur is an abuse of its freedom.”

I fully endorse the statement of a fearless freelance journalist Shri K. Vijayan:

“Are we living in a Democracy or a Blackshirt Blackguards' State? (The Fascist cadres of Italy, and Hitlers Nazis wore Black Shirts and uniforms. Our Kazhagams were founded and organised on the same pattern.)

After this latest State-sponsored "Trial by Media" outrage against Swami Nithyananda, no one, including brain-dead, brain-washed coolie-padais of the various Kazhagams and caste outfits in Tamil Nadu will be under the illusion that we are ruled by a democratic, liberal, progressive, or even “Tamil” Government of Thamizhars.

What we have is a decaying, decrepit Tyrant and his rampaging Dynasty running Murder, Mayhem, Extortion and Blackmail Rackets, and waging a War against Hindus funded by Christian and Muhammedan Forces on the side.

If it were only a question of being ruled by a gang of criminals, thieves and extortionists we could have gone along with it. After all most of India was de-facto ruled by murdering, looting, uncultured barbaric Muhammedan and Christian Savages for a thousand years, and still we managed to maintain our Hindu Religion and Culture.

The instances of scurrilous attacks and outrages against Hindu Temples, Ashrams, Seers, Gurus and their Charitable and Social Work Organisations taking place today are too numerous to list out.

On the other hand the extreme partiality and favours bestowed on Christian, Muhammedan and “atheistic” organizations, apart from never taking cognizance of their serious crimes like rape, murder, land-grab, denigration of Hindu Religious places and beliefs, and forcible conversions, seldom find any place in the Media, let alone State-organised Slander Campaigns.

The Shining example is the cover-up in the Omalur Schoolgirls rape and murder series, where the sinning Minority Priests were rewarded a crore of rupees by the State. Christians call this kind of Commerce "Absolution".

(The Blackguards of Europe attacked Jews and eliminated them, though they were also Citizens of their countries. The Blackguards here are eliminating Hindus, who are not only citizens of this country but also form the unfortunate majority.)