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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Statement by


Following the murder of Shri V. Ramesh

by the forces of Fundamentalist Islam

by V. SUNDARAM I.A.S (retd.)

The savage attack on BJP State General Secretary ‘Auditor’ V. Ramesh by the innately criminal forces of Fundamentalist Islam has to be condemned in CATEGORICAL TERMS. It was a planned attack because they ambushed Shri V. Ramesh when he returned to his house around 10 PM on 19th July 2013. He was a very distinguished office bearer of the Tamil Nadu Unit of the BJP having been the General Secretary of the BJP twice. He was well known as a Hindutva hardliner. He had also held the Office of the Trustee of Chennai Port Trust when NDA held office at the Centre from 1999-2004.

‘Auditor’ Ramesh was appointed Official BJP Party Spokesman for Tamil Nadu earlier this week. His car was torched by Islamic Fundamentalists a couple of years ago, but he had escaped the attack.

Tamil Nadu has become a very unsafe place for the peace-loving Hindus to lead a peaceful existence. In fact Tamil Nadu seems to be going along the lines of West Bengal where officially the Hindus have been told by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee in very clear terms that the promotion of Muslim welfare is the first priority of West Bengal Government.

The tragedy of Tamil Nadu is that only falsehood is accorded a higher priority than concrete Truth. Perhaps Rajaji had the top Dravidian Leaders of Tamil Nadu in mind when he said: “Blatant facts, brutal facts, inconvenient facts, callous facts, cruel facts, ugly facts and vulgar facts do not cease to exist by our cussed refusal or ignorance to recognize them.” It is a very sad commentary on the low level of obnoxious caste-hatred politics of Tamil Nadu that no Dravidian Political Leader has come out with any Statement condemning the savage Islamic attack on Ramesh in Salem.

On 1st July 2013, Hindu Munnani functionary Velliappan was murdered in Vellore. On 8th July 2013, 55 yr old Nambu alias Kuttainambu the Secretary of Hindu Munnani’s Rameshwaram Unit was found murdered, with injuries in the head and chest caused by a boulder.

It is sad to reflect that no Police Officer at the highest level who is in charge of Law and Order has come out with any statement giving a warning to the forces of Islamic Fundamentalism in Tamil Nadu. The State Police can ill afford to remain neutral between the Fire Brigade and the Fire --- between the forces of Law and Order and savage forces of Lawlessness and Anarchy.

Western countries paid the price for placating Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1939. The result was the World War II and the Holocaust.

In India our tragedy began with the disastrous decision of Mahatma Gandhi --- not only the Father of our Nation but also the Father of Hindu Genocide --- when he led the Khilafat Movement which was based only on Islamic Fundamentalism. Muslims organized themselves to fight for the Restoration of Khilafat, while the Hindus were advised that standing along with Muslims for this ideal was their best way forward for achieving a democratic Free State. The outcome was the Molpah Massacre in 1921-22, Mass Slaughter of Hindus in Northwest Frontier Province in1924-25, the Great Calcutta Killings on Direct Action Day of Jinnah in August 1945, Naokhali Hindu Massacre in 1945-46 and ultimately the Birth of Pakistan with Partition Holocaust in 1947

In the NDA Alliance with the DMK, the DMK gained the real advantage, besides the Islamic Fundamentalists in South India. It helped the DMK to stall and dilute the Coimbatore Bomb Blast Cases, making it possible for the release of the Kingpin of Southern Jihad. The victims of Coimbatore Bomb Blast have been blatantly denied justice by the State and the South Indian Jihad Network has become stronger and stronger.

In any compromise between a political party like BJP wedded to National Integration and True Secularism and a party that is based on Vote bank Politics of Pseudo Secularism like the UPA Parties or the Dravidian Parties, only the dastardly divisive forces will inevitably win. Ayn Rand stated it more prophetically and poetically for all time when she stated: “In a compromise between milk and poison Death alone will Win.”

In this situation, our Nation in general and the State of Tamil Nadu in particular requires a NO-NONSENSE NO-COMPROMISE Leader like Narendra Modi.

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