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Monday, June 25, 2012






A man severely indicted by the Justice Shah Commission in 1977-78 for his criminal deeds and misdeeds during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency in 1975-77, a man who had taken a passionately personal sadistic interest in the inhuman and bestial torture of Queen Gayathri Devi of Jaipur, a very distinguished Member of the Lok Sabha belonging to the Swatantra Party of Rajaji, in Tihar Jail just in order to please the wicked and Draconian instincts of Indira Gandhi and her no less wicked son Sanjay Gandhi, a man who has functioned with absolute servility as the 24x7 money launderer of Vishakanya from Italy for more than a decade from 2002, Pranabda seems to be all set to succeed a colourless and undistinguished mofussil criminal like Pratiba Patil as the next President of India.


Under the supremely organized criminal leadership of Vishakanya, the Congress Party today has degenerated into a Party of political criminals, by political criminals, for political criminals. The Criminalization of Indian Politics and India’s public life has been taken to unprecedented heights by The Italian Vishakanya during the last 8 years from 2004.She has put the record of Indira Gandhi to shame much to the delight and thrill of her supremely corrupt cabinet ministers which include mighty names like P.Chidambaram,Kamalnath,Pranabda and other shameless worthies.


The only saving grace for Vishakanya is that it is not originator of the dastardly game of Criminalization of Politics in India. That credit goes to Indira Gandhi alone!


Criminalization of Indian Politics began after Indira Gandhi got a massive majority in the Lok Sabha following the General Elections held in 1972 . The process of the Art of Criminalization of India’s Public Life was perfected to the Nth degree by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi acting as her whole time informal Executioner(!?) Deputy Prime Minister after the Declaration of Emergency on the midnight of June-25 June-26 1975.The Gazette Notification was issued on June26 1975. Tomorrow (26-6-2012) marks the 37th anniversary of The Declaration Of Emergency by Indira Gandhi.





In this context, it is my bounden Public Duty to pay my Tribute to Shri MG Devasahayam IAS ® who has


Chronicled the II Freedom Movement launched by JP against Indira Gandhi and her Draconian Emergency in June 1975 in his Book titled JP Movement Emergency And India’s Second Freedom published in November 2011



The book is about the deep dark period of unrestrained autocracy (1975-77) in India. Those were months of draconian laws, extinguished freedom, Gestapo-type arrests, severe Press censorship, forced sterilization and abject surrender marked by terror of the minions and slavery of the elites that made India a fascist type police state. Both dictatorial Indira Gandhi and her despicable son were the unquestioned Managers of that Police State!




India’s Freedom, achieved on the midnight of 14/15th August 1947, ended on the midnight of 25/26th June 1975, when the then President of India signed a crisp four-line following the proclamation virtually on command from the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.


“In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 352 of the Constitution, I, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, President of India, by this Proclamation declare that a grave emergency exists whereby the security of India is threatened by internal disturbances.”








This is what JP said in 1975:


“Freedom became one of the beacon lights of my life and it has remained so ever since……Above all it meant freedom of the human personality, freedom of the mind, freedom of the spirit. This freedom has become a passion of my life and I shall not see it compromised for bread, for security, for prosperity, for the glory of the state or for anything else”.



As Shri MG Devasahayam puts it :



“This extinction of freedom in the country brought about an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation between Indira Gandhi, the self-appointed dictator and Jayaprakash Narayan, popularly known as JP, the congenital democrat. While the former was the epitome of power and pelf, the later abjured all desire for power, but wielded immense moral authority. By the time the confrontation ended in March 1977, JP had won with India regaining its Freedom”.


Unfortunately, the struggle for our freedom is not yet over.Even today our nation is enslaved, with a slavery of a non-colonial sort, easily succumbing to the authoritarian regime of Sonia Gandhi whose credentials for leading the nation are highly questionabe and dishonourable.


Hence we as a nation have no other option than to democratically throw out the corrupt and criminal UPA Government from power.




In Chapter 15 of his book, JP Movement Emergency and India’s Second Freedom, Shri MG Devasahayam has clearly explained as to how Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi considered the continued existence of JP as the only insurmountable hurdle coming in the way of Sanjay Gandhi succeeding Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India! The following of words of Shri MG Devasahayam are worth quoting :




“ The manner in which Indira Gandhi allowed Sanjay Gandhi to misuse her office and power has been recorded in the Gupta Commission’s report. Sanjay clearly told the officers working under Law Minister H. R.Gokhale, that there was no law above him. He wanted his wishes to be fulfilled immediately and without question. To help him, the Prime Minister attached one of her assistants to him and Sanjay’s order and wishes were conveyed to different ministries and officers through this assistant……….The Shah Commission did not mince words when it wrote about Sanjay Gandhi: “In the view of the Commission, the manner in which Shri Sanjay Gandhi functioned, in the public affairs of Delhi in particular, is the single greatest act of excess committed during the period of the Emergency for which there is no parallel, nor any justification for such assumption of authority or power in the history of Independent India... If this country is to be rendered safe for future generations, the people owe it to themselves to ensure that an irresponsible and unconstitutional centre of power like the one which revolved around Shri Sanjay Gandhi during the Emergency is not allowed to come up ever again in any form or shape or under any guise.”


In the same breath Justice Shaw also attacked Pranabda for his blatant abuse of authority and power during Emergency in 1975-77. Pranabda functioned as the Chaprasi in waiting obeying the vile, viscious and dictatorial commands of Sanjay Gandhi. Such a disgusting man has been sponsored today by the Congress Party for the highest Office of The President of India!


Now to come back to Sanjay Gandhi again. Shri MG Devasahayam has described in Chapter 15 as to how Sanjay Gandhi was being catapulted to be the Prime Minister of India, just because he belonged to a dynasty being benefited by the name ‘Gandhi’.



According to Shri MG Devasahayam,in the latter half of 1975 both Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were very confident of winning the Elections in 1976 without any difficulty. They saw only one hurdle that stood between their plans and ambitions and its actual achievement. That was in the form of a 73-year-old recluse, by the name of Jayaprakash Narayan, then in detention under MISA at Chandigarh. In Sanjay and his coterie’s calculation, the only person who had the capacity and credibility to bring the Opposition parties together and rally the people in the event of an election was JP. And he, like other Opposition leaders, had to be released if elections were to have any meaning. With his indomitable courage and tenacity of purpose, JP was bound to give his all to see that the dictatorial Congress was defeated and their designs destroyed by the collective will of the people. So the major obstacle for young Sanjay Gandhi to become the prime minister of this massive country, while still in his early thirties had become the old man JP, more than double his age.


In Chapter 29 of his Book under the title With failed Kidneys, JP Escapes Death by a Whisker Shri MG Devasahayam has explained as to how the Congress Party tried its best to hasten the premature end of JP in order to see that all the decks were cleared for the accession of Sanjay Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India.To quote the exact words of Shri MG Devasahayam “It was a very close shave, and but for providential intervention JP would not have lived to defeat ‘that woman’ and bring back democracy. Dr. M. K.Mani, the man who saved JP, later moved from Bombay to Chennai and has been consulting nephrologist for the Appolo Group of Hospitals. I had a long chat with him at his residence some time in August 2003. He was categorical in his assertion that “if there had been a delay of two weeks in taking JP to Jaslok Hospital, he would have been dead.” He was also equally emphatic that ‘there was grievous failure on the part of PGI doctors in diagnosing JP’s kidney damage.’ I poignantly thought of the pincer assault of early November 1975 that had narrowly saved JP from death!


Reading all the contemporary documents , I am convinced that both Indira Gandhi Sanjay Gandhi wanted JP out of his way of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Many Doctors in the PGI in Chandigarh in July –November 1975 were informally directed by the Delhi Durbar to take such medical action as to ensure the smooth and early departure of JP from India’s political scene.


It is not therefore surprising that in February 1977, in the midst of elections, JP addressed an open letter to ‘my dear brothers, sisters and young friends’. The letter dropped a bombshell when it said inter alia:


“Suddenly on November 5, 1975 I was informed that both my kidneys had stopped functioning. I could not understand how and when I became a victim of the kidney disease. I was taking all the medicines prescribed to me at Chandigarh. I was also sticking to the diet given to me in detention. So the total collapse of my kidneys was beyond my comprehension. A number of my friends have expressed a doubt, which I share, that my kidneys may have been deliberately damaged. Also no doctor (who has taken the Hippocratic oath) will be a party to such a heinous crime.


But the physicians who examined and treated me at Bombay were of the opinion that if I had gone in for their treatment fifteen days earlier, the functioning of the kidneys could have been partially restored. God alone knows how my kidneys were so totally affected. But this much is certain that I had been released only when the Indira government was convinced that I would not survive for more than a few days.”


THE criminal AGE OF CORPORATE GREED in India was inaugurated in a quiet and surreptitious manner by Pranabda when he became India’s Commerce Minister in 1980. Till then he used to call himself Union Minister for Self-Reliance. Within one week of his becoming Commerce Minister, people close to him started describing him as 24x7


Union Minister for RELIANCE . Here is my limerick on the transformation and transmutation of Pranabda :



At the beginning was Pranabda.


Pranabda was with Reliance.


And Reliance became Pranabda .


Amen !



Recently Rajat Gupta Former Goldman Sachs Group Inc Board Member Rajat Gupta., a bosom friend of Pranabda and several other Union Cabinet Ministers was convicted in a US Court for insider trading in a case that illustrated greed, guts, and glory in America's most successful immigrant community.


First I thought of writing that since Rajat Gupta has been convicted in a US Court he has narrowly missed the opportunity of succeding Pranabda as India’s Finance Minister. Since Pranabda has proved that shady antecedants, murky antecedants, disgusting antecedants,despicable antecedants,deplorable antecedants, and damning antecedants are no bar to climbing the ultimate Ladder to become The Head of the Indian State, the chances of Rajat Gupta succeeding Pranabda as Union Finance Minister have indeed tremendously improved beyond the wildest calculation, computation and imagination! But I have only one genuine fear in this context. There is every likelihood of Rajat Gupta being outdone and finally getting eliminated from the sphere of consideration by the solidly massive, unquestionable, noble and truly secular credentials of world figures like Afzal Guru and Kasab!!!


Finally I would conclude this sordid, squalid, and stinking story by quoting the clinching words of Shri MG Devasahayam:


“Today (25 June 2012 ) /Tomorrow (26June 2012) we are not celebrating the anniversary of JP Movement (Sampooran Kranti) that fell on 5th May 2012. We are infact mourning the 37th anniversary of Emergency which destroyed democracy and took away our freedom. It seems to be a poetic coincidence that Pranab Mukherji, one of the henchmen of Sanjay Gandhi, the real culprit in imposing Emergency in June 1975, is on this day commencing his ascent to be the President, First Citizen of the country and the Supreme Commander of the third largest Armed Forces in the world.Is not India a wonderful place to live in? MERA BHARAT MAHAN !! “










































































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