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Monday, May 14, 2012









On 12th May 2012, Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote a very explosive article in the Organizer journal, exposing the full-blooded involvement and participation of Union Minister P. Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis scam. For the benefit of my readers I am presenting below the full text of the article:

Stench of the Aircel-Maxis sleaze

Dr Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party
Aircel is a telecom company providing mobile phone wireless services using 2G and 3G spectrum. Before 2006 it was wholly owned by a Tamil Nadu based capitalist called Sivasankaran, but by January 2006 it came to be owned by a Malaysia born citizen called T Anantha Krishnan, popularly called TAK. He is the son of a Sri Lankan Tamil immigrant, who arrived as indentured plantation worker.  
T Anantha Krishnan's second wife is Latchoumie (Lakshmi?) Marie Helene (LMH) born to a white French father who belongs the Le Chateau Briand family, and Tamil mother. She is popularly known as Mme ‘TAK’.
TAK made his fortune first in gambling casinos and laundering LTTE drug and extortion loot garnered by the terrorist organisation treasurer K Padmanabhan (now Sri Lanka custody), and then branched into construction etc., to become a powerfully influential person in Malaysia, and had helped Quatrrocchi grease the system in that country and escape the law because of the CBI’s deliberately chosen counsel.
Mme TAK, according to my usually reliable sources in Paris, is the owner of a very big art gallery, La Fantaisie, which can be described as the Christie's in France! Carla Bruni, the Italian wife of former French President Sarkozy, is a partner in this venture since two years!
Smt TAK is also owner of a sophisticated Music Recording House in Paris. Carla, who is also a pop singer, uses Smt TAK's studios for registering and issue of her albums!
Sonia, her son Rahul, and her sisters are frequent visitors. Whenever Rahul goes to France, he stays with Smt TAK. He had been there a month and half back.
Smt TAK is also owner of vine yards in northern Colombia with joint ownership with the Colombian rich families Bettancourt and Katalli. Rahul Gandhi’s former live  in friend Veronique is connected to the Kattalli cartel.
Smt Tak is also one of the major shareholders in the French aeronautical company Dassault whose worldwide rejected fighter aircraft Rafaele was bought by India’s Defence Ministry for a hefty 20 per cent bribe. 
But the TAKs are smart. This time in the French election they backed Hollande, who won the Presidency.
It is in this context we have to see the Aircel-Maxis deal since it impinges on India’s national security as did Swan-Etisalat and Unitech-Telenor deals. Telecom towers and equipment can do cyber warfare, snoop on closed door conversations and read email.
The Indian owner of Aircel, Sivasankaran is a financial buccaneer, working always on the edge. In 2005 after getting a spectrum licence, and short of funds, he put it out that he was looking for foreign direct investment. Maxis approached him incognito through the Standard Chartered Bank. It is now alleged in an FIR of the CBI, that at that stage the then Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran entered the scene. According to Justice Shivraj Patil Report (available on the DoT website), Maran misused his office to arm twist Sivasankaran to sell all his shares in Aircel to Maxis in January 2006. Whether that was a  drama by Maran and Sivasankaran or real, only the Supreme Court inquiry will reveal. Sivasankaran however became ready to sell.
But there was a problem. FDI Rules require an Indian partner to hold at least 26 per cent of the equity for the deal to be okayed by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). Three months earlier till January 2006, it was at least 51 per cent, i.e., Indian to be majority partner. Maran got that changed to just 26 per cent and the Indian partner to be in minority. But Maxis owner TAK would have none of that. He wanted Aircel to be a wholly owned company of his. That was against the FDI rules. So Maran was in a fix. His brother and owner of Sun TV Kalanidhi was promised Rs 800 crores bounty for his media venture by TAK, and he was salivating furiously.
Enter P Chidambaran, the Dawood Ibrahim of Indian Finance, and Jesus Christ in Lok Sabha. He was then as Finance Minister which meant the ex-officio Chairman of the FIPB. As with Raja in the January 2008 Chidambaram advising him on “share dilution” which landed Raja in Tihar, Chidambaram advised Maran to devise a trick: Form a Joint Venture with a young ambitious entrepreneur, all expenses paid. Thus they found Sunita Reddy, part owner of Apollo Hospital.
Thus Deccan Ventures came into being, but it was joint only in name. By using a financial derivative, Maxis owned all of it. With the money thus put it, Deccan purchased 26 per cent of Aircel. TAK declared proudly to Malaysian Stock Exchange and to his company shareholders’ meeting that he had bought 99.3 per cent of Aircel equity (0.7 per cent still left with sivasankaran) and thus dejure Aircel became a wholly owned company of Maxis.
But TAK filed for permission with FIPB as a 74 per cent owner and got it cleared in March 2006. But there was a catch. Chidambaram did not like it that Maran had de-camped with the bribe loot. So the March 2006 FIPB clearance was not made in the name of Global Communications, a wholly owned company of Maxis, but in the name of some US company. Then Chidambaram sat on the file while TAK sweated with the thought of being so near yet so far.
Enter son Karti, fixer, ambulance chaser, money launderer, small arms dealer etc., and through a maze of cross holdings acquires at least 5 per cent of the Aircel shares before father PC re-convenes the FIPB in October 2006, and delete the name of the US company and put TAK company as the 74 per cent owner of Aircel equity. Karti’s wife Dr Srinidhi starts working as a consulting doctor with Apollo Hospital. All are happy now.
So what is criminal offence? The biggest is the bogus FIPB clearance. P Chidambaram has committed offence of criminal misconduct under Section 13(1)(d)(iii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act which entails a seven year jail term for Maran, Karti, and may be Sivasankaran too under sub-Section (ii) read with IPC 120A&B. The Supreme Court has been apprised by me on May 10 last, and the matter will be heard after the vacations on July 17. If Manmohan Singh does not want to testify in court, he must get rid of Chidambaram from the Cabinet. This is what all Congress leaders except one want.  
In the meantime the Indonesian Police has issued an arrest warrant against Maxis CEO Roy Marshall for fraud, cheating and money laundering in another connected company Astro. Its money trail leads to a favourite English news TV channel. Marshall is also a Sri Lankan Tamil, and has played host to Chidambaram’s wife Nalini when the deal was being brokered.             
The corruption pimple under UPA rule has defiled Bharat Mata but now it seems about to burst. Cure lies in operating vishkanya poison from our body politic.

Different business interests of Karti Chidambaram

The allegation was first raised by Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy, who accused P Chidambaram, then Finance Minister, of delaying clearance to the Aircel-Maxis deal in 2006, to benefit his son. Swamy contends that Karti received a 5 per cent stake in Aircel, a charge the latter denies.
Companies owned by Karti or his known associates (this includes companies that are or were at some point owned by Karti or family members):
*    Ausbridge Holdings and Investments Pvt Ltd 
*    Advantage Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd 
*    Chess Management Services Pvt Ltd 
*    Chess Health Care Pvt Ltd 
*    Halidon Marketing Pvt Ltd 
*    Kriya FMCG Distributors Pvt Ltd 
*    Kaiser Luxury Hotels Pvt Ltd 
*    Kaiser Surya Samudra Resorts Pvt Ltd
Known associates and directors of companies owned by Karti: CBN Reddy, S Sundar, Mohanan Rajesh.
Swamy's allegation
Advantage Strategic Consulting (ASC), a company owned by Karti, paid Rs 26 lakh to Aircel Televentures. He received a 5 per cent stake in return.
ASC's 2006-07 balancesheet, under the head 'loans and advances', a payment of Rs 26 lakh is shown as having been made to Aircel Televenture Ltd. At this point, however, Karti had no equity stake in Advantage Strategic.
It was solely owned by Ravi Viswanathan and Padma Viswanathan. The company had business relations with other companies owned by Karti.
Alongside the payment to Aircel Televentures, payments made to Karti-owned companies such as Chess Management Services, Chess Health Care Solutions and Halidon Marketing Pvt Ltd have also been listed under the same head.
There is no entry to show that ASC held any stake in Aircel Televentures (the company later became Siva Ventures, named after billionaire owner C Sivasankaran) in either company's balance sheet.
Siva Ventures, being a large company, does not list individual transactions on its balance-sheet schedules. Records of Siva Ventures prior to 2006 are unavailable.
In a legal notice served to Subramanian Swamy, lawyers for Advantage Strategic have said that the Rs 26 lakh payment was from Aircel for consultancy services rendered by Advantage. It is unclear whether entries against Chess Management and Halidon are also similarly amounts paid by them to Advantage for consultancy services. 

Plethora Of  Vicious Untruths And Blatant Falsehoods Promoted By UPA Government

1.     Government claimed no delay on part of Chidambaram in approving the Aircel-Maxis deal. It said the March 7, 2006 meeting of FIPB cleared the Maxis investment of around Rs. 4,000 crore in Aircel.
2.      But an October 17, 2006 Press release of FIPB shows Chidambaram cleared the deal only in the October 3, 2006 meeting of FIPB.
3.      The vital information that the Government concealed is that at the March 7, 2006 meeting of the FIPB, clearances were given to another company with similar name – BT Global Communication (Mauritius) Ltd.
4.      The FIPB also did not show the amount of foreign investment and kept the concerned column blank. Normally all FIPB clearances would specify the value of foreign investment.


Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Saturday demanded Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to answer six of his questions on the controversial FIPB clearance to the Aircel-Maxis deal in Parliament on Monday. In a statement issued here, Swamy sought to know:

1. How the Ministry of Finance issued a press release to say that the Aircel-Maxis equity purchase clearance in the Foreign Investment Board meeting presided over by then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was given on March 7, 2006 when the PIB website even today does not disclose this clearance amongst the clearances of other deals made on that day?

2. The meaning of the ‘clearance’ given by the FIPB at the October 3, 2006 meeting to the Aircel- Maxis deal, as announced in PIB website of October 17, 2006.

3. Pranab should disclose how is it that when the Malayasia Stock Exchange was informed by Maxis that its controlling interest in Aircel was 99.3%, far above the FBI rule that it could not exceed 74%.

4. Whether a fraud was committed by including a dummy JV called Deccan Digital Network to beat the FDI rule?

5. Pranab should make clear to Parliament the conclusions of the FIPB probes since he became Finance Minister, and also agree to lay the said report in Parliament. He should also disclose whether the DoT conducted an enquiry into this share purchase fraud through a dummy JV and whether the said enquiry by the DoT has been completed.

6. Whether the CBI has gone into this question since it is a criminal offence under Section 13(1)(d)(iii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act?


1.     The Prime Minister should sack the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram immediately because a prima facie case against his criminality has been clearly established with irrefutable documentary evidence by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.


3.     No one can expect such a criminal body like the CBI to initiate tough action against a supremely corrupt Union Home Minister whose continuance in office poses a serious threat to our national security and territorial integrity.

4.     Since we have a President with criminal antecedents, we cannot expect her to initiate any action for the dismissal of P. Chidambaram invoking her powers under the Indian Constitution.

5.     We have a Prime Minister who is a WALKING CORPSE. His Cabinet is filled with first rate criminals who can be sentenced even by any third-class magistrate. They are the hollow and the stuffed men. The best tribute I can pay to the supremely corrupt UPA Government under the nominal control of a titular WALKING CORPSE will be in the words of the English poet T.S. Eliot (1888-1965). This poem is called “THE HOLLOW MEN”:

The Hollow Men

T. S. Eliot

Mistah Kurtz—he dead.
A penny for the Old Guy
We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar
Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion

6.     The Union Cabinet consists of International criminals like Chidambaram specially chosen by Sonia Gandhi, criminals specially selected and blessed by coalition partners like M. Karunanidhi etc., etc. P. Chidambaram is an inveterate liar. Kapil Sibal is an invertibrate liar. A.K Antony is an unctuous liar. Digvijay Singh is a servile liar. Manmohan Singh is a pusillanimous liar.

When I was finding myself at a loss to find the appropriate words to describe the criminality and bestiality of our Union Cabinet Ministers, I was thrilled to see a sublime quotation from Walt Whitman (1819-1892), the great poet of American Democracy. The powerful words used by Walt Whitman are absolutely applicable to the UPA Government’s Union Cabinet/Council Of Ministers:

WALT WHITMAN (1819-1892)

“While the members who composed it were, seven-eighths of them, the meanest kind of bawling and blowing officeholders, office-seekers, pimps, malignants, conspirators, murderers, fancy-men', custom-house clerks, contractors, kept-editors, spaniels well-trained to carry and fetch, jobbers, infidels, disunionists, terrorists, mail catchers, pushers of slavery, creatures of the President , creatures of would-be Presidents, spies, bribers, compromisers, lobbyers, sponges, ruined sports, expelled gamblers, policy-backers, monte-dealers, duellists, carriers of concealed weapons, deaf men, pimpled men, scarred with vile disease, gaudy outside with gold chains made from the people's money and harlots' money twisted together; crawling, serpentine men, the lousy combinings and born freedom-sellers of the earth.”

This stinking rich man whose unconscionable greed for filthy lucre has resulted in rampant plunders of the public exchequer will soon be fixed by the Supreme Court and despatched to Tihar Jail where he rightfully belongs. The silent, scheming Vishakanya and her slaves will no more be able to save him.


Anonymous said...

it is an eye opening article and should be read by everyone concerned with the country. it reveals the truth in volume not only concerning with 2G scam but also with how our national policy are influenced and decided by internal and external mafias, thugs like chidambaram and tak. thanks for puting it on net. the day would come when the people in power would be shown the door of jail.

VIjaya Chandramouli said...

Such in-depth articles easing the DIRT and DECOMPOSITION set into our land's politics should be widely circulated within the nation so that all Indians caring for the nation and the well-being of its people will start campaigns all over the land and oust these 'most wretched and corrupt' men of straw who are looting the land and sucking out the life-blood.

ramachandrasekaran said...

alas sir,SC itself consists of masked so called "gentle men". In real life if u are surrounded by hooligans/rascals/rapists/mercenaries etc.the only way is to pray the almighty.practically no other way. out of all these PC is to be punished severely bcoz he is the person who quotes ever some couplets from thirukkural. i feel thiruvalluvar won't let him 've peace bcoz he misused/rather abused the divine kurals.