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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part II


Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha, Shankarachrya of
Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth

Like Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha, Shankarachrya of the Pok-Based Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth, was also arrested by the ATS and he is now in Arthur Road Central Jail, Mumbai, in Maharashtra.  On 25 December 2008, he heroically managed to smuggle out a very graphic letter describing in telling detail the brutal atrocities that have been let loose against him inside prison. In this letter he has even giving the names of some of the police officers responsible for the physical assaults on him. In a larger sense, his inhuman humiliation in police custody is a mirror image of the state-sponsored degradation and torture of innocent Hindus in pseudo-secular Sonia Congress India.  Sandhya Jain, the bold Hindutva columnist from New Delhi, has translated the Hindi letter into English. Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha’s LETTER COMPLETELY EXPOSES THE ANTI-HINDU NATURE OF MAHARASHTRA ATS.

Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha Shankaracharya


“India, the fourth-most populous nation in the world, the sole Hindu nation, yet also a divided India, weighed down by secularism, feels guilty about being a Hindu nation. Since the last 1200 years, ignorant of its united strength, this society which lacks the courage to speak the truth and has much experience in evading the lessons of history, suffering much humiliation and aggression, is now searching and struggling for its identity”.

“In this connection, I, the symbol of Hindu Samaj’s identity and faith, anointed Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Anantsri Bibhushit Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha (born Sudhakar Dhar), Shankaracharya, Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth, Jammu Kashmir (PoK), in the present circumstances, unhappy at Hindu Samaj’s worthless, indifferent, disbelieving and faithless leadership, am writing this letter. Because, via the Mumbai Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), Hindu society is being misled and their cruel and dehumanising atrocities towards me – from propagating a fraudulent identity of Dayanand Pandey, which was never my name, and calling me a self-declared Sant, Mahant, or Pujari –– have forced me to accept the commission of certain crimes:-

1] “My saffron robes were removed, I was denuded and kept wetted in an air-conditioned room for three days and given electric shocks.”

 2] “The Sri Yantra and religious books (including Japuji Sahib) used for my personal puja were trampled upon and thrown in a gutter.”
3] “Three men would stand upon my legs and hit me with belts on the soles of my feet, till I fell unconscious.”
4] “Meat was pushed into my mouth and I was told that it was cow-flesh (beef).”
5] “I was forced to read certain scripts, and then my voice dubbed, and audio-video tapes produced.”
6] “I was threatened that pornographic CDs would be made about me [i.e., by computer simulation] to defame me in Hindu society.”

 “These are just some examples. I lived 17 days in their custody, and you can yourself imagine what they would have done to me”.

“If ATS had any proof against me, why did they need to cook up fake evidence against me? ATS said, ‘HERE WE WILL KILL YOU, OUTSIDE MUSLIMS WILL KILL YOU; YOU HAVE TO DIE IN ANY CASE, SO ACCEPT YOUR CRIMES’. They made me mug up the answers of questions and then did a narco-analysis’. ‘In these circumstances, I hope that Hindu society will accept and read this letter as proof of the truth of its Dharmacharyas”.

“It would be appropriate to mention here that the root and ancient seat of the Shankaracharya parampara, Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth, lies in gram Shardi, taluka Attumukam, district Neelam, divided India’s northern-most state of Jammu Kashmir, in the 48% territory seized by Pakistan. Not only was this seat lost because of this Pakistani seizure, but over the last 60 years, that region’s lakhs of Hindus have lost their human rights, are denied basic civic amenities and are running from pillar to post without social or governmental assistance”.

“Three resolutions to take back Pak-Occupied Kashmir are gathering dust. This attitude of secular governments is known to the Islamic nations and Islamic leadership, as a result of which a policy of oppression is being followed, and in India, Islamic conversions are taking place with the support of Pakistan and other Islamic nations. The result is that 18-20 years ago, lakhs of Hindus were compelled to abandon Kashmir; they found refuge in other Hindu states of the nation. But today, in seven coastal states, Hindus are a minority of less than 10%. So if the same type of flight of Hindus takes place in other states, where will they take refuge?”

“Eminent thinkers of this fear-ridden society, the Kashi Vidwit Parishad, Dandi Sannyasi Seva Samiti, the faith-loving and reputed persons of Kashi, joined hands and organised a Sarvajanik Samaroh, and re-established Sri Sharada Sarvagya Peeth’s lost Shankaracharya parampara. The challenge was to stop the oppression and flight of Hindus of PoK; share the sufferings of resident Hindus of PoK and help them get justice and their rights; encourage Kashmiri Pandits to return to the Valley; and remind the government of the three Parliamentary resolutions to reclaim PoK”.

“Thus, on 16 May 2003, I was anointed Shankaracharya and charged with these responsibilities. Since then to the present day, combating all kinds of dangers and threats, I have been fulfilling my responsibility. A special report on this may be read in the 17 February 2008 edition of the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser”.

“The Jammu region of a Bharat divided on the basis of religion, from the time of independence itself, has become the kasauti (touchstone) of secularism. There, the anointment of a Shankaracharya can expose official secularism. Driven by this fear, the Central and State governments have sought to use the Abhinav Bharat programmes and in my official capacity as Kashmir Shankaracharya, used the ATS to cook up evidences and incriminate me”.

“Therefore, via Hindu society, I appeal to the Respected President and Respected Judiciary to permit me to commit suicide, because after this kind of humiliation, I am dying a slow death every second. And, because of the events that befell me, which I take as a sign of the heavy dangers facing the society, I hope that the suicidal Hindu society and its leadership will be alert and awake”.

It will be clear from the above letter of Swami Amritananda Dev Tirtha that the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) only on paper in Maharashtra is functioning only as an Anti Truth Squad (ATS) in practice. Thus, the ATS and other Government enforcement agencies in Maharashtra are functioning as lethal political handles of the anti-National and anti-Hindu Sonia Congress Party, which is totally committed to the philosophy and pogramme of total destruction of Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. 

The criminal working philosophy of ATS in Maharashtra seems to be based on the following ‘principles’.

a. Every Hindu is a criminal if not a terrorist, unless proved to the contrary. Brutal and brutalising methods of investigation, specially perfected by the ATS in Maharashtra, are being used against targeted Hindu political and religious leaders with the full official approval of the Firangi Memsahib and her terrorist political advisor Ahmed Patel.

b. All Muslim and Christian cultural organisations (including known terrorist groups) are working for only communal harmony, unless proved to the contrary. Every Hindu cultural organisation is only working for the total disruption of communal harmony, unless proved to the contrary.

c. Brutal power of the State can be effectively deployed to ‘manufacture’, ‘fabricate’, all kinds of carefully imagined and contrived loose bits of non-evidence to intimidate the peace loving Hindu population in absolute majority in India.  All Sonia Congress governments in India would effectively network together to achieve their larger political aim of total obliteration of Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma from the sacred soil of India.

I am shocked to find from the March 2011 Issue of the Hindu Voice magazine published from Mumbai that Swami Amrutananda Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya, Sharda Sarvagya Peet, Kashmir is still languishing in Taloja Central Prison, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. My esteemed friend Shri P. Deovamuthu, the Editor of the Hindu Voice has written an article on page 19 of the March 2011 Issue of the Hindu Voice giving full details of the letter he had received from Shankaracharya Swami Amrutananda Dev Tirth.

A letter from an ‘accused’
languishing in jail
P. Deivamuthu
(Hindu Voice, March 2011, page 19)

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Swami Amrutananda Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya, Sharda Sarvagya Peet, Kashmir (better known as Swami Dayanand Pandey), an accused in the Malegaon Blast case, languishing in jail for the last 28 months.

A scanned copy of the letter is given along side. The letter, which is in Hindi, translated roughly, reads:

“I, Swami Amrutananda Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya, Sharda Sarvagya Peet, Kashmir am languishing in jail for the last 28 months, as an accused in the Malegaon Blast case, along with 10 other accused. I am at present in the Taloja Central Prison, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

During my stay in the prison, I happened to read your ‘Hindu Voice’ given to me by a wellwisher. All the articles in the Magazine are in the interests of the Nation and the original citizens Hindus and the Hindu society. My Sadhuvaadh to you. I pray God that your efforts give a proper direction to the society.

I would like to receive a copy of your current issue and also Hindu Voice issue of March 2009. I can pay in the form of postal order or money order. Also please send me your following publications. .....

Please send the above three books along with Hindu Voice March 2009 issue by VPP. Also let me know how to get your magazine regularly. I will honour the VPP. I am giving my address below.

UT-9, HSC - 2/15, Taloja Central Prison, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210”

The letter was dated 22nd Feb. 2011 and I received it on 24th Feb. sent by Speed Post.

A few friends from Chennai cautioned me about the authenticity of the letter. One friend even advised me to check up whether the envelop bears the stamp and signature of the Jail Authorities. Yes, the Envelop did bear the stamp and signature. Swamiji had also enclosed a self-addressed envelop, with Rs.15/- stamp affixed, to be replied by me by speed post.

Next day, i.e. 25th Feb., I sent my man with many of my books along with a covering letter (reproduced along side). My man reached Taloja Central Jail by 10.30 a.m. and handed over my letter and the books to the Jail authorities. But the Jail authorities accepted only those publications which Swamiji had asked for and returned all other publications to my man. They even refused to accept my covering letter and returned it.

Our man tried to meet the Swamiji personally, but was not successful.

I have now sent the covering letter (appearing along side) to Swamiji, in the self-addressed envelop Swamiji sent me - by Speed Post. I hope it reaches him.


24th February 2011
Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth
U.T. - 9, HSC - 2/15, Taloja Central Prison,
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210

Dear Swami Ji, Namaste!

I have today received your letter dated 22nd Feb. 2011, sent by Speed Post. I thank you for your Asheervachan.

Hindu Voice, published in English and Hindi since April 2002, is an intellectual warrior, protecting Mother Bharat from forces inimical to Sanatan Hindu Dharm and our hoary culture. I am happy that you were able to read a copy.

As requested by you, I am sending herewith my following publications. You need not pay for them. For you, they are free.

1. 650 Truths you Must Know ... in Hindi
2. Directory of World Hindu Organisations
3. Say Proudly I am a Hindu (Hindi), 4. The Need for a Hindu Nation (Hindi), 5. Hindus Beware (Hindi)
6. Hindu Voice (Hindi), March 2009 issue + a few earlier issues.
7. A few copies of National Spirit, a weekly launched by me recently.

The Book "Hand Book on Right to Information" is out of stock. Hence I am sending herewith the print out of the material, which may serve your purpose.


With Pranaams,

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit

I spoke to Shri P, Deivamuthu today, Wednesday, 30th March 2011. He told me that he has received another letter dated 25th March 2011 from Swami Amrutananda Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya, Sharda Sarvagya Peet, Kashmir. He told me that he is publishing the following story relating to this letter of 25th March 2011 in the April 2011 Issue of the Hindu Voice.

Letter from an Undertrial
P. Deivamuthu
(In Hindu Voice, April 2011)

Readers are aware that in my last issue (March 2011), I had reproduced a letter dated 22nd Feb. 2011, received from Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth (better known as Dayanand Pandey), an accused in the Malegaon Bomb Blast case languishing in Taloja Central Prison, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, and my reply to him dated 25th Feb. I have received another letter from him, dated 25th Feb, along with his photograph. A scanned copy of the letter and the photograph, along with its translation in English, are published here, for the information of the reader. Obviously, my reply dated 25th and his letter dated 25th (sent by Speed Post) have crossed in post. I have again replied to him vide my letter dated 8th March 2011, (sent by Regd. post) which too is reproduced below.

(Translated from Hindi) (Letter dated 25th February 2011 sent to Shri P. Deivamuthu by Shankaracharya Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth)

“The Editor, Hindu Voice

Long Live, Paramshubhashish,

I am happy and thankful to you for taking immediate action as requested by me in my letter dated 22nd Feb. 2011. I assure you that I will cooperate with you in making your holy mission a success, for which I pray God.

Today (25th Feb. 2011) I received your three books and Hindu Voice March 2009 issue. But I regret I could not meet your Representative. I again request you to send me copies of Hindu Voice from November 2008 to April 2009 and May-June 2010 and from November 2010 to March 2011 (total 13 issues). And tell your Representative to meet me and collect the amount for the books already sent and the ones now requested, along with the annual subscription for Hindu Voice, so that I can continuously receive your Monthly. Otherwise, if you so desire, I can send a MO. Please do inform me.

In order to give some introduction about me, I am sending herewith photo copies of some of the materials available with me. It would be adviseable if you search the net in the name of "Shankaracharya Swami Amritanand Dev Tirth". I am not able to send some materials as I am not able to make photo copies of them, here. But the RSS Mouthpiece ORGANISER, 17th Feb. 2008 issue, page 23, has published my interview, which you can read. The ATS, in order to avoid public reaction, has lied to the public and mentioned my name as "Dayanand Pandey", whereas in the charsheet my name is clearly mentioned as Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya, Sharda Sarvagya Peet". But I do not know why the media is holding on to this imaginary name given by the ATS. In this respect, I have filed an affidavit in the court.

In this way, in a planned way, the ATS in collution with the secular media, has tarnished my image. I am thinking of writing a detailed letter to you about the Malegaon Bomb Blast-2008, so that the facts are placed before the society.

According to Sanatan Dharm, only the Atma is sanatan. But today, what can you expect from people who have pawned their soul and voice for the enjoyment of their mortal body and stomach? Awakening such a Society which is in a suicidal path and to uplift it, is indeed the holiest service to the God. On this subject, many magazines have serialised many of my articles. I will try to send them to you also. In this respect, I would requst you to kindly contact my colleague Shri Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, 77 Khera Road, New Delhi-82 (Mobile: 09868324025/09868342613) and get all his publications. I am sure, he will be of help to you in your work. What to say about my helping you at this moment; I am helpless. But when the time comes, you yourself will experience it.

The Govt. has conspired to involve me in this false case, so that my Bhakts and followers run away from me. I was invited to Bhopal for the inauguration of Abhinav Bharat, and the Madhya Pradesh government declared me as the State Guest as the Shankaracharya. But the ATS treated this meeting as a ‘Conspiracy Meeting’ and arrested some of the participants as accused and some as witnesses. I will try to send you a detailed report shortly.

Expecting you to do what I have asked for, and hoping to write to you again, and with Hari Smaran & Blessings.”
(Swami Amritanand Dev Tirth, Shankaracharya)
UT-9, HSC 2/15.
Dated: 25th February 2011.

Shri P. Deivamuthu’s reply letter dated 8th March 2011 to Shankaracharya Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth

8th March 2011
Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth
U.T. - 9, HSC - 2/15, Taloja Central Prison
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210

“Dear Swami Ji, Namaste!

I hope you have received my letter dated 24th Feb. 2011, sent by speed post.

I had sent my Representative with the said letter and a lot of my other publications. But the jail authorities took only what you asked for in your letter and returned all other publications, including my letter. My representative wanted to meet you personally, but the jail authorities did not allow it.

I have now received your letter dated 25th February 2011. As requested by you, I am sending herewith some old copies of Hindu Voice (both English/Hindi). I am also sending a copy of my Weekly NATIONAL SPIRIT. On page 3 of National Spirit, you will find your letter dated 22nd Feb. with my comments. I have published this in Hindu Voice too March 2011 issue which has already reached subscribers.

Please do write to me - whatever you want to say. I will bring it to the notice of the world through Hindu Voice (English and Hindi) and National Spirit.

Thanking you, with Pranaams!”

In the Services of Bharat Mata
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit

I am presenting below the facsimile of the letter in Hindi dated 25th March 2011 sent by Shankaracharya Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth to Shri P. Daivamuthu.

Will the Maharashtra ATS, (Anti Truth Squad), Congress Bureau of Investigation/Intimidation (CBI) and the National (Hindu) Intimidation Agency (NIA) dare to foist a false case on the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmad Bukhari or the Cardinal of Bombay Oswald Gracias? These anti-Hindu and anti-National agencies are taking their operational instructions from the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi and her private family business called the Congress Party.

The BUSINESS MOTO of the Congress Party, the private family business of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi seems to be thIs:

“Terrorist Muslim appeasement at any cost to the Nation
Terrorist Christian appeasement at any cost to the Nation
Minority Vote bank Politics at any cost to the Nation
But positively at no cost to the Sonia Gandhi clan”

That is why the Congress party is more keen on protecting the interests of Muslims in Libya and the interests of Muslims in India like Afzal Guru.

Men in the bonded labour of Sonia Gandhi like Digvijay Singh and P. Chidambaram acting together are co-ordinating all these anti-Hindu activities under the guise of tackling the imagined phantom called Saffron Terrorism. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, P. Chidambaram are all promoters of Islamic terrorism in the Southern and Western parts of India and promoters of Christian terrorism in Orissa and the North-Eastern parts of India. Perhaps all of them are fated to get their due justice without any trial in the same manner as Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi got from Madame Destiny. I derive my inspiration for saying this from the following lines of immortal poetry:

“Glories of our Blood and State
Are shadows and not substantial things
Early or late we stoop to fate
Sceptre and crown must tumble down
And in the dust be equal made
Only the actions of the just
Smell sweet and blossom in the dust.”

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if the sikhs can file a case in usa against the government for the killing of sikhs in 1984.why cant the hindus in usa file a similar case for these atrocities and also take it to international human rights commission?