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Tuesday, November 23, 2010



BIHAR ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS ARE GOING TO BE DECLARED TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY 24-11-2010). The counting will begin tomorrow morning and by noon the results will be known. I have no doubt that the Bihar Elections have been rigged in the same manner as the 2009 Parliamentary General Elections were rigged by the Sonia Congress Party through its subterranean ‘working’ links with the Election Commission. This inference is confirmed by the fact that recently Rahul Gandhi had very recently declared at an Election Rally in Bihar: “Sonia Congress performance in UP in 2009 Parliamentary Elections will be repeated in Assembly Elections in Bihar!”

The fact of the matter is that Parliamentary Elections in 20 Constituencies in UP were successfully rigged by the Sonia Congress Party in May 2009. The same rigging technology has been deployed in Bihar as well to ensure the nefariously pre-planned and definite land-slide victory for the Sonia Congress Party in at least 40 to 50 Assembly Constituencies. That is why Rahul Gandhi has made his recent declaration about Sonia Congress victory with such unabashed confidence. The aim of the Sonia Congress Party is to form a coalition Government in Bihar. If that is not possible, then to impose President’s Rule (which means firangi Sonia Gandhi Rule through her chosen Congress minion Pratibha Patil, the President of India with shady credentials!)

To successfully and cleverly hide the rigging process in Bihar, some Private TV Channels were commandeered by firangi memsahib’s Congress Party to openly announce in advance that the coalition alliance of JDU and BJP in Bihar will sweep the Assembly Elections in nearly 150 to 180 Assembly Constituencies. Soon thereafter Lalu Prasad Yadav joined the chorus of Rahul Gandhi by raucously declaring to this effect: “People of Bihar will throw out Nitish Kumar. RJD will form the Government!” Two days later Lalu Prasad Yadav sang another tune: ”The EVMs are totally tamperable and unreliable. The JDU and the BJP are going to rig the Assembly Elections in Bihar.” I have a hunch that Lalu Prasad Yadav has already come to some underground understanding with Sonia Gandhi to form a coalition Government in Bihar.

What is the corner stone or foundation stone of this rigged artificial political edifice to be erected in Bihar the day After Tomorrow (25-11-2010 Thursday)? The secret lies in rigging The Election Process through the deployment of specially designed EVMs to ensure the undoubted and ‘planned’ success of Sonia Party candidates only and no one else! Sonia Congress Party perfected the rigging technology through its 24x7 Party Functionary Navin Chawla (with a shady official background like Thomas the Central Vigilance Commissioner who has been indicted yesterday by the Supreme Court of India for his corrupt background during his days as a Civil Servant in Kerala). Let me furnish some more details.

Sonia Congress guided by firangi memsahib planned, organized, launched and succeeded in rigging the 2009 General Elections in 108 Parliamentary Constituencies. In these 108 constituencies about 290000 EVMs were especially acquired by the Election Commission in January 2009 with modified programmes for date/time stamping; thus 2 types of EVMs were used, the old units without date/time stamping (about 11.10 lakhs of them) and the rest (2.90 lakhs)with the new “improvised” feature claimed by BEL, the Government of India Company which made the programme change. Thus in all 14 lakhs of EVMs were used.

With this programme change in respect of newly acquired 2.90 lakh EVMs (nefariously plotted by the Sonia Congress Party!), an entry programme to modify was provided for any programmer to modify the PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) since time is determined outside of the balloting unit and thus beyond the control of the EVM system.

Selective rigging was done through more than 290,000 EVMs during the Parliamentary Elections to impact the results in favour of Sonia Congress Party during the Parliamentrary Elections in 2009. The seats won by the Congress in UP, lost by the AIADMK Party and the Communist Parties, the seats won by the BJD in Orissa were all planned and achieved by the Election Commission in 2009 General Elections. A remote control was used to record 4 votes for the desired Party for every vote polled by any opposing Party.

These facts and figures have been brought out very succinctly and brilliantly by Dr.Anupam Saraph in his landmark article ‘The Case For Banning EVMs” in the explosive book titled ELECTRONIC MACHINES, Unconstitutional and Tamperable edited by Dr.Subramanian Swamy and Dr.S.Kalyanaraman. The front cover of this book which was released last month in Chennai and Cochin has been presented at the top of this article above.


Dr.Anupam Saraph is a respected innovator and polymath who has been an advisor in governance, informatics and strategic planning. Anupam Saraph obtained a PhD from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in Informatics while working with the IMAGE team at the RIVM and IVEM in the Netherlands. He is an acclaimed leadership, strategy and innovation mentor. His leadership, innovation and foresight in diverse sectors have left a lasting value.

DR.ANUPAM SARAPH has explained in detail as to how the Election Commission lost all control over the EVM system because BEL, ECI contracted to make the Systems had subcontracted the work to private contractors. No credible claims have been made by the CEC about the Systems Audit conducted on the acquired EVMs and deployed during the electoral process.

I fully endorse the conclusion of Dr.Anupam Seraph: “CEC has clearly goofed up relying upon a scrappy Indiresan Committee Report. One has to compare it with the professionalism with which System Auditors audited the EVMs in USA…….India’s e-elections rigged? Omesh Saigal, an Engineering Graduate from IIT and former Delhi Chief Secretary (IAS Officer), stunned the Electioin Commission with a presentation showing that the software used in the EVMs can be manipulated in favour of a particular Party or Candidate. Following the presentation, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Navin Chawla ordered an inquiry into the possibility of such rigging during the recently concluded Parliamentary Elections in India and Indian-held Kashmir (IHK).” Since Navin Chawla was totally committed to ensuring the victory of Sonia Congress candidates at all costs, he never took any action to stem the rot that was brought to his notice by Dr.Anupam Seraph.

Dr.Anupam Seraph had brought it to the notice of the nation and the Election Commission that even 2 weeks before the votes were counted and the election results announced, the Election Commission had ‘projected’ (euphemism for rigging!) all the details relating to the results relating to more than 100 Parliamentary Constituencies on their website and that he had taken it up with the Election Commission to ascertain the motives behind the display of such details even before the conclusion of the Electoral Process as a whole. Though he sent several communications in this connection to the Election Commission even before the dates of counting, yet he received no reply from the Election Commission. Finally when the truth about selective rigging to ensure the success of Sonia Congress candidates in more than 108 Parliamentary Constituencies came out, it was stern grim and scorching.


I understand that Kirit Somiah, the BJP leader had taken an All-Party Delegation to the Election Commission in August 2009 and Dr.Anupam Seraph was also a part of this delegation. At that meeting Dr.Seraph invited the attention of the Election Commission to the Voting Data relating to the 108 Parliamentary Constituencies displayed on the website of the Election Commission even 2 weeks before the date of counting. Till date no reply has been received by Dr.Anupam Seraph from the Election Commission. Bernard Shaw was right when he wrote: “Illicit distillers and vendors of contraband opium cannot be expected to be straightforward in respect of WHEN AND HOW AND WHAT AND WHERE AND WHOM AND WHO of their nefarious operations”. Three Cheers to the Election Commission for their transparent and honest malfunctioning with Sonia Congress gusto, now and forever!

The landmark book edited by Dr.Subramanan Swamy and Dr.Kalyanaraman graphically demonstrates and proves WHY AND HOW the EVMs are are unconstitutional and tamperable.

The previous Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Navin Chawla made a false claim that no one has been able to demonstrate the tamperability of Indian EVMs. Centre for National Renaissance took up the challenge and organized an International Conference of IT experts, constitutional lawyers in Chennai on 13 February 2010. The contributions made by experts from USA, Germany, Netherlands and India, at this International Conference held in Chennai have been included in the book edited by Dr.Subramanian Swamy and Dr.S.Kalyanaraman referred to above. These contributions demonstrate and prove beyond any doubt the unconstitutionality and tamperability of Indian EVMs. The EVMs as presently used are also illegal since the provisions of the Information Technology Act have been violated.

The book is a comprehensive review of Information Technology, legal and constitutional aspects related to the use of Indian EVMs. The book is expected to create the necessary public opinion to make the EC withdraw the EVMs if they cannot be safeguarded to public satisfaction, and thus return to the paper ballot system. THE BOOK MAKES A HOST OF STARTLING AND ALARMING REVELATIONS ON THE USE OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES (EVMS) IN INDIAN ELECTIONS WHICH CALL FOR A PARLIAMENTARY PROBE: The continued use of electronic voting machines in Indian elections is unconstitutional because Indian EVMs are non-transparent and vitiate the requirement of voter control over the balloting and counting process, which is a basic feature of India’s Constitution.

EVMs are tamperable, posing the risk of wholesale rigging of election results. Computer experts have consistently held that Indian EVMs are not completely secure from software and hardware manipulation. Also, Indian EVMs can be hacked both before and after elections to alter election results. In fact the Election Commission proved it to the hilt in respect of 108 Parliamentary Constituencies in the General Elections held in 2009.


This book includes the following documents:

a resolution adopted by the experts of the International Conference recommending return to paper ballots if the transparency and tamperability issues cannot be addressed satisfactorily.

The following letters from independent experts raising serious objections to Indian EVMs and recommending a return to paper ballots:

* Letter of Prof. David Dill of Stanford University to Navin Chawla, CEC
* Letter of US Professors and IT Experts to Chief Election Commissioner of India
* Letter of Shri Omesh Saigal Former Chief Secretary, Delhi, to Prime Minister

EVMs have already been banned in many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, and the list is getting longer. Thus, there is a growing lack of confidence in EVMs the world over. Why should India persist with a failed system that has been abandoned worldwide? The risk of wholesale rigging inherent in EVMs, howsoever small, cannot be accepted in a democracy where the stakes in winning elections are so high. The book brings together a panel of political, constitutional and technical experts and makes a powerful and substantive case for the discontinuation of EVMs in Indian elections if these cannot be safeguarded to public satisfaction.

The following excerpts from a recent historic judgement given by the German Supreme Court which declared that EVMs are unconstitutional are worth quoting and very relevant to India:

1) In a Republic, elections are a matter for the entire people and a joint concern of all citizens. Consequently, the monitoring of the Election Procedure must also be a matter for and a task of the citizen. Each citizen must be able to comprehend and verify the central steps in the elections reliably and without any special prior technical knowledge.

2) The public nature of the elections is also anchored in the principle of the Rule of Law. The public nature of the state’s exercise of power, which is based on the Rule of Law, serves its transparency and controllability. It is contingent on the citizen being able to perceive acts of the state bodies. This also applies to the activities of the election bodies.

3) The principle of the public nature of elections requires that all essential steps in the elections are subject to public examinability unless other constitutional interests justify such an exception. Particular significance attaches here to the monitoring of the Election Act and to the ascertainment of the Election Result.

4) An election procedure in which the voter cannot reliably comprehend whether his or her vote is unfalsifiably recorded and included in the ascertainment of the Election Result, and how the total votes cast are assigned and counted, excludes central elements of the election procedure from public monitoring, and hence does not comply.

5) Restrictions on possibilities for citizens to monitor the election events cannot be compensated for by sample devices in the context of the type approval procedure or in the selection of the Voting Machines specifically used in the elections prior to their deployment being subjected to verification by an official institution as to the compliance with certain security requirements and their proper technical performance. The monitoring of the essential steps in the election promotes well-founded trust in the correctness of the election certainly in the necessary manner that the citizen himself or herself can reliably verify the election event.

6) The Federal Voting Machine Ordinance violates the principle of the public nature of elections under Article 38 in conjunction with Article 20.1 and 20.2 of the Basic Law because in the use of computer-controlled Voting Machines it guarantees neither effective monitoring of the Election Act nor the reliable verifiability of the Election Result.

7) The public nature of elections requires in the deployment of computer-controlled Voting Machines that the essential steps in the Election Act and the ascertainment of the Election Results can be reviewed reliably and without special expert knowledge. Such features are not available or contained in the Federal Voting Machines.

The Election Commission has let down the people of India in the General Elections last year by cleverly and unscrupulously deploying EVMs with special features to rig the elections in favour of Sonia Congress Party in 108 parliamentary Constituencies. Both Gopalswami and Navin Chawla are collectively responsible for this disastrous lapse. Both of them have shown nothing but indivisible contempt towards the broad issues relating to the conduct of free, fair, reliable and verifiable elections raised by the German Supreme Court above. This book of Dr.Subramanian Swamy and Dr.S.Kalyanaraman establishes the solid reality that the EVMs are not tamper proof and exposes the falsity of the claim of Election Commissioners Gopalaswami and Navin Chawla.

To conclude, my perception is that the Sonia Congress Party was able to win in 108 Parliamentrary Constituancies only because of rigging stage-managed by the Election Commission. This has been documented very effectively by Dr.Anupam Saraph in his article titled ‘The Case for Banning EVMs’. Though he brought this to the notice of the Election Commission long before the dates of counting and announcement of final results, yet the Election Commission ignored all his letters very much like the Prime Minister and his Office ignoring all the letters of Dr.Subramanian Swamy relating to the sanction of prosecution of former Union Telecom Minister A.Raja vis a vis the 2 G Spectrum Fraud.

TOMORROW (24-11-2010) WE WILL SEE THE RESULTS OF THE RIGGING OPERATION OF THE ELECTORAL PROCESS IN BIHAR. I am writing this article 24 hours before the date of counting in Bihar. No one can say I am talking after the event. The Election Commission of India seems to exist only for the purpose of rigging the elections in a selective manner to serve the interests of the Sonia Congress party in general and the political interests of the firangi memsahib and her family in particular.

I would conclude this story by quoting a poem titled “Trapped In A Cage” by Madge Andika which I read 3 years ago:

Trapped In A Cage

We cannot move on and up in our lives
We see every part of our lives as a failure
We have become dishonest and unforgiving
Our experience is so miserable, that it has no meaning
We have developed negative emotions
We seem not to care about our neighbours anymore
We have divided boundaries and hearts

Our pace is slow
We are not balanced between our needs and the needs of others
We are not brave enough to remove the dead wood
The Politicians have killed our passion
We want to revolt against the tyranny that represses our freedom but we cannot

They have led us backwards
We are not wise anymore because we did not choose wise leaders
We need unity but we isolate ourselves from each other
All in the name of not my tribesman

We want to change for the better
We want to go forward, expand on what we know
Use our energy wisely to build our Nation
We do not want to be like anyone else
We want to have powerful people to help us achieve our goals
We want to find our niche and follow our passion
We know that freedom is the result of self-discipline
We are in control and we will use this value as the way forward

POST SCRIPT WRITTEN TODAY (24-11-2010, Wednesday)

I had completed the above story yesterday (23-11-2010 Tuesday). I had feared that the Sonia Congress Party (under the dictatorial instructions of Sonia Gandhi) would rig the Bihar Assembly Elections using the Electronic Voting Machines which were specially programmed for ensuring the unmerited victory of Sonia Congress Party in 108 Parliamentary Constituencies in the General Elections of 2009. I am happy to see that my fears have not come true. Today (24-11-2010, Wednesday) the final results relating to the Bihar Assembly Elections have been announced. I am thrilled to note that Nitish Kumar has swept the Assembly Elections in Bihar. The JD(U)-BJP Alliance led by Nitish Kumar has won 202 seats out of a total of 243 seats. The RJD-LJP Alliance of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan has won 27 seats and the Congress Party with Rahul Baba as its mascot has won a meagre 5 seats. The people of Bihar have given a deathly blow to the duo of corrupt and unscrupulous political gangsters like Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan.

Likewise, the common people of Bihar have given a kicking blow to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, despite all their tall and arrogant talk and other cheap election gimmicks. Even the slavish daftri of the Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi, the Prime Minion Dr Manmohan Singh had given wholly fudged and cooked up figures to make baseless attacks on Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar and his government during his petty and unprincipled election campaign. During his election campaign, acting with great dignity and political courage, Nitish Kumar had given a very correct rejoinder to the Prime Ministerial lies and subterfuges. If this Prime Minion had not let loose his statistical falsehoods and baseless political canards, if the Firangi Memsahib had not gone to Bihar to give her thoroughly rehearsed election speeches in pre-school level Hindi, if the Prince of Wales of the Congress Dynasty had not displayed his petrified political adolescence on stilts during his election speeches, the Sonia Congress Party might have won a few more seats than what they have won! The common people of Bihar have shown that they will no longer buy the orchestrated lies and fast track political falsehoods of Sonia Gandhi. The simple truths known to and asserted by the common people of Bihar during the just concluded Assembly Elections have triumphed over all the machinations and manipulations of Sonia Gandhi and her crawling cohorts!

The people of Bihar have made history by voting for Nitish Kumar's politics of development and rejecting the dynastic politics and divisive politics of Sonia Gandhi and her party. They have also rejected the divisive caste politics and goondagiri politics of Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan.

In the immediate aftermath of the massive mandate secured by the Janata Dal(United)-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance in the state, the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has thanked the people of the state for giving him another chance to serve them. Crediting the massive victory to the development work carried out by his government during its first term, Nitish Kumar has said that there is still a lot of work that remains to be done. Nitish Kumar has said: “I thank the people of Bihar for voting in favour of NDA. I want to thank the people of Bihar, the voters of Bihar. It is their victory. The mandate is take Bihar ahead on the path of development and it is welcome news. I will not shy away from working hard and will try to live up to their expectations. Today development has won in Bihar”.

Victorious and Triumphant

“There is still a lot of work of work to be done. I have no magic wand. There is no time to talk and much needs to be done. I can promise to work more hard. Development has won in Bihar. The massive mandate brings with it a great deal of responsibility. I will pray to God that I should be able to live up to the expectations of Bihar. The alliance with BJP will continue and we will share power. Bihar has shown that development can win elections. The results will not only change Bihar but also have its reverberation outside the state.” said the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The new government would be sworn-in on Friday, 26th of November 2010.

Full credit should go to the women of Bihar who came out in large numbers to cast their votes despite intimidating and terror tactics of the casteist forces on the one hand and the terrorist tactics of the Maoists on the other. For the first time in Bihar’s history women outnumbered the men in casting their votes. According to the Election Commission while 50.70 per cent men cast their votes, the percentage for the women stood at 54.85 per cent.

Like Narendra Modi in Bihar, Nitish Kumar has also brought about a total socio-economic revolution in Bihar in a short period of 5 years. Under the dynamic leadership of Nitish Kumar, Bihar has marched forward, magnificently in every sphere of development, recording a blistering economic growth of 16.59 percent during the last financial year. The State has seen an unprecedented infrastructure expansion and social progress since 2005. All this is despite the totally unhelpful, interventionist and openly obstructive anti-Bihar policy of Sonia Gandhi and her UPA II Government.

“Your government at your doorstep” – Nitish Kumar's slogan for Bihar since he took charge on November 24, 2005 has seemingly reaped rich harvest, going by the huge margin of victory he has ensured for his own Janata Dal-United and the National Democratic Alliance.

Amit Mitra, Secretary-General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry has said: “It is clear people of Bihar have risen above sectarian aspects of societies in terms of caste and religious persuasion to vote for economic development at grass-roots level. It seems development has won the day and will become the mantra of the future, not only in Bihar, but in all other states of India in the future. This development slogan must become the paradigm of electoral victories of the future. The total length of all-weather roads laid in Bihar after independence stands at 46,107 km, of which nearly 10,000 km (25%) has been built by Nitish Kumar Government since 2006-07.”

Likewise the Bihar State has built more than 2,100 bridges over rivers and water bodies during the last 5 years, translating into an unprecedented one-and-a-half bridges every day --- an achievement that surpasses what was done in the preceding four decades of Congress and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s misrule. Little wonder, the turnover of state-run Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam, mandated to build bridges, has jumped from Rs.43 crore (less than $10 million) in 2004-05 under the previous government to Rs.858 crore ($190 million) in 2008-09 with Nitish Kumar at the helm.

All this has ensured double-digit growth for four years from 2006 to 2010, much higher than the 8 percent average growth the country as whole has registered. Bihar has also provided jobs to 4.2 million people last year under the employment guarantee scheme, ensuring coverage of a 10th of its population of 100 million.

Analysts say that the growth factor, along with sustained focus on infrastructure, health, education, and such job creating initiatives were also matched by very effective steps taken for the absolute maintenance of absolute law and order absolutely. Consequently, it redounds to the credit of Nitish Kumar and his Government that 54,000 trouble-makers, several of them politicians, have been arrested and convicted during the last 5 years. This great step has ensured the smooth, fair and peaceful conduct of Assembly Elections in Bihar without any untoward incident.

The small-minded Congress criticism emanating from cheap No: 10 Janpath, cheaper Prime Minister and cheapest Rahul Gandhi to the effect that much of the development during the last five years was on account of the huge funds flowing from the central government to the state, can be dismissed without much ado, on the ground that the funds so transferred came not from Sonia Congress party or the private, unlimited, unknown and mysterious, funds of Sonia Gandhi and her family in India and abroad but from the Consolidated Fund of the Government of India. If a Catholic imposter from distant Italy can lay claim to the Consolidated Fund of the Government of India, the people of Bihar should have a better claim over that Fund.

Sri Nitish Kumar is an outstanding leader that Bihar has produced. He is in the noble and true tradition of Babu Rajendra Prasad and Jayprakash Narain Under the inspiring leadership of Jayprakash Narain, the common people of India were able to unite and fight against the dictatorial tyranny of Indira Gandhi during the dark days of emergency declared by her in June 1975- January 1977. Likewise, Nitish Kumar has liberated the people of Bihar today from the tyranny of caste, colour, creed and religion imposed by the divisive Congress party and RJD and such political parties for several decades after our independence.

Thus Nitish Kumar has made history. In the footsteps of great leaders like him we can hear the rolling thunder of history. Throughout the centuries --- from the ancient Greeks, through Shakespeare, to the present day --- few subjects have proved more perennially fascinating to writers and historians alike than the character of great leaders. What sets them apart? What accounts for that particular indefinable electricity that exists between the leader and the led?

Great leadership is a unique form of art, requiring both force and virtue to an extraordinary degree. Great Leadership is more than technique, though techniques are necessary. In a sense management is prose; leadership is poetry. The leader necessarily has to deal to a large extent in symbols, in images, and in the sort of galvanizing idea that becomes a force of history. People are persuaded by reason but moved by emotion. He must both persuade them and move them emotionally. Nitish Kumar has magnificently succeeded in both persuading and moving them on the path of new development. It is not enough for a great leader TO KNOW the right thing. He must also be able TO DO the right thing. Nitish Kumar has precisely achieved this miracle of both KNOWING and DOING the right thing for Bihar in the manner and measure required. Modern Indian history will hail him as a man of courage; a man of judgment; a man of vision; and above all a man of integrity.

A NOTE OF CAUTION (Recorded today, 24th November 2010, Wednesday)

I have already referred above to the recent book titled ‘Electronic Voting Machines, Unconstitutional and Tamperable’ edited by Dr Subramanian Swamy and Dr Kalyanaraman.

The book that proves that Sonia Congress Party (with the full co-operation of the Election Commission of India!) rigged and won the Parliamentary Elections in 108 Constituencies in 2009.

In this book, enough data has been made available to prove the fact that the Sonia Congress party treated the elections in 108 Parliamentary Constituencies as contraband opium to be smuggled out of the view of our countrymen! The electoral process was rigged in these 108 Parliamentary Constituencies because of the underground tie up between the Sonia Congress Party and the Election Commission. Basing my opinion on this stellar rigging performance of the Sonia Congress Party, I had my legitimate fears that the Sonia Congress Party would try to play the same dirty Italian Mafiosi game in the Bihar Assembly game. Today’s spectacular victory for the JD(U)-BJP combine in the Bihar Assembly Elections, clearly show that the Sonia Congress Party has assiduously avoided the path of Italian rigging in Bihar. My view is that they avoided this known criminal route only to give some sort of credibility and legitimacy, not only to the results of the 108 Parliamentary Constituencies rigged by the Sonia Congress Party in 2009 but also to the more comprehensive program of universal rigging which that party has in view to dupe the people of India in the coming elections with greater confidence and expertise.

But there is no guarantee that this patently anti-national, Islamic-terrorism promoting, institution destroying, gargantuan-corruption fostering political party will not try to rig the coming elections in some of the states in the immediate future, very much in the same manner as they made it a great success in the 2009 Parliamentary Elections.

The main aim of the Sonia Congress Party will now be to achieve the same spectacular success of Nitish Kumar and his coalition combine in the elections in other states through a carefully planned, organized and launched programme (nay, electoral pogrom!!) of shameless and comprehensive electoral rigging.

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the demokition of the so called babri mosque is the turning point.the election of modi and nitish kumar and their reelection are next steps.india marches ahead inspite of the italian and her slaves.let the march go on and get rid of the italian and the wesster control over us