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Tuesday, September 14, 2010



All India General Secretary (Ideology), Janata Party

The anti-Hindu pseudo-secular bumptious preposterous mafia of mass media --- both print and electronic --- are making themselves laughing stocks of the world. Whether it relates to English literature, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, neurology, sociology or anthropology or micro-economics or development economics or political science or any other vital public issue these men in the media have made it a point only to invite the clownish and supremely ignorant KHANS from BOLLYWOOD, may I say, KHANWOOD, consisting of the trio of ‘versatile and mighty intellectual giants of global fame’ Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. According to TV Channels like Headlines Today, these KHANS are the sole repositories of transcendental ‘Truth’, ‘Virtue’, ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Wisdom’ relating to all our vital national issues. In short this Islamic Trio constitutes what I call: "PERENNIAL AND TRULY THINK TANK OF THIS CHANNEL".

The daily working maxim of Headlines Today TV Channel is what these Khans do not know or do not want to know, no one else in the rest of the Universe has a right to know. They are the only--nay final and irrevocable--reliable repositories of all knowledge and wisdom in regard to anything and everything in this vast Universe! No wonder that each of these Khans gets interviewed 5 times a day on a daily basis in Headlines Today. I cannot help laughing with scorn when I see a lady interviewer on this Channel put a cosmetic question to Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan with all solemnity and seriousness which reminds me of what that great Renaissance French thinker and writer Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-1592) wrote for all times: “No man or woman is exempt from talking nonsense. The misfortune is to do it solemnly!”

One very sure thing about this TV Channel is that it is as Islamic and anti-Hindu as Pakistan TV (PTV) ‘across the border’. Two days after the Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Day on 11 September 2010, I happened to watch the Headlines Today TV Channel in the afternoon (13 September 2010). I was highly amused to see the cheap, crude and vulgar headline on this TV channel to this effect, “A mafia don called Ashwin Naik visits Ganesh Pandal”. Since I know this channel to be a virulently anti-Hindu channel, I was wondering whether this Channel would have the guts to come out with a headline, “Islamic Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim visits Mosque to offer prayers on Id”. An Islam-embracing and Christianity-coveting TV Channel like Headlines Today should know that all the Italian Dons (most of whom are Roman Catholics) in cities like New York and Boston go to their Churches regularly every Sunday. Why don’t these TV Channels refer to the Churches patronized by these Italian Dons?

The joke is that this Channel keeps on repeating ad nauseum the catch words “Our commitment is only to the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but theTRUTH”.THE REAL POINT IS THAT THIS TV CHANNEL IS WHOLLY COMMITTED ONLY TO THE CAUSE OF HINDU-BAITING, HINDU-CHASING SONIA CONGRESS TRUTH ALL THE TIME. If there is any conflict of nefarious interest between Sonia and Sonia Congress, this TV Channel will only uphold the cause of the ‘firangi memsahib’ (which of course includes all the members of her family in Italy and India), burying fathoms-deep the Congress party into the ocean of this TV Channel - fabricated untruth.

According to this TV Channel, firangi memsahib Sonia, like the British Monarch, can never do anything wrong. Being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, steeped in celestial sphinx like silence, no one in the media can dare to refer to her even in whispers. From this principle is derived the cardinal theorem: if something goes wrong anywhere, then only some Sonia minions like Dr.Manmohan Singh or Pranab Mukherjee or P.Chidambaram or some one else in his Council of Ministers or some insignificant chattel in the Sonia Congress Party apparatus must be held responsible for the grievous crime or lapse or collapse as the case may be! If the Commonwealth Games have been messed up, then firangi memsahib or the Crown Prince cannot be faulted --- should not be faulted at all.

For this disgustingl ANTI-HINDU HEADLINES TODAY TV Channel, every unarmed Hindu is a terrorist and every violent Islamic terrorist is secular and truly loveable! The Imam of Jama Masjid, nay, the Imam of any masjid in any part of the world is a truly spiritual, evolved and exalted being, while every Hindu Dharmacharya is a ‘Saffron Terrorist’. This TV channel functions as a poodle of the Sonia Congress Party in general and Rahul Gandhi in particular, in their attacks on Sanatana Dharma and Hindu people of India.

This volatile and voluble TV Channel maintained an attitude of cold Islamic silence on the recent POGROM OF THE HINDUS in Deganga Block in North 24 Pargunas District, in West Bengal, from 6 September 2010 to 10 September 2010. But this very channel gave a detailed coverage to the ‘truly historic’ visit of ‘Crown Prince’ Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci outside India) to Calcutta City a few days earlier than the Hindu Genocide in Deganga!

Let me now try to mimic the style of an imaginary and fictitious character called Kahul Khan Ranwal in this context to illustrate my version of the Truth on this imaginary TV Channel called ‘Nothing But Truth Today’ which ought to put the ‘Truth’ of Headlines Today TV Channel on the run!! My fictitious hero if he were to appear on this imaginary TV Channel would declare with great gusto: “This visit of Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi to Calcutta yesterday would go down as a landmark event to be written in letters of Gold in the long and chequered History of India in general and history of post Independent India in particular. When history sits in judgment on this mighty “well-bred” human being, it will not fail to record that here was a man of courage, here was a man of judgment, here was a man of integrity, here was a man of vision. I would say HERE AND NOW here is a man vital and vivid; here is a man vigorous and vibrant. He is the only man who has the breeding and the qualifications to be the Prime Minister of India. Only he can put the track record of his great-grand father Pundit Nehru as Prime Minister for 18 years from 1946 to 1964 and that of his grand mother Indira Gandhi for 11 years from 1966 to 1977 and again for 4 years from 1980 to 1984 to everlasting oblivion and insignificance. This celestial human being is boldly confronting the brutality and the bestiality of the Saffronized Hindu leaders of India today with the simplicity, decency and dignity of an ordinary human being. For generations to come, people will scarce believe that such an extraordinary young man, in flesh and blood, ever walked on the streets of Calcutta! India indeed has come of age from the great and glorious days of Mahatma Gandhi to the greater and more glorious days of Rahul Gandhi.”

Instead of allowing my vivid imagination to run wild in a saffronized terrorist manner (as a believing, practicing and concerned Hindu, to boot!!!), let me now get back to the more reliable, more steady and more comfortable Sonia Congress universe of Headlines Today. This defiantly assertive, patently and proudly proclaiming anti-Hindu TV channel --- a truly pro-Pakistani and anti-Indian and anti-national TV channel, broadcast yesterday a live interview which Salman Khan gave to a PAKISTANI TV CHANNEL. During the course of this interview, the aroma of Islamic fervour could not only be seen but inhaled by all the viewers.

The interviewing lady from Pakistan put some mischievous questions on the terrorist attacks on Taj Hotel and other spots in Mumbai in 26/11 to Salman Khan. He had the temerity to give a reply as if he is the official spokesman for the Government of Pakistan.

Salman Khan faithfully toed the Islamic terrorist line of the Government of Pakistan when he told the Paki lady interviewer: “It was the elite that was targeted this time. Five star hotels and all. So they panicked. Then they got up and spoke about it. My question is why not before. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much. At any rate I feel, that the Pakistani Government has got nothing to do with it. The real fact is that our security failed.” SALMAN KHAN WAS ONLY PAYING HIS DEBT TO HIS PATRON, DAWOOD IBRAHIM, WHO IS BEING SHELTERED BY THE ISI OF PAKISTAN. DAWOOD IBRAHIM, is the PATRON in chief of all the Khans in Bollywood, nay KHANWOOD.

If only SALMAN KHAN had been a Hindu in Pakistan, he would have been put to death by a wild Muslim student from an Islamic seminary acting under the fatwa orders from his Mullah. If only he had been a Hindu in India, he would have been arrested as a Saffron terrorist’ under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOC) and held with out trial indefinitely like Sadhvi Pragya in Maharashtra. Our listless and clueless Home Minister, referred to as “a poodle of No: 10 Janpath” by Dr Subramanian Swamy, (Former Union Minister for Law and Commerce) would have acted with lightning speed and ordered the Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to get this case investigated on a priority basis more thoroughly to satisfy his Patron and Benefactor the ‘firangi memsahib’.

Bollywood star Salman Khan has rightly come under severe attack for stating during an interview to a Pakistani channel that the 26/11 attacks were hyped because “elite people” were targeted. The comments have prompted angry reactions from political parties with the Shiv Sena which has castigated the irresponsible comments of Salman Khan as “anti national”.

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 26/11 had left 166 people dead. Eight of the attacks occurred in south Mumbai at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe Cama Hospital the Orthodox Jewish-owned Nariman House, the Metro Cinema and a lane behind the Times of India building an St. Xavier's College.

Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister Chagan Bhujbal and the Bharatiya Janata Party too have reacted sharply to the star's statement. They have stated that most of the people who got killed in 26/11 were ordinary poor people. Condemning Salman Khan’s remarks, Special Prosecutor in 26/11 trial Ujwal Nikam said that the statement is “childish”.

Like Salman Khan today, Shah Rukh Khan who owns the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, also came under the Shiv Sena fire in January 2010 when he took a totally pro-Pakistani public stand in the controversy over a perceived snub to Pak players at the IPL auction. When the IPL took an informal decision to boycott all Pakistani players in the IPL auction Shah Rukh Khan fell in line. But later he retracted and exclaimed that ‘IPL’s Pakistan boycott is indeed humiliating’.

Why did the boycott of Paki players by the IPL become HUMILIATING for Shah Rukh Khan? The Boycott was perhaps humiliating to him from the truly jihadi point of view. Just when the jihadis of Pakistan thought that they had successfully terrorised the kaffirs Hindus of India with their bomb blasts, these kaffir Hindus of India in the IPL refused to engage the Paki players! This was indeed very humiliating to Shah Rukh Khan.

The wicked men in the anti-Hindu pseudo-secular mafia of mass media in India --- both print and electronic --- not only pretend but also proclaim 24/7 that the Hindus of India do not exist; if they do, they do not matter. Is it not criminal? Is it not anti-National?

Coming to the Khans of Bollywood, I would like to put these questions to them “Did Mumbai deserve 26/11? Did India deserve 26/11?”

We, the peace-loving, civilized and democratic people of India, whether the Sonia Congress controlled TV Channels and the Khans want it or not, have a Right to be Heard. We will be heard. I have no doubt!

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